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Price was $64.38. These stands are well made. The bases are easily heavy enough to keep play1s upright. I'm sure they are fine for play3s, too. I also appreciated little details like the felt pad to prevent the stand from scratching the bottom of the speaker. (or maybe they are meant to prevent speaker vibrations from rattling the stands). . The stands are visually unobtrusive. I assume that's what is what the designers intended. I have placed them behind furniture so that you only see the speakers. Unobtrusive works for me. . Only a few of minor quibbles on assembly. The small parts (screws, etc. ) are pre-sorted, but the packages are mislabeled; the parts for step 1 are labeled step 3, step 2 - step 4, and so on. Also, plastic collars placed near the top and bottom of the support rods are hard to slip on. This is by design, but i needed to twist hard and use all of my 230 pounds to make them move. Lastly, the base collar has a tab which fits in a notch. I didn't see anything in the instructions that mentioned it, and i'm not sure that mine are in right place. Their only apparent purpose is to ensure the "sanus" label is lined up correctly. Because this product is so well done, i was happy to turn the label forward in hopes that this is what they would prefer. :-). . I know that the collars are supposed to be tight because i emailed sanus. They replied with help almost as soon as i pressed, "send. " they told me not to be afraid to break them - they would replace them if i did while i was trying to put them on. . I give the stands full marks because they do exactly what i want, and the form and fit are very good.

-F. Anderson

Sanus Wireless Speaker Designed Speakers (Sanus) These Sanus Speaker Stands Are Designed To Work Both The Sonos Play:1 And Play:3 Speakers In Any Orientation. They Position The Speakers At The Speaker Manufacturer’s Recommended Audio Or Video

  1. Advantages: Includes Rubber Feet And Adjustable Carpet Spikes.
  2. Advantages: Conceal Unsightly Cables/hardware.

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These speaker stands were a sinch to assemble. I had picked up two sonos play:1's from thanksgiving week and this was the first time hearing them. Thanks sanus for making easy to follow, comprehensive instructions; it's much appreciated! . . Note to buyer: make sure to follow the pictures for the two "cuffs" that hide the wires at the base and top of speaker stand. Keep them centered on the pipe until after you run the electric cable down the pipe. Otherwise these cuffs are difficult to move because they have a tight fit. Best Sanus Wireless Speaker Stand Designed for SONOS PLAY 1 and PLAY 3 Speakers - Pair (Black) - WSS2-B1 as-of ( Jan 2019 ) | Sanus-Audio Or Video Review Advantages Sanus Wireless Speaker Stand Designed for SONOS PLAY 1 and PLAY 3 Speakers - Pair (Black) - WSS2-B1 Works with both the sonos play:1 and play:3 speakers in any position. Includes rubber feet and adjustable carpet spikes. Conceal unsightly cables/hardware. 2 speaker stands included. 5-year manufacturer's warranty .

Sanus Wireless Speaker Stand Designed for SONOS PLAY 1 and PLAY 3 Speakers - Pair Black - WSS2-B1 Review (WSS2-B1)

The stands look very nice and the colors go with the speakers. Two issues, the holes for the screws are not aligned 100% between the stand and the speakers, make sure you don't scratch the material with your nails or anything, it will stay marked on the stand, for installation, it wasn't too easy to pass the cables through the rods, you have to make sure you leave the rod separate from the stand and the speaker before passing the cable through. -X. Marguerite

Sanus Wireless Speaker Stand Designed Sonos Play 1 Play 3 Speakers - Pair Black - Wss2-b1

  • Rank: Accessory
  • Brand: Sanus
  • Color: Black
  • EAN: 0722651207576
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:1.97 inches
    Length:2.76 inches
    Weight:1.65 pounds
    Width:1.97 inches
  • LegalDisclaimer: Fully Authorized Sanus Dealer.
  • Manufacturer: Sanus
  • Model: WSS2-B1
  • MPN: WSS2-B1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: WSS2-B1
  • Group-Order: Speakers
  • Category: AUDIO OR VIDEO
  • Product-Name: Sanus Wireless Speaker Stand Designed For SONOS PLAY 1 And PLAY 3 Speakers - Pair (Black) - WSS2-B1
  • UPC: 722651207576

Speakers(722651207576:Audio Or Video), Sanus Wireless Speaker Designed Speakers (0722651207576:Sanus), These sanus speaker stands are designed to work with both the sonos play:1 and play:3 speakers in any orientation. they position the speakers at the speaker manufacturer's recommended angle and securely support the speaker for optimum bass response. the column and base have wire channels to make the cables disappear. this product is sold as a pair (2 stands - speakers not included)..

Sanus Wireless Speaker Designed Speakers Speakers

Sanus Wireless Speaker Designed SpeakersSanus Wireless Speaker Stand Designed for SONOS PLAY 1 and PLAY 3 Speakers - Pair (Black) - WSS2-B1 (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Very well made. Work perfectly with our sonos play3 rear surround speakers. Right at ear height while sitting on the sofa. Much nicer than mounting speakers on a wall with a cord hanging down, or installing a receptacle in the middle of the wall.

Sanus Wireless Speaker Designed Speakers (Audio Or Video) Wss2 B1
Click to see NoticeSanus Wireless Speaker Designed Speakers (WSS2-B1)"These speaker stands are outstanding. They were easy to assemble, fit my sonos play3 speakers perfectly and they look fantastic! very good value for the price."

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SONOS PLAY:1 2-Room Streaming Music Starter Set Bundle Black

I wish i'd gotten them sooner! these are great speakers. I live in a 900 sq. Foot one bedroom apartment and tried two setups: paired l/r in my living/dining room, and one each in bedroom/living room. I settled on the two room setup, but they do sound really excellent as a l/r pair, and i may buy a third soon. . With the two room setup, they fill my entire apartment with music even at 30% volume. It's clear and sounds great. The bass is not especially deep or impressive, if that is very important to you - the sub might be a good investment in the future. For now, i'm really happy with the sound. There's also a cool tuning feature, which is nice if you've got more than one speaker in the room. . They are a breeze to get going - just plug in and follow the steps to get connected to your home wifi. The only issue i've had is that assigning the speakers to particular rooms in the software is not quite as intuitive as it should, or could, be. I hope they update the app in the future soon to fix that. My living room speaker says bedroom and vice versa, and i can't for the life of me fix it. It's not a big problem for a two room setup, but i can only imagine how irritating it would be if you had 3+ sonos all over a large house. . All of the other settings are really easy to use. I love being able to put music from multiple sources together. Love that it has alarm settings and queueing. Pairing rooms was easy. Haven't had any issues with the wifi. Overall, i am super happy and ready to give sonos all my money.

The 2 room starter set is the perfect way to start your sonos system. Experience the magic of sonos by filling two rooms of music with two play:1s for $349. The 2 room starter set includes 2 play:1 speakers - a compact wireless speaker that delivers deep, crystal clear hifi sound. Wirelessly stream your entire itunes or online store cloud player library, favorite music services, and thousands of radio stations from around the world through the compact wireless speaker. The play:1's sleek, versatile design easily fits anywhere your home needs music, for surprisingly big sound no matter how tight the spot. Place a play:1 speaker in each room you want music, and enjoy rich listening right out of the box. Set it up simply, and expand until every room in your home is packed with music; play a different song in each room or the same song in perfect synchronization. And control it all from your android device, iphone or ipad using the free sonos control app. The 2 room starter set is an incredible value and only available for a limited time, so start your sonos system today. There's never been a better time to fill your home with music.

SONOS PLAY:1 2-Room Streaming Music Starter Set Bundle BlackSONOS-PLAY-2-Room-Streaming-Starter

See Sonos Play:1 2-room Streaming Music Starter Set Bundle Black (BPLY1US1BLKHB) FAQ.

Quite expensive, but otherwise exactly what i was hoping for. I had heard about these on the tech guy podcast and thought they might work well to solve a problem my wife deals with (and which bothered me a bit). She enjoys listening to the radio while working in the kitchen or folding laundry and stuff like that in our bedroom. But reception was always spotty in both places. And she had complained that she liked listening to pandora, but somehow her account had stopped working on the computer. I saw this sonos set as a way to fix those problems and took a gamble with giving her some technology for christmas. It's worked out even better than i expected. She loves the quality of the sound and reliability of the connection. And the simplicity of operation is similar to the iphone, so even though she's quite technically challenged, it only took one brief lesson and she's using it without any problems or questions. . Installation was very quick and easy, and pairing into a stereo set or separating for different rooms or different streams works very easily. -Notice from Y. Kristen, East Sussex

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I bought these speakers to replace a couple of bose soundlink mini. We like to listen to radio (particularly npr) and we use an ipad to connect via bluetooth to the mini. Very often our mornings involved 5 unhappy minutes of button pushing to try and pair the bluetooth speaker with the ipad. Life is too short for that :) also, if my wife wanted to listen upstairs and down, she would need to get 2 ipads involved. We also use spotify for music in the same arrangement. It was my hope that the sonos play:1 would simplify that. I bought a 2 unit pair. . As most reviewers note, the sonos software is simple and intuitive. Setting up and running this is a breeze. There is no more bluetooth pairing problems, you open up the ipad, click the app and you're good. Having multiple synchronized music sources is wonderful. We are planning a big party in the spring and we can imagine having music throughout the house. There are thousands of radio stations available including almost every npr station and even a local independent fm music station we like. There is a bit of re-grouping involved when you unplug and move a speaker, but only a few clicks. Everytime i use the trueplay tuning application it tells me that the speakers are already optimally place and there are no changes to make. . I use this on my existing wifi network (no boost), but my home network already had a remote repeater to ensure good coverage in the house. Once in a while i hear some static in the spotify (which also sometimes happens with spotify on my phone). I attribute that to network latency somewhere. If it happens a lot i will look into getting the boost. . The sound is pretty good, better than the soundlink mini, better that a boom box. Probably on par with the full sized bose soundlink. Plenty good for casual music listening. I'm looking to add a couple of larger sonos speakers (3s or 5s, not sure) for times when i want to focus on the music. I have not tried to pair this with my itunes library yet and i don't really need an input jack, so that doesn't worry me.

Sonos-play:1-2-room-streaming-music-starter-set-bundle-black-(bply1us1blkhb) set picture

- I. PatriciaPurchased a few of these sets to experiment with sonos across 4 rooms and i have to say it is a life-changing piece of technology just like the dvr. Having unlimited on-demand access to any music in any room is amazing and the sonos app and ecosystem has been flawless and easy to use. I was originally planning to go with bose but their refusal to state a timeline for apple music support led me to purchase sonos and i'm fully committed to sonos now. Apple music works well in sonos with the one exception that you cannot yet "heart" a song from sonos to help apple music learn your tastes. I'm sure this feature will come eventually. . I mostly use the play 1 individually which sounds acceptable but they definitely sound better when set up as a stereo pair (easy to do on the fly and then revert if needed). Eventually i will purchase the soundbar and the new play5 to see what units will work best for different rooms and i suspect the play 1's will eventually end up being fill-in speakers in hallways and bathrooms. But for right now they were a great entry into the sonos world and i'm now a huge fan. The sleep timer shut off and wake up alarms are very nice as well.

I bought these for my own use in my townhome and have to say they rock. I got 2 sets (4 indidivdual units) and placed them in my 2 level unit. I can now move from area to area and between floors and the sound either travels with me or is waiting for me when i hit that floor/area/. I will definitely by more of these and maybe different iunits so i can eventually pair them as stereo units. Right noew they are "mono" but play well with each other. The sound quality is great, the mixer (equalizer) if you like treble versus bass is well done. The app (software to an old fart like me) ties my music subscriptions in perfectly. I have rhapsody, online store music, and spotify i pay for that can be tied into the search functions. They all play well together. The music channels you can get over the internet include every single station on my fm dial and they play flawlessly. I start my day with npr everyday and it goes from the bathroom. To bedroom, down to kitchen/living room.

H. Crawford, Arkansas

Brand :    sonos
Color :    Black
Weight :    8.16 pounds
Model :    BPLY1US1BLKHB
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Listen to different songs in each room, or the same song in both rooms
  • No sonos bridge required - everything you need to start filling your home with music is included.
  • Stream music from your music library, internet radio, prime music, pandora, spotify and more. control it all with the free sonos app for your smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • 2 play:1 smart speakers for any two rooms
  • Works over your existing wi-fi network and plugs into the wall so the music never stops, no need to recharge a battery
Speakers :    Best Speakers (sonos product review) for SONOS PLAY:1 2-Room Streaming Music Starter Set Bundle Black available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar/ Wireless Streaming TV Music Speaker

I'll admit, the sonos playbar is not cheap, and probably not the best value if you're concerned about "bang for your buck". However, if you're already using any other sonos speakers in your home, and you're in the market for a sound bar, i don't know why you'd get anything else. . The playbar hooks up to the optical output from your tv or home theater receiver, so you'll first want to make sure that you have an optical output. If you don't, the sonos playbar won't work with your tv. . Once hooked up, the sonos app (i used the ios app) walks you through the setup of the playbar, which is just like any other sonos speaker for the most part. The only difference is that the playbar setup also takes you through a step where it learns the volume up/down controls from your tv. It then walks you through turning off your tv speakers. The idea here is that the playbar replaces your tv speakers, but you can now control the playbar volume from your tv remote as usual. . Of course, as a sonos device, you can still play streaming audio through it just like any other sonos speaker, and you can group it with other sonos speakers as well. The playbar seems to do a really good job of figuring out what you're trying to do with it; i can be streaming music through it one moment, and then when i turn the tv on, it switches over to tv audio instead. . The playbar is also pretty flexible in terms of placement. You can set it on a shelf, or with the separate wall mount bracket, you can mount it on the wall above or below your tv. With only two cables running to it (power and optical audio), it's also pretty easy to hide the cables. . Sound quality is excellent, and can be improved further by pairing it with a sonos subwoofer. I haven't done that yet, because the playbar alone is sufficient for my uses currently.

Complements hd television screens with richly textured hifi sound. Wirelessly streams all the music on earth. Simple to set up, control and expand. Understands and speaks most ir remotes language can be controlled by free apps for your android, iphone or ipad. Plays all sources plugged in to your hdtv

Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar/ Wireless Streaming TV Music SpeakerSonos-PLAYBAR-Soundbar-Wireless-Streaming

See Sonos Playbar Tv Soundbar/ Wireless Streaming Tv Music Speaker (PBAR1US1BLK) FAQ.

Sonos is legendary for a good reason - because they really produce these components for the discerning consumer as well as for the neophyte looking for new sonic frontiers. . It all started when i bought the lg nd8630 (the white washtub airplay speaker). I loved the airplay ability, the looks, and the deep sound. Now discontinued, it is a killer speaker for a killer price. Then, i happened to drop into a bose store (big mistake), and walked out with the gold standard of wifi-speakers, the bose soundtouch 30. Wow, this has the "bose sound", deep with crisp highs and an ok interface (i hated the limiting 6-favorite bose app) that worked with airplay, spotify connect, and aux inputs. It is the best in a single speaker one can find, in my mind, for $500. The bose was king of my music experience at home. But something was missing. . Comparing the bose 30 with the bose qc15 headphones, i noticed what most (if not all) wifi- or wireless speakers were missing - the ambience of stereo separation! music is produced with a lot consideration about how the track will sound in a stereo environment; the typical wireless speaker mixes or blends the two channels together - by virtue of the fact that any left-right channels are only inches- to two feet apart. Sounds great but is hardly a listening "experience". . So, i noticed the sonos play:1 world. I had not given sonos any consideration because i was not into the "music in every room" advertising approach. With caution, i bought a single play:1 and liked the deep sound from a relatively small coffee-can sized speaker. Wow, then i discovered that by adding a second play:1, i could easily make these into a left and right stereo pair, over wifi and with zero expertise, they just worked! . . For only $400, i had a pair of totally wireless speakers that filled the living room with the most amazing sound. I had been missing the true ambience of songs by playing apple music and spotify, online store, google play, and pandora over a single speaker. Note that compared to the bose soundtouch 30, each individual sonos play:1 could not match its presence, but together, the sonos play:1 pair just killed the bose, sad to say! rich bass (go figure! ) and crisp highs, they sound great. Every playlist on every service was a new experience. . Thanks for reading to this point. So, i thought. I went from 1-d sound (on the wireless speakers) to a much richer 2-d stereo sound with the sonos play:1 pair, why not expand into 3-d sound with the added sonos playbar? yes, it is $699 but i had spent double that much of goofy surround systems, subwoofers, and gadgets. So, online store delivered the playbar (1-day shipping! ) and i plugged it in. The iphone sonos app is an example of simplicity and yet flexibility (learn this lesson, bose! ) and within a minute i had a true surround system! it uses your old tv or cable remote for volume, has an ir-repeater strip across the back, in case the playbar blocks the tv remote, has only a power cord, an optical connect to the tv, and an ethernet cable for the connectivity to the play:1 pair. It uses its own wifi band so it offloads any wifi traffic over this completely wireless surroundsound system. Amazing! btw, did you know that many of the commercials have incredible 5. 1 dd sound! imagine that shock. Yes, most modern tv's do throughput 5. 1 dolby digital over the hdmi-optical pathway. Yes, comcast and dish do broadcast most shows and movies in 5. 1. And yes, the playbar-play:1 combo is incredibly lifelike. You have number of variables, like the surround and ambient effects, the rear speaker adjustments, and a sound calibration with the tv volume (i left my tv speakers disconnected). The playbar comes on with the tv and shuts off with the tv. I don't even have to think about it. Easy! . . But wait, there's more! using the iphone sonos app (. Now i found the perfect solution for an old iphone or ipad laying about. ! ) i played my spotify playlists over the sonos playbar-play combo. Whoa. Amazing sounds, not only left- to right but also across the room. The playbar sits in front the tv while the play:1's sit behind the sofa. The sound is very airy, and each instrument appears in different parts of the room - eery! it's more like an expanded sound field across the room, even for the standard mp3 two-channel streaming files. . So, what have i got? a killer surround system that just works ( i decided against getting the sub woofer from sonos for now) in addition to a very fascinating room stereo experience. The sonos combo knows if content is 5. 1 and if so, the rear channels play the surround information, otherwise, it fills the room with the left-right stereo content. . What about my gripes? i thought i would hate the app as much as i had no love for the bose app. Actually, the sonos app has a lot to offer; each sonos playlist can contain content from each or any of the music services you have, all rolled into one playlist. So, until sonos supports apple music, i am stuck to itunes content that i have downloaded onto my iphone or ipad. Cmon, apple and sonos - fix this! i wish the playbar would recognize more than 5. 1 (i don't think dts is supported). Before you buy the playbar, make sure: your tv has hdmi inputs for each of your devices such as cable, ps3, ps4, etc. Make sure your tv can support 5. 1 over the hdmi and then out to the sonos on the optical spdif output. Make sure, you can plug the playbar into an ethernet router in the room, so that the sonos combo can operate on its own net. You cannot play the playbar and both rear play:1's only on the local wifi network, you have to use a bridge, connect, or the playbar through the router. I think. . So, get these components and experience the best in 2-d and 3-d sound. I'll add more as i gain insights. -Notice from D. Ruff, St. Helens

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I read all over the place when deciding what to do for sound in my livingroom - here is what i have to say after pulling the trigger, and that people debating buying should consider:. . - it uses the tv as a receiver - you cannot run it with a typical home theater receiver i dont think - this fine for me and intended. - its undeniably expensive (i bought refurbished for $530). - audiophiles probably would maybe say its not great sound - i'm not one of those and i think it sounds great. - according to other reviews it probably sounds much better with the super expensive $700 bass - i'm waiting for a price drop to maybe buy that. - i bought a nice new thin tv with s*ty sound that has great picture and looks good mounted on wall - didnt want to have some massive wired sound system cluttering up the living room. - this looks great resting on hearth under tv - nice and minimalist. - it doesnt have all sorts of wires to run everywhere - just tv to sonos. - the sonos phone app is pretty cool. 1) its intuitive. 2) it makes setting up the speaker very easy. 3) it shows a quick easy menu to do everything like:. Play pandora. Play iheartradio. Play podcasts that are on your phone. Play music thats on your phone. Play radio stations with "tunein". - it does not work with my 2015 model year higher end samsung tv remote - got the blu ray player remote to control it for now but need to figure out how to make the tv remote work. - its great to have to just play music from when not watching tv, and use your phone in a very quick and convenient way to do so. - if you live in an apartment or might be moving and want a nice loud awesome speaker, definitely consider this over a full wired sound system as its super easy to move (could even bring it to a friends for a party or whatever)

Sonos-playbar-tv-soundbar/-wireless-streaming-tv-music-speaker-(pbar1us1blk) set picture

- A. AmandaI am very happy with the sound bar. I love the app and the way i can play all my music. Sirius, spotify, itunes. Plus it looks great. . I did mount mine using "l" brackets and carriage bolts instead of buying the mount. I've also expanded with the 1's to make true surround. If anyone is complaining about the true surround, they are cheap and need to invest a little but more. . I was a bose and bo guy no more. Too many features and great sound.

The playbar? very good. The playbar + the sub? even better. The soundbar + the sub + two play 1 speakers? un-freaking paralleled. I thought i had maybe had an eargasm before. Once. Like in college. But after experiencing the entire surround sound set up offered by sonos i realized that what i had experienced before was merely the tip of an iceberg. You definitely get what you pay for with this system and i would whole-heartedly recommend it. If nothing else, the setup is worth the purchase. It was easy enough that joe biden could do it. And frankly, it was fun! i can just picture joe walking around his living room, grinning from ear to ear, as he goes through the tuning process. Man i love that guy.

V. Ophelia, Warrington

Brand :    sonos
Color :    Black
Weight :    11.90 pounds
Model :    PBAR1US1BLK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Pair with two play:1s and a sub for a 5. 1 surround system, the ultimate home theater experience.
  • Complements hd television screens with crisp and powerful sound from nine amplified speaker drivers. wirelessly streams all your favorite music services too.
  • Syncs wirelessly with other sonos speakers so you can listen to tv or music in perfect sync, throughout your home.
  • Enhances speech for extra clarity. turn on night sound to enhance quiet sounds at lower volumes and reduce the intensity of loud sounds.
  • Simple two-cord setup. one for power and one for the tv. control from your existing tv remote, or wirelessly connect on the sonos app from your smart device.
Speakers :    Best Speakers (sonos product review) for Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar/ Wireless Streaming TV Music Speaker available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

SONOS BOOST Sonos Wireless Network

Boost provides enterprise-grade wireless performance for your sonos system so you get unparalleled reliability in any situation. Boost gets rid of interference while increasing range so you can stream, surf and game all you want without missing a beat - even in homes that are known to have wireless connectivity problems.

SONOS BOOST Sonos Wireless NetworkSONOS-BOOST-Sonos-Wireless-Network

  • Provides a solution for homes where wi-fi doesn't reach all rooms
  • Plugs into your wi-fi router to create a dedicated wireless network for your sonos system
  • Not required to set up your sonos wireless speaker
  • Offers twice the power as bridge, with broadcast power comparable to enterprise-grade wi-fi routers
Brand :    sonos
Color :    White
Weight :    0.42 pounds
Model :    BoostUS1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (sonos product review) for SONOS BOOST Sonos Wireless Network available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

Sonos PLAY:5 Ultimate Wireless Smart Speaker Streaming Music Black

I have been a die hard bose fan. Until i encountered the sonos play 5. We met at the store, and it came home with me. It was the moment we got home and all set up that i knew we needed to add more to the family. Within 2 weeks i ordered another play 5 to join the party. I am amazed at the quality sound that comes from this, rich base and crisp clear sound. So easy to set up as just one speaker or group them together for surround sound. It's safe to say that i am addicted. I have two play 5's and love them, i plan to add the sound bar and the sub woofer as soon as possible. These definitely rival the sound of the bose systems, which i didn't think was possible. Invite your friends over, bust out the party lights, add some tunes to your sonos playlist and you have yourself a party!

Step up to the all-new play:5; the powerfully smart speaker that fine-tunes its sound to bring you all the energy and emotion the artist packed into the original recording. Music that's pure, ferocious, tasty and true.    

Sonos PLAY:5 Ultimate Wireless Smart Speaker Streaming Music BlackSonos-PLAY-Ultimate-Wireless-Streaming

See Sonos Play:5 Ultimate Wireless Smart Speaker Streaming Music Black (PL5G2US1BLK) FAQ.

I have had a songs system for many years now, starting out with the songs connect so i could use all my current setup and equipment. Three years ago i started getting the play 1's, and those kept multiplying until i have a large herd of them around the house. . I had listened to the play 3 and old generation play 5 and thought for the most part the new tech in the play 1's are superior. . Now enter the new play 5 with all the new tech and more and better speakers. I initially got one thinking i could do a stereo pair and compare it with the play 1. That was a no go. Sonos software does not allow this pairing. Only like with like. So now i had to order another one, ouch that was costly. . Now that they are all setup in a stereo pair and did the custom sound procedure that sonos developed, they sound great. I did a side by side with the paired play 1's and here is my findings. They both sound great. They both have great bass response and highs. Where they part ways is the midranges, the detail, and the soundstage. . The play 5's take what was good in the play 1's and make it better. They are also a lot louder for when you really want to pump some sound. You don't need the sub with the play 5's. I have one, but it is really not needed anymore. The sub still does well for sure, but its kind of like there is a baby sub in each play five and the sub goes, hey im here too. Hey you still need me right? . . The play 5's are big and very heavy. About fourteen pounds each. Solid as a rock. Each speaker inside the play 5 has its own amp. . I am glad i have them, but it was painful buying two. You really don't need two for a pretty big room unless you want to pair them in stereo. The also can sense how you place them and the sound is changed automatically for vertical and horizontal. Horizontal does sound a bit better but i prefer the look of the vertical on my shelves. Also takes up less room and i did not have much to spare where i placed them. . A little side note for those who have connection or interference issues. Do not buy a bridge, those are semi worthless. The boost is much better. And something they don't advertise is that the sonos connect has the most powerful transmitter that will cut through interference like a light saber. I was running my system in a long house without it and was having connection problems all over the place. Hooked the connect back up in the middle of the house and it took over the signal from the boost. No more drops. Did not even have the connect connected to anything other than the ethernet. -Notice from E. Wanda, Windsor and Maidenhead

Click to Show sonos play:5 ultimate wireless smart speaker streaming music black (pl5g2us1blk) Details

I have been listening to my play1 stereo pair and sub combo with great pleasure for a year or so now, but when the second gen play 5 rolled out, i kept trying to convince myself it would be overkill to match a pair to my sub and move the play 1s to the kitchen. . I gave in to tempation and dropped a grand on a pair of play 5s. Wow. Perhaps it is overkill, but if so, let the killing begin. The detail, the seamless integration with the sub, the expanded soundstage. This takes my sonos experience to a whole new and higher level. The 'plus plus' is the play 5 line in, which will permit me to tap into my vinyl and cd collection - which includes a reasonably vast ecm library, none of which is available through the streaming services. . Yes, it's a grand for a pair, but come on now, a decent pair of speakers of this caliber, plus an amp, plus wireless connectivity. You could pop a grand loose on that with ease, and would not get the plug and play, all in one package solution sonos offers. . Oh, the play 1s sound really great in my kitchen as well, far better than they did straining to fill a two story plus loft great room. In the confines of a smaller kitchen space, and with the kitchen's harder surfaces and brighter acoustics, the play 1s have more snap, and while the bass surely does not plumb great depths, it is clean and balanced in the new space, operating sans sub. . If you have the scratch and love to listen to music, you cannot go wrong with a pair of new generation play 5s, and if you want to go for the full meal deal, by all means add a sub. If you listen to lots of jazz, it really adds a lot. Upright and fretless electric bass just sings in this combo.

Sonos-play:5-ultimate-wireless-smart-speaker-streaming-music-black-(pl5g2us1blk) set picture

- B. JosephineI purchased my first sonos speaker (play 5) and i've had it for almost a week now. I say this is my "first" sonos speaker because i expect to be buying more over the coming months. Before buying the play 5, i had purchased a w9 speaker from definitive technology. The w9 has incredible sound. But the one i got was broken and would only connect by the audio jack. So it went back. I was also not impressed with the definitive app and so i decided to try a different company. The sonos app had great reviews and the more i read the more i decided that functionality is also very important. So i ordered the play 5. The play 5 easily connected to my home network and to my iphone 6. The sonos app works great and it plays very nice with the spotify app. The play 5 also connected very easily with my wife's iphone and ipad. But it would not connect to my older ipad. So i sent emails to sonos discussing the issue i was having. After the first idea didn't fix the problem, they suggested i contact them and work in real time. I did that and i was extremely impressed with the problem solving capabilities of the tech i talked with. He connected to my network and quickly diagnosed the source of the communication problem in my home network. A firmware update to my router and everything was fixed and working great on my ipad! that's right . The problem had nothing to do with their product, but they helped me identify the problem and resolve the issue with one 20 minute phone call. Now that's what i call super service! . So what can i say about the play 5 sound quality? it's very very good. I must say, however, it is not quite as good as the sound i got from the w9. But i am still very happy with the quality. And the functionality and service more than make up for the tiny difference in sound quality. I also have a simply smart hub in my house that provides lots of convenient automation. The play 5 also works with this system and will play text to speech announcements to warn me of potential issues. Just icing on the cake that the w9 couldn't touch . So my recommendation is the following. If you want great sound, excellent functionality and support then get a sonos play 5. If you want the very best sound you can get at this sized speaker and price range and you don't mind the hassles of poor functionality then maybe the w9 is a better option for you. For me, i'm very happy with my first play 5 and i expect continued satisfaction as i expand.

I was skeptical that a relatively small package could deliver a good listening experience, but after reading reviews and hearing a good report from my audio pro friend, i took the plunge and tried the sonos 5. I have been pleasantly surprised at the sound quality. Considering the functionality and sound, the sonos system is superb at it's price point. I am very particular about my music listening, and would not buy a component without having it deliver excellent sound quality.

C. Isabel, Tameside

Brand :    sonos
Color :    Black
Weight :    14.00 pounds
Model :    PL5G2US1BLK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (sonos product review) for Sonos PLAY:5 Ultimate Wireless Smart Speaker Streaming Music Black available as-of ( Jan 2019 )
  • Touch sensors for volume and track control. perfect for when your phone is hiding or out of reach.
  • Play different songs in different rooms at the same time. or, pump one song in perfect sync, throughout your home.
  • Our biggest and best-sounding speaker featuring six amplifiers with six dedicated speaker drivers. fill even the largest rooms with pure, brilliant sound. stereo pair for an even better sound experience.
  • Wirelessly stream all your favorite music services like prime music unlimited, pandora, apple music, and spotify.
  • Set-up in five minutes using your home wi-fi. easily expand your home audio system over time by adding wireless speakers to additional rooms whenever you're ready.

Sanus WSS2 Speaker Stands SONOS PLAY 1 PLAY 3 Speakers White Pair

These sanus speaker stands are designed to work with both the sonos play:1 and play:3 speakers in any orientation. They position the speakers at the speaker manufacturer's recommended angle and securely support the speaker for optimum bass response. The column and base have wire channels to make the cables disappear. This product is sold as a pair (2 stands - speakers not included).

Sanus WSS2 Speaker Stands SONOS PLAY 1 PLAY 3 Speakers White PairSanus-Speaker-Stands-SONOS-Speakers

Brand :    sanus
Color :    White
Size :    34"
Weight :    6.82 pounds
  • Includes rubber feet and adjustable carpet spikes
  • Works with both the sonos play:1 and play:3 speakers in any position
  • Conceal unsightly cables/hardware
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty
  • 2 speaker stands included
Model :    WSS2-W1
Quantity :    2
Order click here :    normally ships in 4-5 business days
Ce :    Best Av Furniture (sanus product review) for Sanus WSS2 Speaker Stands SONOS PLAY 1 PLAY 3 Speakers White Pair available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

Sonos PLAY:3 Mid-Sized Wireless Smart Speaker Streaming Music Black

Where have you been all my life? oh, that's right, on store shelves for the last 10 years. I wrestled with the $300 price tag for a long time. What a fool i was. Sound quality is amazing and the set up was one of the best user experiences of any connected home device. Flawless. . No issues to report whatsoever and as previously mentioned the performance of this speaker is unrivaled. I have the speaker centrally located in our 2500 sq ft home and at half volume the sound fills our entire first floor. At close to full volume you can hear it throughout the entire home in high fidelity. I also just bought 2 of the play 1's for $349 during their recent promo so that we could add a speaker and listen to some music in our bathroom as we're getting ready in the morning and another for evenings outdoors by the fire pit. . Should've done this years ago. Better late than never. My advice - get off the fence and start making sense. This is the real deal in the world of whole-home wireless audio. . Feature request: i'd give this 6 stars if i could also skip tracks using the buttons on the speaker instead of just play/pause and volume up/down buttons. App accomplishes this just fine but sometimes pressing buttons on the speaker is more practical. Just my $0. 02.

Wirelessly stream your entire music library, favorite music services, and thousands of radio stations to any room. Place the sonos play:3 wireless hi-fi system vertically or horizontally, mount it on a wall or hide on a shelf. Set up simply, and expand until every room in your home is packed with music. Control the sonos play:3 wireless with free apps for your phone, tablet, and computer.

Sonos PLAY:3 Mid-Sized Wireless Smart Speaker Streaming Music BlackSonos-PLAY-Mid-Sized-Wireless-Streaming

See Sonos Play:3 Mid-sized Wireless Smart Speaker Streaming Music Black (PLAY3US1BLK) FAQ.

This is my 3rd speaker with sonos and i obviously love it! i have the sound bar and the bass and 2 speakers. At our beach house i bought the sound bar and just one speaker to place outside when we are relaxing. The great thing is that i am not very technical and even i can hook it up and it sound! this is quite a feat in my eyes. I love the fact that i have an app that controls the sonos and completely rely on pandora for my music these days. I would not hesitate to buy this speaker. -Notice from S. Alma, Essex

Click to Show sonos play:3 mid-sized wireless smart speaker streaming music black (play3us1blk) Details

I'm very critical when it comes to music and sound, so it's been difficult for me to embrace 'smaller' because everything i've heard for years has lacked fullness (unless you just like to tweak with frequencies. ). I'm also not a fan of using a sub while listening to music. Sonos got my attention. If you spend a little time determining location of speakers, size of room, etc. , these speakers will fill it up with a big sound. I've got a play 3 & play 5 in two rooms (as well as play 1's). They are both in key locations in the middle of built-in bookshelves, at about 3-4' height. It's a large wall of sound. Very warm and pleasing. . The app is great. Very easy to use.

Sonos-play:3-mid-sized-wireless-smart-speaker-streaming-music-black-(play3us1blk) set picture

- K. JoannaVery impressed. Thus little speaker puts out the sound. The highs and mids are very crisp and it also has nice base. I have it set up in a cabinet so i think that helps with the base response. Also the ipad app that allows the speaker to tune itself to the room actually works. I thought it sounded decent before tuning it, but afterwards it the sound quality was just amazing. The sonos 3 is great in a small room, the volume can easily become overwhelming. . Sonos app:. . Upside: for my aging parents the app is wonderful. They don't have to go hunting through menus and apps to find thier music. With the sonos app everything is unified into a simple menu. They have learned how to create play lists and the whole setup is really full proof when it comes to streaming years of music they have collected. . Downside:. This is not like a bluetooth speaker. You cannot connect to the speaker directly. You must connect through a wireless access point and then to the speaker through the app. Like everything, there are hacks and apps that supposedly alow you to watch youtube videos and whatnot. However, out of the box, this speaker is not for that. This is meant as a good listening experience for music. I won't knock off a star for this since the speaker is not advertised as anything else, just know going in, it's a closed system that does what it's supposed to very well. . If i were to purchase one for myself i would go with the sonos 5. My rooms are a bit larger and the 3 seemed to struggle to fill them with sound. For a small room or bedroom the 3 seems to do a good job.

I'm not an audiophile but i know good sound when i hear it and sonos is it. I started with one play 5 then another to make a stereo pair in my living room, then added a play 3 in the kitchen, a play 3 in my office, and a play 3 in my master bedroom. Walking through the house is now seamless music room to room. The sound quality is excellent from both models with better bass from the play 5s but no complaint on the bass from play 3s. These units could not be easier to set up, the app is very intuitive and user friendly. Plug the speaker in, work through the quick and simple set up process on the app and in less than two minutes great sounding music is flowing. I connected all units wirelessly without a bridge and have not experienced any problems.

R. Susana, New Brunswick

  • Wirelessly stream all your favorite music services like prime music unlimited, pandora, apple music, and spotify.
  • Set-up in five minutes using your home wi-fi. easily expand your home audio system over time by adding wireless speakers to additional rooms whenever you're ready.
  • Versatile design fits great in almost any space. place it vertically or horizontally. can be used as home theater rears and as a stereo pair.
  • Play different songs in different rooms at the same time. or, pump one song in perfect sync, throughout your home.
  • Delivers richer and deeper sound than play:1, making it perfect for spots where you have more room.
Brand :    sonos
Color :    Black
Weight :    7.70 pounds
Model :    PLAY3US1BLK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (sonos product review) for Sonos PLAY:3 Mid-Sized Wireless Smart Speaker Streaming Music Black available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

SONOS Wall Mount Kit PLAYBAR Soundbar

An easy and secure wall-mounting solution for sonos playbar.

SONOS Wall Mount Kit PLAYBAR SoundbarSONOS-Wall-Mount-PLAYBAR-Soundbar

Brand :    sonos
Color :    Black
Weight :    1.05 pounds
  • Makes playbar easy to install to any wall with pegs in precisely the right place.
  • Ensures a secure and rattle-free wall-mount installation.
  • Allow for placement horizontally above or below your tv
Model :    N/A
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Av Furniture (sonos product review) for SONOS Wall Mount Kit PLAYBAR Soundbar available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

Sanus Wireless Speaker Stand Designed SONOS PLAY 1 PLAY 3 Speakers - Single Stand Black - WSS1-B1

These sanus speaker stands are designed to work with both the sonos play:1 and play:3 speakers in any orientation. They position the speakers at the speaker manufacturer's recommended angle for accurate dispersion and securely support the speaker for optimum bass response. The column and base have wire channels to make the cables disappear. This product is sold as a single stand.

Sanus Wireless Speaker Stand Designed SONOS PLAY 1 PLAY 3 Speakers - Single Stand Black - WSS1-B1Sanus-Wireless-Speaker-Designed-Speakers

  • Works with both the sonos play:1 and play:3 speakers in both vertical and horizontal positions.
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty
  • 1 speaker stand included
  • Includes rubber feet and adjustable carpet spikes
  • Conceal unsightly cables with hidden, internal cable routing.
Brand :    sanus
Color :    Black
Weight :    1.65 pounds
Model :    WSS1-B1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Audio Or Video (sanus product review) for Sanus Wireless Speaker Stand Designed SONOS PLAY 1 PLAY 3 Speakers - Single Stand Black - WSS1-B1 available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

Sonos SUB Wireless Subwoofer Black

Earth shattering lows without rattle, as advertised. Easy to configure / add to an existing sonos center channel. I really like the ease of placement, since there are no wires or cables to run, other than to a power outlet. The only negative is the price: $700 is a bit stiff considering (if you like wires) a decent receiver / sub combo would be a couple hundred dollars less, but now that we own it, well. We really like it!

Add to your sonos system for amazing room-filling, deep bass sound. Connects wirelessly to sonos speakers. Works with play:1, play:3, play:5, playbar and connect:amp. Place it anywhere in the room, even lying flat under a couch. Two force-cancelling speakers positioned face-to-face offer deep sound with zero cabinet buzz.

Sonos SUB Wireless Subwoofer BlackSonos-SUB-Wireless-Subwoofer-Black

See Sonos Sub Wireless Subwoofer Black (SUBG1US1BLK) FAQ.

I just got into sonos recently i started off with 2 play1s, and im not a audiophile, but i do like quality products. The design os this sub is like no other, bass is tight, deep and accurate through all frequencies. Price is a little steep but i believe it was worth the extra expense. Watching movies is where i believe this sub performs at its best. Unbelievable this little unit puts out such quality bass. I use it everyday. -Notice from W. Anonymous, South Dakota

Click to Show sonos sub wireless subwoofer black (subg1us1blk) Details

Sonos became the end of my long search for the perfect sound system for my tv. I tried and returned a few others. First purchased soundbar, then this. The soundbar alone was great, but i thought, "what the heck? " since i was at the end of my search, i sprang for this sub-woofer. I am pleased with the incremental improvement over the soundbar alone. Than i sprang for two play 1 rear speakers. They provide incremental improvement only with 5. 1 audio sources which most broadcast tv does not yet have. (nfl football games do have 5. 1. )

Sonos-sub-wireless-subwoofer-black-(subg1us1blk) set picture

- X. PearceExcellent sub! i purchased this with the sonos sound bar, along with 2 play 1's, for an outstanding sound experience with my tv. Easy to set up, easy to control, only need one remote know for volume on my set. The sub delivers great sound, you can feel he bass, with no boominess. Very pleased.

Decided to take the plunge and get the sub while on sale. Could not be more pleased with the sonos system throughout my new house. If apple were to make a speaker system, it would be this.

M. Bethany, Greenwich

  • Connect wirelessly to playbar, play:1, play:3, play:5, and connect amp
  • Display it or hide it. this slim subwoofer sounds great standing up or on it's side. even place it under a couch. available in black or white.
  • Simple one button set-up
  • Adds dramatically deeper base to any sonos wireless speaker. hear parts of the music you've never heard before.
  • Two force-cancelling speaker drivers positioned face-to-face offer deep sound with zero cabinet buzz or rattle.
Brand :    sonos
Color :    Black
Weight :    35.27 pounds
Model :    SUBG1US1BLK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (sonos product review) for Sonos SUB Wireless Subwoofer Black available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

Sonos PLAY:1 Compact Wireless Smart Speaker Streaming Music Black

I am not an audiophile by any means, but i've wanted a way to play music throughout my house for a long time. The sonos speaker system is the first i've seen that (1) didn't require a lot of wiring and (2) didn't rely on bluetooth or my (questionable) internet connection to function. I couldn't believe how much sound this tiny speaker was capable of putting out - i've already ordered a second one and can't wait to build my collection. . Pros:. - setting up the play:1 and bridge took literally five minutes. I don't know how it could have been any easier. - sonos provides both a mac/pc app and mobile apps, making it easy to control the speaker(s) no matter where i am in the house. - no batteries or pairing with my phone required. - no matter what i play, the music sounds great. I seriously can't get over the sound quality with these speakers - as i mentioned, i'm no expert on sound, but i know when something sounds better than anything else i've got. - integration with my itunes library and beats music, as well as a ton of other services. - everyone in the family can easily install the apps and control the speakers in their respective rooms, or through the whole house. - no pressure to spend a ton of money upfront; we can add to the system as our finances allow. - i'll be able to put a speaker outside since they can withstand humidity (just have to be sure the area is covered so it doesn't get wet). . Cons:. - each speaker has to be plugged into an outlet. In a house where nearly every outlet is maxed out with our various devices and chargers, this will present a challenge in certain rooms. - the bridge didn't come with an ethernet cable. This wasn't a huge problem because the play:1 comes with one in the box, but i wasted a lot of time hunting one down because i hadn't opened the play:1 yet. (this is more my fault, but i wish it had been more obvious. ). - no support for itunes radio. I really hope this is going to change soon. - cost to cover the whole house is pretty high. It will be worth it, in my opinion, but this could deter someone else. . Overall, i couldn't be more pleased with this purchase and i can't wait to get more speakers. Another reviewer mentioned obsessing about finding more money in his/her budget to buy more, and i totally get that; these things are like crack. If you are debating this purchase as i did, don't hesitate - sonos has great products and they are incredibly easy to use.

Two custom-designed drivers with dedicated amplifiers stream your entire music library, popular music services, and internet radio start with one, add more over time to fill your home with music simple to set-up; control from anywhere with your smartphone, tablet or pc/mac

Sonos PLAY:1 Compact Wireless Smart Speaker Streaming Music BlackSonos-PLAY-Compact-Wireless-Streaming

See Sonos Play:1 Compact Wireless Smart Speaker Streaming Music Black (PLAY1US1BLK) FAQ.

Originally purchased just one sonos speaker, it sounded great. I've never really been an audiophile, so what sounds good to me may not be the case for other people. After listening too a lot of music on the play 1, i wondered if they were worth it. Let me just say i recently went too a friends house and he was playing music on his pretty expensive bose bluetooth speaker and that's when i realized the sonos speakers are incredible and very well worth it. I remember sitting there wondering why the bose sounded so awful, it's because the play 1 sounds so much better. Until you compare a bluetooth speaker to sonos you won't realize just how much better they sound. . I purchased a play 1 because after reading a lot of reviews it seemed two play 1's were better than one play 3. Figured i'd try out one play 1 before purchasing two but i finally made the next step and purchased 2 play 1's and they really do sound incredible. Together they really create a beautiful sound. . I have not tried the speakers in a larger setup, not sure how they sound in a bigger room. I use them in a home office and the room is 11x10 and they really fill the room perfectly. You can see the setup i use in the pictures. . Pros. -sound excellent. -beautifully designed. -controls on the speaker itself. -ability to have just one plugged into ethernet and create a seamless connection between both speakers wirelessly. -a very nice ui on the sonos app. . Cons. -limited to using just the sonos app. -having to add everything to a que, which i've become so accustomed to now it doesn't bother me but at first it's kind of annoying. -obviously pricey but well worth it with the quality. -bass could be better, but for such a small speaker they really produce a clean sound -Notice from W. Bullock, Bromley

Click to Show sonos play:1 compact wireless smart speaker streaming music black (play1us1blk) Details

This is the best speaker under $300 and this only costs $200! this is much better than all of the popular bluetooth speakers that sell around $200-$300. This does not have bluetooth or an aux input so keep that in mind if portability is paramount to you. I included a photo of this next to an iphone 6s for size reference.

Sonos-play:1-compact-wireless-smart-speaker-streaming-music-black-(play1us1blk) set picture

- C. SallyBought this to create a stereo pair. I've had a single sonos speaker for a few years now - the sound quality is great and it really can fill the room by itself, but i moved it to my desk recently and it was weird just hearing sound from one side. I work from home a lot, so it was worth it for me to invest in a second speaker to create a stereo pair for my working area. . I really love the quality of the sound - crystal clear with and it separates l/r stereo sound perfectly. Bass is just right - deep sounding, but not muddled or overwhelming. . If you're not familiar with sonos, there are some good and bad qualities - they stream music directly from your router through pandora, online store music, apple music, etc. You can also stream music from your phone or laptop/computer, but the latter is a bit clunky as it takes forever to index your music library and update it. (why can't it just use your itunes library? ) the negative include not easily being able to use them with existing devices (e. G. As a speaker for your tv, stream whatever you want from your phone via bluetooth, etc. ) without spending an extra $100-200 on other accessories. You pretty much can only control the music from your phone, laptop, or tablet because there are only play/pause and volume buttons on the speaker themselves. (would have been nice to press play twice to skip forward and thrice to go backwards like on many earphones. ). . Although! a new feature is coming in (early? ) 2017 that might be a good remedy to that. Online store's alexa will soon be connected to sonos speakers via an online store echo, echo dot, etc. Or fire tv. I have an echo, so that will be great. Looking forward to the update!

Great sound and my tech man loved it!

J. McCarthy, Queensland

  • Perfect for home theater rears or a stereo pair. wall mountable.
  • Wirelessly stream all your favorite music services like music unlimited, pandora, apple music, and spotify.
  • Set-up in less than 10 minutes using your home wi-fi. easily expand your home audio system over time by adding wireless speakers to additional rooms whenever you're ready.
  • Mini but mighty. fits in any space, fills any room with surprisingly rich and powerful sound.
  • Play different songs in different rooms at the same time. or, pump one song in perfect sync, throughout your home.
Brand :    sonos
Color :    Black
Weight :    4.08 pounds
Model :    PLAY1US1BLK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (sonos product review) for Sonos PLAY:1 Compact Wireless Smart Speaker Streaming Music Black available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

Sanus Wireless Speaker Designed Speakers (WSS2-B1) Price : 86.94, was : 0 as 2017-03-02
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Sanus Wireless Speaker Designed Speakers (WSS2-B1) Reviewed by on

Top sanus wireless speaker designed speakers (wss2-b1) Content

The F.A.Q. for Sanus Wireless Speaker Designed Speakers (WSS2-B1)

These stands are phenomenal. They are extremely attractive, elegant, and functional. The way they are built, i wouldn't have been surprised to see them listed at $150 for the pair (i paid just over half that). The only thing i would like to see them add for the next generation is a divot at the front to allow the power cord to go forward as well. If you are using these for rear channel speakers in a 5. 1 setup, then often the cords will run under a couch (or some other piece of furniture). I installed them on carpet, so it is not a problem to route them out the front, but on hardwood it would look a little inelegant.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Can you use bluetooth with these?

(1) Question: How tall are these over 4 feet ? thanks appriciated

(2) Question: How to these stands hold up outside?

(3) Question: Can the top of the stand swivel right to left to allow for the speaker to be turned in a certain direction?

(4) Question: Does this order come with one or two stands?

(5) Question: Can i use play 5 speakers with these stands

(6) Question: Can the mounted speaker be rotated in relation to the base?

(7) Question: Can i adjust the height of the stand?

(8) Question: Is it a place to hide the cord in the stand?

(note) Question: where/how to get Sanus (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Sanus's products

Audio Or Video, BestsellersTop Sanus Wireless Speaker Designed Speakers (WSS2-B1) FAQ Content

Best sanus wireless speaker designed speakers (wss2-b1) in review

It's hard to find anything bad to say about these speaker stands. The speakers and the stands complement each other very well. For the unintiated it would seem the stand came with the speaker, that's how good they look together. The stands are heavy and sturdy with a very nice build quality and have channels for both the power lines and the ethernet wires in case you're using them. Just be cognizant of the height the speaker will be at with these stands and make sure that works for your setup, since the height is fixed. They end up being approximately at ear level for the average person on your average couch. . The package also includes three different brackets, one for the play1, one to mount the play3 horizontally and one to mount the play3 vertically (see pictures). Aside from that the base includes either rubber feet for hard floors, or optional carpet spikes. . 1. 5 year update:. The speaker stands are still in perfect. In fact i like them so much that i just bought another pair along with a set of play1s for my work room!

L. Guest, Leeds

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B. Tracey, Sutton says

Perfect! great price and looks awesome! . Great quality, came on time.

U. Alma, Devon

Like a couple of other people here, the "cup" on one of the stands got horribly stuck and i had to cut it in order to make it slip on correctly. This "cup" is meant to cover the connections between the base and the speaker, and the wire itself. If you don't look too closely, though, they look great and they are very sturdy. Nice height, and they're definitely worth it.

T. Emily, Michigan says

Speaker stands are awesome! we have 2-sonos play 3's we set up vertically on them. This set comes with 2-brackets for play1 and 4 brackets for play 3 so you can go vertical or horizontal which is awesome. And you have them if you ever decide to change. The directions to set these up are extremely easy! they number the package of the screws according to the step you're on in the instructions. The hardest part was getting the rubber pieces in the bottom as we have all wood floors and i do not want any scratches. I will be ordering again when we get the play 1's to add to the playbar as surround. I would recommend this product!

K. Russell, Greenwich

Pros:. Solid construction. Felt padding for speaker. Conceals wire nicely. Great looking design (looks even better in person). . Cons:. It's pretty expensive for a metal stick. . Other thoughts: make sure you pick up an extension cable. The power cord is meant to be run inside the stand itself. The result is about a foot or more of power cable to the wall. For the price, i would have liked to see something like this included.

U. Ruff, Rutland says

I am an early adopter sonos speaker guy and have the whole surround set up. When the surround first came out, i had my play:3s up on bowers and wilkins speaker stands which did the job but they just werent made for sonos. These on the other hand are made for sonos and fit play:3 to a t. They are a bit higher for my taste but they are sturdy and do the trick plus it is a pair unlike bowers which was separate. For this price, i would highly recommend!

I. Edna, Southampton

Unbelievable product. $99 seems like a lot for two speaker stands but what you are getting is something that you will never have to replace. These things are build very solid, have screw-in feet so there are no vibration issues, the mount is perfect for the play 1, play 3 or play 5 sonos speaker and the way the stand allows the owner to conceal the power wire and/or cat5 cable is super easy to fish through. Highly recommend this product. As a side note, if we ever get bombed from above, you can hide under these things or use them as shields. Super rigid, super solid. I'm getting more of these.

S. Aldana, Suffolk says

These are extremely easy to assemble, and they look great! they are solid and hide the wires extremely well. I definitely would recommend these to anyone with play surround speakers. . I love how the speakers behind at ear level now allow the speakers to work the way they should. Also, they come with carpet spikes for the bottom to keep them in place or rubber pads for smooth surfaces. These keep the stands stable.

N. Sharon, Rotherham

No issues putting the stands together. The base feels solid. The cord goes through the pipe stand and its a cut out on the base for the cord. One thing i didn't think too much about before purchasing this, was how much cord is wasted from the top of the sonos speaker to the bottom i tried to put speakers on each side of my couch. The cord wasn't long enough so i bought an extension cord so that can meet in the middle of the couch. Besides that the stands are find i think they are pretty sturdy and are doing to job well .

A. Anonymous, Oxfordshire says

These stands look great and were easy to assemble. I used them for my play1s. In previous reviews there were statements related to how tight the plastic collars fit and were difficult to get on. I found this to be true as well and struggled a bit until i finally filed down the nob on the tab inside the collars (both top and bottom). I believe the nob on the inside tab is made to align with a hole on the tube, but they fit so tight it wasn't required. I also used a hanger to help thread the power cord through the tube. I will probably purchase more of these.

E. Alexia, North Tyneside

We love these, they look nice and work well. We have one in our bathroom and one in our workout room.

V. Janice, Tennessee says

These stands are simple to assemble and come with three adapters meant allow the mounting of sonos play 1 or play 3 speakers. They are more than sturdy enough for supporting the play 1 speakers i mounted. Cable routing is up through the center pole and is easy to do. Biggest downside to these stands is the surface finish. They possess a somewhat rough surface texture. There are two friction fit sleeves you slide onto the vertical pole meant to hide the power cable from view. When installing these sleeves, they left very light streaks of gray on the poles. I wish there was a way to mount play 5s!

I. Alma, Coventry

Bought these in feb 2016 for use with play1's. At that time i was quite impressed with the quality but more interested in just getting the speakers mounted. I recently decided to swap out the play1's on these sanus stands with play3's. I am even more impressed now. The engineering is awesome and the quality is impeccable. The sanus folks thought this all the way through and designed it perfectly. I became more aware after the swap out. It took me all of 5 minutes to change the included brackets from play1 to play3 on the stands and thats when i fully realized they didn't cut any corners. They are substantial, well-designed and well made. Don't waste your time or money looking at less expensive stands for your play1's or play3's.

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