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Price was $1,697.99. It arrived as schedule, it was perfectly packaged, and nothing was damaged at all. I was worried about the delivery, but everything was perfect. I upgraded from a 46" to this one for the living room, and placed the 46" tv in our bedroom. Extremely happy with both moves. I did my research before getting this tv, and i knew what i was getting. I know that i won't be able to take advantage of 4k programming just yet, but thus far i am impressed with this tv. The internet connectivity and the processor on this tv are fast. The picture quality is extremely good, and if you love sports you will love this tv. Thus far i am very happy with this tv.

-P. Newell

Samsung Un70ku6300 70 Inch Ultra Smart (Samsung) Enjoy 4k Ultra Hd Resolution And High Dynamic Range (hdr) Content That Delivers Greater Clarity Micro Dimming Pro And A Fuller Spectrum Of Color Wide Color Enhancer. Access Your Television

  1. Bonus: Backlight: Led.
  2. Bonus: Smart Functionality: Yes- Built In Wi-fi.

Reasonable Samsung Un70ku6300 70-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2016 Model (Television) Un70ku6300fxza

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This is a nice set for the money. First you need to pair your remote to the tv. You can do this by setting the tv (plugging in/powering on) up first then putting in the batteries for the remote and it will auto-connect. If you (like me) place the batteries in before you set the tv up then you can sync them by pressing return and play/pause buttons for 3 seconds. You then pair all of your devices so that your remote works with them, however, i find that i prefer my x1 remote since i can use page up/down, sports app, recordings ect. It's just more convenient vs. The samsung remote. . Best settings for me: picture mode: natural, sound mode: movie, picture size 16:9 standard. . Picture settings under expert settings:. Backlight- 20. Brightness- 45. Contrast- 95. Sharpness- 45. Color- 52. Tint- 50. Dig clean view- auto. Auto motion plus- auto. Dynamic contrast- med. Color tone- standard. . Sound settings need to be adjusted to "movie" or "music" setting to get nice sound. I prefer the movie setting. Note: if you change your picture settings to special viewing mode "sports" or "game" it will affect your sound settings so be sure to turn that mode off when not viewing sports or playing games. Also in your sound settings under "expert settings" you'll find a setting called "auto volume" that should be set to normal. . The built in wifi works great and all the apps are snappy and work well. You can go to youtube and search 4k video and see what a great picture this set is capable of. It is also hdr-10 capable and while there is not much content available there will be in the coming years. This is why tv's from 2014/2015 that were 4 grand are plummeting in price. All samsung 2016 tv's will be hdr compliant (this one included). . The stand is a nice and solid one-piece, which makes it easy to find a stand for vs. The double leg stands that require extra long tv stands to set upon. . All in all i'm happy with this television for the price. It may not have all the extra fancy settings that other models may have but for 90% of the population (videophile's aside) this tv is more than enough for everyday needs. Just have to wait for the price to drop on the new samsung ubd-k8500 hdr blu-ray and this set will have the prefect companion! . Samsung un65ku6300 65-inch 4k ultra hd smart led tv (2016 model). Happy viewing! Best Samsung UN70KU6300 70-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model) as-of ( Feb 2019 ) | Samsung-Television Review Bonus Samsung UN70KU6300 70-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model) Motion rate: 120. Backlight: led. Smart functionality: yes- built in wi-fi. Dimensions (w x h x d): tv w/ stand: 61. 9" x 39" x 14. 9", tv w/o stand: 61. 9" x 35. 8" x 2. 5". Inputs: 3 hdmi, 2 usb .

Samsung UN70KU6300 70-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2016 Model Review (UN70KU6300FXZA)

I bought this tv to use as a 4k computer monitor based on the high rating of low input lag. I've been wanting to switch back from ips to pva for a long time mainly wanting the excellent black levels that the pva can provide that ips cannot. I came from a lg 34um95 monitor. . Pros:. 1. Low input lag as an excellent gaming monitor. 2. Excellent black level for a pva panel monitor. 3. Factory warm 2 setting is pretty close to d65 rec709/srgb. I checked this with my i1display pro, and it only took some small tweaks to get to perfection. 4. Excellent contrast ratio compare to vast ips monitors out there. . Cons:. 1. False advertising of hdr. (see below detail). 2. The uhd dimming on this set isn't as great as some higher end models from previous years. 3. Whenever you reboot the computer, the input name doesn't stick. It changes back to pc. You have to manually change it back to "console" for it to enable game mode. Computer sleep mode s3 doesn't seem to be affected. 4. The real difference between this ku6300 and the ku6290 does not justify the huge price difference. The ku6290 is essentially exact same tv, but without the fancy smart remote. Which many can do without. I would go with the ku6290 if i were you. . The input lage is indeed as low as a typical monitor provided if you enable the game mode, which requires you to go into input menu and manually edit the input name from default "pc" to "console", and then you'll have a game mode available in the settings menu. Without changing input name to "console", game mode won't be available. One of my biggest annoyance is that everytime you reboot the computer, the tv/monitor resets the input name back to "pc". Despite how many times you tell it to stay at "console" mode, it doesn't stick. So if you reboot the pc, you have to manually change it back to "game console" everytime to enable game mode. Quite annoying. However, pc's sleep mode s3 doesn't seem to be affected. . One of my biggest gripe about the advertising of this tv is that it loosely advertises itself as hdr, while having no capability to cover rec 2020, nor enough luminance to produce high enough brightness defined by the hdr10 or dolby vision. A common mis-conception confusion seem to surround panel bit depth and hdr. Hdr itself has nothing to do with color or bit depth. Hdr simply means high dynamic range. A tv can have the luminance range capability to produce hdr if it can produce high enough luminance at the same time with low enough black level. Hdr by itself has nothing to do with color. The reason why color and bit depth comes into play is when you're talking about dolby vision and hdr10 standard which defines rec 2020 as next gen 4k color space. In order to cover the rec2020 color space, it requires a 10 bit panel. In essence, you can have a tv/panel that's 10 bit panel, capable of covering 99% of rec 2020 color space (color), and still don't have any high dynamic range capability (luminuance). The two are separate. One is about color, while the other is about luminance. The standard defined by dolby (dolby vision) and itu (hdr10) requires the compliant tv to cover a large portion of rec 2020 for color, and has the capability to display high dynamic range of luminance up to 800 1000 nits of brightness. Here is the biggest problem with how this tv was advertised, it loosely advertises itself as hdr. In reality, it can accept an hdr signal due to its hdmi 2. 0a compatibility, but that's about it. It does not have the ability to cover even more than half of rec 2020 color space, nor the capability to produce the luminance level of 800 nits. In essence, samsung wants you to think that this is a hdr tv, but hdr in what sense? that it can accept the signal? their legal dept must worked really hard with the marketing team to make sure that the box does not say hdr10 or dolby vision, because doing so, would technically be a huge false advertising. They're banking on the fact that consumers don't know the difference, and sure 99% of us don't. I still see countless reviews out there talk about 10bit vs 8 bit panel, but very few out there understand the difference and the real problem today is color space, and luminance range. . Is this a good monitor or tv? sure it is. It's got great contrast ratio, and black level, and low input lag, which are the main three ingredients i was looking for at the firs place and it's got all three. In recent years, ips panel has gotten overrated in the pc market. Another common misconception is that ips is superior. A few years back, this was true mainly due to ips panel's capability to produce a wider coverage of srgb/rec709 color space and has an excellent viewing angle. But ips panel suffers from terrible black level. In recent years, pva panel has gotten so much better that it can produce just the same color accuracy and srgb coverage as a ips panel, but with an pva panel, you get true inky black and not the washed out glowing grey-ish black you get from an ips. Ips panel has slightly better viewing angle than pva, but not by much. In fact with an ips panel, you suffer the same viewing problem of having the infamous ips glow, while pva on the other end suffer the similar problem of gamma shift. Both will produce washed out color at an angle. . I would highly recommend this set for anyone looking for a reasonably priced 4k monitor with inky black levels and contrast ratio. Or simply want a decent tv for the bedroom. Since this is the lower end model, the uhd dimming isn't as good as the higher end. My 2012 es8000 model's micro dimming still produces better picture than this tv. But for this price, this really is a steal. I just wish that samsung would do something about the fishy advertising and drop the price a bit more consider you can get a ku6290 for $150 less, which is essentially the exact same tv, but without the smart remote. . (i work in the motion picture industry) -F. Guest

Samsung Un70ku6300 70-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2016 Model

Product Dimensions
Height:39.00 inches
Length:61.90 inches
Weight:68.60 pounds
Width:14.90 inches
Part/Serial Number
Home Theater
Samsung UN70KU6300 70-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model)

Home Theater(887276161006:Television), Samsung Un70ku6300 70-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2016 Model (0887276161006:Samsung), Enjoy 4k ultra hd resolution and high dynamic range (hdr) content that delivers greater clarity with micro dimming pro and a fuller spectrum of color with wide color enhancer. access your favorite content quicker and easier with the new samsung smart tv platform powered by a quad-core processor..

Samsung Un70ku6300 70 Inch Ultra Smart Home Theater

Samsung Un70ku6300 70 Inch Ultra SmartSamsung UN70KU6300 70-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Great 4k tv with a reliable price. It works with the ps4 pro with low input lag and stunning pic. It is recommended that 4k tv should be 55 or bigger.

Samsung Un70ku6300 70-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2016 Model (Television) Un70ku6300fxza
Click to see NoticeSamsung Un70ku6300 70-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2016 Model (UN70KU6300FXZA)"We spent a long time looking at various televisions to replace our older lcd large screen and had to ask for a lot of advice about which way to go. Glad we made this purchase! absolutely no issues with the television. The only frustration was with the delivery and set up. It was supposed to be delivered by two people, unpacked by them, and set up (plugged in and turned on to ensure it was working properly) by them. I knew that wasn't going to happen when the truck arrived with just one person in it. He helped me carry it in, had me sign, refused to unpack or set it up, and left."

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Mount-It Heavy-Duty TV Wall Mount Bracket Full Motion Articulating Dual Arms Swivel Corner Bracket 42 to 70 inch Screen LCD OLED Plasma 4K Flat Panels, 220 Lbs Capacity

Mount-it! heavy-duty full motion articulating tv wall mount offers extreme versatility with a maximum extension of 20. 3 inch from the wall. Its dual arm design is incredibly sturdy. This mount is a beast that will safely carry your tv. Dual tv safety screws are included to prevent accidental liftoff of the display. The use of heavy gauge metal minimizes sagging even fully extended. Compare pricing to any other articulating tv wall mount on online store. Mi-310l swivels from left to right for viewing from multiple angles. Ideal for corner installations. Powder coated steel construction provides a sleek, high-tech look. Mount-it! experience and guarantee. Mount-it! is the expert in television and computer monitor mounts. We apply our decade long experience in this field to offer the best features at value prices. All our products are designed for heavy-duty performance. Contact our friendly customer support team for any questions or issues. Features: fits most of 40-70 inch tvs large extension capability is ideal for entertainment center installation tilt, swivel and extend/collapse function easy tilting angle adjustment heavy duty steel construction and high-tech welding technology built-in bubble level makes leveling work easy and convenient includes all necessary mounting hardware specifications: - tv size range: 40 to 70 inch (some even up to 80" depending on vesa bolting pattern and the tv weight) - max tv weight: 220 lbs - mounting holes: up to 34. 5 inch apart horizontally and up to 17. 5 inch vertically. Note: please check vesa (mounting hole pattern behind tv), stud spacing, possible blocked cable/input and tv weight prior to making purchase decision to determine whether this tv wall mount fits your tv and the installation application. - wall plate dimensions: 19. 75 in wide by 9. 5 in high

Mount-It Heavy-Duty TV Wall Mount Bracket Full Motion Articulating Dual Arms Swivel Corner Bracket 42 to 70 inch Screen LCD OLED Plasma 4K Flat Panels, 220 Lbs CapacityMount-Heavy-Duty-Bracket-Articulating-Capacity

Brand :    mount-it!
Model :    MI-310L Version 2
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Speakers :    Best Bookshelf Or Micro Stereo Sys (mount-it! product review) for Mount-It Heavy-Duty TV Wall Mount Bracket Full Motion Articulating Dual Arms Swivel Corner Bracket 42 to 70 inch Screen LCD OLED Plasma 4K Flat Panels, 220 Lbs Capacity available as-of ( Feb 2019 )
  • Weight rated to 220 lbs - this bracket is the strongest bracket available on . install your precious tv with confidence. dual arm design prevents sagging that might be visible on lower weight rated and single arm mounts. constructed from reinforced steel. quick and easy to install - bracket comes complete with full instructions, integrated bubble level and installation hardware.
  • Universal tv wall mounting bracket design fits most of 40-70" lcd/led/plasma tvs on the market (even up to some 75 inch tvs) up to vesa 800x450 and 220 lbs (fits vesa 800x450, 800x400, 750x450, 700x400, 600x450, 600x400, 600x300, 600x200, 400x400, 400x300, 400x200, 300x300, 300x200, 200x200 mm).
  • Continuous tilt feature (up to 15 degrees up or down) for better viewing angle and reduced glare. low-profile design ensures tv is close to the wall for a sleek finish. very simple to install.
  • Tilt, swivel, articulate, extend, collapse with this universal tv wall mounting bracket. full motion capability makes is ideal for corner installation, over a fireplace, inside a tv center. this wall mount is designed for 16 inch studs. tv stays as close as 4 inch from the wall or can extend up to 20. 3 inches. swivel left or right 45 degrees.
  • This wall mounting kit is compatible with samsung, sony, lg, sharp, insignia, vizio, haier, toshiba, sharp, element, tcl, westinghouse, rca 40, 42, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 55, 60, 65, 70 and some 80 inch tvs.

VideoSecu MW380B2 Full Motion Articulating Dual Arms TV Wall Mount Bracket 37-70 Inch LED, LCD Plasma HDTV A37

I bought this two years ago for my lg 47" tv and it has worked great. We recently decided to upgrade to a sony 4k 65" tv and i was uncertain if this thing would be able to hold it. I wasn't concerned with the weight because the tv only weighs 50 lbs but i still had concerns because the description only says up to 55" tvs. So, i did what anybody in my situation would do: i sat my 6 year old boy (who weighs 50 lbs) on the outstretched arm of the mount. Lest anyone think i am a terrible parent, i was standing there with my hands under his arms in case the thing gave out. To my delight, the thing didn't even budge, so i decided i would take the gamble. My new 65" tv is holding up great thanks to this beauty. Highly recommended.

The videosecu full motion articulating mount is designed for mid to large size lcd led plasma flat panel screen display. Constructed with high gauge steel, it handles screens up to 165lbs. This articulating mount supports tv vesa 684x300, 600x400, 600x300, 600x200, 500x300, 400x400, 400x300, 400x200, 300x300, 200x200, 200x100mm. Dual arm design allows 160 degree side-to-side swivel (the max degree is depending on your display size), 15 degree forward and 5 degree backward tilt and extends the flat panel screen up to 25" from wall for perfect view positioning and reduce glare. The wall plate is 19" wide, allowing it to be mounted into two standard wood studs 16" apart. The rectangle cable management covers on the arm keeps the wire concealed and prevent pinching. Post installation level adjustment allows 6 degree rotation for perfect level in different view angles. How to ensure the mount compliance with your selected display? first, the weight of your display should be less than 165lbs. Next, mounting holes distance on the rear of tv must be less than 27" (684mm) horizontally and 16" (400mm) vertically. Last, your tv should be at least 37 inch. Otherwise, you will see the bracket. Notice: this mount fits most 37-60" tvs, some up to 65 70 inch tvs manufactured in recent 3 years

VideoSecu MW380B2 Full Motion Articulating Dual Arms TV Wall Mount Bracket 37-70 Inch LED, LCD Plasma HDTV A37VideoSecu-MW380B2-Motion-Articulating-Bracket

See Videosecu Mw380b2 Motion Articulating Bracket (Av Furniture) FAQ.

I mounted a 60" sharp led tv to this mount with no problems. I recieved it sooner than expected & it was 98% assembled out of the box. I followed the directions, took the time to do it right & it took about 20 minutes. . I always read the negative reviews first & i am baffled as to how people can have problems with this product. This mount is well made & i would recommend it to anyone that is concerned over the reviews stating it sags. . The mount can be easily installed by one person as i did below: you may need help to hang your tv on it once it is installed. I am laying this out because of the problems i read about in the other reviews. . 1. Figure out where your studs are & drive a pin or finish nail on each side of it to be certain where the centers are. Make these small holes about 1/4" above where your mount holes will be drilled. These small holes will be covered by your mount. 2. Drill your first pilot hole into the center of the stud & run the first lag bolt & washer through the mount & get it near snug. 3. Extend the bracket so you can lean against it. 4. While leaning against the mount in a eyed up level position, lay your level on top of the wall bracket & get it level. 5. Pull your pencil from behind your ear & mark the second hole which is on the opposite side of your first hole. 6. Let it back down & drill the second hole in the center of the stud. 7. Move the mount back to the level position & install the lag bolt & washer. 8. Tighten the two lag bolts so they are just about crushing the mount into the wall. 8. You can now drill your bottom holes & install the lag bolts & washers. Make sure you are in the center of the studs. 10. Tighten & retighten all four lag bolts. If these are not tight, you will have problems with the tv sagging when the mount is extended. It is critical that the four lag bolt are tight against the mount. If you skip using the washers, you reduce the strength & stiffness of your mount. . Any fine tuning needed can be done on the 3 bolt swivel plate after the tv is on the mount. . The mounting bracket has holes so you can install mud rings & plates for your wiring. I will be installing a recessed power outlet on one side & a brush cover faceplate on the other for the signal cables on the other. The mounting bracket has wire chases so everything is neat & held to avoid crushing cables. . The only thing i will do to modify the mount is to drill a small hole in the upper portion of each pivot point to allow me to easily give each pivot a shot of wd-40 once in awhile. This should keep it operating smoothly & keep things from getting tweaked if it gets a little sticky from dust & oxidation. -Notice from H. Shirley, South Dakota

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I used to install tvs for people professionally, so i have used many different mounting systems. I was looking for something cheap, but reliable to hang a 50" lg 50la6200 lcd tv. I looked at a lot of options both on online store as well as elsewhere before settling in this one. I am happy that i did! . . For starters, this comes with everything that you could possible need to hang your tv, with the exception of a 2 phillips head screwdriver and a drill. Included are a complete assortment of screws, bolts and washers (all neatly organized and labeled in individual packets), a double-sided spanner wrench, a very nice magnetic level, and even a 10' hdmi cable. The instructions say to use the "optional" expansion kit for larger tvs. Usually, this is code for "kit not included. " i was pleasantly surprised to find that that was not the case here. For once, the "optional" kit was actually included! . . Installation was a breeze for me, even without instructions since i already know how this works, but i found the instructions relatively easy to follow for those who need them. All of the various configurations for the expansion arms can get confusing, but just try each one until you find the right setup for your tv. . * please note *. There is one change to the instructions that i highly suggest, however. The instructions say to drill a 7/32" pilot hole into the stud for each mounting bolt. Then screw the bolt in with a phillips head screwdriver. When i first mounted this (i wound up moving it shortly thereafter), i followed the suggestions for the pilot hole. Sure enough the screw did thread in easily. A little too easily. The second hole from the top actually stripped out and i was not putting much force behind the screwdriver at all! when i moved this to the other side of the room, i decided to go with a smaller pilot bit. I used a 3/16" bit instead. Granted, you are not going to thread the bolt in with a screwdriver - you will need a 10mm socket - but doing it this way, those bolts are not going anywhere! you could probably get away with a 13/64" bit, but to really protect your expensive tv, i would want all of the bite i could get! . . I also found that the inside diameter of one of the washers was a smidge too small for the bolt to go through. I just enlarged it with a round needle file, but since they don't include any spares, if you don't have a file or another washer laying around, you'll need to get one. Just thought i'd throw that out there in the interest of full disclosure. . Once this was installed, i was impressed with not only the sturdiness, but also with the complete range of motion. This is fully articulated. You can put your tv pretty much anywhere you want to. The only thing it can't do is move your tv up or down, although you can tilt it to a certain degree.

Videosecu-mw380b2-motion-articulating-bracket-(av-furniture) set picture

- A. Theresa5 star product. Works perfectly with my light 30 lb 50 inch. Some have asked how offset the tv sits from he stud when pushed all the way against the wall so i have included photos with a ruler that shows it will be offset left or right by a few inches. The mount came with m6 10mm and m6 20 mm screws(and others) but i needed m6 12 mm so went to the hardware store for them. Easy install, tilts up and down easily as well. Very slight loosening and lubrication of a couple of stiff bolts allows this mount to move in all directions with ease. When pulled out the full distance i don't notice any sag of he mount or anything. I think you will need to spend 2 to 3 times the price to get a better mount.

So i was a little hesitant after some of the reviews but this mount style made it perfect for our application, so i went for it. So far i am not disappointed! versatile. Stable. Mounted our 48" seiki no problem. Just have to figure out best way to run cables now. Note for installation: i had one of the mounting bolts shear off when torqued. I recommend getting the same size bolts from your local hardware store. That's the reason it's not 5-star review.

L. Edith, Tennessee

Brand :    videosecu
Size :    37-70 inch
Model :    MW380B
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Av Furniture (videosecu product review) for VideoSecu MW380B2 Full Motion Articulating Dual Arms TV Wall Mount Bracket 37-70 Inch LED, LCD Plasma HDTV A37 available as-of ( Feb 2019 )
  • Supports display up to 165 lbs; adjustable tilt +15/-5 degrees and swivel side-to-side for comfortable viewing angle
  • Articulating arm tv wall mount fits 37" 40" 42" 46" 47" 50" 52" 55" 58" 60" 62" 63" 65" 70" lcd led plasma display; mounting hole pattern compatible from 200x200 300x300 300x200 400x200 400x300 400x400 600x400 684x300mm
  • The wide wall plate supports up to 18" studs. (fit 16 inch apart wood studs); free hdmi cable and standard mounting screws included
  • Arm fold less than 3" or extend 25" from wall; post-installation level adjustment allows the tv to perfectly level
  • Lock and release safety system design on both mounting bracket; cable management on arm; easy installation and adjustment

Sanus Low Profile Tilt Wall Mount 37-80-Inch TV Monitor

The sanus classic mlt14 is a tilting wall mount for most 37 inch to 80 inch flat-panel tvs up to 130 lbs. Virtual axis technology allows 10 degrees of tilt motion with the touch of a finger to help reduce glare. Lateral shift ability makes it easy to center the tv on the wall, even with off-center studs. Locking mechanism holds the tv securely in place on the wall plate; add a padlock (sold separately) for additional security. Comes pre-assembled for a quick and easy installation. Ul-listed for quality and safety assurance.

Sanus Low Profile Tilt Wall Mount 37-80-Inch TV MonitorSanus-Profile-Mount-37-80-Inch-Monitor

Brand :    sanus
Color :    Black
Size :    29.51X8.63X3.25
Weight :    5.90 pounds
Model :    MLT14-B1
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Av Furniture (sanus product review) for Sanus Low Profile Tilt Wall Mount 37-80-Inch TV Monitor available as-of ( Feb 2019 )
  • Lateral shift for perfect placement and centering on your wall
  • Locking mechanism with quick release easily secures tv to wall
  • Ul-listed for quality and safety assurance
  • Universal mounting design for tv's & monitors 37"-80" and sits just 1. 9" off the wall.
  • 10 degrees of tilt with the touch of a finger - no tools necessary

Mobile TV Stand 37 to 70 inch Flat Screen Monitor, Height-Adjustable, Shelf Included - Black

This mobile tv stand work wells in an assortment of locations due to its adjustable, portable and easy-to-use design. The floor-standing fixture is designed to hold a flat-panel monitor between 37 and 70 inches in size. The maximum weight capacity is 110 pounds. This mobile tv stand, which is height-adjustable, can raise or lower the position of a television. The lowest height possible is 44 inches tall, while the tallest is 71. 5. (there are 8 available settings along the stand. ) please note that these measurements were made to the center of the bracket, and may vary based on the size of a monitor. The mobile tv stand is equipped with 4 locking casters for easy maneuvering throughout a room. The floor-standing television holder is therefore ideal for use within a hospital, as doctors and nurses could use the fixture while interacting with patients and equipment. The mobile tv stand also has a height-adjustable display shelf for storing product samples and supplies. Not only can the shelf be positioned at 3 different heights (23. 5, 32. 5 and 40. 5 inches from the floor) it can also rotate from the left to the right and vice versa. Finally, there are also clips along the backside of the unit for hold wires, and therefore preventing them from becoming tangled or broken. This mobile tv stand is an adaptable presentation tool that suits a wide variety of settings and needs.

Mobile TV Stand 37 to 70 inch Flat Screen Monitor, Height-Adjustable, Shelf Included - BlackMobile-Screen-Monitor-Height-Adjustable-Included

  • Height-adjustable design works well in a variety of settings; max height (to center of bracket) is 71. 5 inches.
  • Vesa compatible: 200mm by 200mm through to 800mm by 400mm.
  • Rotating 19" wide shelf can be positioned at 3 different levels.
  • Displays2go sku : mbtvsbkbss
  • Tv size range: 37 inches to 70 inches, weighing up to 110 pounds.
Brand :    tyke supply
Color :    Black
Weight :    61.50 pounds
Model :    14546
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
Ce :    Best Av Furniture (tyke supply product review) for Mobile TV Stand 37 to 70 inch Flat Screen Monitor, Height-Adjustable, Shelf Included - Black available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

Samsung HW-K550 3.1 Channel 340 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar 2016 Model

This review is for those shopping and for those who already bought it. . First things first: the samsung logo goes up! this is not intuitive. You would think that the logo would face out towards you which also makes the bar "taller" and thus feel like it has bigger speakers. Not so. It lays flat and you can't see the samsung logo from the couch. For all the questions / reviews saying it doesn't fit under the tv or the remote doesn't work, i suspect it's because they've got the logo facing out. It changes everything. . Now, for those who are shopping: this soundbar system is well designed, easy to use / set-up (once you figure out the logo orientation) and pairs well both with my samsung 8000 series tv via optical cable and my iphone via bluetooth. The sports setting is by far the best, with all of the sound settings maxed out (treble, bass and subwoofer level all at +6). There is supposed to be a 7-band eq option but i couldn't figure it out, and i care about that kind of stuff. Perhaps that only activates if you purchase the optional rear speaker kit. I didn't. . Is it mind-blowing? no. Is it better than the onboard speakers? definitely. Does it look cool? yup. . If you've got a samsung tv, you want better sound and think $250-ish is the right price point, then you won't be disappointed with this. If you're an audiophile and want crisp highs, thundering lows and warm mids, then buy a proper home theater system from klipsh, b&w or jbl, but also be prepared for a thinner wallet and lots of visual clutter in your living room. . Hope this helps.

Experience crystal clear dialogue with a dedicated center channel speaker on the soundbar. It provides balanced sound from one end to the other and beautifully completes your home entertainment experience. Enjoy great sound with six built-in speakers. Each of them is designed with a dedicated amplifier to provide clear and accurate sound. Expand your surround system by adding the swa-8000s wireless surround kit. Enjoy the immersive, clutter-free audio experience by easily connecting the additional speakers wirelessly via wi-fi. Enjoy a clutter-free home entertainment system. Tv soundconnect lets you instantly enjoy movies, music, and tv shows with clearer, more impactful sound. (only available on select samsung tvs) surround sound expansion delivers more realistic and immersive audio experience that feels like it's coming right out of your tv. Control your home entertainment system from your phone or mobile device with the samsung audio remote app. (compatible android phones can download the app) connect wirelessly for one-touch control of your soundbar from bluetooth-compatible devices. Simply select the soundbar for pairing and power it on automatically for a seamless home entertainment experience.

Samsung HW-K550 3.1 Channel 340 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar 2016 ModelSamsung-HW-K550-Channel-Wireless-Soundbar

See Samsung Hw-k550 3.1 Channel 340 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar 2016 Model (HW-K550/ZA) FAQ.

Easy set up. Great sound quality especially compared to the tv sound without the sound bar. -Notice from W. Alba, Rutland

Click to Show samsung hw-k550 3.1 channel 340 watt wireless audio soundbar 2016 model (hw-k550/za) Details

I was advised that this samsung wireless sound bar had the best overall sound and offered bluetooth capability with six integrated speakers in a very sleek-looking sound system. I think it performs wonderfully and am very happy with my purchase.

Samsung-hw-k550-3.1-channel-340-watt-wireless-audio-soundbar-2016-model-(hw-k550/za) set picture

- S. PamelaI purchased as a complement to a samsung suhd tv and this soundbar is perfect. I don't have the room in my living room with young children to do 5. 1 sound but i could tuck the wireless subwoofer away behind the sofa and it works reasonably well. The wireless connection is seamless to a samsung tv and the sound is a big improvement from the tv without out.

This soundbar is great. The 3. 1 sounds provide the nice sound and separation of the channels as u expect, but when you add the samsung wireless rear speakers to your soundbar it really shines. The bass on the subwoofer is more powerful than i expected. Since i have the 65 inch samsung 4k 8500 it works great with it. The tv instantly recognizes the sound bar wirelessly or your can use arc or optical cable. It comes with an optical cable of you need one. Also to note that it does 5. 1 surround sound with the samsung 8000s wireless speakers added, and u don't need to use arc to achieve that. I have the optical cable connected from the tv to the soundbar and get 5. 1 from my xbox one s and my ps4 pro. Also there no delay in sound since it wireless. The soundbar but it self really rocks and you can't go wrong but it really shines with the added wireless rear speakers from samsung.

D. Megan, Montana

Brand :    samsung
Color :    Black
Weight :    5.73 pounds
Model :    HW-K550/ZA
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Surround sound expansion delivers a more realistic and immersive audio experience that feels like it's coming right out of your tv.
  • 340 watts power the soundbar's 6 built-in speakers designed with a dedicated amplifer to provide clear and accurate sound.
  • Expand your surround system by adding the swa-8000s wireless surround kit for an immersive, clutter-free audio experience.
  • Experience crystal clear dialogue with a dedicated center speaker on the soundbar, providing balanced sound from one end to the other.
Speakers :    Best Speakers (samsung product review) for Samsung HW-K550 3.1 Channel 340 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar 2016 Model available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

Large Full Motion Articulating Mount For 37 inch to 84 inch Flat Screen TV In Black

With the full motion articulating flat screen tv wall mount (19-80) you can mount your large flat screen tv with confidence! this heavy duty piece of home entertainment hardware accommodates up to a 80 inch flat screen tv, and mounts on a wall stud, brick or concrete. Articulation controls allow for a 5 degree upward tilt, 15 degree downward tilt and 180 degree side-to-side swivel, adjusting for your perfect viewing angle. Vesa certified 200mm-600mm x 400mm mount ensures a perfect fit with your flat screen tv of choice. Heavy gauge steel frame construction and all-black coated finish ensure secure support and long lasting durability. Perfect for the family room, media room, den or bedroom, the large full motion articulating flat screen tv wall mount (19-80) allows you to enjoy your safely and securely mounted flat screen tv in comfort.

Large Full Motion Articulating Mount For 37 inch to 84 inch Flat Screen TV In BlackLarge-Motion-Articulating-Mount-Screen

Brand :    atlantic
Color :    Black
Weight :    15.70 pounds
Model :    63607068
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Av Furniture (atlantic product review) for Large Full Motion Articulating Mount For 37 inch to 84 inch Flat Screen TV In Black available as-of ( Feb 2019 )
  • Retracts to just 3. 1 inches from the wall
  • Wall mount for 37 in. to 84 in. flat panel tv
  • Tilt 5 degrees up and 15 degrees down
  • Full motion mount extends to 21. 5 inches
  • 180 degree swivel left and right

Mount-It Tilting TV Wall Mount Bracket For Samsung Sony Vizio LG Panasonic TCL Element 42 47 50 55 60 65 70 Inch TVs VESA 200x200 400x400 600x400 850x450 Compatible Premium Tilt 220 Lbs Capacity

Heavy-duty tv wall mount mi-303l is a heavy-duty tilt tv mount for a 42 inch to 70 inch tv. It will safely secure your precious flat screen tv to any wall. It is one of our top selling tilting wall mounts. Don't risk your tv with the cheaper models! cheaper mounts use lower grade and thinner materials. Mi-303l is made from 2mm thick cold-rolled high-grade steel. With its rigid reinforced wall plate and two adjustable brackets it can safely hold your flat screen tv up to 220 lbs. Universal compatibility mi-303l is one of the largest tilt mounts you can find on the market. With its adjustable brackets it is compatible with almost tvs on the market from 42" to 70" (some up to 80"). Vesa compatible 300x300, 400x200, 400x300, 400x400, 600x200, 600x300, 600x400, 700x400, 700x450, 750x450, 800x450, 850x450. Fits tvs with installation holes up to 34" apart horizontally and 17. 7" apart vertically. Vesa measurements are the spacings of the holes on the back of your tv. Please measure these to ensure that your tv is compatible with this bracket. Features mi-303l features easy-to-turn adjustable tilt knobs on the brackets to securely tilt your tv up to 15 degrees both up and down to optimize your viewing angle from your seating area. The back plate features four large cut outs to mount over plug sockets and ariel plates and to route cables. Includes integrated bubble level for alignment. The vertical brackets include a safety screw to safely secure the tv to the wall plate. It is very easy to install. This mount ships with hardware to assemble and mount in stud, masonry, or drywall. Easy-to-follow installation instructions included. The wall plate dimensions are 36. 5" (w) x 9. 5" (h), the brackets are 20" (l).

Mount-It Tilting TV Wall Mount Bracket For Samsung Sony Vizio LG Panasonic TCL Element 42 47 50 55 60 65 70 Inch TVs VESA 200x200 400x400 600x400 850x450 Compatible Premium Tilt 220 Lbs CapacityMount-Tilting-Panasonic-Compatible-Capacity

Brand :    mount-it!
Color :    Black
Size :    42 inch - 70 inch
Model :    MI-303B
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Do not trust your precious tv to a flimsy and cheap wall mount. this heavy duty tv mount has carrying capacity of 220 lbs. this bracket is one of the strongest brackets available on - constructed from 2 mm thick reinforced steel.
  • Back of the tv stays 3 1/4" away from the wall. 34" wide wall plate supports block wall installation or installation on either 8", 12", 16" or 24" wall studs. note, this mount can be wider than some 32" tvs. please check the width of your tv.
  • Continuous innovative tilt motion is possible without the use of tools. easy one-touch tilt to reduce glare. back plate features a number of large heavy gauge cold rolled steel - this bracket is very strong and allows mounts over plug sockets and ariel plates.
  • Universal design tv wall mounting brackets fit virtually all flat-panel tvs from 42" to 70" (some up to 80"). vesa compatible 300x300, 400x200, 400x300, 400x400, 600x200, 600x300, 600x400, 700x400, 700x450, 750x450, 800x450, 850x450. fits tvs with installation holes up to 34" apart horizontally and 17. 7" apart vertically.
  • Very simple to install. includes complete hardware kit, integrated bubble level for alignment and installation instructions.
Speakers :    Best Av Furniture (mount-it! product review) for Mount-It Tilting TV Wall Mount Bracket For Samsung Sony Vizio LG Panasonic TCL Element 42 47 50 55 60 65 70 Inch TVs VESA 200x200 400x400 600x400 850x450 Compatible Premium Tilt 220 Lbs Capacity available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

Samsung Un70ku6300 70-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2016 Model (UN70KU6300FXZA) Price : 1747.97, was : 1799.99 as 2017-01-16
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Samsung Un70ku6300 70-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2016 Model (UN70KU6300FXZA) Reviewed by on

Top samsung un70ku6300 70-inch 4k ultra hd smart led tv 2016 model (un70ku6300fxza) Content

The F.A.Q. for Samsung Un70ku6300 70-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2016 Model (UN70KU6300FXZA)

I have been using the un50ku6300 50-inch 4k smart tv for 2 months. I use it mainly as a 4k monitor for my pc, and i love it! there are a few new issues with the youtube and netflix apps since the last update that has to do with tiles loading slowly, and a menu hiccup of sorts on the youtube app. But other than that, i love this thing! . . Everything i connect to with my un50ku6300:. . Hdmi1: sony ps4 1080p w/ hdr in recent firmware update. Hdmi2: comcast/xfinity rng110 hd cable receiver 1080i. Hdmi3: hp pavilion dv6 laptop w/ 3840x2160 /30hz resolution (too old for 4k 60hz lol). Component/ypbpr: original xbox 720p. Ethernet: 1 gigabit local connection / comcast internet 170megabits download / 12megabits upload. Bluetooth: jbl synchros headphones (low enough latency to use as bluetooth headphones for ps4, using default clip on mic for input only). . Overall, i am very happy with my purchase, however, i am less enthusiastic about the menu/interface of the system when compared to screenshots i've seen of lg's new interface that includes an accelerometer in the remote to use as a mouse with the interface. My interface is ugly and uncustomizable. I wish i could at least have it in black to match the tv itself! the blue/silver menu is ghastly. I do like the look of the hardware itself. Having all of the interface/ports on one side (other than the power) is nice, because i have it wall-mounted above my desk. . The two pics attached are with the picture setting on dynamic, and one with the eco power save setting set to high, to lower brightness to take a decent pic with my old camera :) this screen is far too bright to get a decent pic at full brightness. Well, if you are still reading this, i commend you. You wish to be an informed consumer, and i can honestly say that i spent hours reading up on 4k tv reviews on online store. I hope my review helped you decide!

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Can this tv be mounted to the ceiling so i can watch it in bed?

(1) Question: What ports is it equiped with? any dvi? real refresh rate? 120hz? 240hz?

(2) Question: Is the tv hdr10

(3) Question: Does this tv have rca outputs to attach a sound bar?

(4) Question: What power cord does it use

(5) Question: Does this tv work with online store prime streaming? does it have the online store app?

(6) Question: Is the samsung un55ku6300 a 8 bit or 10 bit tv ?

(7) Question: What wireless protocol does this support? would like to see ac wireless support for fastest potential

(8) Question: Does it come with hdmi cables ?

(9) Question: Anyone know a good remote i can buy to replace the one that came with this? maybe one with a keypad or something? thanks!

(note) Question: where/how to get Samsung (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Samsung's products


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I'm using this hooked up to my mac using hdmi, and it's pretty decent. I knew going in this had some issues like weak blacks, and i agree. I'm only commenting for those considering this for computer gaming from a pc or mac. Once connected to hdmi 1 (the connection you should use) it defaults to "pc" and i couldn't get any of the options to work such as gaming mode, hdr mode etc. But selected "gaming console" by editing the connection type, and all the options became available. Works great in game mode and i don't notice a huge loss in color or detail. The hdr mode looks great while gaming but the lag isn't good. The lag measured by rtings for game mode is 19. 8ms which although not great for a computer monitor, a 40" tv that's actually fantastic. I noticed a distinct speed increase over my old sharp 40" i had been previously using as a monitor. This is a big improvement for me, but anyone looking for a 4k tv with flawless color etc would consider another one. Also i see this has been selling on ebay and here in online store warehouse for 100 dollars cheaper so don't pay full price.

Electronics 282271, Television & Video 1102906621, Televisions 956271Top Samsung Un70ku6300 70-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Led Tv 2016 Model (UN70KU6300FXZA) FAQ Content

Best samsung un70ku6300 70-inch 4k ultra hd smart led tv 2016 model (un70ku6300fxza) in review

I bought this to use as a pc workstation monitor, and despite the relatively cheap price i don't feel like i had to compromise on any features or quality to do this. It is exactly like putting 4 standard 22" 1080p monitors together into one big monitor. The viewing angles are not that great but it is not a problem for my usage. It does 4k at 60 hz which chroma 4:4:4 and low input lag so it's an excellent workstation screen. . Here are a few things to be aware of:. . 1) if you want clear text, you need to disable chroma subsampling to get full chroma 4:4:4. This can only be done on input hdmi1, which has to be labeled as pc instead of cable box or bluray or whatever, and the setting is unintuitively called something like "uhd color mode". It's still fairly usable for casual pc use if you don't do this, but text can have some strange horizontal smearing due to the way it compresses color data while processing input. . 2) the tv includes a "game mode" that reduces input lag, however this setting is mutually exclusive with using chroma 4:4:4 through "uhd color mode. " you can only have one option set or another and may have to switch back and forth depending on what you're doing. That said, with casual gaming i have not noticed any input lag with game mode disabled, so for now i leave it at chroma 4:4:4 with game mode disabled and have no complaints about it. . 3) the built-in software does not seem that great. It constantly thinks it has detected a new device on hdmi1, begs me to let it auto-configure it, and then locks up while doing so, and of course while clearing out all my settings. This seems to happen any time my pc shuts down, reboots, or an application triggers a resolution change. I already have it configured how i want and wish i could make this just go away. I have to keep the remote on hand so i can click "cancel" whenever this happens. . 4) no opinion on the smart tv features. It does have built-in wifi and apps for youtube, netflix, hulu, and more. I have not used any of them and probably never will since the tv is plugged into a pc.

L. Cunningham, Niedersachsen

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  1. Details: Backlight: Led (edge-lit).
  2. Details: Smart Functionality: Yes.
Lowest Price Sony Xbr65x850d 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Tv 2016 Model (Television) Xbr65x850d Sony Xbr65x850d 65-inch 4k Ultra Hd Smart Tv 2016 Model
Or you might like to consider Samsung Un75ju7100 75 Inch Ultra Smart (Samsung) Make Them All Green Jealousy When You Show Off This 75 Inch 4k Ultra Hd Tv From Samsung. Samsung Un75ju7100 Retains The Incredible Detail 4 Times The Resolution Of Full Hd 1080p. Television
  1. Included: Backlight: Led.
  2. Included: Smart Functionality: Yes, Built In Wi-fi: Yes.
Sale Samsung Un75ju7100 75-inch 4k Ultra Hd 3d Smart Led Tv 2015 Model (Television) Un75ju7100fxza Samsung Un75ju7100 75-inch 4k Ultra Hd 3d Smart Led Tv 2015 Model

K. Brendon, Peterborough says

The first day was frustrating trying to get this samsung un55ku6300fxz 55-inch 4k ultra hd smart led tv to work. . There is precious little information that comes with the tv and the remote is as remote as they get. You have a multitude of functions on a sleek pretty race car design remote that has ten buttons so it is the least intuitive remote possible. It is the only thing about the tv that is not top notch. . Right out of the box the picture was way too dark, especially on blu-ray and the sound was good except the voices are difficult to understand, again, especially watching blu-ray movies. . The second day i called the free support line and got great service that talked me through the remote and into the guts of the adjustments available for the tv. After a few tweaks it is now working fine, with a very good picture and much better sound. . In fact the sound is very good and unless you really want very powerful overpowering sound, i doubt you will need a sound bar. . I would definitely buy it again knowing what i know now.

D. Edith, Montana

Purchased for use as a pc gaming monitor for the resolution upgrade and preparation for potential future hdr applications, and it doesn't disappoint! colors really pop and everything is crystal clear and smooth with a nvidia 980 ti video card. Had to bump up windows text sizing to 150% to not squint at the icons. My wife wanted to see an excel spreadsheet and was amazed that at windows' 100% text sizing and a maximized window, there were 59 columns across. . Make sure you get a legit high-speed hdmi cable capable of the current max 18 gbps. I ordered the online storebasics high-speed hdmi cable - 6 feet (latest standard) but the tv arrived before the cable. Anxious to try out the tv i used a years-old hdmi cable and had no technical issues with the native 3860x2140 resolution at 60 hz, but could feel the tiniest strain in my eyes. Swapped to the online store basics cable and the strain was gone. I'm sure there's no technical reasoning for any difference but it was physically noticeable. . I'm not using the smart tv functions so i'm not dealing with all that ad garbage but i wouldn't be happy if i had to and the tv would go right back. . Included photos are online store-low resolution and don't do it justice!

B. Wade, California says

First off, i want to say that i got this on a lightening deal, honestly by luck as i happened to log into online store a minute before it went live! so i got this tv at a different price point. . With that being said, i can say that this tv, whether it is on sale or full retail price is worth every penny! the screen quality is great, the remote is unique but you can get used to it fast, and the smart tv apps are awesome! . . Youtube and online store prime movies both run 4k directly from the tv in amazing quality. . I don't see a reason to buy a suhd tv (i was fixated on getting the model above this one before i saw the lightning deal). Amazing that tvs like this are now relatively affordable. This samsung is the way to go!

R. Medina, Camden

Tv was pretty easy to setup and with minor tweaking the picture is outstanding. The smart remote did not pair with the tv upon power up but manually pairing it was simple. Now for the surprise, with anynet + (hdmi - cec) turned on the samsung smart remote provides limited control of my fire tv box. I still need to wake the fire tv with it's remote but then the smart tv remote can take over. Up, down, left, right, select, back, and play/pause all work. Of course pressing home brings up tv's home menu. So nice not to have to use 2 remotes just to change volume while streaming with fire tv.

R. Carol, Kensington and Chelsea says

Initially i was skeptical of buying a new 4k tv, but at the same time i've been wanting to upgrade from my 32" tv i bought back in 2010 for the last few years. I've had this new 4k tv for 1. 5 months now and i have to say that i'm super glad i spent the money and upgraded. It has changed my movie watching & video game experience. Setup is very easy and intuitive. Picture quality is absolutely beautiful and i am actually also quite impressed with the sound quality although eventually i will upgrade to a sound bar.

V. Wilson, Havering

The picture on this tv is absolutely superb. We upgraded from a 42" 720p (non-smart) tv, and don't regret this purchase at all! we don't have cable so we almost always use netflix, and the tv automatically starts the app when we turn it on. The picture looks outstanding from pretty much any angle, even extremes. I cannot really comment on the sound because we're using our own sound system. One nice thing that i wasn't expecting was this tv has an ethernet port. I thought it would be wifi only, so i was pleasantly surprised. . We've had this tv about 3 months and so far haven't had any problems, except for one weird glitch that happened when the tv downloaded an update. We had to mess with it for about 15 minutes to get it back to normal but it's been working fine since. . The netflix app is kinda glitchy though. Often when we're browsing through the menus it'll just give us an error and restart. We haven't had any problems while actually watching videos though. That's something that could be fixed in a future software update. . Overall i'd definitely recommend trying out this tv. If you're not in a super big hurry you might wanna wait until it goes on sale. I bought it for almost half the list price during black friday / cyber monday.

E. June, Georgia says

Excellent picture and enough i/o to make it versitile. Not sure how good the sound is since i have it hooked to my in the ceiling surround sound system.

S. Benton, East Sussex

I wish i could give it more stars . Beautiful picture. I haven't move from in front of it since i bought it. Easy set up. Great delivery time.

G. Powell, Louisiana says

This is a "mid level uhd tv" a smart tv. Has functionality to connect via wi fi to a router & get netflix & other streaming providers. Chose this tv because consumer reports rated this model high in comparison to other midlevel uhd tvs. It's a good value at $1, 000. Unfortunately, there's very little 'native 4k i. E. Uhd " available . No broadcast or cable tv material is uhd. But several movies/series produced by nettflix are uhd. E. G. Longmire, marco polo, house of cards etc. Altho a few uhd dvds are available, they can only be played on pricey uhd dvd players. (e. G. $450+ samsung). And some blueray dvd players 'upscale' the hd to something close to uhd (per the manufacturer). According to cr, one can play a blueray dvd on it & the tv automatically 'upscale' it; i. E. Transforming to a "near uhd' resolution. To view netflix the tv apparently has to connect to a samsung server. That connection stopped working after a couple weeks. I read on the internet this is long existing problem occurring on all samsung smart tvs. Fortunately, an online chat with samsung tech personnel game me the instructions on how to fix it. One has to modify the settings for samsung server the tv connects to. The remote is tiny, about the size of a couple side by side cigars ( or 1/2 a pack of cigarettes. I'm concerned about losing it. There remote has only a few keys but easy to use. The user interface is 'intuitive'. I'm able to do every thing i want on the tv without yet reading the owners manual.

B. Teresa, Wolverhampton

It's a nice tv for this price range. I analyzed all the competition until i just had to make a decision and went with samsung. Out of the box, the picture quality was very gray and drab but i went to online store and found some commenters who had tweaked their picture and used some of those settings and the picture improved dramatically. I'm sure i haven't gotten these settings just right yet so there is still some room for improvement. I don't really care too much about the apps, i just wanted the best picture possible. I stream netflix, i have an online store fire stick and an oppo blue-ray, which i seldom use these days with all the content out there. All in all, it's a pretty good tv and a good entry point into 4k ultra hd.

X. Colleen, Sandwell says

First off, this tv has been amazing (50"), mounted on the wall and looks great. Packaged well, and the user interface is to die for. Has virtually no screen delay, so playing video games that require fast response, (like pretty much every fps ever) is perfectly doable, this coming from someone who swears by 2ms gaming monitors. For those who are not using for gaming, it is still an amazing tv, all the apps that come pre-installed netflix, hbo, and apps that are available for install are great. It sounds great and volume surpasses even my speakers. Even the remote is awesome. If it came down to it, i would buy this tv again, in a heartbeat if i got it for the same deal $600. Get this thing, you won't regret it.

H. Judith, Suffolk

Tv was delivered today and i'm using it as a computer monitor with an nvidia geforce gtx 960 gpu on windows 10 pro and display quality is "ridunkulous"! i use a 4k monitor at work and really wanted the same type of resolution i've become accustomed to and couldn't be more pleased! great product samsung!

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