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Price was 99.99. These cameras are great quality and resolution at an inexpensive price. The best deal i found on the web. Bought one to try out and then added a second and later a 3rd to spread out cost. Connecting to the cameras is a breeze - just use the uid code for each camera in the windows app or android or iphone app and the app finds the cameras - inside your lan or on outside world over the internet. No need to mess with firewall nat rules or a ddns service. No need for an nvr since about 2 weeks worth of video clips are stored on an sd card in each camera which you can pull up on the app and download - and/or you can set the windows app to stay open in the background and download video clips to your hard drive so you can keep them as long as you want (you can set the amount of gb you want to store and old videos will drop off so you don't run out of disk space). . I blocked out bushes and other objects that move in each camera so the motion activation doesn't kick in and cause it to start recording. Video quality as great during the day and acceptable at night but moving objects are a bit blurred at night (still not bad for $100 cameras). . Occasionally one or more cameras will stop displaying in the app and i have to click a button to reconnect to the camera or close and reopen the app - but no big deal. . Overall i would highly recommend these cameras.

-N. Morgan

4mp Super Hd 2.4/5ghz Dual Band Wi-fi Wireless Security Ip Camera, Fixed Bullet 16gb Micro Relink Rlc-410ws Dual Band Wi-fi Outdoor/indoor Camera Relink Rlc-410ws Is A Dual Band Wi-fi Security Camera. It Supports 2. 4 Ghz Band And 5 Ghz Band, 2t2r Mimo Antennas. That Means -Reolink Rlc-410ws 4mp Super Hd 2.4/5ghz Dual Band Wi-fi Wireless Security Ip Camera, Fixed Bullet 16gb Micro Sd

  1. Featured: Best Dual-band Wifi Bullet Home Security Camera: 2. 4/5 Dual-band Wi-fi And 2t2r Mimo Antennas Guarantee Stronger Network Signals. No Messy Cabling.
  2. Featured: Real-time Motion Detection Alerts: Send You Alert Emails With Photos Or 30-second Video Clips In Real Time. Push Notifications To Mobile Phones, When A Thing Happens.

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I am extremely impressed with this camera! i had ordered the rlc-411ws, a few months ago, and had to send it back. I have to believe that it was the camera, as this one performs great, and was easy to setup. Great picture and even sound! the 5. 8ghz connection is perfect for me, as i have a lot of 2. 4 ghz equipment around. I'm using it with blue iris, and setup couldn't have been simpler. I highly recommend this camera if you need 5. 8ghz connectivity. Best super hd dual band wifi wireless | Reolink Digital Technology Co Ltd-Surveilance Systems Review as-of ( Feb 2019 ) Featured Reolink RLC-410WS 4MP Super HD 2.4/5Ghz Dual Band Wi-Fi Wireless Security IP Camera, Fixed Bullet with 16GB Micro SD 4mp super hd home security day/night: capture live videos 24/7 in 1440p high resolution with night vision of 100ft. also supports 1080p, 720p. 80 degree viewing angle enables a large and wide view.. Best dual-band wifi bullet home security camera: 2. 4/5 dual-band wi-fi and 2t2r mimo antennas guarantee stronger network signals. no messy cabling.. Real-time motion detection alerts: send you alert emails with photos or 30-second video clips in real time. push notifications to mobile phones, when a thing happens.. Pc/mac/iphone/android phone access: keep an eye on your home anywhere anytime via client and app software. easy setup with zero configurations.. Audio and video recording in built-in 16gb micro sd card: record and store up to 400 motion activated events, for later playback. .

 hardware build on this is solid as it should be for outside use. In live view mode it is crystal clear during daytime. The attached daytime photo snap shot loses resolution but this is normal. Most of the time you want video anyway. I use the web interface the most because i prefer the layout better than the reolink clients even though mac os and ios clients are installed. Although i'm not running a an nvr (yet), reolink supports open onvif so i can use several 3rd party software setups which take advantage of existing computers in the household. The one bothersome thing about this camera is the cabling. There is a pigtail type cabling arrangement that includes a factory reset button, ethernet cable and power. Because of the ethernet cable (which can't be removed), you'll have to drill a 3/4 size hole at minimum to get "all" wired inside the building. Ios client works well but is iphone size only and running apps on ipad doesn't work as well because of aspect ratio. The attached night video won't show up well due to compression but viewing from camera meets my needs. Motion detection and microphone pickup well. -N. Teresa

Reolink Rlc 410ws Wireless Security Camera

  1. Class: Electronics
  2. Brand: Reolink
  3. Color: Fixed Bullet With 16GB Micro SD
  4. EAN: 0749110051556
  5. Product Dimensions:
    Height:2.60 inches
    Length:7.40 inches
    Weight:1.00 pounds
    Width:2.60 inches
  6. Manufacturer: Reolink Digital Technology Co., Ltd
  7. Model: RLC-410WS
  8. MPN: RLC-410WS
  9. Total Items: 1
  10. Quantity: 1
  11. Part/Serial Number: RLC-410WS
  12. Type: Photography
  14. UPC: 749110051556

4mp super hd 2.4/5ghz dual band wi-fi wireless security ip camera, fixed bullet 16gb micro Photography, Relink rlc-410ws dual band wi-fi outdoor/indoor camera relink rlc-410ws is a dual band wi-fi security camera. it supports 2. 4 ghz band and 5 ghz band, with 2t2r mimo antennas. that means it s much better than other wi-fi cameras of any other brand. you never suffer from signal loss or interference. it s weatherproof, so that you can place it indoors or outdoors. one of the most outstanding features is the resolution - 1440p super hd, which is much better than 1080p and 720p. relink mobile app and client you can use free relink app on your mobile phone, or free relink client on a computer to remotely or locally access the camera, get live view (multi-channel streaming), take snapshot, record video, and do more with the camera. refer to the user guide for troubleshooting steps. Reolink Rlc 410ws Wireless Security Camera (RLC-410WS-Reolink).

Reolink Rlc 410ws Wireless Security Camera Photography

super hd dual band wifi wireless Reolink RLC-410WS 4MP Super HD 2.4/5Ghz Dual Band Wi-Fi Wireless Security IP Camera, Fixed Bullet with 16GB Micro SD (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Normally i use poe for my cameras but i needed one for a tricky area where i simply cannot run ethernet (there's a big concrete slab in the way and fortunately the previous owners ran power out past it. So. I have power on a pedestal at least. . For that setup, wifi was perfect, and i chose this mainly because reolink supports 802. 11ac and i wanted the best chance of getting a strong signal back to my wifi router. The camera is about 70 feet away outside and then through the wall of the house it's only another 10 feet to the wifi router, but i do get a good, strong signal and the video is streaming to blue iris just fine at 10 fps (which is what i have it set to). . Getting reolink cameras setup in blue iris is easy. I had a problem with one of my reolink cams (a rlc-411ws) where the lower half of the image would "smear" or blur in blue iris about every 20-30 seconds. Switching it to h. 264 baseline (instead of main or high) fixed it. On this camera though, the 410ws, i have it set to h. 264 main right now and it's fine. I always thought it was a bug in blue iris causing it, something in the way it decoded the main/high h. 264 profiles, but oh well. Blue iris currently can't handle the h. 265 from my dahua ptz either, so stuff like that happens even on a more expensive cam. . The day quality of this camera is awesome. I had to put it out at the street because the cams on my house can't "see" the street through the foliage that well, and after a neighbor had their entire trailer stolen, i knew i needed more coverage just in case they came back for more. Yeah, in the day i can get good high res of cars, including license plate info. . At night of course it's super hard to get license plates with any cam unless you dedicate a cam just for that purpose, but the ir lights on this cam do a good job of illuminating my area of interest, and i am adding a secondary ir illuminator. If for no other reason than to help keep the spiders away from the camera. . Don't let the haters on ipcamtalk bully you into thinking this camera doesn't work with blue iris since i and others can attest to the proven fact that it does work. Is it a "starlight" dahua? well, no, and if you want awesome low light video then you can spend a lot more for one of those but you won't get wifi, a built in mic, and those are only 2mp. I do like my dahua starlight ptz, don't get me wrong, but boy i wish they had one available with higher resolution. . This cam doesn't have zoom, but just for the record, reolink autofocus when zooming in/out (on the 411ws and 423 that i have) is incredibly slow and kind of buggy. At night i usually have to manually focus in/out after zooming and letting it try to figure it out. But yeah, that part doesn't apply to this camera since it's fixed focus. . The attached photo is from a blue iris snapshot which reduced the resolution, but you'll get the idea of the fov. I like having the wide angle even though the edges are barreled some because of it. I didn't really know what it was before i bought it but i'm happy at how it turned out since i could cover more of the street even though it's pretty close to it.

Reolink Rlc-410ws 4mp Super Hd 2.4/5ghz Dual Band Wi-fi Wireless Security Ip Camera, Fixed Bullet 16gb Micro Sd
Click to see NoticeReolink Rlc 410ws Wireless Security Camera (Surveilance Systems)"I work for a tech company with some pretty talented engineers and a couple of them bought this camera and recommended it so i tried it. The software is a little clunky but once you figure it out, pretty straight forward to set up and use. I just ordered another one today. I struggled a little bit with the email push of motion activated videos but finally figured out you can't easily use it with an email account that has two factor authentication enabled, so i just created a new gmail account without dual authentication for the camera only and it works fine. This gives you an email of the motion activated video clips so you do have storage of events outside of the internal sd card in case someone/something damages the camera. Great product for a great price, lots of peace of mind."

Reolink 5MP Super HD PTZ Wireless Security Camera, 2.4/5GHz Dual Band WiFi, 190ft Night Vision, Motion Alert, Outdoor Waterproof, 32GB SD Card RLC-423WS

Reolink rlc-423ws 5mp super hd poe high speed ptz security camera powerful 5mp high speed ptz camera with 360 endless pan, 90 tilt and 4x optical motorized zoom, commercial & professional grade security camera with exceptional 190ft night vision range, smart motion & alert, remote access & view live feed anywhere; 2. 4ghz and 5ghz dual band wifi, diy home outdoor & indoor security camera for large areas, parking lot, detached garage, small business, workshop, backyard, farm, jobsite and etc.

Reolink 5MP Super HD PTZ Wireless Security Camera, 2.4/5GHz Dual Band WiFi, 190ft Night Vision, Motion Alert, Outdoor Waterproof, 32GB SD Card RLC-423WSReolink-Wireless-Security-Waterproof-RLC-423WS

Price :    $258.99 (was $279.99)
  • Video recording & playback: save motion-activated videos in the built-in 32gb micro sd card, store up to 400 events, or work with reolink nvr for 24/7 continuous recording.
  • Ptz & dual-band wifi: pan tilt zoom camera with endless 360 pan & 90 tilt & 4x optical zoom, no blind spots left, commercial grade surveillance camera, 2. 4/5 dual-band wi-fi and 2t2r mimo antennas guarantee stronger network signals.
  • Motion detect & alert: flexible motion detection (set pir zone, schedule detection time and adjust sensitivity), real-time and accurate movement alert via app push notification, email, support automatically uploading motion-triggered image capture and recording to ftp server.
  • 5mp hd & 190ft night vision: 5-megapixel super hd, ir camera with built-in 6pcs ir leds to achieve amazing 190ft night vision range in dark, suitable for large areas like parking areas, garage, backyard, front yard, etc.
  • Remote access & free apps: rich feature and functions in free apps for iphone, android, windows pc, mac, no subscription fee, live view, remote access, motion alert, multiple channels(at least 8 sources), intuitive and easy to navigate.
Brand :    reolink
Color :    WiFi Cam w/ SD Card
Size :    WiFi Cam w/ SD Card
Weight :    5.29 pounds
Model :    RLC-423WS
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Photography :    Best Consumer Electronics (reolink product review) for Reolink 5MP Super HD PTZ Wireless Security Camera, 2.4/5GHz Dual Band WiFi, 190ft Night Vision, Motion Alert, Outdoor Waterproof, 32GB SD Card RLC-423WS available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

Reolink PoE NVR 16 Channel Includes 3TB Hard Drive 4MP HD IP Home Security Camera System Outdoor Night Vision Motion RLN16-410

The nvr only works with reolink cameras. If you want to use other cameras, please choose nvr products of other brands super hd 4mp home security camera system this reolink 16-channel poe nvr features a professional-level 4mp real-time record and playback, h. 264 compression storage, hdmi out and the ability to monitor video feeds live from a mobile phone or internet browsers. The security camera system is easy to set up. You just need to scan qr code to add devices. The nvr pre-installed 3tb hard drive is for continuous recording or for motion-triggered recording. Descriptions video input: 16 channels video outputs: vga, hdmi audio input: cameras mic audio output: 1 x rca compression format: h. 264 recording mode: manual/motion/schedule recordin: 2560*1440, 30fps playback: 4ch 120fps hdd capacity: pre-installed 3tb(support up to 8tb) network interface: rj45 x 1 power over ethernet: supported usb interface: usb 2. 0 x 2 operating power: dc 48 v computer operating system: windows, mac os 10. 9 (and higher versions) handheld device supported: ios, android, 3g/4g smartphones & tablets package details dimensions: 17. 32*3. 54*13. 58 inches weight: 9. 04 lbs the nvr only works with reolink cameras. If you want to use other cameras, please choose nvr products of other brands

Reolink PoE NVR 16 Channel Includes 3TB Hard Drive 4MP HD IP Home Security Camera System Outdoor Night Vision Motion RLN16-410Reolink-Channel-Security-Outdoor-RLN16-410

Brand :    reolink
Color :    16CH PoE NVR
  • Versatile functions: use the nvr with all reolink poe 4mp or 1080p cameras. enjoy real-time video live stream & playback. get instant alerts when there are motion events. backing up local data can't be simpler.
  • Only work with reolink cameras: work perfectly with all reolink poe 4mp & 1080p cameras, such as rlc-410/411/420/422/423 cameras. manage and configure up to 16 cameras easily.
  • Local & remote access: view your security camera system locally by connecting to a monitor or a hd tv, or via free reolink app and client on your mobile devices & computer or a web browser remotely.
  • Poe easy setup: a 100% plug & play nvr. with a single cable for each camera, you can connect ip cameras to the nvr for both power and data. the wiring process can't be simpler.
  • Unfailing 24/7 recording: pre-installed 3tb hdd for reliable 24/7 recording and monitoring. support up to 16 cameras recording at the same time. you can install an up to 4tb external hard drive.
Price :    —
Model :    FBA_RLN16-410
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (reolink product review) for Reolink PoE NVR 16 Channel Includes 3TB Hard Drive 4MP HD IP Home Security Camera System Outdoor Night Vision Motion RLN16-410 available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

60 Feet 12V universal extension cable cord foscam Reolink ip camera FI9828W/P , FI9805W , FI8919W , FI9804W, FI9805W FI9903P FI9803P FI9851P FI9853EP

Extend 10 ft to power your 12v camera's with dc power supply you can add multiple cables for your need compatible for foscam , fi9828w , fi9805w , fi8919w , fi9804w, fi8602w , and for more 12 volt cameras it is also compatible with reolink rlc 410ws rlc 411ws rlc 423

60 Feet 12V universal extension cable cord foscam Reolink ip camera FI9828W/P , FI9805W , FI8919W , FI9804W, FI9805W FI9903P FI9803P FI9851P FI9853EPuniversal-extension-Reolink-FI9828W-FI9853EP

Brand :    none-branded
Size :    60 feet
  • Works for most 12 volt cameras
  • Not for fi8910w fi8905w fi8904w fi9821w fi8918w
  • Compatible for reolink camera rlc 423 rlc 410ws rlc 411ws and foscam fi9828w , fi9805w , fi8919w , fi9804w, fi8602w, fi9853ep, fi9851p, fi9900p, fi9828p all the foscam 12v camera
  • Extend 60feet power for your 12v camera's with regular dc power supply
Price :    $6.00 (was $9.99)
Model :    43221-1409
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (none-branded product review) for 60 Feet 12V universal extension cable cord foscam Reolink ip camera FI9828W/P , FI9805W , FI8919W , FI9804W, FI9805W FI9903P FI9803P FI9851P FI9853EP available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

Reolink 8CH PoE Home Security Camera System Four Outdoor 4MP Surveillance IP Cameras 4MP NVR 2TB HDD Super HD 2560x1440 100ft Night Vision RLK8-410B4

What a awesome system. Easy to install and the picture in every camera is very good. I would definitely recommend this system to anyone looking to buy one for their home or small business.

Rlk8-410b4 comes with one 8-channel 4mp poe nvr and four 4mp bullet cameras, with a built-in 2tb hdd. The 1440p hd quality video offers sharp resolutions. The system won t occupy and congest your home network, and it can transfer stable videos in its internet. It is further enhanced by diy installation with zero configurations for not only the connectivity between cameras and nvr, but also the external access to the system. The installation is as easy as any common analog security systems by ethernet cables, and this system gives much higher resolution and image quality. The system can plug and play with any reolink poe cameras, including rlc-410/410s/411/411s/420/422/423.

Reolink 8CH PoE Home Security Camera System Four Outdoor 4MP Surveillance IP Cameras 4MP NVR 2TB HDD Super HD 2560x1440 100ft Night Vision RLK8-410B4Reolink-Security-Surveillance-2560x1440-RLK8-410B4

Reolink Business Security Waterproof Rlk8 410b4 (FG-23) FAQ.

It's working a exactly to spec. I am using them outside to watch my property. Yet very nice home system. My neighbors have a night owl system and this one i can rate a step better with clarity and distance for a way better price. -Notice from L. Williams, New Mexico

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So far so good. We have decided to use these cameras for a trial period as we are having trouble getting ip addresses. With this set up, none is needed. We have installed them on 3 different customer homes, and we have been quite impressed thus far. Customers have loved the sharp picture, and we like the one step setup. Plug and play is exactly as described. Plug into router, enter password, scan qr code. Done. . Will have to see how the units hold up in our salt water environment, but so far so good.

Reolink-business-security-waterproof-rlk8-410b4-(fg-23) set picture

- Q. NeesAmazing capabilities at this price point. I was looking for a poe camera setup that could handle my entire home and it was frankly hard to find something that offers 4mp resolution on the market. I wanted something that could easily zoom and capture license plates on the street in front of my home but also offered nice apps for ios, android and windows/web. Reolink had all these features. I installed 8 bullet cameras, one dome camera for the front door and the high end ptz camera they offer for a total of 10 cameras. One thing everyone should think about it using ethernet to supply power (poe) instead of wireless. My home is 5000+sf so wireless can be unpredictable anyway and with wireless you still need to have power available to the camera which can make things much more complicated and expensive. Poe does all of this over cat6 cables and installers frankly prefer to use ethernet cabling. I have had no problem running long distances with the reolink nvr using cat6 cables and cat6 terminators, unlike some other people have reported. The first nvr i received immediately failed though, and i had to replace it. The new unit has been running good for a month so far and the cameras have held up well under heavy rains.

I was in the market of a poe security system at a good price, and i finally found this one that fits the bill. It was simple to mount the 4 cameras since it was 0-configuration. And you will make it much easier if have experience before. It took a few time to get the reolink client software running on my pc, but eventually i nailed it and i was really happy with it.

U. Anonymous, Newcastle upon Tyne

Brand :    reolink
Color :    8CH NVR(2TB HDD) w/ 4 bullet cameras
Weight :    14.13 pounds
  • Remote access via smartphone/computer: live view anywhere. receive instant mobile phone & email alerts when motion is detected.
  • Built-in 2tb hdd: 8 channels simultaneously recording & playback. secure your home & business indoors & outdoors 24/7. motion triggered recording supported.
  • 1440p super hd surveillance camera system: supports 1440p/1080p/720p video live view & recording day & night.
  • Diy security system: easy poe connection, plug & play. no expert installation required.
  • Competent customer service: 30-day money back guarantee & 2-year limited warranty.
Price :    $479.99
Model :    RLK8-410B4
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (reolink product review) for Reolink 8CH PoE Home Security Camera System Four Outdoor 4MP Surveillance IP Cameras 4MP NVR 2TB HDD Super HD 2560x1440 100ft Night Vision RLK8-410B4 available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

reolink rlc-410ws 4mp super hd 2.4/5ghz dual band wi-fi wireless security ip camera, fixed bullet with 16gb micro sd Price : 99.99, was : 199.99 as 2018-08-16
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
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The F.A.Q. for reolink rlc-410ws 4mp super hd 2.4/5ghz dual band wi-fi wireless security ip camera, fixed bullet with 16gb micro sd

Build quality/cam housing: 3. 5 / 5. Mounting assembly: 2 / 5 (hard/impossible to adjust the cam to a desired angle with some hex screws being in the way of the antennas. ). User manual & software setup: 2. 5 / 5 (unclear on how to save motion-triggered videos, no way to specify the number of snapshots, no way to change the recorded file name prefix). Tech support: 4 / 5 (tech replies were within 24 hrs, but effective. I had to download and upgrade the cam to a newer firmware from reolink website. ). Video quality: 4 / 5 ( clear and with details, but color is not so vibrant, compared to the panasonic bl-vp104 and the amcrest ip2m-841). Audio recording: 4 / 5 (big plus, hard to find one among bullet outdoor ip cam). Night vision (motion) 2. 5 / 5 (fast moving subjects were rather blurry). Night vision (static): 4 / 5 ( quite clear & with good details ). Motion-triggered recording: 4 / 5 (not as good at night. But the configuration allows different sensitivity level on specifiable time frames, seemed to help reducing excessive false alarms; 4 user defined time frames. ). Ability to save recorded video files onto both sd card & ftp server: 4 / 5 (so you can save all the recorded videos&snapshots in a remote ftp server, even though your ip cam gets stolen - with the sd card on it. ). Ability to change sd card: 2 / 5 (i think it's not designed to have the sd card change by consumer. It's quite tricky to replace the sd card; but it can take 128gb card if formatted with fat32 - see pictures. Keep in mind that fat32 has some limits: max file size: 2g, max number files: 65, 517. To format the sd card, use the mac "disk utility" - see pictures. On windows, i think you can use some other free utility - google it. ). Dual band wifi support: 4. 5 / 5 (with dual band wifi router, you can specify a band for all your ip cams, while having the other for your computer, laptops, phones, etc. This is to avoid wifi bandwidth being used up by all the ip cams, leaving your laptops and phones stranded! ). Price & functionality: 4 / 5 (i would pay more to get a version with 128gb sd card; it would save me time - taken about 30 minutes - and hassle to do it myself. ). Durability: unknown; just been using it for about 3 weeks. It has not crashed even once; pretty reliable so far. . Updated info (12/12/2016): i have just found out that, after having the 128gb microsd card set to record motion for a little over 21 days, the ip camera stopped recording any motion, while my ftp server still receives uploaded videos for all the detected motions. The card still has about 22 gb available; and i have 'overwrite' option checked all along. Then i tried to "init" the card, which effectively deleted all the files on it. Now, it starts to record motions again! so, that is the issue with using 128gb (no overwrite possible - and it can only record up to 100gb). Current firmware version running on the cam is v2. 0. 0. 476 16111703. Hopefully, reolink will fix this issue in later firmware release (to have the overwrite function works on 128gb card).

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(0) Question: Does this support rtsp or other streaming protocol that vlc can open ?

(1) Question: Is there a way to access recorded video (remote playback) from the sd card wirelessly? so far i can only access it by running a lan cable. thanks!

(2) Question: Can the camera be connected through a repeater/extender? or must it go through the base router?

(3) Question: Can you interface camera with ipad air locally ( 300') not using internet only using camera wifi?

(4) Question: What is back light for?

(5) Question: Can i setup or update firmware without hooking it up to my router after initial setup?

(6) Question: I have google wifi that is dual 2. 4/5ghz but is not selectable. will this camera work with that system?

(7) Question: How do i view whats stored in the sd card?

(8) Question: What is the field of view?

(note) Question: where/how to get Reolink (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Reolink's products


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I have now installed two reolink rlc-410ws wifi security cameras. Both are connected to my netgear orbi router at 5g. Rating the product is a bit difficult. I. E. It's a "5" except for a couple of issues. . There are basically three ways to install security cameras:. . 1. Wired for power and signal back to a central point. "power over ethernet" (poe) provides both power and signal within the same cable. The big issue is finding a pathway from the mounting location for each camera back to that place. If you have a two story house, brick walls, etc. This can be a major undertaking. Some people estimate that wiring makes up as much as 60% of the cost of a typical video security system. All of those cheap video security systems found at costco, sams club, online store, etc. Require wiring. The cameras are typically "very dumb". So the system comes with a recorder that has to be located where all the wires come together. It's often necessary to attach a monitor (or tv) to the recorder just to get things set up. Relocating one of these cameras can be a major undertaking. . 2. Wired for power, but using wifi for signal. Now the task is to get a low voltage cable to an outlet somewhere close by to get power, and wifi carries the signal back to the router. The reolink rlc-410ws camera is this type. This camera stores "event videos" on an (included) 16gb sd card. There's no need for a recorder. The cameras can be monitored from a pc, mac, iphone, android phone, ipad, android tablet. When motion is detected, the camera records to the internal sd card and can send an alert via email. . 3. Go completely wireless. Products like netgear's arlo, online store's blink, and (more coming out every day) get power from batteries and use wireless for signal. They are amazing to install. Simply stick them up anywhere you want that gets a wifi signal. Change your mind? no problem, just move it in (literally) minutes. These systems store their "video events" on cloud servers. Arlo comes with up to 1gb of free storage, for up to 7 days of events, for up to 5 cameras. You can pay for more cameras or more storage. Blink gives up to 7200 seconds of recording for free. (i. E. 720 snapshots of 10 sec each, 240 recordings of 30 seconds each, etc. ) the batteries are a definite consideration. Arlo says theirs last "4 months" based on 4 minutes of use per day! i. E. They record 10-20 second clips, send them to the cloud, and go back to sleep. Record longer clips or watch streaming and the batteries will need replacing often. . With it understood that the rlc-410ws is "run power, use wifi, store videos on the camera, and watch them remotely", here's how i rate this camera:. . Cost: definitely 5 stars at $100 each, these cameras are cheaper than arlo, blink, and most of the wifi cameras on the market. Build quality: definitely 5 stars. Packaging: definitely 5 stars. Video quality: definitely 5 stars 4mp (see below)*. Networking: definitely 5 stars both 2. 4g and 5g wifi. Features: definitely 5 stars. Ease of use: nearly 5 stars. Ease of setup: between 3-4 stars. Installation: 3 stars. Support: 5 stars. . Features:. Motion detection is awesome. Can adjust sensitivity by time of day and block out areas where motion would be a "false alarm". Privacy mask to not record sensitive areas. Schedules. Anti-flicker option. Can have files sent by ftp, notification by email. List just goes on and on. The only thing i find missing is "geo-fencing". That concept is to turn the system on or off automatically based on where your cell phone is. I. E. If i'm. Home, automatically disable the alarms. If i go away, turn it on. Some systems offer this feature. Personally, i want to record every time someone comes near my house. One time online store claimed that two packages were "delivered", but we were home did not get them. Sure, online store eventually replaced the shipments, but i had no "proof" that the delivery guy actually never showed up. And, i want to know about people prowling around during the night. So, no geo-fencing, but it's not important to me. . Ease of use:. The pc and android phone apps are almost seamless. A few "gotcha" moments here and there. Such as, when you select "live view", nothing happens. Have to click on the start arrow at the bottom. Still nothing happens. Have to select "clear" or "fluent". Seems tedious. (recent software update automatically selects "fluent" video, when i prefer "clear". There appears to be no way to set the default, so i have to click another time anyway. ). . Ease of setup: it has to be connected via ethernet (hard wired) for initial configuration. That's not a huge deal-breaker, but it is annoying. I have set up two cameras, and getting the darn "admin" password changed from blank to something else is a mystery. There's something that is just "not intuitive" about how to enter it. When a firmware update is released, that darn password has to be changed again. . Installation: there are two issues: (1) connecting power. (2) actually mounting the camera. . The box includes 18 meters (54 ft. ) of power cord to go from the wall plug adapter to the camera. However, because of the ethernet socket and "reset" switch, it requires at least a 3/4" hole to route the cable. Won't fit inside typical electrical molding, so the camera needs to be placed where a 3/4" hole can be drilled through a wall. Can't reasonably take off points when i knew going in that i had chosen option 2 (run power and use wifi for signal). Except for the ethernet socket. Take that away, and suddenly the problem is a lot smaller. If it was only the low voltage cord, it would be nearly trivial to drill a hole through the wall to use an indoor electrical outlet. (hmmm. Should i just "cut the socket and switch off" and hope that i never need to connect directly again? ). . A bigger issue is the installation bracket. It can swivel in three dimensions, but it requires loosening and tightening (very) tiny allen screws. This is no picnic when you're up on a ladder and the camera is over your head. And, when the parts are rotated, sometimes they block the allen screws. Damn, and double damn. Would have been so much simpler if it had a simple ball joint with a nut to tighten. The product picture shows the camera mounted to the ceiling with antennas sticking "up" into where the ceiling would be. Obviously, the antennas would need to point down, but that makes a less attractive advertising picture. I needed to mount one camera "sideways" to get power through the wall and then have the camera point in the right direction. Had to remove one of the antennas. Plenty of vertical space, but the antenna ran into the bracket. (they used the same bracket parts for the wifi camera as for their hardwired camers. If one piece of the bracket had been a bit longer, the antenna would not have run into it. ) grrr. Of course, if you don't need to mount the camera at 90 degrees, this isn't a problem. . At least the wifi connection eliminates the need to run wires back to a central point. . Support: 5 stars. Like online store's blink, only email support is provided. I asked a bunch of questions and always got responses in under 24 hours (even over mlk weekend! ) the answers were always thorough and well written. Firmware updates are easy to download and install (except for the password irritation). Complete instructions come bundled with the firmware (pdf). Firmware and software updates seem to come out almost every month, in contrast to other systems that can go a year between updates. . *video quality:. Resolution and angle are big issues with video security systems. Do a google search for "how to choose a security camera", or check out the explanation at this web site: look at the difference between 720p, 1080p, and 1440p (this camera). The arlo cameras, for example, provide 720p with 130 angle of view. With arlo, you definitely know "someone" was there. With this camera, the police would have something definite to work with. . Bottom line:. It boils down to "you may not always get what you pay for, but you seldom get more than you pay for. " at $100 per camera, with amazing build and video quality, complete feature set, convenient access, and options that go on and on. Wow!

Bullet Cameras 13314241, Camera & Photo 493205, Electronics 282271, Surveillance Cameras 004898, Video Surveillance 1101901617Top Reolink Rlc 410ws Wireless Security Camera (Surveilance Systems) FAQ Content

Best reolink rlc 410ws wireless security camera (surveilance systems) in review

I didn't know anything at all about home security cameras, but i wanted to set up a system at home. I had several areas inside and around my house that i wanted monitored with different requirements. For example, i wanted two way audio in some areas, wifi in others and finally poe in others. Because of this, i was convinced that operationally and economically it would be best to use a consolidation program like ivideon or blue iris in conjunction with several different brands of cameras. I spent hours, perhaps days, tinkering with different programs and different brands of cameras. I would have saved myself so much frustration if i just found the reolink brand of cameras first. I tried pretty much every consumer based model on online store and jet including amcrest, oco, fdt, zmoto, and more! one thing that was really tough is that i realized quickly that it is very hard to trust the reviews i found on online store. Obviously i don't have proof, but it just feels like so many of the reviews are not real. I set up all these cameras with the intention of keeping them, but one thing or another just didn't work. Either the wifi would drop way too often, or the camera would not integrate with other software or the built in software was simply not intuitive. . If i would have just went straight to reolink i would have saved myself a lot of frustration. I am now running 6 different reolink cameras and i ditched the idea of using a different program to manage the access and recordings because the reolink software is so good. I have 3 poe cameras, 2 wifi, and one 2-way audio version in my kitchen that i absolutely love. I access all of these cameras on my desktop and on my android device and i have never had an issue with them. Clear pictures, solid wifi, etc. I have my desktop set up as somewhat of a server. With the reolink client running i can have the motion alerts active and record anything that moves on my hard drive. In addition, when you have a version of the camera that has a built in smart card, you can access camera recordings from anywhere via the reolink software on your android (and presumably iphone) device. . In conclusion, i really wish i would have just bought reolink products right out of the gate and saved myself the time and frustration. I know it's hard to trust online store reviews these days, but for what it is worth i did not receive anything for this review and everything i said above is my truthful experience. Hope it helps.

S. Tracey, Bury

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K. Angela, Aquitaine says

Purchased this camera for use in remotely monitoring a covered boat lift where i had recently had some theft. . I originally order this item due to following characteristics". - size. - internal storage - was not sure what bandwidth i would be able to get remotely to the camera. - wifi - wanted flexibility in mounting - although i ended up configuring this over the optional wired ethernet connection. . The configuration & install of the camera went very easy - i initially setup with the iphone app and it quickly found the camera over my local network and i was able to set things up quite readily - i then moved over the to client application, running on a mac, to configure more detailed items such as the motion detection. . Overall the ui for the web & app are fairly intuitive - though some aspects such as the types of streams and how to select took a little playing (probably should have read the manual more in depth first). . I was a little disappointed initially with the image quality, then i found the "clear" stream (the higher bandwidth stream) was set at 720p resolution vs the higher 4mp that the camera supported. As i had the camera connected to a wired ethernet network (and connected back to a synology nas running their surveillance station software) across some high-speed wireless links, i cranked up the bandwidth to the max rate, max frame-rate and max resolution - and was very pleased with the quality of the video captured & recorded - very good detail - can read lettering on the shirt of someone 15' away from the camera. . The app has been working well thus far - i have "slow" dsl at the property with about 900kbps upload speed, so i can only get a lower-res stream delivered to the app when not on my local network, but it is still sufficient for most needs - and i know i have a clear-stream recording on the camera itself and also on my nas in the house. . Have been playing with the motion detection & masking - i misunderstood the mask settings at first and was selecting the areas i wanted to disregard - so i know the mask is working well - corrected and tested with a walk-through - works very well. Have been playing with sensitivity as the camera will pick up bugs flying through the lens that are lit-up by the ir illuminators - will work to dial this in to get less false-triggers (well, it is a valid trigger from the camera's perspective). . It would be nice to be able to disable the ir leds on the camera and use an external ir illuminator - this would help with some of these situations of bugs - as this is located on a covered boat lift, there are plenty of bugs around, drawn to the ir - this will in turn draw the spiders and then the spider webs - i expect this to be an on-going battle during the warm months. Update: i have blocked the on-camera ir and installed an external ir illuminator several feet away and this seems to have addressed most of the false triggers due to bugs. . I had read some reviews about problems with water getting into the reset button on the break-out cable coming off the camera - so i made a water-tight box to place the break-out connections in - consisting of a 2x2 junction box and a couple of 3/4" conduit connectors with rubber stoppers inserted - and holes drilled sized to the wires - this allowed the power & ethernet connection to be made (and the reset button placed) inside the water-tight box to avoid any issues - i don't envision needing to press the reset button on any regular occurrence - if so it's accessible via a ladder and a screwdriver. . For those using synology nas and their surveillance station application - setup of the camera using the onif profile was simple once i read that the camera used a different default port than the defaults in the setup wizard on the synology. I was able to use both the reolink app and the synology application concurrently to view. . Impressed overall with the product and looking at adding a second unit for more complete coverage of the boat lift - and likely a few for my main home. . Attached a few image captures from the 4k video / 8kbps stream video captured at night - this is with the on-camera ir blocked an an external ir illuminator active to keep the bugs from being drawn to the camera, but the low-light / night performance with the on-board ir is just as good.

S. Gladys, Texas

First of all, i spent a significant amount of time (many, many hours) researching to get the right cameras for my application. I paid the asking price for the cameras $99. 99/each and i purchased two of them. I am not the most tech savvy person so first and foremost - they had to be easy to use and for outdoor use. I also had a list of requirements that the cameras had to meet and the reolink rlc-410ws did not disappoint. Here are the things i wanted the cameras to be able to do:. . - record to an sd card so i could review recorded images and not pay additional monitoring fees each month. - have wi-fi so i did not have to run ethernet cables and drill holes through my walls. - good quality night vision. - motion detection and send alerts by e-mail or app. - have very good hd picture quality. - can access footage remotely on iphone using app or ip address. . The reolink rlc-410ws does all of the items above very well. Also, many prior reviewers mentioned they had a hard time to setup and that the software was not intuitive. There are many good videos on youtube to show how to get started. This made the setup very easy. I had my first camera plugged in to my router and up an running in less than 10 minutes. Now, the cameras are not perfect. I do have two complaints that i think reolink could easily correct and i would have given them 5-stars. First, in order for you to connect the cameras by wi-fi you have to add it to your router. Well my router has an 18-digit wep key. The software on the cameras i received did not allow for an 18-digit wep key. (only up to 16-digits) however, there is a new software that you can download for free and it fixes this problem. I just think the cameras should have already had the newest updated software already installed on them. Again, not being the most tech savvy person, it took me over an hour to figure out why the wi-fi would not connect when i unplugged from the router for the first time. There are some basic instructions when you go to the download center to install the new software but it took me 30 minutes to click on the right things to get the download to start. (so if you don't have an 18-digit wep key like my fios router has this may not be an issue for you). If reolink included a troubleshooting guide that would have been a big help. My second issue was on the actual installation and mounting of the camera. Due to the way the camera tilts and pivots it is very hard to screw in the three screws if you are mounting in a tight location. The base is very narrow and i could only get two of the three screws inserted properly. The cameras are very well built and solid. In any event, as you can see by the pictures, i did get them mounted. The last item i want to mention is the wi-fi on the cameras is only as good as the wi-fi signal that you have at the camera. So before i mounted anything, i tested and made sure i had good signal strength and viewed it on the app while installing. I still need to make some adjustments on the motion detection as i was getting alerts every minute due to the sensitivity. So far i am very happy with my purchase and i will more than likely buy two more cameras so that every doorway in and out of my house is covered. Hope this helps you all with your security camera purchase research. "like" if this was helpful.

B. Wanda, Kansas says

Review update sept. 27, 2016:. Finished mounting this at the front of my property, here is a night shot. To be fair, there is some additional light from my dusk to dawn. . Review update! this now rates as a five star in my opining i. E. Price vs performance. By contacting the seller i was able to find a setting which was buried in the user menu, sound now functions. Additionally, i changed the lens setting (i did not realize that could be done) and now, at least the night video quality is very good (see the black and white photo). If it goes negative on me, i'll be sure to update again. . Let me begin by saying, the camera and the app work ok although you will need to devote some time to configuring it all. I'm not going to repeat what others have said here relative to the bad instructions although the quick start sheet, i felt, was ok. One difficulty i encountered was working past the user name and password on multiple devices so be careful if you are configuring both desktop and smart phone. I suggest setting your system up with the factory settings and then go in and change it all, especially if you are using both smart phone and computer devices for viewing. Name the camera(s), such as camera 1, 2, 3 etc. To begin. . Now then, my thought process for the three star rating. The video is not particularly good at a distance, say in a driveway shot, however, it's ok for closeup viewing such as looking at your front door or in a hall etc. The firmware upgrade was easy to perform, remember to reboot the camera and format the disc. Software for the mac works just fine. I paid close attention to the description of this product as i particularly wanted sound. Below is pasted the product description, it clearly states it has audio function, yet once configured the app tells you "not supported". This is a seller issue but since i had planned on ordering one camera with sound and another with the zoom feature, now we'll see how the seller handles this situation. So i may be back and modify the rating. "camera specifications. Video quality: 4 megapixel (2560 x 1440). Lens: f 4. 0mm, f 2. 0. Viewing angle: 80 . Microphone: yes (audio within 15ft). Night vision: up to 100ft (depends on the environment). Frame rate: up to 30fps. Operating power: 12v. Network: 802. 11ac/b/g/n, support 2. 4g and 5. 8g. Wifi signal range: 300ft in open space. Storage: built-in and fixed 16gb mirco sd card. Network connectivity: p2p and qr code. Computer os: windows, mac os. Mobile os: ios, android. . Attached picture is a shot inside my breezeway where it's quite clear. When i took it outside to the mounting area, the images looking back at the house were not as good. . No, i am not a paid reviewer who receives free stuff. Thanks for looking!

G. Diana, Alsace

One of the best wireless security cameras i've ever owned. Excellent day and night pictures. I use this and the other reolink rlc-411ws to give me an excellent security video coverage of my vacation cabin. I have been using these cameras for about five months now and never had a single issue. I am already thinking about buying some more for my home. It is so easy to setup and use. I use the android app for my phone and tablet and the windows client software for my computer and both work flawlessly. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. If you are looking for an excellent quality video security system, look no further. You will not regret your decision.

G. Carolyn, Montana says

This is one of the clearest, highest resolution cameras that i've used. I currently have it on our front porch mounted on the ceiling. It's held up well through chicago winters and performs quite well. . Pros:. - really good night vision, provides a clear picture at night. - easy to set up. - small form factor. - stable, does not require regular restarts. . Cons:. - doesn't take advantage of 5ghz wifi if your 2. 4 & 5 ssids are identical (which is the case with eero, google wifi, etc. ). - no "snapshot" url to directly access jpg feeds. I like being able put feeds directly into a web page with a video tag using the mjpeg url on foscam cameras. - rtsp stream can be choppy and doesn't always decode well on ffmpeg. I get a lot of errors in the log about stream errors. - requires proprietary plugins on your browser. This seems to be a trend with every camera manufacturer where you need to install plugins. No one has built a pure html5 interface yet

R. Rose, City of London

Quite happy with these cameras. Wifi works well. Phone app is acceptable. Downloadable computer app too so you can monitor it from the computer. . What could be improved? sd card doesn't have the best amount of storage if not using an nvr, and i experienced some variability between cameras there. A couple cameras store about 10 hours, so barely enough to watch what happened over night. One camera we bought, only goes back 5 hours on its internal storage card. . These could also be hardwired as poe if someone wanted, but hardwired models are $25 less (ie about $60 compared to the $85 of this model - at the time of this writing). So if you know you're going to hardwire, get the other model. We have these about 150 feet from the router and they are broadcasting fine.

L. McCarthy, Hertfordshire says

For the most part, the camera works as expected. However, i am only giving it 4 stars for the following reasons:. . 1) the power, reset, and rj45 connectors are not weatherproof. I had to seal each connector with heat shrink material in order to keep rainwater out. For an outdoor camera, i shouldn't have to do this. 2) the windows version of the client software is flaky at best. It crashes at least once a day and has to be restarted. The mac os 10 version is stable, as is the ios version. 3) the date/time stamp on the os 10 version is in the incorrect format. March 02, 2018 is shown as 02/03/2018 instead of 03/02/2018. It took me some time trying to figure out why it was displaying incorrectly. 4) manufacturer needs to have someone that is fluent in the english language proofread all documentation prior to release. It is frustrating to read documentation that is not clear due to grammatical errors or misspelled words. Minor example: "login successed" instead of "login successful. "

J. Rowe, Sachsen

I've purchased several of these to replace older cameras made by another company. There is a lot to be said for these cams and almost nothing on the downside. The software is also good and it's free. What i like about this particular model is that it has a builtin mic and it works well. I use the cams not just for security, but also for watching wildlife like birds and other things that move through my flower beds and yard. These cams are newly installed, and i'm very pleased. I'll amend this if there are problems i don't now see, but it is obvious someone put a lot of time and effort into designing and constructing these cams.

O. Anonymous, Milton Keynes says

This is a nice camera. I have it configured to cover my driveway and a portion of my front yard. We live across from a school and have issues with frequent traffic pulling into our front yard when turning around. I've used the camera to capture evidence to convince city officials to make some traffic engineering changes to out street. . The camera provides a nice, high-quality image in daylight hours. At night, the image is still quite good, though some features are washed out. I think this may be because we have a motion-sensor light mounted and this lighting affects the infrared night vision of the camera. Even so, the video quality at night is good. . I have the camera configured to send images and videos to a ftp server over my home network. I like that the camera also has a 16gb card for local storage in case of network failure. I may get another one or two of these.

H. Courtney, Ohio

I researched pretty long before i bought this and i am happy with it so far. One piece of advice is to spend more on more storage space. Never want to run out. Other than that the camera has good resolution, emails me just fine, and i have crappy internet speeds but it still will let me stream. Came with a long cord (expected as that was a selling point). I advise to spend time fine tuning your sensitivity settings as i had ton of email alerts until i got it tuned in now where i will receive 10 a night because of bugs or snow/rain. I admit it has great setting options that lets you decide different sensitivity at different times of the day. And also let s you mask out areas in case it s a high traffic zone. The night vision is pretty limited as i have a large driveway and can see about 30-40 out into the darkness. This lost a start. It is a good piece of equipment for what is at stake, i feel better knowing there is some surveillance. I have not tried any audio features. The app has worked fine for me as well as the desktop, i advise use the desktop to do more setting up. . Overall i m happy with the purchase and the next one i get will just have more storage.

Z. Kristen, Worcestershire says

It doesn't go down to 1 frame per second, but i will live. My main reason for purchasing this is because it has a built-in microphone. I have this paired with d-link's wireless ip cameras. This model will see into the dark, while the dcs-2330l sees anything close-range and will catch blind-spots. Pros: -very cheap compared to d-link's dcs-2330l -sees very far into the dark (up to 100 ft) -built-in microphone. Cons: -does not record down to 1fps (so you have to adjust your internet cloud-based recording solution plans to accommodate, which will cost slightly more). . If using a public cloud-based recording solution, you will spend money either way, so it might be a good and/or fair investment to have a mix of items and manage your budget.

C. Valencia, Nordrhein-Westfalen

 i've gone through about 4 sets of 'highly rated' online store ip cameras and i think i'll be keeping these. The directions are pretty straight forward, the app and client software for your phone and computer are very intuitive and i could have gotten by without the directions probably. The quality is a little lacking with it only being 720p, but where mine are the area of recording is only 20-30 feet away so that not too shabby. The nightvision is better than most too i would say, i have no problem seeing 40 feet away from my garage at night. Overall i would recommend this camera for someone wanting some piece of mind on a budget. Adjusting the camera on the mount can be a little tricky with the antennas so you want to make sure you have it pointed right before screwing it into the wall. Only issues i'm having is the range of the wifi. I have a top-notch archer 2. 4ghz/5ghz router that is only about 60 feet from my farthest camera and i'm having signal issues. There is only 1 exterior wall between the 2 also so that shouldn't be an issue - for comparison i can connect to wifi with an old 3g iphone from my garage no problem. For now it works but i may purchase a wifi extender down the line. Pros:. - very easy to setup compared to other ip cameras of the same price range. - clear directions for installation, iphone app, and computer client. - comes with plenty of power wire for installation. . Cons:. - range of wifi isn't 100' like stated. Maybe if there are zero obstructions but come'on. - antennas can block adjustment screws for swiveling. - motion alarm goes off for shadows from tree branches on ground no matter sensitivity setting. Still working on this one.

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    • Properties: Full Hd 1080p Dv: Import Hd Lens, Give You A High Clear Image, It Can Record High-definition Video In low-light Conditions.
    • Properties: Strong Function:this Is A Hd Mini Dv Camera, Built-in Microphone, Support Real-time Video Recording, Ir Night Vision, Snapshot, Audio Recording.
    • Pros:. - all metal made but light weight so durable. - high quality product with shiny smooth material. - small and compact design easy to carry or leave anywhere. - cube form with nigh vision build in. - full 1080 hd very clear images. - support tf or miscro sd card up to 64 gb with usb cable and l... go to
    Purchase Fredi Portable Handheld Recorder Infrared (Surveilance Systems)

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