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Price was $228.51 - $330.00. So they asked me about the product, i have been battling it off and on (battle is a bit of a misnomer, let's just say fighting with it) after deleting a schedule from 6 weeks ago when it was cold. I gave it a 4 star they asked a follow up on why 4 stars. I explained as i did above, when it dawned on me what was going on. It had learned that i like the house to get to a certain temperature at a certain time, when the temperature outside is a certain temptress. (could i have used temperature more? ) bravo! really, that is amazing! great product, with great abilities. . Also the alexa integration is great, but i have a few hiccups, if you will. It's sometimes hard when asking for the temperature inside, versus getting the temptress outside when going through the echo. Not really sure if this is a nest issue, or echo. It did not lower the score.

-F. Guest

Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation, Works The Nest Learning Thermostat Programs Itself And Automatically Helps Save Energy When You Re Away. And You Can Control It Using Your Phone, Tablet Or Laptop. -Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation, Works Alexa

  1. Reviews: Auto-schedule: Nest Learns The Temperatures You Like And Programs Itself In About A Week.
  2. Reviews: Home/away Assist: Nest Automatically Turns Itself Down When Nobody’s Home To Help You Save Energy.

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I've had them installed for about 2 weeks now. I love them. I like being able to turn the air down before i leave the office and have the house on it's way to coolness when i come home. I've yet to see my power bill, i will update when i do. But, given the hype, and the fact that i've just moved into a larger home with 2 ac units, i needed something to help control costs in the texas summers. . As a techie, it's pretty awesome. Super easy to install. I had to use the mounting plate for one room as the hole in the wall was too big for the nest to cover. But, the other one looks so nice and clean. When i repaint, i'll patch the hole and remove the plate. . Tips and hints: if it's in your bedroom, make sure to turn down the brightness. Otherwise, it can blind you in the middle of the night when you walk near it. It woke me up even, so turn it down to avoid the rude awakening. It's learned our night time and morning routine, and the auto-away works fine, but it hasn't gotten the memo to start cooling the house before i get home from work. During auto-away, it let's the house get warmer but not too hot. So, i've taken to setting it to "home" before i leave the office. I have about a 30 min commute so the heat has some time to dissipate before i arrive. . All in all, a great invention. Glad i got it. Time will tell how much it saves me. Best learning thermostat generation | Nesfh-Home Lighting Accessory Review as-of ( Dec 2018 ) Reviews Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation, Works with Alexa Works with alexa for voice control (alexa device sold separately). Auto-schedule: nest learns the temperatures you like and programs itself in about a week.. Home/away assist: nest automatically turns itself down when nobody's home to help you save energy.. Remote control: connect your thermostat to wi fi to control the temperature from your phone, tablet or laptop.. Farsight: when nest spots you across the room, it lights up to show you the time, temperature or weather.. Energy history: check your energy history in the nest app to see how much energy you use and why.. Nest leaf: you'll see the leaf when you choose a temperature that saves energy. it guides you in the right direction. .

Nest learning thermostat, 3rd generation, works with alexa Review (t3007es)

I absolutely love this thermostat, and plan to purchase another. The only reason for not earning a 5 star rating, are the vague instructions for installation and operation. After 2 hours of frustration, including researching the website, i called the tech support and they immediately stated that my problem was a common problem and i had to move a wire from the location the instructions outlined. If it is a common problem, why not include this information as a part of the instructions? after trial and error and talking with the support tech, i learned pushing the ring or the face performed the same function, also not documented, including the website. I would definitely recommend nest, again, we love the convenience and learning technology. We plan to buy another for second thermostat, installation should be a cinch! -C. Meghan

Nest Learning Thermostat Generation

  • Order: Tools & Home Improvement
  • Brand: Nest
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • EAN: 0854448003877
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:1.21 inches
    Length:3.30 inches
    Weight:1.00 pounds
    Width:3.30 inches
  • Manufacturer: NESFH
  • Suggested Min-Age: 180
  • Model: T3007ES
  • MPN: T3007ES
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: T3007ES
  • Sub-Type: Home Improvement
  • ReleaseDate: 2016-04-26
  • Size: 3.3 Inches
  • UPC: 854448003877
  • Warranty: 2 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty, Parts Only, No Labor

learning thermostat, 3rd generation, works Home Improvement, The nest learning thermostat programs itself and automatically helps save energy when you re away. and you can control it using your phone, tablet or laptop. Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation, Works Alexa (T3007ES-Nest).

Nest Learning Thermostat Generation Home Improvement

learning thermostat generation Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation, Works with Alexa (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Having spent months reading over reviews and flip-flopping between this and several other smart thermostats, i finally caved and purchased this guy. I expected light/moderate savings on my bills, but have been more than pleasantly surprised at the significant drop on my monthly. I've reduced usage by more than 25% on average with some months coming in at half my usage from the previous year. I'll check back again as the summer months set in, but am optimistic in the lead up. The installation was idiot-proof, and the set up relatively painless. It's incredibly convenient to check on temps from anywhere, and it is indeed nice to turn off the heat if i've left that morning in a hurry, or prewarm the place after a weekend away, when i return outside of the learned scheduling on the device. Speaking of scheduling, it is a relatively quick learner, though for it to work it cannot be engaged in eco mode, which is only a mild inconvenience at times. Also pretty great: landlords will love it despite groaning at the purchase price, and many utilities offer rebates (i received $100 from mass save), cutting the break-even point nearly in half! that was a big concern of mine coming into this as basic programmables can cost below $40, but at this rate it will be paid for by year's end. Much faster than i'd originally anticipated.

Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation, Works Alexa
Click to see NoticeNest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation, Works Alexa (t3007es)"I've been eyeing the nest thermostat for a while now and finally pulled the trigger when the 3rd gen came out. I have had it for a few weeks now and i have to say, i'm very pleased with it! the installation was super simple. I think the only complaint i had was that they didn't pack any sheetrock anchors with the screws. I had to go to the h/w store to pick some up. Come on nest, that should have been a no brainer! it's still not enough to make them lose 1 star. Setup was simple. Very intuitive. After a few days, i started getting energy reports and the nest was auto-adjusting itself. Very cool! i won't know if i'm saving energy until next year now that the cooling season is over. I had to call support just recently to get help on getting my heat pump connected to the nest. I put in a support request on the web site and explained to them that my installer was coming the following day. I ended up getting a phone call from support within the hour. The support rep was very helpful and my overall experience with them was great. Thanks nest!"

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Echo Dot 2nd Generation - Black

Thanks for taking the time to read this review! . This re-release of a critically acclaimed device is quite honestly a grand slam. Although slightly smaller then last years release, this device now picks up your voice even better! im talking litterally talking leaps and bounds better. I can now say "alexa" and she hears me even when im downstairs or even when im blaring music thru my harmon kardon onyx speaker. I found myself yelling at last years echo dot and approaching the device wielding a kitchen knife attempting to get her to listen. We will be ordering a second device so we can try out its "multi-room voice recognition" technology. Online store claims to have instilled a awesome feature where only one echo dot responds to your command if you have multiple devices. So bassically the dot closest to you awaits to the awake word "alexa" on a side note the basic online store music unlimited will only work on one of your devices. Not one at a time, but one. If you want to use it on more than one dot or echo, you have to purchase a "multi-device" plan: . The main selling point of this device is you can use any of your exsisting bluetooth speakers to play your online store playlist at a mild roar, or you can use the 3. 5mm jack on the back to connect to your home theater and really give your ear drums a beating. (at your own risk of course). I have both the online store tap and the echo. Unfortunately these devices have their flaws when it comes to audio reproduction. Hence the bluetooth and the 3. 5mm jack connectivity on this device will allow for the pickiest of listeners to appreciate their music thru exsisting devices. I will mention that the echo dot does have a very strong bluetooth signal so devices placed within a foot of this device had issues connecting. Once those bluetooth speakers were moved a few feet away they worked perfectly. The echo dot does have a built in speaker but it does sound tinny. It definitely works for light bedroom or kitchen use. At 50$ i was not expecting a whole lot. However online store seriously went above and beyond to offer this incredible device at half the cost of last years model. And as stated above, it actually works better! i can also confirm that its connectivity with our in home smart devices. Works well with our tp link smart plug so if i come home to a dark house, all i have to say is "alexa turn on the lights" and our downstairs lights spring into action. My only negatives were with the actual alexa app as it really gave me fits during setup only on my samsung s2 tablet. Spent a good 5-6 minutes and never got it to setup correctly. However the alexa app on my galaxy s6 phone found and paired the echo with ease. Just a weird quirk. Also alexa still has her quirks. Unless you phrase some questions correctly she still responds with "sorry i didn't get that". Alexa is still a developing search engine so my hopes is that she will continue to grow as even more users jump onto these incredible online store devices. Prime music is our prime application and hence this device meets our expectations. Another thing to mention is the echo dot will not play your itunes or google play music as of now. Those 2 companies are releasing devices of their own so as we all know they will push their own devices rather then make them compatible with a competing companies device. Online store prime music is a great added benefit for those of you that are existing prime users so this device works well in giving you access to all of your "free" music. I did a unboxing and setup and show you how this device works video on youtube. Just look up "new online store echo dot 2nd gen 2016 release unboxing" under my channel lmmproductions to see this incredible device in action. I will continue to update this review as i spend more time with this device.

Echo dot is a hands-free, voice-controlled device with a small built-in speaker it can also connect to your speakers or headphones over bluetooth or through a 3. 5 mm audio cable to deliver stereo sound to the speakers you choose. Dot connects to the alexa voice service to play music, provide information, news, sports scores, weather, and more instantly. Echo dot can hear you from across the room, even while music is playing. When you want to use echo dot, just say the wake word "alexa" and dot responds instantly. If you have more than one echo or echo dot, alexa responds intelligently from the echo device you're closest to with esp (echo spatial perception). Sleek and compact design makes echo dot a convenient addition to any room in the house. With its built-in speaker, you can place dot in the bedroom and use it as a smart alarm clock that can also turn off your lights. Or use dot in the kitchen to easily set timers and shop tens of millions of online store products using just your voice. Echo dot can also directly connect to speakers using a 3. 5 mm stereo cable or using bluetooth to add voice control to your home stereo system in the living room or den. Echo dot provides hands-free voice control for online store music just ask for your favorite artist or song, or request a specific genre or mood. You can also search for music by lyrics, when a song or album was released, or let alexa pick the music for you. Echo dot also provides hands-free voice control to pandora, spotify, iheartradio, and tunein. Voice control your smart home use echo dot to switch on the lamp before getting out of bed, turn up the thermostat while reading in your favorite chair, or dim the lights from the couch to watch a movie all without lifting a finger. Or even raising your voice. Echo dot works with smart home devices such as lights, switches, fans, thermostats, garage doors, sprinklers, and more from philips hue, tp-link, ecobee, wemo, smartthings, insteon, lutron, nest, wink, honeywell, and more. Far-field voice recognition tucked under the light ring is an array of seven microphones that use beam-forming technology and enhanced noise cancellation. With a more powerful processor, the all-new echo dot has improved wake-word performance to hear you ask a question from any direction even in noisy environments or while playing music. When you want to use echo dot, simply say the wake word, "alexa, " and dot lights up and streams audio to the cloud, where the alexa voice service is leveraged to recognize and respond to your request instantly. Always getting smarter alexa the brain behind echo dot is built in the cloud, so it is always getting smarter. The more you use dot, the more it adapts to your speech patterns, vocabulary, and personal preferences. And because echo dot is always connected, updates are delivered automatically. Just in the last few months we've added online store order tracking, repeating alarms, and thousands of new skills from third-party developers. Echo dot has skills skills add even more capabilities like ordering a pizza from domino's, requesting a ride from uber, tracking your fitness with fitbit, ordering flowers from 1-800-flowers, and more. Enabling skills lets your echo dot do even more simply discover skills you want to use in the alexa app. To enable a new skill, just ask alexa. New skills are being added all the time. You can also see ratings and reviews to learn what other customers are saying about the thousands of skills available in the alexa app. Do more with the alexa app with the free alexa app on fire os, android, ios, and desktop browsers, you can easily setup and manage your echo dot. Use the alexa app to connect services you already use like spotify, pandora, and google calendar. Setup your smart home devices from philips hue, tp-link, ecobee, wemo, smartthings, insteon, nest, lutron, and more. See which books are available to read from your kindle and audible libraries. View shopping and to-do lists while on the go. Control your timers and set custom tones for your alarms, and much more. The alexa app is also where you discover third-party skills.

Echo Dot 2nd Generation - BlackAll-New-Amazon-Echo-Dot-Add-Alexa-To-Any-Room

All-new Echo Dot 2nd Generation - Black (53-005166) FAQ.

Having worked in the electronics retail industry for years now, i've seen scores of smart devices come and go. Until now, nobody quite got it right. In the echo dot, online store has created a near perfect blend of hardware and software. I've seen plenty of the former, but truly seamless multi platform software has eluded everyone but online store. We're talking major players like samsung and google who have been at it for much longer than online store. The main problem is that excellent products like the samsung smart things hub, which do a fantastic job of unifying a slew of different connected devices from different companies (nest, honeywell, phillips, and so on), still lacked the web connectivity and entertainment support i wanted, so i'd still end up needing my tablet or phone. Thanks to fantastic third party support, the dot has no problem controlling all of my smart stuff while allowing me to listen to music, order food, check the weather, listen to the radio, set alarms and timers, all of which is easily accomplished through simple voice commands. To me, this is the exceedingly rare product that i didn't know i needed, and now can't live without. Similar to the smartphone and tablet i use every day that didn't exist just a few short years ago. . If you're even a little bit curious you owe it to yourself to give the dot a try. Add a good speaker and enjoy just how simple a connected life can be! . . Update: after a bit more time with the dot, or maybe i should say dots since i went out and bought another one for my living room, i've come up with a few tips. . 1. Use the best speakers you can with it. I found that while bluetooth was convenient i got much better sound out of my jbl duet computer speakers. . 2. Take the time to voice train alexa at least once. It's kinda tedious but really improves the accuracy. I've now gone through three trainings with each dot, the phrasing gets more intricate with each, and it really is amazing how much of an improvement it makes. Kinda hard to quantify, but i'd guess alexa is at least twice as likely to understand long, complex phrases and has also gained noticeable accuracy when ambient noise i'd present. . 3. If a phrase doesn't yield the results you're looking for, reword it and try again. For instance, "alexa, lower the temperature to 75 degrees" got no result, so i tried "alexa, honeywell thermostat, 75 degrees" and she picked it up perfectly. . 4. Take the time to look through all the skills. There's a lot of helpful and just plain fun stuff in there, from strange facts to a calculator and everything in between, that really helps to enhance the experience. . 5. I'd never really used my prime music prior to setting up my dots. Now i can't live without it! i can say basically whatever i want and i get a result. My favs so far: "alexa, play 90s music", "alexa, play indie music", and "alexa, play thunderstorm sounds". The last one i ask to repeat and it plays all night. Really a great "freebie" if you're a prime member. . 6. I was a bit worried initially that alexa might be triggered accidentally by ambient tv or general household noise, so i'm really impressed that it's only happened twice so far. Both times in my living room when i was watching tv at high volume. If it's a concern, the mic can be temporarily disabled, so the dot won't trigger and listen accidentally. . 7. I've had no problem pairing the dot to a variety of devices including: two different bluetooth speakers, my galaxy s7 edge, and pioneer receiver. I need to look into it further, but each time i paired my phone the bluetooth connection to the speaker was lost, so i ended up having to listen to the built in speaker. Definitely not ideal for music, but no big deal if you're using wired speakers. Plus, most bluetooth sets offer an auxiliary input for wired listening. . 8. It's fun to ask alexa general questions to see if she's capable of finding the answers. So far i've gotten accurate responses to "alexa, what's the definition of", "alexa, how far away is", "alexa, wikipedia" (just about anything you can think of and she'll tell you more if you ask "alexa, tell me more"). If you have the time, ask her a set of questions and you'll quickly get used to her nuances. . 9. Even though the microphones are extremely sensitive and quite accurate, i've found that the dot works best when placed on a surface that's close to the level of the person speaking to it. Generally speaking, three to five feet off the ground. Alexa had some trouble hearing my requests when the dot was placed above or behind me. If you'd like to place the dot higher, it works much better when flush with the wall, instead of sitting on a shelf etc. I tried both setups and found with a couple nails set apart to make a cradle facing the dot out towards the room works best for me (sorry for the run on sentence lol). . Suggestions for improvement:. . 1. Unlike the upcoming google home bt speaker, the dot and other alexa devices are unable to answer general web queries. They do a decent job of answering factual questions like "how far away is the sun" but i'd really like too see online store add a "search" function. . 2. Not online store's fault, but several of the news briefing skills update infrequently and volume levels vary enough that i'd find myself constantly changing the volume level to match. . 3. I enabled briefings from several outlets like npr, bbc, ap, and so on. I'd suggest you pick one or two and stick with them, otherwise you'll here the same news over and over. I ended up going with bbc and ap briefings. -Notice from S. Imelda, Australian Capital Territory

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My brother robert who has been bed ridden and paralyzed with multiple sclerosis from his neck down for more than 30 years now has a new friend named alexa! he was in tears with happiness when alexa played 70's music, played jeopardy, answered all his questions and wakes him up every morning. Thank you online store for giving my brother a new bedside companion. Happy holidays. Roy

All-new-echo-dot-2nd-generation---black-(53-005166) set picture

- Y. ArnettThere's already a ton reviews for the online store echo, but i just wanted say how happy we are with this product. . I initially thought that i should get the regular larger speaker online store echo for our living room/kitchen for the first floor of our 2- level condo and because it's a larger room than our bedrooms upstairs; however, when the echo dot went on sale for $40, i thought it was a really good value over the more expensive big brother and too good to pass up. What i found was that the echo dot was perfectly sufficient for the first floor. It's hard to know if the sound will be loud enough or if alexa could hear from all parts of the room just by seeing it at the retail store, but alexa (echo dot) had no problems hearing and responding to our commands. We typically set the volume setting to volume level 7 and music is loud enough for us to hear everywhere. It helps to have it centrally located in the room, and i am no farther than 20 feet away from the device speaking at relatively normal voice volume. . My wife, an initial skeptic, is really surprised by how smart the echo dot is, and my kid loves it as well. The only thing that is con for me is that the online store echo "skills" that can be learned still feels like in the infant stages and many of the "skills" not as polished. Certainly there are several companies that have helped designed some really good skills like capital one, fitbit, and domino's, but there's still not a lot to choose from. I hope that more and more companies will jump on this quickly. . Considering everything, for $40/$50 bucks this is a great value and easy way to get yourself introduced to home automation and voice recognition technology, and overall, i would highly recommend this product. . The product comes in a small package, and everything that comes in the box can be seen in pictures attached.

I would like to give a testimonial about this product my sisters and i purchased the echo dot for my mother for christmas who is handicapped. She stays at home by herself most days and has limited access to what she can do do to being legally blind and having a neurological disorder. Now she is able to do so many things for herself that she was unable to do for many many years. A few days after christmas i walked over to her house in the morning to help her out and i could hear music playing and then i hear her yell out alexa thumbs down that song. I laughed because she was upstairs laying in bed listening to music she said she'd been listening all morning and it made her so happy. This has really been a life-changing gift. Before this she was unable to turn on the tv herself or turn on her music and had a hard time with her tablet turning her audible books on now all she has to do is speak to alexa and it has opened a whole new world for her

H. Patricia, Kansas

Brand :    
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.36 pounds
Model :    RS03QR
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Includes a built-in speaker so it can work on its own as a smart alarm clock in the bedroom, an assistant in the kitchen, or anywhere you might want a voice-controlled computer
  • Controls lights, fans, switches, thermostats, garage doors, sprinklers, locks, and more with compatible connected devices from wemo, philips hue, samsung smartthings, nest, ecobee, and others
  • Hears you from across the room with 7 far-field microphones for hands-free control, even in noisy environments or while playing music
  • Connects to speakers or headphones through bluetooth or 3. 5 mm stereo cable to play music from music, spotify, pandora, iheartradio, and tunein
  • Echo dot (2nd generation) is a hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses alexa to play music, control smart home devices, provide information, read the news, set alarms, read audiobooks from audible, and more
Price :    $40.04 (was $49.99)
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Nest Protect smoke & carbon monoxide alarm, Wired 2nd gen

Nest protect looks for fast-burning fires, smoldering fires, and carbon monoxide. It tells you where the danger is and alerts your phone in case you re not home.

Nest Protect smoke & carbon monoxide alarm, Wired 2nd genNest-Protect-smoke-carbon-monoxide

Price :    $84.99 (was $98.46)
  • Know from anywhere. connect nest protect to wi-fi and it will send an alert to your phone if the alarm goes off or the batteries run low.
  • Heads-up. get a friendly voice alert so you can handle burning toast before it becomes a burning toaster.
  • Split-spectrum sensor. in an emergency, seconds count. nest protect uses two wavelengths of light to look for both fast and slow burning fires.
  • App silence. nest protect is the first alarm you can hush from your phone. simply walk to the nest protect that noticed the problem and open the nest app.
  • Tells you what and where. it speaks up to tell you if there's smoke or co and where the problem is, so you know what to do.
Brand :    nest
Color :    White
Size :    Small
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    S3003LWES
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Improvement :    Best Home Lighting Accessory (Home Improvement product review) for Nest Protect smoke & carbon monoxide alarm, Wired 2nd gen available as-of ( Dec 2018 )

Nest Cam Indoor security camera

I have had the nest thermostat for several years, and recently tested the nest protect as well. I was originally really excited when nest bought dropcam, but after looking into it the subscription prices were just way too expensive to consider. When i got the chance to test a nest cam for a review, i thought, why not! . . I have a mydlink enabled security system by d-link at our business. We have four cameras, three d-link wireless hd day/night network surveillance camera with mydlink-enabled (dcs-2132l) and one d-link wireless hd pan & tilt day/night network surveillance camera with mydlink-enabled (dcs-5222l). We have one of the recorders too - the d-link camera video recorder mydlink-enabled (dnr-202l) to record locally. That system is my only other real experience with a security camera system. . Unlike the d-link system (you can see my reviews of that system on my profile or those product links above) the nest cam was so easy and quick to setup. It took me hours (and several calls to customer service) to setup the d-link security cameras. I was able to setup the nest cam in about one minute - yes one minute - by scanning the qr code on the back with my nest app. That was it. It was setup and i was seeing my living room on my nest app. . The hardware is beautiful. The nest cam has some weight to it, and the metal base feels very sturdy. It feels extremely high end and well made. Unlike the cheap plasticky cameras we have at the office. . Our internet connection at home is really bad. It's dsl and we normally only get about 4-5 mbps down and about 128k up. I didn't think i'd be able to stream video on that 128k upstream connection, but i've been surprised how well the camera has worked. The video isn't very choppy at all, and the picture is very clear. . My only complaint with the nest cam is the subscription service - it's just way too expensive. To record 10 days of video, it's $10/mo for the first camera and $5/mo for additional cameras. To have 30 days of video stored, it's $30 for the first and $15 for each additional camera. So if you buy 4 cameras and opt for the 30-day plan it's going to cost you $75/month in addition to the $800 you're going to spend on the actual hardware. . That's five times as expensive as my alarm monitoring. It's almost as expensive as my satellite tv subscription plan. $900 a year and you only get access to the past 30 days? with cloud storage so inexpensive, they should give you "immediate" access to the past 30 days, and "on request" access to the past year. Store it in online store glacier or something. 30 days just isn't enough to really be useful in the situations i think i might need footage. . At the end of the day, nest cam is a great camera, with simple easy to use software and a very expensive subscription plan. If the subscription cost doesn't make you flinch, then this is definitely the camera for you.

Nest cam helps you look after your home 24/7. Get alerts if something happens. And watch the action live in super clear 1080p hd.

Nest Cam Indoor security cameraNest-Cam-Indoor-security-camera

Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera (NC1102ES) FAQ.

Easy setup, means that you really do not need technical knowledge to set it up. I only had to consider purchasing an additional 6 feet usb 3. 0 cable male to female as an extension (6-7-8$), because the 10 feet usb cable provided in the box for electricity was about 4 feet short to reach my outlet. And i am using it with windows 10. For setup, i only had to download the app for windows to set it up. But the windows app only works with windows laptop, because edge has adobe flash preinstalled. But nest does not offer (yet) app for windows 10 phones. At least not yet. I hope they are working on it! so, on the phone in order to see the camera i could have go to the online (browser) to view the nest camera, but windows 10 mobile does not have adobe flash installed because adobe does not support it. So, on the phone i am using the dropcam pro app, which is quite good, but it does not provide microphone for me to speak into the place of the camera, when i am looking at the camera view while away. And also, it alerts me about 15 minutes after the event, which is quite late. On the other hand the nest alert from the camera via the clouds arrives very quick, in about 30 seconds, or maybe 1 minute in worst case. So, in total i get alerts for the same event twice: from the nest cloud, directly from the nest camera via clouds very quick, and also from the phone app (dropcam pro) about 15 minutes later. I really wish nest would offer an app for windows 10 phones too, which could be synchronized with the cloud system of camera. All in all, i love the camera, and i already purchased a second. And, i almost forgot, the web based nest app for the camera is really great. This is where you see it's value (beyond alerting). You can easily, see live view, and to preview the history; and you can see on the time line where activities took place, and then to make your own video, save it online onto your nest account on the web which will remain there even after your 10/30 days subscription, or download it into your computer. Usually these are not big files, mp4 format and less than 4mbyte, so easy to store it on your computer too. I hope you found my experience helpful. Enjoy it! -Notice from U. Colleen, Reading

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After hemming and hawing and trying out a few other cheaper cameras (foscam types which never play well with verizon fios) i finally took the plunge and invested in nest cam. I wanted to be able to check on my kids while with the babysitter and keep an eye on the house when i'm out or on vacation. It took me less than 5 minutes to set up each camera after downloading the app onto my iphone. And they've been up and running and playing nice with all the other devices i have on our verizon fios wifi. We have the new fios quantum gateway modem which has two networks (one slower and covers more space, the other faster but shorter wifi coverage). I also have an extender installed in the furthest part of the house to maximize coverage and that extender picks up both networks. So basically i have 4 networks along with two kindles, two iphones, two ipads, a roku, two laptops on wifi and two fire online store sticks. And the nest cams work great. I have one in a bedroom across the house from the fios gateway router and i have it configured to pickup the modem's slow/broad wifi signal which is does beautifully. I also got the wifi nest protect and that is working perfectly. Quality is very clear both night and day and i love the voice feature. Couldn't be happier.

Nest-cam-indoor-security-camera-(nc1102es) set picture

- T. BertieWe are using this to watch my mom who is in a nursing home. It's wonderful to see and talk with her! the facility placed a sign on her door that states "this room is being monitored by surveillance camera, " which we feel lets everyone know that we expect the highest standards possible in her care. This makes the staff aware, as well as mom. Her room is private, thus we have had no issues; however, if she shared a room the other occupant would have to sign a waiver, so keep that in mind. Up to 10 people can have access to viewing. I can't imagine not having it and highly recommend it.

I highly recommend this camera for several reasons. It has adjustable pixel count to accommodate internet connection via satellite up to the high speeds connection some people have access to. It has off site recording available at different rates or the choice to not use off site. It has magnetic base or hard wired base making it easier to find a spot to install. It still can be removed from the hard wired base and moved. It covers a large area allowing you to use one camera where some brands would require 2 or more. It is easy to install with out professional help. The picture is very clear and you can enlarge hard to see spots. The indicator light can be turned off to not call attention to it's location. It is completely compatible with so many brands of smart phones not just apple products. The voice availability makes it perfect to talk to pets or kids with the push of a button. Although i am not using the automatic away feature, it is nice to know it is available. I am sure when i submit this i will think of several other reasons that i forgot to mention.

H. Yvette, Leicestershire

Brand :    nest
Color :    black
Size :    Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 3.8 x 6.6 inches ; 1.8 pounds
Weight :    0.45 pounds
Model :    NC1102ES
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Night vision done right: see the whole room at night - not just a limited spotlight view.
  • Alerts and snapshots: when nest cam detects activity, it can send a phone alert or email with a photo of the event.
  • 24/7 live video: 130 wide-angle view and all-glass lens let you look after home in 1080p hd, day and night.
  • Quick, easy setup: plug in nest cam and download the nest app to get started. no hub needed.
  • Talk & listen: nest cam has a built-in speaker and microphone, and lets you talk and listen through the app. speak up to get someone's attention, or tell the dog to get off the couch.
Price :    $83.50 (was $169.00)
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (Photography product review) for Nest Cam Indoor security camera available as-of ( Dec 2018 )

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera 2 pack

The camera is as simple to hook up as advertised. . The issue many of us will run into is getting power to the outdoor unit. I didn't want long lengths of cable running around the house, or unsightly locked outdoor covers for the wall outlet. This solution does depend on proximity to your outdoor light fixtures, but every entrance, including the garage, will have one. . I already have a wink hub, so i added another wireless led bulb, and a lamp champ usb light socket charger. Requirements:. Wink hub, or other automation system that can control lighting. Led wirelessly controlled bulb. Lamp champ usb light socket. Optional for electrically experienced, a shunt bypassing the switch, leaving power to the fixture on permanently. . Link and program bulb with wink system. Remove old bulb, and install lamp champ. Install nest cam. Plug into lamp champ. . Perfect! i have yet to wind the cord up, and paint the exposed portion near the lamp, but things are functioning perfectly. The wink controls the outdoor light. Yes, the bulb and lamp champ add to the overall cost, but i was not a fan of drilling through stone walls, long outdoor cable runs, etc. And it is far cheaper than hiring a contractor to install. Plus, when we move, unscrew the fixture, remove a couple of cable clips and camera, and remove the shunt. I did label the outside of the switch and the shunt itself. I'll never remember in a few years. ; -). .  lampchamp (2-pack) - usb light socket charger & lamp adapter for cell phones / tablets / ereaders / security cameras / anything usb. . Ge link smart led light bulb, a19 soft white (2700k), 60-watt equivalent, 1-pack, zigbee, works with online store alexa

Meet nest cam outdoor. It stands watch 24/7, rain or shine. Plugs into power so you never have to worry about dead batteries. And sends an alert to your phone when it detects activity. It even lets you talk back through the nest app. This is what an outdoor security camera should be.

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera 2 packNest-Outdoor-Security-Camera-pack

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera 2 Pack (NC2400ES) FAQ.

Very nice images, so far can handle 35 degrees at night, can handle a pouring rainy day with getting mist on it, only thing is wish they would lower their rates but very nice camera -Notice from E. Broyles, Massachusetts

Click to Show nest cam outdoor security camera 2 pack (nc2400es) Details

I decided it would be nice to have some security cameras so i first began with the arlo system, which was initially very impressive, but became a battery eating monster with finicky wifi manners. . So having poured $400 down the toilet, i was a bit gun shy about trying again with another system. I've had good luck with nest in the past, so i thought i'd give it a shot. . I wouldn't call myself 'handy' but installation was a breeze. You just have to figure out how you are going to plug this guy in. This either means using an exterior plug or drilling a hole through your house to plug it in inside. . To make this really annoying the cable is welded into the camera unit, and there is a non-removable plug on the end measuring 19mm. So this means you are likely going to have to use a pretty large drill bit to make a hole that you can thread this plug though. Why the heck they couldn't have used a mini usb or some other kind of connector is quite beyond me. . Other than this stupid design feature, other set up was a breeze, and i had the camera installed successfully pretty quickly. . Once installed, i've found the image quality very high, and the intelligence used by the system to be pretty spectacular. It reliably tells the difference between movement and an actual person, the software works well both on a computer (with extra functionality) and the app, which is shared with the app used for other nest products. . If you want it to remember recent footage, you do have to subscribe, and that's going to cost you $100 a year, or $50 for additional cameras. Kind of annoying after investing $199 per camera. You'd think they'd offer 6 months or so free for new subscribers just to ease us in, rather than hitting us up for more money right after buying an already expensive product. . Speaking of hitting us up for money, there is some inexcusable nagware built into the app that constantly reminds us to subscribe and warns us of the perils of not subscribing. This happens both in the app, and even in the emails generated when movement is detected. This is annoying and unnecessary in and of itself, but is especially annoying that the same request is made over and over even after paying for a subscription! . . You'd think nest would have the decency to remove the stupid ads after i paid! . . In addition to the image quality and intelligence of the alerting, there is also a live microphone and the ability to speak to an intruder. . Some people have commented that this would be 'easy' to defeat. I guess it would. Take a bat to it, spray paint the lens, or pull it off the magnetic mount and it would be done. And if the bad guy put some thought in, he could probably do this without being caught 'on tape. '. . Then again, this is kind of true of any system really. Just ask kim kardashian, who can clearly afford a lot of security. . When it comes to security, i think that no system is perfect. But i got this more for just knowing what is going on at the house. Was a package delivered? did i leave the garage door open? did someone just come to the door? is someone snooping around back? that kind of thing. . A well motivated criminal is going to scope out the house, disable this system and break in anyway. . But the real question is this. If you are just a regular person in a regular home, is a regular criminal really going to take that much time to try and defeat this system when your neighbor probably doesn't have any security at all? . . Criminals are generally lazy and would rather take advantage of a situation, so in all likelihood, they will just target another property, rather than plot how to disable this system on your home. . For most basic security needs, and the convenience of being able to check on your home in real time, this is a great system with a lot of upside. . I'd like to see version 2. 0 have a better connector so i don't have to put a 1" hole in my wall to thread the cable through. And i'd like the app to be updated to stop hassling me about subscribing, even after i have already subscribed. This is outrageous and annoying. But with those two reservations aside, i think this is a great product, and i have already ordered two more. Now we just have to see if it survives a brutal minnesota winter!

Nest-cam-outdoor-security-camera-2-pack-(nc2400es) set picture

- N. MeyerSuper easy to configure and setup. Two things prevent me from giving it 5 stars: i needed to add a $29 wireless repeater to my garage to extend the signal to outdoors. I expect that more people have this problem then they do with the indoor version, so i would add an extra step in the setup: once you have it working indoors, take it outside and simply hold it where you want to install it and make sure it can still connect before you attach the bracket, drill holes, etc. The second minor problem is that the usb cable "locks" to the transformer with a cylindrical device that twists into the transformer. This is great because it prevents the cable from accidentally getting unplugged, however it adds bulk to the cable and causes you to drill a bigger hole to get the cable through from outside to inside.

Had mixed feelings about how this installed outside, with two different cords, usb followed by standard electrical plug in, with a cable just tacked to the wall. But i came up with a cleaner install using legend cordemate ii wire channel, and drilling a hole at the eves of attached garage, to run the power cord through and plug it in inside the garage. Painted the wire channel to match trim and have a much cleaner more professional looking install. Camera works great, and the viewing and alert app is top-notch.

T. Debra, Wisconsin

Brand :    nest
Color :    White
Weight :    0.69 pounds
Model :    NC2400ES
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (nest product review) for Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera 2 pack available as-of ( Dec 2018 )
Price :    $343.88 (was $343.90)
  • Talk and listenspeak up to get someone's attention, or tell the mailman to leave the package at the door
  • 24/7 live video130º wide-angle view lets you look after your home in 1080p hd, day and night
  • Weatherproofcamera, cable and adapter are all weatherproof
  • Night visionwith 8 infrared leds, night vision evenly illuminates the scene
  • Alerts on your phoneget an alert when nest cam detects activity

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

Security cam outdoor wht

Nest Cam Outdoor Security CameraNest-Cam-Outdoor-Security-Camera

Price :    $167.00 (was $167.30)
  • Simple diy installation: just plug it into an outdoor outlet, mount the camera and go. you can even stick it to a magnetic surface - no drilling necessary.
  • Talk & listen: nest cam has a built-in speaker and microphone, and lets you talk and listen through the app. so you can tell someone you're paying attention or ask the mailman to leave the package at the door.
  • Alerts and snapshots: when nest cam outdoor detects activity, it can send a phone alert or email with a photo of the event.
  • 24/7 live video: 130 wide-angle view and all-glass lens let you look after home in crisp 1080p hd, day and night.
  • Rain or shine: weatherproof camera, cable and adapter, so you can leave it out in the rain.
Brand :    nest
Color :    White
Size :    regular
Weight :    0.69 pounds
Model :    NC2100ES
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Photography :    Best Surveilance Systems (nest product review) for Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera available as-of ( Dec 2018 )

Nest Thermostat Wall Plate - Classic White

Do you have a nest thermostat but worry that it doesn't match the decor of your home? or maybe you want to find a way to highlight the beautiful design of the thermostat. Smart finish is here to help! these one of a kind nest thermostat mounts offer an opportunity to showcase your smart home technology while allowing it to fluidly blend into the style of your home. Smart finish mounting brackets are custom made to order from sustainably harvested european beechwood. They are primed and painted using multiple coats to ensure a nice bright finish that's sure to last a lifetime without fading or dulling in color!

Nest Thermostat Wall Plate - Classic WhiteNest-Thermostat-Wall-Plate-Classic

Price :    $15.00 (was $45.00)
  • Primed and painted white to ensure maximum durability and long lasting shine
  • Circular, 7. 27in in diameter
  • Mount perfectly aligns with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation nest learning thermostat
  • Made from european beech wood
  • Sanded smooth to the touch
Brand :    smart finish
Color :    White
Size :    7.27 x 7.27 x 0.829 in
Weight :    0.55 pounds
Model :    SFC-3PW
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Improvement :    Best Home Lighting Accessory (smart finish product review) for Nest Thermostat Wall Plate - Classic White available as-of ( Dec 2018 )

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

I have had my ring doorbell pro for just under 2 weeks. Last week we were on vacation so i figured it was the perfect time to buy and test it out within the 30 day trial period. I ll split this review into 3 bits. First impressions, install, and operational use. . 1) first impressions. We have a security system installed but didn t go with their camera system because it was cctv and i wanted something with an internet connection or way to access it from my phone. While making small talk with the security system guy, i mentioned the ring to him. He was super excited to get out his phone and show me that he has one. He said he couldn t buy any camera with nearly that quality at that price even with his discounts. He spoke so highly of it i was sure that s what i wanted to get. We want to do a whole system with cameras on the back of the house, but we purchased the ring pro to see how we liked it before we commit to buying everything. . I went with the ring pro over the original ring because i was going to be wiring it in place anyway. I also like the slender profile and the possibility to use wireless 5. 0 in the future if i desire. Plus i live on a very busy road and wanted the advanced motion detection zones on the pro. Since i did my research, i was aware that the ring pro has a 160 degree field of view compared to the 180 degree view of the original. For this reason, i purchased fiberglass shims to angle it more towards my large 6 foot doors when i installed it. . I talked with ring customer service and asked if there was any advantage to ordering through them versus online store and they said there were none, so i went with online store for my prime shipping and additional protections of ordering through online store. . 2) install. I was a bit intimidated with the install as i ve never wired anything up before and our house is new construction. But the youtube video and pamphlets made it pretty clear to follow. They also emphasize that you can call them at any point for assistance. I had also been told by the security system guy that install was super easy and i could do it myself (he s also the one who gave me the tip about the fiberglass shims). He also gave me an extra tidbit for those of us with stone or brick exteriors: drill into the grout lines they drill easy; stone does not. . I started with the extra power pack that gets installed inside and connected to your door chime. It was the more complex part of the installation and involved a very tall ladder but it went well. I was impressed that the ring doorbell came with everything you need to install it including the drill bit and a screw driver. It even has extra bits you might need (like extensions wires and extra screws). I also really appreciated how everything was in separate baggies for which part of the install you were doing and was very well labeled (extras were labeled as extras, pro kit wires in one bag, doorbell wires and screws in another). I was unable to fit the power kit inside my chime housing but it doesn t look bad attached to the wall just outside the chime housing (see picture). It s just a bit larger than a matchbox. . Installing the actual ring was even easier. I was able to drill into grout lines between stones so i had that going for me. The hook up was super easy, two wires from the house connect to the two connectors on the ring doesn t even matter which is which. Nice and easy. I will have to work out something to cover the shimmed side, but i ll work something out. . Set up was easy and step-by-step. I was concerned when it was downloading the new firmware and updates and then rebooted because the light was off for (what felt like) a long time (maybe 5 minutes). But it all went flawlessly. . 3) operational use. I like being able to set up polygons for the motion detection zones. I was able to easily mark my drive way, flowerbeds and porch. I ve never had a problem with the busy traffic from the road (something the security guy mentioned was a problem with his original ring). There are two problems they need to work out: you will get a motion detect when the night vision clicks on in the evening and when it clicks off in the morning. Expect that. . Also, this is not a miracle product. It will only work as well as your internet connection. That means a little lag if you re on a cable connection at peak times. There are a few times i ve had the video come up in laggy and weirdly pixilated forms that took a second to work out. I ve also noticed our voice connection is very quiet. As in, the person at the door can barely hear the person on the phone, so i consider that feature a bit useless. We managed to scare our cat sitter from the other side of the country and greet my mom, but i wouldn t rely on it for communicating with people often. We managed to talk to our lawn service but we had to yell into the phone and they had to ask us to repeat ourselves a few times. Also we live on such a busy road that there is a lot of noise which makes the video sound very choppy. So again, i just consider this feature a novelty and not something to rely on. . I mentioned a cat sitter. It was kind of awesome to be able to see that she came by every day. In fact, the first day she didn t come by until 11:00pm and i worriedly texted her to see if she was going to come. Every other day i took solace in knowing that she had already stopped by without having to text her or fear her shed forget. I was able to see when the lawn service came by and did their thing. I was able to see when packages were delivered and when my mom brought the nephews up to use the pool. I also got to scare the crap out of our friend as they were leaving our empty house and i wished them goodnight. That was worth some money right there. I even caught a few people using my driveway to turn around. . My favorite bit was the unexpected bonus video of my husband going outside to inspect my work. I m keeping that one. . It catches us leaving for work every day and coming home. It catches me when i go to fill the bird feeders. I ve not had it miss any movement that i m aware of. If you have motion sensors on, expect more notifications than you think you will get. As said, you ll get the two from nightfall and sunrise. Plus i get two from me departing for work and my husband departing plus 2 more for each of us coming home. Add on more for checking the mail and anything you may do in the yard. This is where not being limited on storage size is handy. The cloud storage is $30 per year and it keeps videos for 6 months. It doesn t say anything about size so having these extra videos doesn t bother me. I find the video quality to be great and i can easily identify who is at the door night and day. . I also like that it came with a decal showing that the house is monitored. I placed this prominently in my front window along with our security monitoring service decal. Avoiding bad guys is worth more than catching them. . I feel like this was a great purchase. The price is excellent. I love being able to access it anytime from my phone. I love knowing what is going on at my house even when i m on vacation. I love the security aspect both in surveillance and as a deterrent. It looks sharp (see photo). It s also a lot of fun. I ve shown it off to many friends and coworkers, at least one of which decided to get one themselves. . 4) summary. Cons: only as good as your internet connection. Sunrise and sunset motion detects. Sound quality is useless in my experience. Pros: access from anywhere, anytime. Surveillance and deterrent. Motion zones let you cut out areas you don t care to monitor (neighbors yard, roads, ect). Great price. . As a camera only, i would give this 5+ stars, easy. I deducted 1 star because they heavily play up the speaker aspect and that seems worthless in my experience with it. I m insanely happy with the purchase over all. In the future i will probably buy a chime and a stick-up cam to go along with it.

Versatile smartphone compatibility: works with select ios and android devices, wi-fi connectivity-2. 4 ghazi or 5 ghazi wi-fi: makes it easy to link with your home wireless network download the ring app to view footage and receive alerts on your mobile device: you can keep an eye on your home and speak with visitors, all from a remote location record wide-angle high-definition video: maintain a clear view of your home's entrance for optimal security, optional cloud recording lets you view footage at a later time automatically record footage and receive alerts when motion is detected: motion sensors let you know when someone is at your door night vision: infrared led's allow you to record footage, even in dim lighting, see and speak with visitors: 2-way audio with noise cancellation with crystal clear 1, 080p hd video.

Ring Video Doorbell ProRing-88LP000CH000-Video-Doorbell-Pro

Ring Video Doorbell Pro (88LP000CH000) FAQ.

Update:. I wrote a very damning review when i first got this ring doorbell pro. It had so many problems that i gave up and emailed support. Whoever answered me said "you can send it back for a full refund". I wanted help but didn't get it. I sent it back. Ring then contacted me and said they wanted to get this right with me so we worked together to get it working. It was a matter of a very poor wifi signal getting to my front door. They offered me several options but nothing got better. They said i needed to upgrade my wireless signal. I have centurylink dsl and an old modem. I upgraded to a new centurylink modem and a faster speed (40mbs). That didn't do much good. Centurylink's internal router isn't nearly strong enough for a 2, 000 sqft house. I got a netgear nighthawk and that did the trick throughout the house. Now that i have a decent signal, my ring doorbell pro works fantastic. I have no complaints. It does exactly what i wanted it to do. . First review:. I so wanted this to work. Everything it said it did matched exactly with my needs. I was very willing to spend the $3. 00 per month for the cloud storage. When i got the package i was impressed by the packaging, device itself and the tools they supply. I had read a lot of the bad reviews because i always do that. However, i usually disregard them if there are a lot of good reviews. I understand that a lot of people have trouble installing products such as this. . I have installed a lot of wireless devices, security cameras, etc. So i figured a lot of the poor reviews didn't pertain to me. . I took everything out of the box and did an inventory. All was present. I installed the little power box inside my existing doorbell housing. So far so good. I took off my existing doorbell and wired my ring doorbell pro to the existing wires. When i tried to get it to link up with my wireless router i had problems. It seemed logical at the time but i couldn't get a good connection. I have an external wireless extender that i moved to an outlet on the wall very near my front door. Still no luck. I called customer service and they were very courteous and walked me through a reset. I didn't read that there was a reset button but after he had me press it, it went through the setup process again. It worked this time. . I got it connected and we went out to dinner. I hadn't done much with it yet so i was thrilled that a neighbor happened to stop by. She showed up on the screen and i talked to her. Startled her because she suspected we weren't home. However, as i talked to her i noticed that she had her head leaned right up against the ring doorbell. She couldn't hear me unless she did that. I had noticed that when i first set it up it didn't seem very loud. I thought that there might be a volume setting but didn't find one. Luckily we live on a very quiet street. For this first test i was fairly pleased. . The next day i did some tests with my wife to determine how it worked. I didn't. It appeared to have lost its network connection. I took it apart again, reset it and reconnected it to wireless. Seemed to work. . When i tested the motion settings, i found that if i had it set at the most sensitive, every car set it off. That was ok. I set it at the lowest setting and it never did detect anything even as my wife walked to the door. I set it in the middle setting. I also started noticing that there was a long delay between when she pressed the bell and when something showed up on my iphone. Some of the time the image showed up and sometimes a still image was visible and the audio was garbled. It seemed that if i went back later and looked at the video, sometimes a better version played back compared to what i saw in real time. . Then i found that the motion sensor didn't work very often. Then i lost internet connection again and could not get it restored. . I wrote to ring listing my problems and asked for help. They wrote back and said i could return it for a full refund. I assumed they would work to keep a sale but i guess not. I sent it back. -Notice from S. Wilson, Cambridgeshire

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 i owned both the ring doorbell pro and the original ring doorbell for an extended period of time. Both of them have strengths and weaknesses. They both serve the same purpose but your choice will depend on exactly what you're looking for. There are several notable differences between these doorbells. The doorbell pro has better video quality than the original doorbell. However, this could be somewhat negated by the fact that the field of view isn't as wide as the original doorbell. The motion detection is far superior on the doorbell pro as it allows you to select zones. The original doorbell uses perimeter detection which results in a lot of false alarms. Another difference is that the doorbell pro must be wired and doesn't have a battery built in like the original doorbell. This wasn't an issue for me but could be an issue if you don't have wires available at the install location. Another difference is that there is a about a 3 second delay on your wired doorbell chime when pressing the button on the doorbell pro. The original doorbell doesn't have this issue. . Overall i like both of them and i had a tough time deciding which one to go with. If video quality is more important to you than anything else and you have wires available, then go with the pro. . Ring doorbell pro (advantages):. Super video quality. Sleek and considerably smaller than the original. Superior motion detection system (less false alarms). Enhanced night vision. 802. 11ac wireless compatibility. . Original ring doorbell (advantages):. Built-in rechargeable battery (flexible installation). Super wide field of view. No delay on wired doorbell chime when button is pressed

Ring-video-doorbell-pro-(88lp000ch000) set picture

- B. Benton2/22/17 update - i like these cameras. My one "con" is that the plastic covers need a hole drilled in them to access the "reset" button on teh side. If you change router/modem or password or have to reset the device, without a hole in the side, you need the tiny torx screwdriver they include with the camera to remove the cover to push the reset button. I drilled the hole. . 1/25/17 update:. I bought a second ring pro camera for another location. I tried to buy it on online store but the seller (monzur hasaaa) is a rip off artist who is currently rocking 66 one star reviews out of 67 total reviews so i bought it on ebay for $189 new, no tax, no freight. Online store was $249 + tax at that time. The ring pro arrived 3 days after i ordered it from ebay - as good as prime. These cameras can be a little fussy to set up and you need a solid wifi signal to make them run properly and i had to reset the modem connection about 5 times to get it to work. My fios modem at one location rocks and the first ring pro set up fast. At another i have time warner and simply stated, time warner sucks. I have their "extreme wifi" option (50/5) and with the modem only 30 feet away, it's putting out 9/3. The ring pro data says it needs 3/3 to operate but that's bs - this camera wants 15/5 minimum. I needed a wifi extender and i got the netgear n-300 model from online store for $30. It worked but it's also a little fussy to set up. Anyway, with the wifi extender, the second ring pro worked great. Once again, i went with the "no doorbell button" option on this second ring pro as well and i used a second thomas and betts dh 910 8/16/24v transformer from online store and it worked great. . I really like the wago lever nuts included in the ring pro kit - best resuable wire connectors i've ever seen, far better than standard wire nuts. I do wish you could access the reset button on the ring pro without having the take the cover off. It's a pain removing the tiny torx screw and popping the cover off. I drilled a 3/8 access hole in the cover so i can press it with screwdriver without removing the cover. . Original review:. 12/26/16 update - i just finished the final install for the ring pro doorbell camera and it blows my vimtag b-1 outdoor cameras away. The ring pro is easier to install, a lot smaller, requires doorbell wire, can be mounted without using a doorbell at all with a 24vac transformer, has a 160 degree field of view compare to about 100 degrees for the vimtag, can pan and zoom and has audio communication which the vimtag b-1 also lacks. I pointed my vimtag front b-1 camera at my front door and the ring pro covers everything else. The ring con is price - $199 versus $99 for the b-1 but i found the ring pro from a new seller for $99 but the jury is still out on that acquisition because the second ring pro has not arrived yet and when i checked back today, the $99 price i paid to the new seller had jumped to $249! . But even at the $199 the price, the ring pro is 4 times the camera over the vimtag. The ring app is very intuitive, especially after the vimtag app experience. The final plus for the ring pro is that rather than fooling around with a 32gb card in the vimtag b-1 and hoping you capture and event, for $30 a year, ring will keep the data in their could for 6 months. I looked at the nest doorbell cam but the monitoring for an outdoor camera is $200 a year! nest are crooks. . I just ordered a ring pro from online store and hopefully i'll show up as a "verified user". I already bought one of these from best buy because it was in stock, i had a bb coupon for another $40 off so i paid $159 from bb. I want another ring pro for a different location and i just saw it brand new on online store from a new seller for $99 no tax/freight and i figured i'd give it a whirl because online store is so good if any problems arise. . My use is a "doorbell free" situation - basically a direct wire to a carlon dh910 8/16/24vac transformer that i also bought from online store for $17. Be sure to buy an ac transformer, not dc if you plan to bypass the doorbell function or even if you do use your doorbell and your transformer is underpowered. I hooked the camera up to the 24vac terminals on the carlon transformer. . Setup was straight forward and my only complaint is that the directions and images for the "doorbell free" installation basically stink (see the clip from the ring website - the fuse holder you see is not included and no specifications for a fuse are included). You don't need the included "power pack" or any of its wires for a doorbell free installation. Ring needs to address this confusion and if a fuse is required, include it or at least outline the fuse specs. . Simply stated, all you need for a "doorbell free" installation is doorbell wire (there's a shocker) connected from the 24vac transformer terminals to the back of the ring pro. I did that and setup went fine once i figured out that no part of the power pack or it's wiring was required. . I like the wide angle view, the slim footprint of the camera and the app. I don't like the fact that you can't turn off the light around the doorbell because i want this camera to be unseen. I may cover the doorbell button with electrical tape. . Bottom line is that the video output from the ring pro is far wider than my vimtag b-1 outdoor camera which has a very narrow field of view. I don't have an issue with the $30 a year for the 6 months of video storage, it's a lot better than the crooks at nest who charge $200 for an outdoor camera cloud storage. . I'll update this review as time passes and include any new pro/con observations. Hope that helps!

Ring product review nov 7, 2016. Summary:. After three months of use of the ring products, i highly recommend them as a practical and cheaper solution to home security than the more expensive systems available today. I did have some issue with the products, but ring customer support was more than helpful in successfully resolving my issues. When they could not help, they replaced or provided devices to me as stated in the review below. The only real recommendation i have before purchase is to ensure the user is somewhat technical such as being able to find the wifi router password, knowing where the wifi setting are on their mobile devices, and knowing how to install apps to be used when installing the ring app. I ve found the ring devices to be responsive regardless of my location on the planet. For example, i was on a long australia trip where i had the same fast response to the ring devices as compared to sitting in my home. The cloud service and the overall design of the solution is well done, thus there are typically not delays in any of the capabilities. I highly recommend the ring solution for any home. Products review and used:. Ring pro app (ios version). Ring pro video doorbell wired, not battery. Ring stick up camera. Ring solar panel (to charge camera). Ring chime. Tp-link wa850 wifi extender. Ring. Com customer service. Ring cloud storage. Ring pro app (ios version). The ring app (ios version) is very well designed and easy to use. Most setup options or configurations have been designed well and meet 99% of the user s needs. Ring has really thought of just about every possible configuration item you may need. Recommendation: install the app before attempting to install any ring device. Ring pro video doorbell (wired):. The ringpro video doorbell was easy to install per the instructions, but i do recommend having an electrician on call as the instructions to have the ringpro work with your home doorbell may be difficult for some people. I installed the wired version that used the preexisting doorbell power supply. This is the non-battery version, which i wanted as i didn t want to watch the battery power. The setup of the ringpro to my wireless was very easy and as the review will show, setup of all devices is exactly the same. Recommend: having the wifi router password handy before starting. Ring stick up camera:. The stick up camera installed very easy, much easier than the ring pro as there were no wires to connect or preinstalled doorbells to work with. After fully charging the camera (recommended as a battery device to be 100% charged), the installation as easy and complete in 5 minutes. Setup of the device on my network was very similar to my ringpro and configured easy on my ios app at the same time. I installed two cameras and each time they installed just as easy. Recommend: charge the camera fully before installing. Ring solar panel:. Since the stickup camera s are battery operated, i highly recommend the ring solar panel to be installed in conjunction with the camera, otherwise you will have take the camera down every 3 to 6 months and charge it again. Installation was easy and setup was simply plugging the cord into the camera. The cord is extremely long that connects to the camera, which is good in some cases, but bad if they are mounted next to one another. Recommend: obtain 3rd party (3m products) to secure the wires to your home. These do not come with the product. Ring improvement: provide plastic clips / accessories to connect the wire to the house or a way to shorten the cord that connects to the camera. Ring chime. The ring chime allows you to put the doorbell ringer anyplace in your home. The setup is exactly the same as the ringpro and stick up camera. Once connected, it appears in the app and is fully configurable. Even the sounds can be changed so you no longer use a ding , but dog barking and other sounds. Recommendation : i recommend buying at least one of these to put where you do not hear your manual doorbell, for example back yard, deck, or garage. Installation tp-link wa850 wifi extender:. If during setup or operation you notice a significate delay in video or sound you could need a wireless extender to boost the wifi signal. The tp-link is an approved ring 3rd party product and is an excellent extender in the event your ring video lags due to being a great distance from your central internet isp router/source. The configuration was very easy and takes about 3 minutes. As compared to 5 years ago when extenders where the size of a small computer, these are excellent as they look like a night light when plugged into the electric outlet. The cost is around $20us and will also boost the wireless on other devices in your home. Ring customer service:. I ve used ring customer service several times during installations and troubleshooting some device errors over the 3 months i ve owned the devices. I give them top marks for 1) answering the phone with a live person quickly, 2) providing a call back service so you are not on hold for long, and 3) very well educated and knowledge people that understand the product. I ve called customer support for 1) issues with my preinstalled/preexisting home doorbell, 2) one of my stickup camera s had technical issues/battery issues, and 3) i lost wifi connectivity on my ringpro doorbell. I will address each below, but need to state i m 100% satisfied with the customer support from ring. 1) manual doorbell not working: upon installing the ringpro doorbell, my preexisting doorbell would not ring upon pressing the ringpro button. Roger from tech support helped me greatly, but in the end, i could not use my home doorbell. In response, ring then shipped a ring chime for free since their product more or less disabled my home doorbell. They said, although they have tested hundreds of doorbell models, there are still some they can t support. 2) camera battery issues: upon installing one of my ring stick up camera s, i could not get the setup to function. Ring had me depress the orange button the back for 60 sections (factory reset) and perform the setup again. It worked, thus i was able to install the camera, but i continued to have issues with this device. The battery only lasted two weeks, so i called ring and they shipped me another one that arrived quickly and installed without any errors. So far, it has lasted more than 3 weeks without any issues or loss of battery power. 3) reconnecting ringpro: about 3 months after installing my ringpro doorbell, i could not get the video to come up on my app. For some reason the device needed to be reset, which is only taking off the cover, depressing the button on the left for 20 seconds until it is in setup mode, and then waiting 30 seconds and pressing the button again. As with all technology, it needed to be reconnected to my wifi again. This was quick and easy. Ring cloud storege service:. The ring cloud storage service allows all video alerts, motion, and live views to be stored on the cloud for up to 6 months. This is a crime deterrent as all video is stored off site and can t be deleted without access to the user id and password on the app. The cost is $3 per month per device or $30 per device per year. Ring recommendation: i would like ring to offer a home package for the cloud services up to say 4 video devices instead of charging for each device.

N. Rowe, Blackpool

Brand :    ring
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  • Versatile smartphone compatibility: works with select ios and android devices, wi-fi connectivity-2. 4 ghz or 5 ghz wi-fi: makes it easy to link with your home wireless network
  • Record wide-angle high-definition video: maintain a clear view of your home's entrance for optimal security, optional cloud recording lets you view footage at a later time
  • Download the ring app to view footage and receive alerts on your mobile device: you can keep an eye on your home and speak with visitors, all from a remote location
  • Night vision: infrared led's allow you to record footage, even in dim lighting, see and speak with visitors: 2-way audio with noise cancellation with crystal clear 1, 080p hd video
  • Automatically record footage and receive alerts when motion is detected: motion sensors let you know when someone is at your door
Price :    $97.00 (was $199.99)
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Nest Thermostat Wall Plate - Modern WhiteNest-Thermostat-Wall-Plate-Modern

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  • Mount perfectly aligns with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation nest learning thermostat
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Beautiful Round 6 Wall Plate Cover 2nd 3rd Generation Nest Thermostat Wasserstein Stainless Steel

Beautilful stainless steel nest thermostat cover plate 6" in diameter - round - fits new & old versions of the nest thermostat fits all generation 3 nest thermostats & generation 2 nest thermostats easy installation saves time vs. Painting or wall patching custom stainless steel matches the finish of the 2nd and 3rd generation nest thermostat

Beautiful Round 6 Wall Plate Cover 2nd 3rd Generation Nest Thermostat Wasserstein Stainless SteelBeautiful-Generation-Thermostat-Wasserstein-Stainless

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Home Improvement :    Best Home Lighting Accessory (wasserstein product review) for Beautiful Round 6 Wall Plate Cover 2nd 3rd Generation Nest Thermostat Wasserstein Stainless Steel available as-of ( Dec 2018 )
Price :    $19.99
  • Function - easily cover up the holes of your old thermostat. fits all generations of nest thermostats. easy installation saves time vs. painting or wall patching.
  • Form - beautiful matt stainless steel nest thermostat cover plate 6" in diameter. custom-made stainless steel matches the finish of the 2nd and 3rd generation nest thermostat.
  • Wasserstein savings for nest cam accessories - realize huge savings when you buy our nest thermostat wall plate together with our other nest cam accessories - use discount code 'nestdeal' at the checkout. other nest cam accessories include our colorful silicone skins to protect and camouflage your nest cam outdoor (asin: b01mdlzc4q / b01ma3ryj9 / b01mcthgmi) or our nest cam ac mount in black and white for nest cam indoor (asin: b01g9mnh6q / b01hicixs8).
  • Wasserstein savings for echo accessories - realize huge savings when you buy our nest wall plate together with one of our echo accessories - use discount code 'echotapd' at the checkout. other echo accessories include our echo stands (asin: b01k1o7uh0 / b01k1o7ufm) or echo wall mount (asin: b01k1peug8). our colorful, protective silicone skins for echo (asin: b01lw8dwde / b01lwaptx8 / b01lwbtst0)
  • Wasserstein warranty: wasserstein 3 months warranty: if you are unhappy with your product, we'll get it replaced or issue you a full refund, no questions, no charge, no kidding

nest learning thermostat, 3rd generation, works with alexa Price : 105, was : 219.99 as 2017-04-24
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I love it but i don't love the fact i can't see the current room temperature as a default setting when i approach the device. Nest will show the set-point which is useless. The difference between the 2nd gen and this 3rd gen is the clock. I've set the 3rd gen to show the analog clock as the default display when i approach. I suspect the lack of an ability to show the room temperature as a default is a patent issue with a competitor (the competing company that has a round digital thermostat you can turn like the nest). . The approach function works so much better than the prior generation. And of course the display is larger and the device thinner (but not enough to notice). The nest has a de-humidification tap which is important for me. . Warning - you need to electrically isolate the nest from your air handler or furnace. I used a relay board and powered the nest with its own 24vac. My air handler flatly states you can't mix a smart thermostat with its own 24vac supply. . The device is beautiful, elegant, and has the features i need. It is only would show the room temperature as a default it would be perfect.

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(0) Question: If you have multiple zones and need more then one nest, do they talk to eachother?

(1) Question: Is this the copper colored version?

(2) Question: Is it easy to install or do i need a professional to install?

(3) Question: Can you lock the temperature so others don't change it?

(4) Question: Can i change the temperature when i'm away from home

(5) Question: Does this work woth cental air conditioning

(6) Question: Will the nest alert me if our furnance went out?

(7) Question: How does it detect when you're home? if we're gone and kids are home with a babysitter, will it know someone's home? or is it based on cell location?

(8) Question: My thermostat only has 2 wires will this work?

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I was surprised how easy the installation was since i had no idea how i would go about doing it. The instructions are very clear and i love when companies go above and beyond when writing them. It comes with all the tools needed such as the flathead/philips style screwdriver and the thermostat itself has a built-in leveler on the back panel (this gets covered up later by the front panel/device. I love how smart this thing is in that it has a lot of options and i didn't even realize it was compatible with over 50 other devices. I will be using my online store echo to control it too. Probably what i love most about this device is how easy it is to control the temperature up and down by simply rotating the grey ring around it. It also responds much faster than my old thermostat in actually starting up the heater/air conditioner. It's instant. I also love how it can tell when you leave the house if your smart phone leaves the vicinity. It's also easy to change the temperature remotely, wherever you are. A feature i wasn't expecting was how the screen turns on when you walk past it or just in front of it (mine is in a hallway, so it's mainly when i walk past it). The screen is vivid and instead of being a touchscreen, you control it by moving the outer ring and make selections by pushing the whole device in like a big button. This is interesting! i recommend this to anyone and be sure to check if you are eligible for a rebate from your electric/gas company. I applied for $50 back, so be sure to check that out.

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First off, i love this thing but i want to address a quirk i've read in other reviews. . Some people wrote that they don't have a common (c) wire so the unit needs to turn on the hvac to charge its batteries. See this article: . Which explains that the c wire makes power flow to the unit consistently. I don't have a c wire and i haven't had that issue. There are a lot of possible reasons for that: my house is only 10 years old, i keep it set at 75, it's only 80-90 outside lately, it drops below 75 overnight. . At any rate, just keep this in mind if you don't have a c wire and can't run one. . Now for all of the good stuff, which is everything else. . Installation was super quick and easy (read the instructions for your safety! ). The box has everything you need, including a screwdriver with a reversible bit (so it has both phillips and flathead). The instruction booklet has a bunch of stickers to label your wires. I recommend taking a picture of how it's connected to your old thermostat, too. There's a rectangular plate which can cover up any holes that might be left from your old thermostat. The part which connects to the wires has a built-in level and it uses spring clamps to grab the wires. The main unit snaps right into place. . Setup was also quick. It asks a few questions about your hvac system, figures out what it can do based on the connected wires, then offers to run a self-test to let you see that everything is connected correctly. Mine first ran the heater, then the air, then just the fan. After that, i hooked it up to a nest account i created right then and told it my location. It got the local weather and was ready to go. . Make sure you go through all of the options to make sure it's configured the way you want. The wall unit provides info on everything so you don't have to reference the manual or pop online to figure out cryptic feature names like airwave, sunblock, and cool to dry. . The display is crisp and crystal-clear. Anything you'd like to see at a moment's notice (current temp, set temp, etc. ) is easily visible from more than 20 feet away. . The interface is incredibly intuitive. The only two things you can do are turn the dial and press it. The icons are all standard (settings is a gear, schedule is a calendar, and so on). If you can't tell what the option is just from the icon, rotating to the icon brings up the option name in the center of the display. . Transitioning from the unit to the app is really seamless. They did a great job making a consistent ux across devices. . Check with your utilities for rebates. I bought this on sale for $200 and i'll get half of that back from comed. Even if i had to pay full price, though, i'd still say it's worth it.

Q. Brendon, New York

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Charge your nest beore installing! i have now purchased and installed two nest thermostats, one reconditioned and one brand new. Both of them came with a nearly-empty battery. This led to massive frustration when trying to boot up the system after installation. I spent nearly an hour on chat support when my first nest refused to go on-line; finally the agent figured out it simply needed to charge fully. Since my second one was new, i assumed it would come already charged; no such luck! after initially getting on-line (and taking forever to install a system update), the nest went blank and had to be charged before i could proceed; in the middle of winter in ohio, after i had already disassembled my old thermostat, this was pretty scary! . Fortunately they can be charged fairly quickly, about an hour using a mini-usb (charger for most android phones). Please do this before you take your old thermostat off the wall and install the nest! you'll thank me! . Once you figure out installation, charging, programming, etc. , the nest thermostat is a really cool device. It "learns" your habits and anticipates your needs, so i now wake up to a warm house in the morning (it learned what time i usually turn on the heat, then started heating before that time). It also dials back the heat an hour or so before i go to bed. If nest gets it wrong, or you just change your habits, you can always override it manually, or program it to a new schedule, or even turn the heat (and a/c) on and off remotely. That latter feature is the reason i opted for nest instead of an off-line thermostat. If you forget to turn the heat down after leaving the house, you can do it on your smartphone. Actually you can even tell nest to sense your smartphone and it will turn the heat down for you when you're out of the house. All in all a really great product despite the annoyance of start-up!

D. Theola, Alabama

Typically do not write these reviews, but i'd like to share my experience. I have a technical engineering background, so anything techy that can be improved with some intelligence i like to try out. For the most part i'm convinced if it is not broken, why fix it. However, if it isn't broken, but can be improved then it should be looked at. Going into this i had two working 5 wire carrier thermostats. I had them programmed with home, away, and sleep schedules. The problem with these thermostats was they were static schedules. I also could not differentiate between weekdays and weekends, so schedules that were set for the weekdays were not preferred for when our family is at home on the weekends. The temp swing was almost non existant on these, the target would be at 74 and the units would turn off exactly at 74 and turn back on at 75 for cooling. This constantly ran our units. In the end i debated between nest and the ecobee. I like the added sensors of the ecobee, but i didn't like hearing their system had a very poor backend. I chose to go with the nest and see what happens. . I ordered two nests gen3 units and was going to install one for our upstairs unit and one for our downstairs unit. It took roughly 30 minutes to get both units installed. I did write down my previous settings on my old thermostats for reference for the nest. There is nothing special about how these are installed versus any other thermostat out there. You have wires and you have terminals, there are clamp style terminals like the nest have and there are screw down terminals like my carrier has. My home is fairly new construction so the c wire was already being utilized on my existing thermostats. It is a nice touch the nest has a level bubble installed on the base. Once mounted and the nest plugged in i went through the basic setup of connecting to wifi, identifying the system wires, performing an update and testing the system. All good. . I noticed shortly after that both of the displays glass was starting to pop off on the lower right hand side of the display, right above the sensors. The upstairs nest was actually allowing light to leak out the side of the glass. I push them both back on and they appear to be flush again. A few days later they started to pop off again, so that is when i issued the replacement through online store (online store is amazing for returns by the way). During that time however the farsight and nearsight sensor became unresponsive. I had to wave my hand several times for the screen to come up. I tried resetting the unit several times without success. The units also seemed to disconnect from my wifi, now i've heard of this problem before with other customers and i use enterprise grade wireless access points (no linksys here), so i knew it couldn't be my wireless having an issue. I figured i just got faulty units and was waiting on the new ones. . Once the new ones arrived, i simply pulled out the unit and plugged them in to the existing bases i previously installed. Setup was a breeze. After a few weeks with the new units i've had no wireless disconnects, the farsight and nearsight sensors are spot on and very responsive with very little movement. I guess i just got a bad batch. . A few things to note. I was skeptical of auto-leave at first, since one of our thermostats does not have good line of sight into our living room, but it has been working just as expected if not better. The +/- 1 degree for the temp swing i see it as a good thing and have never seen the thermostat go more than that on the set temp. If its set to 74 it runs and shuts off at 73. Our previously stats would hit the target temp at 74 and stop instantly and was always trying to be at that exact target which constantly ran our units. The airwave feature is nothing new, our previous carrier stats shut the compressor off and ran the fan for a few minutes also. . All in all i'm happy with my purchase and i would recommend the nest to anyone else. There are some display options i wish they would include that have already been mentioned by other customers. The option to have both time and temp displayed at the same time would be a nice option. I'd also like to have the option to have current temp, set temp or both displayed and not just the set temp. Let me choose what i have displayed and what i want to view. What information is pertinent to me, may not be pertinent to others.

U. Linda, City of Kingston upon Hull says

Certainly one of the more attractive looking thermostats on the market. It was easy enough to install and comes with a round template of sorts that attaches to the wall with tabs to push the wires into. Only issue i had, and not because of nest, was i needed 5 wires and not the 4 that were ran from the furnace. The 5th wire is the c (common) wire for power and, without it, when the central air turned on, the furnace blower would start and stop (short cycle) every 30 seconds or so. I replaced the wire with a 5 wire bundle, attached the c wire to the furnace and all is good. . Initially i didn't know that was my problem, that i needed an extra wire as i'm not an hvac person. But i called support, they picked up right away, and they knew what they were doing and walked me through the process of checking the technical settings on the thermostat. He let me know what the issue was and how to fix. I'd give their support 5+ stars. . It has loads of features to control the settings and the app is pretty nice. It shows the current temp, the set temp, and a history of when the furnace/air was running during the day. Turn on/off remotely or change any of the settings through the app. I also have the thermostat set to show the outside temp and the small forecast for the day underneath when you walk past it. Really cool. . Only issue for some might be that it doesn't have any remote sensors for temperature. It only reads the temperature where it is installed. I have a nest protect that will turn off the furnace if it detects co but for whatever reason the nest protect doesn't have ability to work as a remote temperature sensor.

R. Josephine, South Tyneside

The nest thermostat integrated into my google home fairly easily. I use the dial to set the temperature and say "ok google set temperature to " interchangeably. This also integrates with online store alexa fairly easily although i do not have the alexa appliance. I also enjoy the app as i can set the thermostat to heat up or cool down before i get back to the house. . My only complaint is the price at 289, they need to reduce the price of home automation across the board to make it more accessible.

T. Stacey, Reading says

This is a fantastic product. I was very skeptical if this would do anything than be more than a fancy pretty scheduler in my new florida home. My energy savings in the first month is about 25% over using the std programmable thermostat by utilizing auto away and managing things more acutely. The nest learns what you want and once it learns your patterns, you are all set and will certainly save. This device will pay for itself in less than 60 days for me. After that it is all money back to my family for other things a large growing family needs.

V. Shirley, Hampshire

I bought a new house recently and the thermostat was very basic with no scheduling ability. I bought this both because i want to save energy and i'm a geek. While i am a geek and a good with computers i am not knowledgeable about electronics or wiring so i was a little intimidated by the idea of wiring this myself. But, between the very clear printed instructions(whatever happened to those? ) and the walk through steps on the device i was up and running in 30 minutes. . It's early fall so i'm not using it as regularly or normally as i will during the winter so i'm not expecting it to train properly just yet. But i do like that it has the ability of setting or changing the scheduling if need be. So far it's been great at setting itself into "away" mode and turning back on when we're home. The geek in me loves being able to adjust the heat from the app while i'm at work. . But the very best part is that my wife, who still has a hard time with my tv setup, has had absolutely no problem adjusting the heat when she's home during the day. Being geezers over 50, we both appreciate the big, bright display. . I hate shelling out money for things like this, but this is well worth the price. Nest really does live up to it's reputation for quality and ease of use. . *. Update. . After about 2 months of use now i couldn't be more impressed. The learning ability is quite impressive. I initially scheduled it for my odd work schedule manually. One thing i usually do is turn the heat down a few degrees before i leave; within a week the thermostat had learned this and added it to my schedule. It's proven to be very accurate in terms of what we need the temperature to be in our house. . There are also unexpected benefits that i hadn't even thought about. . 1. The power where i live goes out frequently. I can try checking my thermostat with the app to see if it responds. If it doesn't i am fairly assured that the power is out. This happened this week during a big storm and i was able to stop off and pick up dinner rather than get home and not be able to cook. . 2. I love being able to turn the heat back up when i'm within a few miles of home so i don't have to come home to a cold house. . 3. The nest is in our hallway and is bright enough that it acts like a nightlight when we walk by it in the dark. My wife loves that unexpected feature.

G. Mahood, Maryland says

I have had the new thermostat for about a month now and am very, very, very pleased with it. The instructions were incredibly clear, especially with the youtube video and i was able to change it out myself, which is a big deal since i am not in any way an electrician. The only negative comment that i have is that the written instructions that came with it contained wiring labels that did not match my original thermostat and because i have little experience with these things, i wasn't sure if the labels were interchangeable. However, the youtube video put out by nest did match my wiring and the confusion was quickly cleared up. The mechanism itself is extremely easy to learn how to work with, it learns very easily and being connected by internet to our phones makes the efficiency quite good. When it can't contact our phones, it turns the heat down. When we come home and our phones are contacted, it turns the heat up. I love the ease of use and how well it works.

X. Rowe, Warwickshire

I love my nest. It was easy to install and has worked really well for me so far. There is room for improvement like being able to see beyond 1 week's history in the usage section. My biggest complaint has been the reliability of the nest web service. I don't need to change my thermostat temp very often now that it has learned my methods but when i do, it seems that half of the time it can't connect due to nest's web services being down. They fix them within an hour or so but offer little/no explanation and then it just happens again in a few days. I hope they get their web connectivity issues under control because i really do love the thermostat.

A. Hayward, Cheshire says

I have installed these now in several homes (mine, my in-laws, etc. ). . They are a fantastic example of how "internet of things" is going to change our lives. . Computers are much better at coming up with a heating/cooling schedule than we are, and they never forget to re-program themselves when life patterns change. . If the us government wanted to *actually* make a huge dent in energy usage in this country they should do a deal with google to give every household in the usa a free nest thermostat. . Now, while i am still giving the nest five stars because it is overall awesome, i will share three negatives:. . 1. The upstairs of my house is *much* hotter in the summer than the downstairs where the thermostat is. The nest desperately needs remote sensors you can add like competitors have. 2. After i installed my in-laws unit they swear it reads "higher" temps than the room actually is. After much testing and discussion with nest, i think the reason is a vent that runs through the wall behind the thermostat. Previous thermostats in the exact same location did not have the issue. I think the problem is that the nest is much more tightly coupled to the wall than the old ones and the thermostat element may actually be in the base ring if i remember correctly. They are trying to keep it away from the heat producing components in the nest like the cpu and the display so they bury it farther back. I wish there was a way to adjust the displayed temp by a degree or two to compensate for this perhaps. 3. They need to come up with ways to better control new more modern multi-stage systems and variable speed fans/compressors. One advantage the manufacturer thermostats have is that they often communicate using serial and they can very precisely set fan speeds, etc. This world is evolving and i feel like since their google acquisition they have not innovated as fast as before. . -eric

P. Suzanne, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

While the nest in expensive, i think it is definitely worth the cost. . It has a very sleek appearance (looks modern, minimalist, high-end). Installation was extremely easy. The app asks you to tell it what wires you have from your current thermostat, and then it tells you exactly where you attach them on the nest. There is no guessing at all. . The auto-program feature is great. You tell the nest what temperatures are the minimum and maximum you want, and it begins learning from there. I have found that the nest has done a great job adjusting the temperature to fit our desires. . The auto-away feature is great. With our old thermostat, i had to set a temperature and time when i wanted the thermostat to change. If our schedules were different that day, we would have to go and manually change the thermostat. With the nest, it automatically senses when no one is home, and goes into an energy saving mode based on the min/max temp you set. . I like being able to change and/or monitor the temperature from my phone as well. While it isn't the most used app on my phone, it is nice to be able to adjust temperatures if i need. . I have other smart devices and this is connected to them. It will turn on when i walk in the house at the end of the day. I can also program it to begin warming or cooling the house before i get home. I have it connected to an online store echo, and also with an august smart lock and nest protect co2/smoke detectors. . When i leave the house, the august smart lock communicates and sets the nest to "away" mode. When i return home and unlock the door, the nest then turns back on (that is the way mine is set up). I have seen a decrease in the utility bills as well. Only had the nest for a couple months, so hard to say if that is driven solely by the nest or by the weather itself. Either way, i will be interested to see how it pans out over the course of a year. I would guess that it will have paid for itself in the next 1-3 years in energy savings. . Great product - expensive, but definitely worth it.

K. Sherry, Nordrhein-Westfalen says

We have a house with three hvac systems: not our choice, but that's the way it works out with a small house added to twice over 70 years. So i purchased three nest thermostats. The cost was partly covered by by my local utilities (comed; $100 per; limit of two and nicor gas $50 each). . Packaging is beautiful, instructions are clear. Each nest comes with a very nifty screwdriver, which is the only tool you'll need. Working and reading carefully, the first one took me about fifteen minutes to install. The second and third took less than five minutes apiece. Basic process: you use the labeling / terminal markings on your old thermostat to identify the purpose of each wire (in my case, four). Then you plug them into the labeled, spring mounted connection points on the nest mount. Click on the display, and you're good to go. . The real joy is the simplicity of operation. You just turn the dial to get more or less heating/cooling. After a couple of weeks, you never touch the dial again; the nest has figured out what you like and programmed itself. It notices when you're around, and it saves energy when you're not. The phone app and the web interface are models of clarity. . Fiddling around with three different, tacky, unclear, disconnected old-fashioned thermostats was a tremendous time-waster and caused far too much hassle ("did you turn it down? what about upstairs? "). Now it just happens, and it is such a pleasure.

A. Jennifer, Bromley

Very easy to set up and use. Interface is about as friendly as you can get with only 3 controls (turn left, turn right, press) although i think touchscreen might be even better. Perhaps that would be more power consuming defeating the purpose here though. . Issues that you don't get with a normal thermostat:. 1. I have had it crash on me once, requiring a reboot. 2. It thinks your gone when you aren't. Now, i thought complaints about this were because users did not install the app on their phone (phones which can install the app have gps and can know when you're home or at least in the area! ) but it turns out it still thinks i'm gone if i stay in my office too long, even though the app could easily communicate that i am here to the nest. Of course i can pull out my phone and tell it i'm here, but that takes effort.

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