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Price was $27.99. I live an average of 18 miles from all of the local tv broadcast towers and have set this antenna up on two tvs - one in the basement, the other on the first floor. The antennas reliably pick up all available channels on both tvs, and based on a prior purchase of another brand i do not think there is a better indoor antenna on the market. As other reviewers have said, the key to a successful outcome is experimentation with where to locate the antenna - while it is designed to be pinned to a wall, in my experience it works best away from the wall (for example, leaning against a curtain rod) and as high as possible. Both tvs required several days of moving the antennas to find the 'right' spot. Bottom line: unless you live extremely close to broadcast towers, do not expect this antenna to pick up every channel in the first attempt. You will probably need to spend some time standing on a chair finding the best place for it.

-Z. Anonymous

Leaf 30 Indoor Hdtv Antenna, 40 Mile Range, Original Paper-thin, Reversible, Paintable, 4k-ready, 10 Foot Detachable Cable, Premium Materials Performance, Usa Made, Mohu Leaf 30 Is The Award-winning Digital Antenna That Jump Started The Cord Cutting Revolution. Launched In 2011, Leaf 30 Established The Trend Of Paper-thin Antennas Many Others -Mohu Leaf 30 Indoor Hdtv Antenna, 40 Mile Range, Original Paper-thin, Reversible, Paintable, 4k-ready, 10 Foot Detachable Cable, Premium Materials Performance, Usa Made, Mh-110583

  1. Advantages: The Original Paper-thin Indoor Hdtv Antenna: Derived From Advanced Us Military Antennas Technology And Engineered To Provide Superior Access To More Free Hdtv Channels In 1080 Hd.
  2. Advantages: Multi-directional And Reversible Digital Antenna: Paintable To Match Any Decor “no Pointing” Needed And Comes With Included 10 Ft. High Performance Cable.

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I purchased this on online store after getting a winegard flatwave. The winegard worked but if you split the signal you lose stations/get pixelization during broadcasts. I tried to get another, then saw this on sale for $30. Well, i could not be happier with this unit. It is even better looking than the winegard as we have white walls and this antenna's white side is not mottled with black like the winegard. The leaf is at least as good if not better at reception. I use the leaf in the bedroom and after temporarily taping it up to test in several different spots, finally got all the networks (cbs, nbc, fox, abc, upn, cw) in this area, also all of their satellite channels, plus all the pbs locals (njtv & thirteen wnet) plus nyc tv & the picture is unreal! now i have finally had to face it with this and my online store prime membership which allows a lot of content and movies even if not the newest but keeps getting better i no longer need cable/dish? fios tv! i still have cable but only for the internet and i am saving $50+ bucks a month with only limited pain, because lets face it, i am sure you all suffer from the same thing i have - 200+ channels and nothing to watch and i am paying for this! now i have only 30 or so but if i want something to watch i pop in a disc or go to online store if i feel to potatoey to get up and there you go $50+ to the positive! thanks mohu good product ! Best leaf indoor hdtv antenna mile | Mohu-Antenna Review as-of ( Dec 2018 ) Advantages Mohu Leaf 30 Indoor HDTV Antenna, 40 Mile Range, Original Paper-thin, Reversible, Paintable, 4K-Ready, 10 Foot Detachable Cable, Premium Materials for Performance, USA Made, MH-110583 Free tv for life: 30 mile range hdtv digital antenna to access high definition over-the-air tv channels without a cable or satellite subscription including abc cbs nbc pbs fox univision and more. The original paper-thin indoor hdtv antenna: derived from advanced us military antennas technology and engineered to provide superior access to more free hdtv channels in 1080 hd. Multi-directional and reversible digital antenna: paintable to match any decor "no pointing" needed and comes with included 10 ft. high performance cable. Note: enables access to free channels only - does not enable access to paid channels such as espn/fox news. channel reception varies based on what is broadcast in your area your distance from broadcast towers and any geographical obstructions between you and the towers. Tv antenna designed and manufactured in the usa with a 1-year warranty. .

Mohu leaf 30 indoor hdtv antenna, 40 mile range, original paper-thin, reversible, paintable, 4k-ready, 10 foot detachable cable, premium materials for performance, usa made, mh-110583 Review (mh 110583)

There are so many good reviews here about this antenna, i'll try not to repeat what others have said. I do have a few tips to add, . . When setting up your antenna, do yourself a favor and tie a string through the two holes at the top of the antenna. That way you can hang it on one tack/nail as you're searching for the best location. Have extra tacks or nails handy, as they will jump out of your hand and become lost in the carpet (until you find them the next day with a bare foot). . Buy some very small nails. I've discovered that i need to move the antenna around to get reception for some channels. Therefore i have a fair number of nails in the wall that look a little strange. Small nails are less visually distracting. If i get very ambitious, i might even paint them. . This antenna really works best on an exterior wall facing the majority of transmitting antennas you are trying to reach. So if you're working with an interior wall facing the wrong direction, it probably won't work very well. . To up the number of channels you receive, consider buying a signal amplifier (i bought the rca digital amplifier here on online store. ) they cost about $15. I added 10 additional channels by using one. . Finally, how well these indoor antennas work largely depends on where you live and how close you are to the transmitting antennas. To avoid disappointment, do some research online before purchasing anything. The site that helped me the most was disablemycable. Com . -G. Lisa

Mohu Paper Thin Reversible Performance Mh 110583

  • AspectRatio: Unknown
  • Order: Electronics
  • Brand: Mohu
  • Color: White On One Side / Black On The Other
  • EAN: 0608866759263
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:1.50 inches
    Length:12.50 inches
    Weight:2.00 pounds
    Width:11.70 inches
  • LegalDisclaimer: No Returns
  • Manufacturer: Mohu
  • Model: MH-110583
  • MPN: MH-110583
  • Total: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: MH-110583
  • Sub-Type: Speakers
  • Category: ANTENNA
  • ReleaseDate: 2012-09-26
  • Size: Er3
  • UPC: 854449004088
  • Warranty: 1 Year

leaf 30 indoor hdtv antenna, 40 mile range, original paper-thin, reversible, paintable, 4k-ready, 10 foot detachable cable, premium materials performance, usa made, Speakers, Mohu leaf 30 is the award-winning digital antenna that jump started the cord cutting revolution. launched in 2011, leaf 30 established the trend of paper-thin antennas with many others striving to achieve the same quality and design. leaf 30 was the first and continues to be one of the top-rated and most popular hdtv antennas available on the market. antenna made in usa derived from us military technology the patented leaf 30 was modeled after life-saving technology designed and developed for the us military to discreetly detect ieds, making it the most reliable and sophisticated indoor hdtv antenna on the market today. we are proud of our military connection, and it is evident in our design, quality, and stability. we are also proud to say that our leaf antennas are made in usa. watch 100% free tv in hd leaf 30 lets you enjoy over-the-air networks in your area without paying a monthly fee. that means you can watch 94 of the 100 most-watched tv shows for free from networks like abc, cbs, fox, nbc, pbs, the cw, univision and more. and because over-the-air broadcasts are uncompressed, you will experience the clearest picture quality possible with your hdtv antenna. highest quality, sleek design, easy installation mohu leaf 30 is now tested to reach up to a 40-mile radius and includes a high performance 10 ft. detachable coaxial cable, giving users the flexibility to place the antenna much higher on a wall or close to a window for optimal reception. leaf 30 tv antenna indoor is also paintable and reversible to match decor, and much easier on the eyes than a traditional antenna. setup is as easy as plugging it in, turning on your tv, and scanning for channels. Mohu Paper Thin Reversible Performance Mh 110583 (MH-110583-Mohu).

Mohu Paper Thin Reversible Performance Mh 110583 Speakers

leaf indoor hdtv antenna mile Mohu Leaf 30 Indoor HDTV Antenna, 40 Mile Range, Original Paper-thin, Reversible, Paintable, 4K-Ready, 10 Foot Detachable Cable, Premium Materials for Performance, USA Made, MH-110583 (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I've been slowly experimenting with "cutting the cable" using one of my hdtvs as the test site. I bought a ruku 3 and hooked it up a few months ago. That gave me access to online store's video library, netflix, hulu plus, and others. That all worked fine. But, before i was willing to totally kick the cable habit i needed access to the local broadcast channels. I like the news, the sports and the prime time programming those channels provide. Yes, i know i can see most, but not all of those programs the next day on hulu plus but not all of them and i wouldn't get the news or sports. . I went to antennaweb. Org and was told that i was 31 miles away from the antenna array and could easily get the channels i wanted. So, i ordered the mohu leaf to give it a try. . Setup couldn't be easier. I unplugged the cable from the antenna input on the back of the tv, switched the input to "antenna", ran the channel auto-scan and a few minutes later the tv said it found 52 channels from 24 stations. This was a bit confusing at first but station 5 has 5-1, 5-2, etc. Channels. Only one problem - nbc was nowhere to be found. Not good! so, i re-positioned the antenna - actually i just hung it in front of a window and ran the auto-scan again. Bingo! it picked up everything that it found before plus nbc. All of the major broadcasts (abc, cbs, fox, nbc) come in crystal clear and in high def. Quite a few of the other channels look like standard definition but the more popular local vhf and uhf channels are coming in great and in hd. . Overall, i'm extremely happy with this antenna. Of course your mileage may vary and i strongly suggest going to antennaweb. Org first to see what you'll get. Their report came pretty close to what i'm receiving.

Mohu Leaf 30 Indoor Hdtv Antenna, 40 Mile Range, Original Paper-thin, Reversible, Paintable, 4k-ready, 10 Foot Detachable Cable, Premium Materials Performance, Usa Made, Mh-110583
Click to see NoticeMohu Paper Thin Reversible Performance Mh 110583 (Antenna)"I'm angry at myself. For decades i bought rca, for years i owned their antenna, and i settled with two channels and one that i had to duct tape to the back of the screen and still wouldn't work. . Then i get this lamenated sheet of paper attached to a cord. I plug it in, hit scan. 44 channels. Forty-four channels. Are you kidding me? ! . . I am incredibly impressed with the signal. It's extremely cloudy today with scattered showers and i'll get an occassional glitch every 15 minutes or so, but 1080i is coming through flawlessly. . I know other reviewers said it, and i'll say it too: make sure the cord is facing down. It triples the signal. I have no idea why, but it works. I propped mine up against my lamp. Is it the prettiest thing in the world? no, but who is looking at the lamp while the tv is on? . . Black on one side, white on the other. My only qualm is that the cable cord isn't all that long, so you're probably going to have to purchase an extension if you think you're going to get it against the window. Unless your tv is right next to the window, but i highly doubt you want electronics that are right next to the place where rain comes from. . Overall, extremely impressed. I plan on purchasing another tv for the home in the near future and this will be purchased again. I seriously wish you could see my television right now. It's beautiful."

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AirTV - Dual-Tuner Local Channel Streamer TVs Mobile Devices - DVR Capable - Works Sling TV

Stream local channels to your devices. Forget paying a monthly bill for your favorite local channels. Airtv lets you watch local news, sports, and entertainment channels like abc, cbs, nbc, and fox all for free! add an external hard drive (sold separately) to record up to two local channels at a time. Combine your free local channels with the best of streaming tv with the sling tv app. Airtv connects an hd antenna with your wifi network, to deliver local channels to your internet-connected tv or device, in and outside your home. Say goodbye to the biggest problems associated with antennas, like wiring multiple rooms and inconvenient antenna positions. With airtv, you can mount your antenna wherever it gets the best signal, then instantly stream the tv you love to an internet-connected tv or device no matter where you are. Watch all your favorite tv including news, sports and entertainment in hd without the monthly bill and without the hassles of traditional antenna setups.

AirTV - Dual-Tuner Local Channel Streamer TVs Mobile Devices - DVR Capable - Works Sling TVAirTV-Dual-Tuner-Channel-Streamer-Devices

Brand :    sling media
Color :    Black
Weight :    1.00 pounds
  • Get the app - airtv works with your favorite streaming devices and smart tvs to deliver hd content to your home. use the sling tv or airtv app to watch your local channels in and outside of your home. *ios or android mobile device (phone or tablet) needed for setup.
  • Wireless distribution - one antenna puts local broadcast channels on every tv and connected devices via wifi. say goodbye to running cables all over your house! *broadband internet with wifi for streaming is required to access your local channels through the airtv.
  • Free local channel dvr functionality - record up to two shows at a time and set single-episode or series recordings, in and outside of the home. recorded content can pause, rewind and fast-forward. *to enable dvr, add an external hard drive (sold separately). drives must be larger than 50gb and currently 2tb is the max size that can be used with airtv.
  • Watch free local tv - cut the cord with airtv and watch local channels like abc, cbs, fox, nbc and more in crystal-clear hd at home or anywhere with your mobile devices - with no monthly fees. all you need is a tv or mobile device and an hd antenna. *antenna sold separately
  • Works with sling tv - seamlessly integrate local channels right alongside your favorite sling tv channels for all-in-one access. connectivity internal wifi is 802. 11n 2x2 dual-band
Price :    $119.99
Model :    214877
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Tuner (sling media product review) for AirTV - Dual-Tuner Local Channel Streamer TVs Mobile Devices - DVR Capable - Works Sling TV available as-of ( Dec 2018 )

Ultra Thin Indoor TV Antenna - 35 Mile Range

An online store brand.

Ultra Thin Indoor TV Antenna - 35 Mile RangeUltra-Thin-Indoor-TV-Antenna

Brand :    basics
Weight :    0.51 pounds
Model :    MH-110752-22
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Antenna (basics product review) for Ultra Thin Indoor TV Antenna - 35 Mile Range available as-of ( Dec 2018 )
Price :    $19.99
  • Supports 1080 hd and includes 10 foot coaxial cable
  • Note: channel reception will vary depending on what's being broadcast in your area, how far away you are from broadcast towers, and your surroundings (i. e. obstructions between you and the towers)
  • 35 mile range to access from broadcast tower; receives free hd channels including abc, cbs, nbc, pbs, fox, univision and more
  • Multi-directional and reversible: no pointing" needed"
  • Reversible with black or white sides to match your home's decoration; antenna can be painted over to achieve a more personal touch

Mohu Leaf Metro TV Antenna, Indoor, Portable, 25 Mile Range, Original Paper-thin, Reversible, Paintable, 4K-Ready HDTV, 10 Foot Detachable Cable, Premium Materials Performance, USA Made, MH-110543

Sometimes smaller can be better. And that s the case with mohu s leaf metro paper-thin hdtv antenna. Leaf metro delivers great range in a small, discreet package. This compact hdtv antenna is perfect for city dwellers, dorm rooms, workshops or just about anywhere you go like in your rv or tailgating before the game. All antennas are based on physics. Leaf metro is the smallest size possible for high quality reception. Borrowing from the same advanced u. S. Military technology built into its bigger cousins leaf 30 and leaf 50 leaf metro reaches out in a 25-mile radius from your home to bring you the most popular tv shows, news and sports, on both network and local television in full 1080 hd for free. No need for cable or satellite fees to watch stations like pbs, abc, cbs, nbc and fox or your favorite local channels. Add an amplifier to your leaf metro and reach up to 45 miiles according to our new testing. Paper-thin design delivers full 1080p hd to any digital-ready television. There are no exposed or distracting antenna parts. The reversible black and white design can also be painted to match any décor. Leaf metro s unobtrusive design is so compact it can easily be hidden out of view. Unlike other antennas, all mohu antennas come with a separate coax cable, allowing you to position your antenna in the most convenient location away from your tv. Depending on what s broadcast in your area, you ll soon be able to watch popular national tv networks and local tv shows at no cost. With leaf metro you no longer have to pay high monthly cable or satellite bills to enjoy your favorite shows. Leaf metro can pull in all of your local news, weather, sitcoms, kids and sports programming with no monthly contract or bills.

Mohu Leaf Metro TV Antenna, Indoor, Portable, 25 Mile Range, Original Paper-thin, Reversible, Paintable, 4K-Ready HDTV, 10 Foot Detachable Cable, Premium Materials Performance, USA Made, MH-110543Mohu-Paper-thin-Reversible-Performance-MH-110543

Price :    $17.51 (was $28.00)
  • Tv antenna designed and manufactured in the usa with a 1-year warranty. before you buy, visit gomohu dot com backslash to see what channels are available in your area.
  • Free tv for life: 25 mile range hdtv antenna to access high definition over-the-air tv channels without a cable or satellite subscription including abc cbs nbc pbs fox univision and more
  • Multi-directional and reversible hdtv antenna: paintable to match any decor no pointing" needed and comes with included 10 ft. high performance cable"
  • Derived from advanced us military technology: engineered to provide superior access to more free hdtv channels in 1080 hd
  • Note: enables access to free channels only - does not enable access to paid channels such as espn/fox news. visit mohu's website to see availability in your area
Brand :    mohu
Weight :    0.9 pounds
Model :    MH-110543
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Speakers :    Best Antenna (mohu product review) for Mohu Leaf Metro TV Antenna, Indoor, Portable, 25 Mile Range, Original Paper-thin, Reversible, Paintable, 4K-Ready HDTV, 10 Foot Detachable Cable, Premium Materials Performance, USA Made, MH-110543 available as-of ( Dec 2018 )

Winegard FlatWave Amped FL5500A Digital HD Indoor Amplified TV Antenna 4K Ready / ATSC 3.0 Ready / High-VHF / UHF / Ultra-Thin / Black White - Reversible / USB Power Supply - 50 Mile Long Range OTA Antenna

I did a lot of research on indoor hdtv antennas and purchased the online store basics indoor hdtv antenna. The antenna is very good but i purchased an antenna for each television in the house. We then purchased the tablo unit and the winegard fl6550a antenna. We live between baltimore & dc so there are plenty of channels to pick up. I read a review about putting the antenna in the attic and thought that was a great location in our home. Easy installation for the antenna. Once complete then all we had to do was point the antenna to pick up the most channels. Unfortunately, we could not pick up both dc & baltimore stations with the one antenna. Since i still had the online store basic antenna i pointed the winegard towards baltimore (further distance) and the online store basic towards dc and ran each antenna to a splitter then the final coaxial cable down to the tablo unit. Now i'm able to pick up both major markets. Though the online store basic works in the attic the reception on some channels is broken up, which can be a problem if you're using the tablo to record that channel. We will most likely purchase another winegard fl6550a to replace the online store basic antenna and point toward dc. The great thing about this setup is we can add tvs in the house and we don't have to run any wires. We just download the tablo app to the new tv and we have all our live & recorded shows. We save $500 per year from the cable company and still watch all the shows we enjoy. We love our tv setup and "no cable".

Winegard fl5500a flatwave amped digital hd indoor amplified tv antenna: watch local news, weather, live sports and all of the top-rated shows for free, in hd, and with dolby digital surround sound with the flatwave amped indoor amplified tv antenna. Cut the cord and save! the average home pays over $750 for cable in just one year. Did you know the average household receives 189 tv channels with cable, but uses only 17 of them? watch the tv you want without the big monthly tv bill. Cut the cord and watch the top-rated tv shows for free! in the box: - flatwave amped digital indoor amplified tv antenna - embedded low noise digital tv antenna amplifier - 18. 5' mini coax cable attached to the tv antenna - 3' usb power cable with 110v adapter - two 3m command brand strips tech specs - indoor antenna range: 50 mile range - hd dual band vhf uhf tv antenna - multi-directional tv antenna - ultra-thin, 0. 6lb weight - amplified tv antenna dimensions: 13" x 12" note: run a channel scan after installation to receive programming run a channel scan on your tv after setting up the indoor antenna. To keep your channel line-up up-to-date, it is a good idea to run a channel scan monthly and anytime a channel is lost.

Winegard FlatWave Amped FL5500A Digital HD Indoor Amplified TV Antenna 4K Ready / ATSC 3.0 Ready / High-VHF / UHF / Ultra-Thin / Black White - Reversible / USB Power Supply - 50 Mile Long Range OTA AntennaWinegard-FlatWave-FL5500A-Amplified-Ultra-Thin

Winegard Flatwave Fl5500a Amplified Ultra Thin (Antenna) FAQ.

I am in central florida (34787) about 35miles from most of the tv antennas. I initially purchased a antenna direct outdoor antenna model c2-j30-v and mounted it on the eve of my house about 15' off the ground. It could not get cbs (uhf) and nbc (vhf) was weak. I tried different positions to no avail. I then tried my daughters 1byone indoor antenna outside and was able to get cbs but nbc was again weak. I used my panasonic tv which has a signal meter to discover no channel went about 70%. I then purchased the winegard flatwave fl6550a and can get 100% signal from all three major channels as well as picking up an additional 6+ stations. This antenna is doing great after a week. It is mounted where the old antenna was mounted and the antenna direct was returned. Hints:. 1. Always do a automatic scan. Manual scans and manual adds did not always work for me. 2. You have to use the winegard amplifier that comes in the box. The antenna states it needs 5volt so this little device does more than amplify the signal. I mounted mine in the house before the 2 way splitter i use. 3. Mount the antenna as high as possibble. 4. Use one of the many online sites to find out the best direction to point the antenna. -Notice from Q. Elanor, South Carolina

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I love this antenna! i am about 40 miles southeast of chicago, and have tried several indoor antennas, because i cannot put one outside of my apartment. I returned quite a few antennas because they just would not pick up anything. I kept one that was a phillips brand, and suffered through moving it around, relocating it every time i switched the channel. I eventually gave in and got cable, but only kept that for a year because of the cost. I saw the good reviews for this antenna, so i thought i would give it a try. I am so glad i did. I tried a few locations before i found the best, and it has been there ever since. I am pulling in all of the major chicago stations. Sometimes the atmosphere is not that great and i will lose a channel for a while like, cbs or ion, but i can live with that. Most of the time they are all coming in great. Thanks winegard! goodbye cable! . Edit: just wanted to add that if you do still have problems getting stations to come in, which i had with some, i used the old foil trick that we used to do with rabbit ears. But since you can't wrap foil around the ends of this, what i did was drape a piece of foil over it from one corner to the other, and tape it there. I left extra play in it so i can adjust it in and out. I do have mine actually hanging in the corner of the room because that is where it picked up best. There are probably other ways to do it also if you wanted to try. The way i have it, i think the foil bounces back some of the signal, making it even stronger at the antenna. Whatever it does, it works for me. I can pick up all of the chicago channels. Sometimes there are interruptions depending on the atmosphere etc. But that is to be expected.

Winegard-flatwave-fl5500a-amplified-ultra-thin-(antenna) set picture

- W. LaraMy house is located about 40 miles from the major tv broadcast towers in southern california, so i was concerned that i was pushing the advertised range of this antenna and might not receive any stations very well. Adding to the distance concern: i wanted to mount the antenna on my patio cover, which is only about ten feet above the ground, and there are a number of large trees nearby that might also affect reception. . To see if this location would work at all, i loosely fastened the antenna mast to the top of my patio cover with one lag screw, and pointed the antenna in the general direction of the tv station towers. I ran a 30' test cable straight to my tv, plugged in the power adapter and performed a channel scan on the tv (very important to do this, as i got nothing at all when i first switched the tv tuner from "cable" to "air"). Remarkably, with this quick and dirty test setup, i was able to receive far more stations than i had any right to expect - all the major networks, independents and all their sub-channels, as well as a variety of other foreign language stations from the former uhf band that i have no interest in. Nearly all of them are in spotless high defnition, and - this is the best part, of course - free. . (by the way, i grew up with free tv as the only option available in southern california. Cable tv was not common, if not unheard of, and two terrestrial pay tv services, selectv and on tv, had yet to come and go. Tv was free for anyone willing to stick an antenna up in the air, and no one thought twice about it. So it was both ironic and amusing to see an infomercial-style ad running for a $19. 95 tv antenna during my reception test that was saying "you don't have to spend $1, 000 a year on cable or satellite tv - you can actually get hdtv for free! ", as if this is breaking news. What's old is new again, indeed. ). . At any rate, the bottom line for me is that this antenna was easy to set up and is working very well with stations that are about 40 miles away in a less than ideal mounting location. It seems the manufacturer is refreshingly conservative with its reception range estimate, which is much appreciated at a time when many products are labeled with exaggerated performance claims. The antenna is relatively compact, lightweight and unobtrusive, although black is not necessarily a color that blends in well with all surroundings. It isn't the least expensive one you'll find out there, but i think the old adage of "you get what you pay for" really applies here. . A couple of final thoughts: mounting screws for the antenna mast are not included in the kit. I used four 1/4" lag screws that make for a very solid, stable mount on a wood patio cover. Also, you'll need to order rg6 cable for the antenna. Don't buy cheap stuff - a hundred foot roll of rg6 for $12. 99 is not going to cut it, and won't hold up over years of weather exposure. You'll end up wasting a lot of time routing and fastening cheap cable around your home only to find that your signal is weak (or worse). My advice: spend a few extra bucks for quality materials and do it right the first time. . Overall, a very solid choice for an external antenna. I would recommend it without hesitation.

Florida- north orlando- cord cutter! online store purchased winegard model antenna fl655oa gives me 62 ota channels mounted 12 ft. High on the outside wall of the house pointing at 121 degrees ese. I ditched all of the existing tv cables and replaced them with 75 ohm coax cable (80ft run), i also utilized a pass through splitter for a multiple tv instillation, placing the included "winegard power inserter" between the antenna and the splitter. The reception is beyond my highest expectations. Add a system recorder with online store prime-netflix, hulu, crackle etc, etc and your family with treat you like a channel grabbing rock star. No more cable $ down the throne. Save money for the family vacation. Good luck. Antenna- power-inserter- splitter - tv's -me!

K. Valencia, District of Columbia

Price :    $16.09 (was $50.98)
  • Indoor amplified tv antenna - the flatwave amped is a 50 mile long range multi-directional indoor amplified tv antenna with an embedded digital tv antenna amplifier, attached mini coax cable and usb power cable with 110v adapter. the amped receives both vhf and uhf signals in hd. ultra thin and reversible black and white indoor tv antenna.
  • Winegard antenna experts - leading us designer and manufacturer of quality tv antenna and signal reception equipment since 1954. designed and built in the u. s. a.
  • 50 mile range - multi-directional amplified tv antenna delivers 50 mile range in both directions, giving you twice the coverage. hang the indoor tv antenna on a window or wall, or lay the tv antenna flat on a table. 4k ultra hd and atsc 3. 0 ready.
  • Free tv programming - free ota programming has more options and more channels than ever before. watch local news and weather, live sports, and all the top-rated shows for free with an indoor amplified tv antenna. pair the tv antenna with a streaming device for maximum hd programming.
  • Clear circuit amplified digital signal - amplified directly at the antenna elements, the amplifier is ultra-low noise with only 1db (typical) compared to 3db+ of noise from other antennas, giving you a crystal clear digital tv antenna signal.
Brand :    winegard
Color :    Black/White
Size :    6 Feet
Weight :    0.34 pounds
Model :    FL5500A
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Antenna (winegard product review) for Winegard FlatWave Amped FL5500A Digital HD Indoor Amplified TV Antenna 4K Ready / ATSC 3.0 Ready / High-VHF / UHF / Ultra-Thin / Black White - Reversible / USB Power Supply - 50 Mile Long Range OTA Antenna available as-of ( Dec 2018 )

Hauppauge WinTV-DualHD Dual USB 2.0 HD TV Tuner Windows PC 1595

Wintv-dualhd is a dual tv tuner for your windows pc. Plug into the usb port on your windows 10, 8 or 7 pc, and with the two built-in tv tuners, watch one channel while recording another. Or have picture-in-picture or two complete tv windows with the included wintv v8 application for windows. Watch, pause & record two channels of free over-the-air atsc hd tv and clear qam digital cable tv. Includes the wintv-dualhd dual usb 2. 0 tv tuner, portable tv antenna, credit card size remote control (with batteries) and includes activation code for download of wintv v8 application for windows. Microsoft windows 10, 8, 7 compatible or windows vista with latest service pack.

Hauppauge WinTV-DualHD Dual USB 2.0 HD TV Tuner Windows PC 1595Hauppauge-WinTV-DualHD-Tuner-Windows-1595

Brand :    hauppauge
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.24 pounds
Model :    1595
Quantity :    1
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  • Dual tv tuners allow you to watch one channel while recording another, picture-in-picture or have two complete windows open simultaneously
  • Simply plug in to the usb port on your windows computer; tv recording formats : transport stream (the original transmitted format, without any quality loss)
  • Includes the wintv-dualhd dual usb 2. 0 tv tuner, portable tv antenna, credit card size remote control (with batteries), usb extension cable and includes activation code for download of wintv v8 application for windows
Price :    $48.03 (was $64.72)
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ViewTV AT-300 ATSC Digital TV Converter Box HDMI Cable w/Recording PVR Function/HDMI Out/Coaxial Out/Composite Out/USB Input/LED Time Display New Model

Have an old tube tv with an analog tuner and want to bring it back to life? have a new hdtv and want to add a recording feature to it? look no further than the viewtv at-300 atsc digital tv converter box. It is the latest model in the viewtv line of free tv solutions. All you need to do is hookup a digital tv antenna to your at-300! want to record? just plug in a flash / thumb drive or an external hard drive into the usb port on your unit, and you're ready to go! features: - converts digital broadcast to your analog tv - cable loop through - epg (electronic programming guide) and program information - favorite channel list - parental control function - auto tuning (finds all digital broadcasts) - auto, 16:9 pillar box, 16:9 pan g scan, 4:3 letter box, 4:3 pan g scan, 4:3 full, 16:9 wide screen - closed captioning - eas (emergency alert system) to alert you of any emergency information from tv stations - full function remote control - real time recording and appointed recording - 1080p output / cvbs output - timing startup and shutdown - usb multimedia player - front panel 12 hour time display in the box: viewtv at-300 digital converter box remote control hdmi cable composite cable note: - please do not purchase this device solely for qam/cable use. Please be advised that it will work only with decrypted channels. It may not work with most cable providers. - new hdtvs will allow you to watch one channel using tv's digital tuner and record another, but you must enable "loop through" under menu/ channel search/ modulation. - important: european dvb-t rf signal is not supported and will not work! - please remove clear plastic covering from the top of viewtv box before use! it cause's box to overheat!

ViewTV AT-300 ATSC Digital TV Converter Box HDMI Cable w/Recording PVR Function/HDMI Out/Coaxial Out/Composite Out/USB Input/LED Time Display New ModelViewTV-AT-300-Converter-Recording-Composite

Brand :    viewtv
Color :    Black
Size :    AT-300
  • Features: auto tuning, program guide, recording pvr, closed caption, favorite channel list, parental control function, 12 hour time, and led time display
  • Function: convert your digital broadcast to your analog tv and analog pass through with tv antenna
  • Output: hdmi 1080p output / ypbpr output / coaxial output / rf out (qam / cable provider service not officially supported)
  • In the box: viewtv at-300 , new upgraded remote, 1 composite cable, 1 hdmi cable (signal meter not included)
  • Usb multimedia player: plays divx, avi, mkv, mpeg-2, mpeg-4, h. 264/avc, vob, mov, flv, and vc-1
Price :    $39.19 (was $39.99)
Model :    AT-300
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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1byone 50 Miles Amplified HDTV Antenna Amplifier Booster USB Power Supply to Boost Signal 20ft Coaxial Cable, Shiny Antenna

Works far better than expected. We live deep in the country where cell service barely exists. Most stations i found on an antenna website were in the 30-40 mile range. I hooked this up and had it placed on the window within 2 or 3 mins. We have a satellite tv service currently, but with our contract expiring soon, we had hoped to find something else. This brought up cbs, nbc, abc, fox, and cw - all in hd. There are a total of about 40 channels, but the others will likely not be watched by me - a few old movie channels, infomercials, home shopping, etc. Maybe it's just the programming on a saturday morning, i'll check it out later. Fortunately we have cable internet, so this antenna + streaming services will net us all sorts of options for $20 per month. Much better than $150 for our satellite tv that isn't watched regularly.

1byone super thin indoor hdtv antenna: our super thin antenna is specially designed for receiving digital over-the-air (ota) tv broadcasts from all your local television stations. So never pay hugely expensive cable or satellite fees again and get all your local channels in crystal clear quality, absolutely free. At 1byone, we create lasting products that help people benefit from the power of technology and make life better, easier and more fulfilling. Come join our family with over 5 million satisfied customers and counting! indoor hdtv antenna features: 1). Excellent reception on all fm/vhf/uhf channels. 2). Can be safely painted to match any home décor without affecting reception or resulting in signal loss. 3). The super soft, unobtrusively thin design and powerful reception capabilities make this antenna a top choice for any home. 4). Fast and easy setup in 3 steps: a. Connect the antenna to cable/ant in on the back of any hdtv. B. Place the antenna in an optimal position, usually on a wall or window. C. Scan for channels using your tv's 'channel search' and be ready to enjoy free tv! indoor tv antenna specifications: frequency range: 47-230mhz, 470-862mhz receiving range: fm/vhf/uhf gain: 28db output level:100dbμv impedance: 75Ω noise figure: 3db power supply: via usb power adapter(5v/100ma) 1byone comprehensive warranty: all 1byone tv antennas come with a 90-day money-back guarantee so our customers can purchase without worry. A happy customer experience is our 1 priority and so we also stand by our customers with a 24-month warranty. Simply contact us and we will happily send a replacement if any issues arise. Please note: 1. For flatscreen hdtvs, please check the tv's manual to make sure the tv has a built-in tuner for receiving over-the-air broadcast, and make sure this tuner can receive hd signals or else it will not be able to receive and watch hd channels. 2. Retune your tv and/or digital box from time to time to ensure you are receiving all available services. Retuning takes only a few minutes using the remote control. 3. Signal quality determines the picture quality and how many channels you can receive. Once you receive the antenna, hook it up to your tv, and try moving it around your home to find the placement with the best signal. You might be surprised how many hd channels you can receive! 4. Antenna signal strength can vary depending on distance from the tower, terrain, and weather. Reposition the antenna in a different location if needed. It is best for the antenna to be in line of sight with the tv tower(s) and avoid obstructions. Always re-scan for channels after moving the antenna. 5. This is an amplified antenna. If a signal cannot be received when using the external amplifier, remove the amplifier and try again. In some instances the amplifier may cause self-oscillation, which may interfere with signal reception. 6. If your tv has no built-in tuner, you can add an atsc digital converter box to receive the hd signal. Search b07cf738qm or b01n5mlc1m on online store for the 1byone converter box.

1byone 50 Miles Amplified HDTV Antenna Amplifier Booster USB Power Supply to Boost Signal 20ft Coaxial Cable, Shiny AntennaAmplified-Antenna-Amplifier-Booster-Coaxial

1byone Amplified Antenna Amplifier Booster (OUS00-0566) FAQ.

I have not had good luck with hd antennas so far. But i got this 50 mile antenna on prime day so i decided to take another chance. Plugged the amplifier into the wall, and connected the coax cable in the amplifier and then the other end into the tv. It didnt work! and i noticed that the red light on the amp did not come on. So, come to find out that the power supply for the amplifier that plugs into the wall was no good. After replacing it with one that i had laying around the house, plugged it back in and it worked. But still didnt have great reception. I went through the menu on the tv and found a signal stregth meter that shows a real time signal strength, moved the antenna around in the room until i found the best signal strength, and mounted it! i ended up mounting it flat against the ceiling in the corner of the room. I sacrificed a little signal strength for visual appeal, but i didnt notice anything different in picture quality. I used thumb tacks around the edges of the antenna to keep it up against the ceiling, and then stapled the cord down the corner of the wall. Once i paint the cord and the silver thumb tacks, it will be almost completely unnoticeable. I now have no cable bill, no tacky antenna, and great picture and sounds quality. . It would have got 5 stars if the power supply worked out of the box. Other than that, i would recommend this product and i will probably buy another one for my bedroom. . If you found this review helpful, please click the button below. Thanks! -Notice from Y. Shawna, Barnsley

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Pros:. It works. Picked up all except 1 channel which i care about (fox, kron, cbs, abc, pbs, nbc, ion), missed cw. Will need to move it around and see. It picked up total of 77 channels in our area and we are about 50 miles away from san francisco where most of the stations are located. . Cons:. Setup may take a bit of trial and error. Since you need to stick it in place (if you dont plan to use a stand), you need to program it while holding it in place. This this can affect the reception, i got cw while holding it in place but when i put the stickies in and left it, cw didnt work anymore. You will need to stick it temporarily even during channel scan. It comes with a 3m double sided tape but you will need extra if you can't get all the channels in your first shot.

1byone-amplified-antenna-amplifier-booster-(ous00-0566) set picture

- W. LindseyBefore i bought this and "cut the cord, " i went to a website to look up what channels i should be able to get. There were about 12 in a 50 mile range from me, but somehow i get more like 20. Install was very easy, although i opted to hang the antenna with command strips instead of the included foam tape squares. The antenna doesn't quite sit flat, but i think it will be easier to remove without hurting my wall. Channels are digital, so they're crystal clear of course. The attached 20 foot cable is nice and long and let me run the cable along the ceiling to keep it relatively out if sight. This antenna also has one of the lowest costs, but the quality is stellar. Excellent value. I advised my in-laws to purchase one too and they seem just as happy with it as i am.

I bought this antenna not to get more channels necessarily, but to get a better connection. I was using a 25-mile antenna, and i would often get interference. This 50-mile antenna did the trick - no more contorted screens/interference! well worth the extra $10 for better reception!

Q. Anonymous, North Lincolnshire

Price :    $23.24 (was $24.99)
  • Premium coaxial cable - this antenna reaches out in a 50-mile radius from your home to bring you the most popular tv shows, news, weather, sitcoms, kids and sports programming and much more. thickness 0. 2inch coaxial cable decrease 50% loss of signal and increases durability.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed - we provide a 90-day full refund and 24-month warranty with friendly customer service. if you have any issues with reception, please feel free to contact us and we will provide full technical support.
  • Advanced inline amplifier - the upgraded powerful amplifier/booster can enhance signals weakened by the obstructions between your tv antenna and local broadcast towers. the advanced cleanpeak filter technology filters out cellular and fm signals resulting in clearer picture, low noise and access to more free broadcast tv signals with enhanced gain, range and frequency performance.
  • Enjoy free hd channels - say goodbye to cable tv and huge bills! free tool for life to receive full hd channels, save 1020usd cable fee annually.
  • Paper-thin design - plug it in, turn on tv, and scan for channels, 3 steps to enjoy local hd channels and all digital tv broadcasts including abc, cbs, nbc, pbc, fox and others. super thin to make installation anywhere in the home extremely easy. hide it behind the tv, lay flat on a table, or stick on a window or wall.
Brand :    1 by one
Color :    WHITE
Size :    50 Miles
Weight :    1.20 pounds
Model :    OUS00-0566
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Leelbox Digital Converter Box Analog TV 1080P ATSC Converters Recording, Pause Live TV, Multimedia Playback HDTV Set Top Box

Features: usa atsc 8vsb /64/256 qam digital broadcast hd receiver converts digital broadcast to your analog tv by remote control to choose the rf 3/4 ch output sleep timer support teletext/subtitle/muti-language powerful and highly effective 7-day epg function auto, 16:9 pillar box, 16:9 pan g scan, 4:3 letter box, 4:3 pan g scan, 4:3 full, 16:9 wide screen usb 2. 0 for pvr, timeshift, software upgrade and media files playback video output resolution: 480i/576i/480p/576p/720p/1080i/1080p supported files: photos: jpeg, bmp, png music: wma, mp3, aac movie: avi, mpg, dat, vob, mkv, mjpeg package content: f01s box unite x 1 ir remote control x 1 av cable x 1 user manual x 1

Leelbox Digital Converter Box Analog TV 1080P ATSC Converters Recording, Pause Live TV, Multimedia Playback HDTV Set Top BoxLeelbox-Converter-Converters-Recording-Multimedia

Price :    $39.99 (was $45.99)
  • Full hd: the 1080p output resolution allows you to watch and record free to air television in full hd quality.
  • Multimedia playback: you can select view photos, play mp3 music files and view movie files, and recorded tv program from your usb storage device.
  • Free local tv channel: leelbox atsc digital tv converter box receive over-the-air atsc digital tv broadcast to your analog tv.
  • This converter box is for receive over-the-air signal, it is not a replacement of cable box, it need to connect to external antenna to receive signal.
  • Tv recording function: the pvr allows you to record tv programs in usb hard drive and play back on your tv or computer. (usb flash drive is not recommended for recording) function.
Brand :    leelbox
Color :    S2
Weight :    0.66 pounds
Model :    4336302892
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Home Theater :    Best Digital Video Recorder (leelbox product review) for Leelbox Digital Converter Box Analog TV 1080P ATSC Converters Recording, Pause Live TV, Multimedia Playback HDTV Set Top Box available as-of ( Dec 2018 )

mohu leaf 30 indoor hdtv antenna, 40 mile range, original paper-thin, reversible, paintable, 4k-ready, 10 foot detachable cable, premium materials for performance, usa made, mh-110583 Price : 21.11, was : 33.01 as 2018-11-21
United States
Great Britain
World Wide
Mohu Paper Thin Reversible Performance Mh 110583 (Antenna) Reviewed by on

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The F.A.Q. for mohu leaf 30 indoor hdtv antenna, 40 mile range, original paper-thin, reversible, paintable, 4k-ready, 10 foot detachable cable, premium materials for performance, usa made, mh-110583

I bought this item when i canceled my cable, i have a smart tv so i only needed to pick up local stations to watch the news, day/night time basic cable shows. The antenna is very easy to install into the tv and onto the wall, i have to run a scan every time i move it thought, which is a little tedious but that's how it picks on the channels. I get about 10 channels in very clearly, a handful come in when they want but that might not be the antenna itself but the location at which i can put it in my home. I would suggest before buying a digital antenna to research your home's location and how to best display it on a wall (north, south facing, etc. ) then pick the best antenna for your location because that's how it works. This product has been working fine for what i need it to, i don't watch that much tv so it's perfect for me.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Can i hang the leaf directly behind my hdtv so that it is not visible? i don't think that my wife would want this visibly hanging on the wall.

(1) Question: How do you connect to the tv. do you need to purchase any additional equipment?

(2) Question: Does the leaf connect to the digital or analog antenna connection on the tv? what could i be doing wrong for me to get nothing but snow when i try either connection?

(3) Question: Does it work with chrome cast

(4) Question: Has anyone tried this product in napa ca? the signal check guide tells me no go. winegard unit says yes but not great

(5) Question: Can you use a longer coaxial cable if you need one to get it to the window?

(6) Question: Does anyone use this antenna with an hdmi cable? a box or adapter that will convert the coax cable feed to hdmi cable inpute on the hd tv?

(7) Question: Will this work in minneapolis western suburbs?

(8) Question: Does this catch nbc channel 11 in marietta, ga?

(note) Question: where/how to get Mohu (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Mohu's products


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Works for me. I have it attached to the wall behind my tv, and not near any window, and i get very clear picture on my lg smart tv. For the price, i would highly recommend. . I would add a tip, sometimes your tv looses the memory that you stored when you first searched out channels, so that needs to be repeat periodically. I did not know this, and thought that the channels were coming and going, sometimes i could get them and the next day i could not. So through trial and error, i did a new search for channels available, and now it works great. I am very happy with this antenna and free tv.

Accessories & Supplies 704182, Antennas 18866901, Audio & Video Accessories 235271, Electronics 282271, TV Antennas 566271Top Mohu Paper Thin Reversible Performance Mh 110583 (Antenna) FAQ Content

Best mohu paper thin reversible performance mh 110583 (antenna) in review

Decided to cut the cord as new year resolution and loving it so far. No more triple-digit monthly bills to pay! and no more political porn masquerading as news - whether cnn or fox! but i digress. I bought two antennas, one for master bedroom and another for family room. I live about 35 miles nw of chicago downtown and both catch all major networks the picture quality is awesome. The antennas hide behind both wall mounted tvs and it is not a problem. The master bed antenna catches more channels than the fam room because it's on the second floor. But i'm not missing anything because the only channels missing are some obscure channels that i never cared for any way. Any major network is no problem at all - cbs, nbc, abc, fox, pbs, wgn, and many more. This is not about the quality of the antenna itself, but if you're like me trying to cut the cord - then one thing to realize is that you will not have the dvr capability with antenna. If you must have it then cutting the cord is not for you. Speaking for me, i thought that it would be a problem. But a few weeks of "no dvr" is actually working out so much better. I am not spacing out while watching something because i know i can not do a 15 sec jump back. I am saving a lot of time not wasting my time watching same things again because someone else spaced out (though my wife will vehemently disagree that she ever spaced out - it was always me :). All in all - if all you need is network tv and netflix/youtube/online store prime then this is the best antenna as long as you live within 40-50 miles of transmission towers.

B. Elida, Wirral

You might like to see Coaxial cable 25 feet f-male connectors - tri-shield cl2 rg6 - removable ez grip caps mediabridge coaxial digital audio/video cable provides a connection for tv's, vcr's, cable modems, satellite receivers, off-air antennas & other coaxial f-pin enabled devices. enjoy -mediabridge coaxial cable 25 feet f-male connectors - tri-shield cl2 rg6 - removable ez grip caps cj25-6bf-n1
  • Details: Construction: Manufactured From Triple Shielded Rg6 Coaxial Cable Suitable For Outdoor Or Indoor Use.
  • Details: In-wall Use: Ultra Series Coax Cables Are Ul Rated For In-wall Use.
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Or you might like to consider 1.5ft super thin / ultra slim 36awg hdmi male-male high speed v1.4 cable w/ ethernet 1.5 feet buycheapcables presents our 1 1/2 ft super ultra thin hdmi male to male v. 1. 4 high speed + ethernet cable. it's thin, flexible, and ideal for compact devices and clutter-free home -buycheapcables 1.5ft super thin / ultra slim 36awg hdmi male-male high speed v1.4 cable w/ ethernet 1.5 feet 0.45m
  • Details: Connectors: Hdmi Type-a 19 Pin (male) To Hdmi Type-a 19 Pin (male).
  • Details: 0. 15" Inch Diameter Super Thin Cable With Triple Shielded Protection (50% Thinner Than Standard Hdmi).
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F. Hannah, Newham says

I bought the mohu leaf 30 based on the online store reviews, and it works great! we live on the upper east side of manhattan, and we get 24-28 channels on the ground floor without any effort to adjust the antenna placement. We also tried the more expensive glide based on the recommendations when we input our address, but the more expensive glide only got half the channels of the less expensive and less cumbersome mohu leaf 30 original. The picture quality is clear, and the channels are easy to set up and access. We just push the button for tv (as if we had cable) and all the mohu leaf antenna channels come up. We get all of the basic channels and then some extras, but i wish we had pbs. We can stream pbs using channel 13 passport, however, so it does not end up being a problem. The combination of the mohu leaf that requires no monthly fee and a streaming service like directv now gives us all the live tv that we need. There is really no reason to pay for cable or satellite tv, so we have cut the cord!

Y. McCarthy, Bexley

November 2014 for mohu leaf 50 amplified antenna. As you can read below i had purchased the standard antenna a couple years ago. I recently had problems with reception for one of the local networks. So when it was on sale i decided to try the amplified antenna. I would highly recommend ordering this model instead. It gets excellent reception, the cable is longer, and has a separate connector for the antenna base. The older standard model i purchased before had the cable molded in place which was not a problem except when i needed a longer cable. This model does require a plug into power for the small amplifier. It is a usb connection so you can either use the usb port on your (newer) tv or use the supplied usb charger to plug into a standard electrical outlet. Warning: the cable for the amplifier connector is not terribly long. . Fyi - i plugged this into my channel master dvr+ bundle - subscription free digital video recorder with web features and channel guide (cm7500bdl2) and re-scanned and found additional channels. The channel re-scan did not disturb my previously recorded or the list of to be recorded shows on the channel master dvr+. . October 2012 for standard mohu leaf antenna. In preparation for cord-cutting i wanted something better than traditional rabbit ears (which i have used before). After reading several reviews i ordered the leaf. It arrived quickly. . First thought after opening the package was "how could this possibly work? " followed the simple instructions to connect the antenna to the converter box on an old tv used in the bedroom and taped (yes taped) the antenna to the wall. Ran the scan and it works! it picked up more stations that the rabbit ears antenna had and the picture was clear and sharp. So i will be ordering a 2nd leaf antenna for the newer tv in the living room. . Disclosure: i live on the edge of a city with local broadcast tv stations so i don't know how well this would work for rural customers.

T. Susana, Oregon says

Trying to find a way to be free of time warner, and this is step one. Just tried it with my samsung 46" and it really works! i get all the basic channels and it looks like a few others, as well. Crystal clear! i'm in an old pre-war on the upper west side. The tv is next to a southern-facing window that overlooks a shaftway, and we're on the second floor. So it's not like there's an unobstructed path to the empire state building. There's some really thick brick stuctures (including the other side of our building) between. Incredibly happy! i haven't had to move it around or anything to get the picture. Right now, it's just leaning up against the the window a/c unit. Will work on attaching it to something in a more stable manner tomorrow. But wanted to report that as of now it's totally doing what i bought it for. Yay!

W. Noguera, Surrey

Around 6 months ago we "cut the cord" by getting rid of our uverse tv service and switching to ota (broadcast) tv and streaming. The mohu leaf (now called the leaf 30) is a great little indoor hdtv antenna for fellow cable-cutters. . I first installed the leaf on a small lcd tv in our master bedroom, where it resided along with a roku for streaming. However, we found that we almost never watched ota channels on that tv and decided to move it to our family's main tv in our living room. While much of our viewing now is streamed, it is nice to be able to pull in local network affiliates and pbs for general viewing. We're still in the stone age with a standard definition crt tv, but it does have a dtv antenna input so we have no need for a converter box. Our tv is in a corner of our living room, so i pinned the leaf to one of the walls, plugged it into the dtv input, and let the tv see what it could pick up, and we got 16 channels. Switching to the other wall of the corner, we pulled in 2 additional channels so we left the antenna on that wall. . The mohu website says that for our zip code we can get up to 23 channels/sub channels and we actually get 18, including our local pbs station and all major network affiliates except for abc (the abc station's tower is much further away). We don't watch the local abc affiliate, so that's really not a big deal for us, but if that was a dealbreaker we might upgrade to the leaf 50. . I also ran a tvfool signal locator search for our address and all channels that are listed as green and yellow have reception on the leaf, with the exception of that abc affiliate (which is indicated as yellow) plus one station that the leaf can pull in that's in the red. The abc affiliate and that channel that's in the red both broadcast from the same tower, so i have no idea why we can receive the other station and not abc. Again, not a big deal for us, but it might be for others. . The leaf gives very good picture quality even in heavy rain and is visually unobtrusive where it is mounted on the wall. Unlike what i remember from using old analog antennas from 20+ years ago, with digital ota broadcasts it seems that the antenna either has excellent reception or can't tune to a channel at all - there's no static. Overall we're very happy with what we can pull in for free ota broadcasts using the mohu leaf.

V. Nancy, Knowsley says

Works great in chicago, il. Image quality is beyond amazing (even better than hd quality of cables. Over the air signals are not compressed so you get the best hd quality you can imagine), typical channel i get in hte highest hd quality: pbs channels, abc, nbc, cbs, wgn, fox chicago, theu channel and more. Major channels with great quality for free! i will attach pics.

M. Bethany, Croydon

This is my second mohu hd antenna this model. Web sites to tell me how many channels of over the air free tv say i may get 6. I am able to get 15 beautiful uncompressed channels and very happy. Now i can give spectrum 2 over there cover charged set top boxes back for spare tv's and save some money which i research how to really cut the ties with them. I have online store prime and this may be a good deal to explore. The picture is beautiful on the tv. It is easy to mount and have 2 pictures i hopefully can upload. The customer service and tech support is excellent and mohu and exceed my expectations. Nice work and in manuf. In usa. A friend of mine has this antenna and he gets 29 channels. He said they keep adding them frequently. I hung my antenna toward the ceiling and facing east. Tacked it too the wall with the all ready made hole and there it is. Don't let it fall off wall or it can break. The stickys that come with it ok but tech support said tacks better and more secure. I agree

L. Guest, Wakefield says

I purchased the mohu leaf antenna for an upstairs tv that was positioned near a front-facing window in my home. We live about 20 miles from the nearest city and there are about 6 broadcast stations within a 40 mile range; everything else was 80 miles away. The neighborhood is very dense - lots of two story homes packed *very* close together. I wasn't certain that the mohu antenna would be able to deal with these constraints but the price was reasonable, the reviews were good, and it was backed by online store so i figured i'd give it a try. The fact that it was made in the usa was also a plus for me. . Anyway, when the post office delivered the mohu antenna they laid the box in the driveway so of course i accidentally backed over it. As a result, i had even fewer expectations - i mean, it had been run over with a car - how could it possibly still work? . . I plugged in the mohu antenna and did exactly opposite of what the instructions state - i laid it across the top of the tv while i ran the autoscan. I did this because, to be honest, i didn't really think it was going to work having been run over. But despite getting run over and despite the interference i added by draping it directly over the tv, this flat sheet of whatever it is proceeded to deliver a miraculous 24 stations, of which 16 were more than 40 miles away! . . Several of the stations had obvious reception problems which all cleared up when i hung the mohu leaf according to the instructions. In my case, i hung it white-side out, cord-down, right next to the window and just below and behind the tv (which is on a diagonal). I used the included sticky velcro hangers, but in retrospect wish i had used pushpins instead. (just because then i could move it more easily if i ever needed). . The picture quality on all 24 of the stations is superb - certainly every bit as good as we were getting with cable. . I am so impressed with the mohu leaf antenna. It really is paper thin, its reception is excellent, it's made in the usa, and it still works despite getting run over. Truly this thing deserves way more than 5 stars. . In short, if you're looking for a high quality, sleek and unobtrusive antenna that can pluck even the most distant digital signals out of thin air even after getting run over by a car, then this is the antenna to get.

D. Isabel, Brighton and Hove

This was my second leaf antenna. These are worth every cent i paid for them. I get 158 digital channels in the living room (la to riverside, various languages and music stations included) and 152 in the bedroom. These make my old antennas look like complete garbage. I'm pulling in all of the major stations and local channels in hd. Nice, clean pictures. Sexy contrast and color saturation ratios. No jitter or reception drops when walking around the apartment. . It comes with the 10' coax cable, the leaf itself and mounting pins. You can get an amplifier for it if you want more range/power - but i wouldn't even consider getting an amplifier for this if you didn't pull in some stations without any additional hardware to start. As far as i'm concerned, an amplifier is so i can pull in additional local content from other areas. You should have some good base functionality out of the box. . The antenna itself is very lightweight and flat, so you can hide it behind a picture frame or a door. The living room coat closet here gets great reception. The bedroom took a couple of tries before finding the sweet spot, but i got more channels with every scan - which was cool. Now i need to learn 7 more languages so i can really take advantage of all of the new programming. . I'm very happy with the purchase - so yes, i got two of them. I read a lot of reviews and sites about what the best indoor hd antennas are - and these rated around 4 1/2 out of 5 stars for the money. They make an outdoor model as well that has a range of 60+ miles, but i don't want to deal with outdoor to indoor antenna wiring. I debated about whether to try the regular (35+ mile range) or the amped (50+ mile range) antenna, but ultimately went for the regular version because of the tower maps and the proximity we are to the major la stations.

U. Delgado, Mississippi says

I went to antennaweb. Com to check out available channels in my area and saw that there were (conservatively) about 15 channels i could pick up with a small antenna. I didn't see any information on which color this antenna picked up so i could compare with the website, but others seemed to have luck so i figured why not give it a try. This ships from the manufacturer and arrived 4 days before the estimated delivery time. Excited, it opened up the package to find a thin, plastic covered antenna with a cable included for connecting to my tv. It also came with a couple of small velcro stickers to attach the antenna to whatever surface intended. I place it on the wall behind the tv, switched the source to "cable in 'air'" and ran a search for channels. I was surprised when about 40 channels popped up! after deleting channels i don't intend to watch, i'm left with about 30 channels - most of which come in really well. In my living room, this does pick up the yellow, green, and light green signals that antennaweb listed on their website. It seems to do better than the $20 antenna my friend bought at radioshack, too. Most importantly, all my channels are free now so that's undoubtedly the best point. * be sure to use the code "no2cable" when you check out also - saves you $5. *

I. Alma, Gloucestershire

Live in san antonio near helotes outside the 1604. Have been using rca rabbit ears antenna with adjustable knob very similar to rca basic indoor antennafor 5 months but some channels were pixelated, losing signals and had to retune once every 3 to 4 days. Sometimes would receive ksat 12 (abc). I really wanted to view all local channels only and didn't want to pay for cable. Only channels we really miss are espn and cartoon channels. Why pay $ for cable/satellite when most everything is available on the internet? . . Purchased this after christmas 2013, on sale from online store for $24. 99. Initially mounted on window glass upstairs facing southeast about 4 feet away from tuner and received all local channels 24 in all (nbc, cbs, fox, abc, ion, etc. ). First day reception for abc was very good and all other stations very good to excellent. Second day abc became pixelated and not viewable. Retuned each time. Additionally, when someone in the house would stand next to or walk by the antenna, any channel would pixelate, then correct itself when they left the area. Annoying. . Repositioned antenna. Distance and position of the antenna is important in my experience. Placed 5. 5 feet high right next to the window and 11 to 12 feet from tuner. Consistently receive all local channels (24-26)for 3 weeks now to include abc. Yes, a few micro seconds of pixelation occur but its very negligible and no cause to reposition. The tuner occasionally drops the signal, but up time is about 99 percent. Again no cause for any adjustments. . The question may come up. Why didn't i just buy an outdoor antenna? i wanted to, but our hoa convenants don't allow. Plus if i need this setup in a hurry or give to someone at least it can be used in an apartment. . Yes, i would recommend and hope this review will help someone else decide to purchase this device.

A. Moore, Hampshire says

Antennaweb told me i would only get one channel (pbs) with an indoor antenna but the reviews convinced me to take a chance with this and i am very happy i did. I am able to receive about 9 channels including abc, nbc, fox and pbs. Ironically, the most local channel (cbs) i do not receive as it is in the low vhf range. The antenna is placed high on an exterior wall on the first floor of my home. . It was frustrating at first because i could not find a spot to get both the nbc and pbs channels and even then, there was a bit of pixelation that came and went. I even put in a signal amplifier (single port) that my cable company left behind and it did not improve things. . However, i did find that signal strength (using the signal strength indicator on my tivo) was highly dependent on how i placed the coax cable so i thought maybe i could improve things by replacing the thin coax cable that comes with the mohu with a quad-shielded coax (white, 25 ft from radio shack) and it made all the difference. I now just use that coax without the amplifier and am able to get all but the cbs station with no pixelation. . So i am deducting one star for the poor quality cable that is packed with the mohu. You would think that they would include a decent cable because it could lead a consumer to think the problem is with the antenna itself when all they need is a better cable to improve performance. . The antenna itself exceeded my expectations. Try a high quality cable if your signals are weak.

A. Alice, Windsor and Maidenhead

Out of all the exhaustive testing i did choosing a hdtv antenna for inside use, this one tested the best and just edged out the online store basics equivalent version. It's sleek, modern looking, compact and has holes all ready to go for hanging on the wall. Most importantly it's reception ability in my area (once a suitable location was found. This style of antenna seems very dependent on placement, more so than the metal antenna style) was the best out of all tested. I'm picking up stations over 50mi away crystal clear! (but i'm in central texas). . *however, before you read anymore, i want to say shame on mohu for cheaping out on the included cable. While it's fancy looking and branded. It is not copper cored! during my testing, i noticed about a 15% picture degradation on this one that differed from prior tests with it. I replaced the cable back to the solid copper coax i had previously used and boom full picture resolution was back. So do not used the included coax cable. They got a star reduction for that crap. Especially since this one is the most expensive and "premium" example for this style. I find it particularly reprehensible that they did that. . In addition to the above i also tested the 1byone super hdtv antenna, the rca cheapie rabbit ears, the rca indoor amplified tv antenna, this mohu leaf (standard 30mi range) and the online store basics hdtv antenna (same 30 mi range). . - the rca unpowered cheapie rabbit ears does admirable for the price but falls short in pretty much every other area including resolution. - the rca indoor amplified did a pretty job but was also pretty susceptible to wind. The bulk and ugly black rabbit ears against my gray wall ruled this one out. - the 1byone was super flimsy and cheap but did a decent job although it also seemed very susceptible to wind as well. The cheapness, lack of detachable cable and the fact that while you can paint it, it only comes in black (no white side like mohu) lead me to send that one back as well. . The two best performing ones for my location were the online store basics and the mohu. I ultimately went with the mohu because of the detachable cable and it's smaller/thicker receiver material and it's sleeker / not as flimsy and large build as the online store one.

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