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Price was $10.99. I buy most if not all of my cables from mediabridge. They have quality products and low prices. I will not ever buy cables from my local big box electronics store. Their markups are horrendous. Mediabridge has the best cable and will email you after you purchase your product to make sure you are completely satisfied. I have purchased many hdmi cables mediabridge. I have had issues in the past from cables purchased elsewhere from another company that i needed right away, that fail or the end connectors detach. Not the case with cables from mediabridge. They are now my go to cable company. And i make sure that i purchased a couple of spare hdmi cables in case we need a long one if we move a tv or add a device. I am very satisfied with their products and highly recommend them.

-I. Rhonda

Coaxial cable 25 feet f-male connectors – tri-shield cl2 rg6 – removable ez grip caps mediabridge coaxial digital audio/video cable provides a connection for tv’s, vcr’s, cable modems, satellite receivers, off-air antennas & other coaxial f-pin enabled devices. enjoy -mediabridge coaxial cable 25 feet f-male connectors – tri-shield cl2 rg6 – removable ez grip caps cj25-6bf-n1

  • Details: Construction: Manufactured From Triple Shielded Rg6 Coaxial Cable Suitable For Outdoor Or Indoor Use.
  • Details: In-wall Use: Ultra Series Coax Cables Are Ul Rated For In-wall Use.

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We dumped our cable co. A few years back and put up an antenna plus a booster. I had ran a dual shielded cable from the antenna to the booster connector in the house. Once in the house i just used a cheapie store bought cable to attach to my analog to digital convertor box. Still using my old trusted sony trinitron analog tv i would always have the signal drop in and out when i was watching the nfl games on sunday. I am about 75 miles from the signal tower and was amazed the signal was as good as it was. When looking at the picture of the mediabridge cable seeing the heavier gage solid copper core wire and being dual shielded i thought maybe that cheapie patch cable i was using had been my problem all along. After receving the mediabridge cable i could it was a quality product. Putting side by side with my other cable there was no comparison. It has solved my reception problem and at a great price. I would not hesitate to buy from mediabridge again. The Best coaxial cable feet fmale connectors as-of ( Feb 2019 ) | Mediabridge-Cable Or Adapter Review Details Mediabridge Coaxial Cable (25 Feet) with F-Male Connectors - Tri-Shield CL2 RG6 - Removable EZ Grip Caps ( CJ25-6BF-N1 ) Applications: use ultra series coaxial cables to connect televisions, cable modems, satellite receivers, off-air antennas and all other f-female equipped devices.. Construction: manufactured from triple shielded rg6 coaxial cable suitable for outdoor or indoor use.. In-wall use: ultra series coax cables are ul rated for in-wall use.. Connectors: nickel plated f-type connectors. complimentary removable east grip connector caps simplify installation onto f-female. easily removed by sliding off if not desired.. Other complementary mediabridge products: right angle f connectors (item b00h7kd4t0) and f81 splice connectors (item b00hfygqhu). includes adjustable & reusable velcro cable strap for easy organization & storage. .

Mediabridge Coaxial Cable 25 Feet With F-male Connectors - Tri-shield Cl2 Rg6 - Removable Ez Grip Caps Cj25-6bf-n1 Review (cj25 6bf n1)

First off this product is an excellent value and of good quality. I was unsure if a antenna i purchased came with a cable, it did but it was a substandard coaxial cable, not copper. This cable was better quality and i was going into the attic to run it, i only wanted to to it once so better to use a good cable than a poor cable. This shipped fast and was exactly as described. The cable was flexible and uncoiled nicely, i left it uncoiled over night so it would pull though the holes and attic easier. Bottom line it works great, high quality. -S. April

Mediabridge Coaxial Cable F Male Connectors

Product Dimensions
Height:0.25 inches
Length:300.00 inches
Weight:1.50 pounds
Width:0.25 inches
Part/Serial Number
25 Feet
1-year Limited Warranty

coaxial cable 25 feet f-male connectors - tri-shield cl2 rg6 - removable ez grip caps Speakers, Mediabridge coaxial digital audio/video cable provides a connection for tv's, vcr's, cable modems, satellite receivers, off-air antennas & other coaxial f-pin enabled devices. enjoy a crisp signal without electromagnetic & radio frequency interference. featuring 2 male nickel f-type connectors, this 75 ohm rg6 cable houses a copper clad center conductor, dielectric insulation & 3 layers of aluminum shielding. its durable build preserves signal quality & still manages to take up only minimal wall space, with its soft & flexible external jacket. includes easy grip connector caps for effortless connector tightening/loosening, rather than straining oneself with additional tools. this cable is suitable for both indoor & outdoor use. product features - connects a tv, vcr, cable modem, satellite receiver, off-air antenna & more - ul cl2 in-wall rating - 75 ohm rg6 cable with nickel f-type connectors - clear picture & sound without the hum/static of rf & em interference - copper clad center conductor, dielectric insulation, braided aluminum shielding, & 2 layers of aluminum foil shielding - includes removable easy grip caps for effortless installs - suitable for indoor & outdoor use, with a durable, yet flexible jacket compatibility devices with f-type ports, like a cable box, tv, satellite receiver, vcr, cable modem, off-air antenna & more installation plug-&-play: ready to use, once each end is connected to its respective port on a compatible device notes while connected to an f-type port, simply twist the easy grip caps like you would a screwdriver, to tighten/loosen the cable's hold package contents - 1 x coaxial digital a/v cable - 2 x easy grip caps Mediabridge Coaxial Cable F Male Connectors (CJ25-6BF-N1-Mediabridge).

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coaxial cable feet fmale connectors Mediabridge Coaxial Cable (25 Feet) with F-Male Connectors - Tri-Shield CL2 RG6 - Removable EZ Grip Caps ( CJ25-6BF-N1 ) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

Purchased based upon previous positive experiences with other mediabridge products, and the other stellar online store reviews for this product, i wasn't disappointed at all in the quality or performance of this cable. . The 25' cable i ordered arrived neatly coiled in a sturdy box, with mediabridge info and points of contact should their be an issue with their product. They also followed up the sale with an inquiry email, also offering assistance. I like that kind of customer support! . . The product itself is as expected. Thick, triple shielded coaxial digital audio/video cable that i promptly used to replace a cable that shipped with my mohu leaf 50 indoor hdtv antenna (formerly leaf ultimate). . Recent signal fluctuation and thus channel loss of over-air channels, prompted me to purchase this item. (*the cable that shipped with the mohu leaf ultimate is very thin. ) as expected, this cable vastly improved the signal's strength and stability, allowing me to enjoy free hd over-air broadcasts without choppy transmissions or dropped channels. I would not hesitate to buy more or recommend them to others. . On a side note, i also like that mediabridge has a ez grip end cover built into their cables, which is easily removed if desired. This makes it easy to grasp and twist the end of the connector and seat it properly when connecting to the cable attachment. It also neatens up the look by covering the connection. . Update: 4/23/14. . I use this coaxial cable with my over-the-air antenna and recommend it in my book: simple guide to over-the-air free tv. It really is the best cable i've used and works very well for eliminating signal loss.

Mediabridge Coaxial Cable 25 Feet F-male Connectors - Tri-shield Cl2 Rg6 - Removable Ez Grip Caps Cj25-6bf-n1
Click to see NoticeMediabridge Coaxial Cable F Male Connectors (cj25 6bf n1)"This is a completely fine coaxial cable. I used this cable to connect my television to an antenna and have found it to be very reliable. This cable has been used indoors in a climate controlled environment. I cannot speak to it's quality for outdoor use or for a cable internet connection. The easy grip plastic covers do make screwing the coax into place while reaching behind a tv a bit less of a hassle, but not terribly necessary. If you need to constantly reattach your coax to different devices it may a worth while. That said, i would strongly recommend this for use in a household for television purposes."

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RCA Compact Outdoor Yagi HDTV Antenna 70 Mile Range ANT751E

Get superior reception without the whole neighborhood noticing. This compact outdoor antenna is designed to maximize signal reception and integrate seamlessly into any home environment, indoors or out. Receive all available local hd digital broadcasts channels for free, including digital formats via uhf and vhf frequencies.

RCA Compact Outdoor Yagi HDTV Antenna 70 Mile Range ANT751ERCA-Compact-Outdoor-Antenna-ANT751E

Brand :    rca
Color :    Silver
Size :    Outdoor - 70 Mile Range
Weight :    2.00 pounds
Model :    ANT751E
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Antenna (Speakers product review) for RCA Compact Outdoor Yagi HDTV Antenna 70 Mile Range ANT751E available as-of ( Feb 2019 )
Price :    $32.24 (was $42.99)
  • Simplifies installation with pre-assembled design, easy-lock fold-out uhf reflector and snap-lock elements
  • Enjoy top-rated hdtv network programming and your favorite shows for free with no monthly fee or subscription
  • Withstands tough outdoor conditions with durable construction and materials
  • Disclaimer: reception quality and channels received will depend on distance from towers, broadcast power, terrain and other factors.
  • Supports up to 1080i hdtv broadcasts for high-quality picture and sound - 70+ miles from the towers

Extreme 2 Way HD Digital 1Ghz High Performance Coax Cable Splitter BDS102H

Extreme broadband bds102h 2-way digital coax splitter

Extreme 2 Way HD Digital 1Ghz High Performance Coax Cable Splitter BDS102HExtreme-Digital-Performance-Splitter-BDS102H

Brand :    extreme
Model :    BDS102H
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • 5-1000 mhz/emi - 130db
  • Manufacturers part no. : bds102h
  • 3. 5 db out
Price :    $.99 (was $5.01)
Personal Computer :    Best Wireless Accessory (extreme product review) for Extreme 2 Way HD Digital 1Ghz High Performance Coax Cable Splitter BDS102H available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

Winegard LNA-200 Boost XT HDTV Preamplifier, TV Antenna Amplifier Signal Booster, HD Digital VHF UHF Amplifier 10x Power, Low Noise, 20 dB Max Gain - USA

The first one i purchased was a warehouse deal and it was doa. Naturally it was shipped back. First time i have had a warehouse deal not work out - 1 for 10 for warehouse deals. So after having my antennae up for a couple of weeks i decided to give this a 2nd try by purchasing new. I live in the far north valley of phoenix in a 'bedroom' community. I have a decent sized mountain within 1 1/4 miles, blocking my line site to the towers some 27 miles to the south. With the addition of the winegard lna-200 boost i was able to receive an additional 3 primary stations. That translates it to several additional stations. Additionally, the signal strength did increase for a couple of the other stations previously received without the winegard. Interesting enough that i receive two stations based out of tucson, but not the cbs affiliate in phoenix. Antennae maps show i'm in a violet area for the cbs station, so no real big surprise. If it wasn't for ladder length and a finicky hoa i might try elevating the antennae a little further to capture cbs. Soon will purchase a tivo roamio ota and will cancel the satellite subscription. Note: you will need additional two short lengths of co-axial cable (not included) to install the winegard lna-200 boost xt.

Winegard lna-200 boost xt tv preamplifier, vhf uhf amplifier extend the range and signal quality of your non-amplified digital hdtv antenna with a winegard tv antenna preamplifier. Winegard's ultra low-noise amplifiers offer maximum signal quality. Watch more free shows than ever before! boost clear circuit technology features the lowest noise figure (1 db typical) to deliver more range and reduce signal dropout and pixelation. The boost xt enhances any non-amplified antenna! twinamp technology separately amplifies vhf and uhf signals. This separation of bands increases signal handling capability for up to 10 times more and reduces intermodulation, thereby maintaining the purest signal path possible. Size, compatibility and features - dimensions: 6in x 4in x 4. 8in - twinamp technology separately amplifies vhf and uhf signals - 10x more power handling - bandpass filters remove interfering rf signals - installs on any outdoor non-amplified tv antenna - maximum gain (typical): 20 db - noise figure (typical): 1db - power: +5v at 130ma in the box - lna-200 boost xt preamplifier - 110v adapter, power inserter, hose clamps - printed documentation

Winegard LNA-200 Boost XT HDTV Preamplifier, TV Antenna Amplifier Signal Booster, HD Digital VHF UHF Amplifier 10x Power, Low Noise, 20 dB Max Gain - USAWinegard-LNA-200-Preamplifier-Antenna-Amplifier

Winegard Lna-200 Boost Xt Digital Hdtv Preamplifier (Antenna) FAQ.

In my attic i installed this preamplifier as in this order: 1. Clearstream 4 ultra long range outdoor dtv antenna in attic , 2. Wineguard lna-200 boost xt digital hdtv preamplifier, 3. Usb power inserter and 4. Splitter (8way distribution amplifier). I now get 63 channels and 10 fm channels with the clearstream 4 ultra long range outdoor dtv antenna in attic. Before adding a preamplifier i was only getting 12 stations that are about 35 miles away. . Note: i originally had used antennas direct pa18 uhf/vhf antenna pre-amplifier kit, but i returned it after this winegard preamplifier out performed it. This boost xt preamplifier has a built-in fm trap that attenuates fm signal so that it does not interfere with digital tv channels. This winegard has gain 20 db l-vhf, 15 db h-vhf, 18 db uhf and the antennas direct has gain18. 6 db vhf/15. 4 db uhf gain. . Please note that cable splitters can not be installed between the preamplifier and the power inserter. It they are in the wrong place, they will kill all signals as the splitters will block the preamplifier's operating power which will turn it into the equivalent of a brick. . This preamplifier consists of preamplifier, power inserter, 3 usb cable, 110 v wall adapter, one zip tie, and two weather boots. The preamplifier is mounted on the antenna boom or on the mast as close to the antenna as possible. The power inserter is mounted indoors before the splitters. The preamplifier is located as close as possible to the antenna feed point because the weak received signal must be amplified before it loses signal going through the coaxial cable, and also before it can be subjected to interference from sources between the antenna and the receiver. Preamplifiers mounted farther from the antenna usually amplify (magnify) the interference along with the signal. . By adding an antenna preamplifier to your antenna system, you can effectively boost available antenna signals often weakened by long coaxial cable runs or multiple television sets. A preamplifier can also be used to improve incoming signals from distant vhf/uhf. The preamplifier will boost the signal received by the antenna, making it much stronger by the time it reaches your tv set. It also helps to maintain the strength of the signal as it travels through coaxial cable. Signals received by your tv antenna become weaker as they travel through coax cable and the longer the journey, the weaker the signal becomes. If your local broadcast stations are not transmitting strong signals, or you don t live near the broadcast stations, a preamplifier is almost a necessity if you want to receive a clear signal by the time it reaches your television. . This is such a great preamplifier and so very easy to install. -Notice from W. Margaret, Somerset

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I cut the cable cord years ago, and have gotten by quite well with streaming services. When we recently moved, i became motivated to try and get the local channels back (even basic cable is quite expensive for what you get). . I live about 48 miles (or so) from the tv antennas that broadcast the local stations (use the recommended websites like antennaweb. Org or my favorite . ). I read a bunch of opinions on what the range was for this antenna. I found anywhere from 25-50 miles. I had a friend who had bought a similar model and was very positive on winegard. I also read great things about the antennas the company makes, so with that in mind i took a chance. . Great investment. It is so nice to be able to see crystal clear channels and even a few more than i expected. I was especially happy that i got all of the main local channels (pbs, nbc, fox, abc, cbs). . A couple of notes about my installation:. - i installed it in the attic so that i wouldn't have to do a lot of work on the roof and it wouldn't be exposed to the elements. I paired it with the 'antenna's direct cjmount 20-inch clearstream antenna j-mount ' and that worked great for bolting it in the attic to the trusses. - i am about 48 miles or so from the station antennas but up about 600 feet higher than most of the ground around me. I do have trees and a few other smaller obstacles in the way, but its a pretty clear shot. - aiming the antenna is everything! think about this step and play with it before you give up. Hd signals are solid or they're are not. Try it first with the best possible setup (no splitters, relatively short coax cable to the tv, clearer day). If you can get that to work, you're good and any other problems can likely be fixed with a decent pre-amp (which will boost the signal on the wire from your antenna to your tv). A pre-amp is especially important if you are splitting the connection or running long wires. Both of these options reduce the signal and the pre-amp can offset that loss. - use a compass to help you apply the information from . . In my case it mentioned stations on 17 and 18 degrees. I downloaded a free android app and used that to help me line up the antenna near 17 and 18 degrees (yes, this is very important! ). The app is called 'compass' (lite version). The thing i like best about using this app is that it shows you your camera view in the background so you can line up your phone spot down the barrel of your antenna. - start by setting the antenna on stuff to try out direction and test the signal. I wouldn't recommend permanent mounting until you've spent a little time testing direction. - if you place it in the attic, try not to install it near metal things or with metal things between the antenna and the stations you are trying to reach. Metal and antennas don't go together. Watch out for duct work or anything like that.

Winegard-lna-200-boost-xt-digital-hdtv-preamplifier-(antenna) set picture

- J. MicheleThe lna-200 is an excellent piece of hardware that can produce significant benefits in over-the-air tv reception. That being said, its benefits can only be realized when signal conditions are appropriate and it is installed correctly. From analyzing the negative reviews, it appears that many of the problems that were encountered with this equipment were the result of inappropriate use and/or installation. . The particular situation in which this amplifier works well is one in which the receiving equipment is signal starved but not noisy a low-level signal (e. G. , transmitter tower is distant from the receiver and/or of relatively low power) embedded in a relatively low noise background. While expensive instrumentation is required to definitively determine when this situation exists, it is possible to use the signal strength diagnostics built into most modern digital tv s to get a strong hint that this is the case. In particular, if a tv owner uses the menu option to access a screen which shows the signal strength and/or signal-to-noise ratio and/or signal quality, a reasonably clear picture of an appropriate application may be possible. If these parameters are low i. E. , they reflect a small signal or vary relatively rapidly in time, it is likely that the desired digital signal is being adversely affected by environmental or propagation distance effects. The best way to make this kind of observation is with a single tv set connected to a single antenna either upper-vhf or uhf band so that the intrinsic signal effects are separated from noise or losses arising from multiple splitting effects/losses and/or intrinsic receiver/line noise. Under these conditions, use of a high-quality, low-noise pre-amplifier (i. E. , more than 10 db gain, noise factor of 1 db or thereabouts, but not more than 1. 5 or 2) is likely to be very beneficial. If not, an amplifier like an lna-200 is unlikely to be very helpful. Note: amplifiers with higher noise figures may be useful as distribution amplifiers for multiple splits after the signal levels are brought up to usable levels. . . To use a pre-amplifier like an lna-200 effectively, it should be connected in the coax cable line after the antenna but before any other components (e. G. , before splitters used to divide the signal among multiple tv sets), so that it increases the signal level without amplifying any noise or loss effects introduced by the installation plumbing in a user s home. Other amplifiers, most often characterized as distribution amplifiers rather than pre-amplifiers, typically have much higher noise figures anywhere from 4 to 15 db and may be useful downstream further downstream in a home wiring network. In such locations, they can maintain signal strength after being multiply split, but these amplifiers are not useful in bringing up signal levels from the intrinsic noise floor because they introduce additional noise which is amplified and drives down the intrinsic signal quality. A good measure of overall signal quality is the signal-to-noise ratio (snr), if a tv set s menu of diagnostics provides this parameter: modern tuners must be designed (by the atsc tuner standard to which they are bound) to lock onto digital signals when the snr is at least 15 db, and values less than generally result in poor/no picture and/or image tearing. Signal levels of 20 db or so are ok, but in the presence of atmospheric turbulence or weather may be degraded below useful levels. In this situation, an amplifier like an lna-200 may provide the boost needed to generate a useful, reliable tv image. . While details of the negative reviews that area associated with the lna-200 rarely have enough detail to diagnose the reason for the failures, they give hints that many of the problem areas are likely to have arisen from the following: (1) inappropriate application, such as at the bottom of a cable-splitting chain next to a tv set, rather than at the antenna; (2) incorrect installation of the in-line-coax power supply, which can fail to provide the dc power needed if it s installed backwards or if a signal splitter (most of which are not dc passing if not specifically ordered to allow power to be passed up the line for amps/rotators as the signals come down the line); (3) incorrect installation of the amplifier, by connecting the inputs from the antenna and the output to the tv to the wrong terminal which can damage equipment in the lines, including the amplifier or tv. . Reports of units being dead out of the box (dob) have also appeared in the reviews of this equipment but it s not clear what the frequency of this problem is. Sadly, in the case of most modern electronics, a disappointingly large fraction 5 or 10 % is not unusual - of newly shipped units either are dob or are perceived so. Some of the perceptions are from users who don t know how to set up or connect the equipment probably the majority. The actual number of really dob units is typically a few percent, and may reflect either poor quality control or damage in transit/handling but the reviews which appear online don t provide the information needed to determine what the real problem is. . In the case of the lna-200, my guess is that most of the problems with applications lie with improper application, installation, or connection. The winegard folks have been around for a long time and are known for their excellence in design and production of durable hardware. If you do encounter a problem, i d recommend that you give them a call or send them an e-mail to determine the genesis of the problem they ll almost certainly connect you with an applications engineer who can determine whether you ve got the right gear, installed it correctly, and are using it the way it was supposed to be operated or whether you ve just got a dud. They re a good company probably the best at what they do and my experience has been that they stand behind their gear.

Online store, you're messing up! half these reviews are for antennas, not this amplifier! like having reviews for shoes and socks on the same page. That said, i installed this on my antennasdirect element antenna in the attic, and it improved the signal tremendously, for $44 rather than the antennasdirect product at $79. Two items must be plugged in to the coax antenna cable - the amplifier at the antenna, and a power inserter, probably at your tv. The power inserter has a small transformer that plugs into 110v. You'll need a couple of extra coax jumpers, one from the antenna to the amplifier, and the other between the power inserter and tv. Be careful if you need to split the signal to more than one tv - either the splitter must have pass-through capability, or you need to install the power inserter on the antenna side of the coax cable.

B. Benton, Tennessee

Brand :    winegard
Color :    Black
Size :    apple
Weight :    0.60 pounds
Model :    LNA-200
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Antenna (Speakers product review) for Winegard LNA-200 Boost XT HDTV Preamplifier, TV Antenna Amplifier Signal Booster, HD Digital VHF UHF Amplifier 10x Power, Low Noise, 20 dB Max Gain - USA available as-of ( Feb 2019 )
Price :    $26.59 (was $36.38)
  • In the box - includes winegard boost lna-200 digital tv antenna amplifier, 110v adapter, power inserter, hose clamps and printed documentation. the boost xt preamplifier works with any passive/non-amplified antenna.
  • Winegard tv antenna experts - leading us designer and manufacturer of quality tv antenna and signal equipment since 1954. designed and built in the u. s. a.
  • Hdtv antenna preamplifier - the winegard boost xt tv signal booster enhances any non-amplified antenna, delivering more range and available channels. delivers a crystal clear signal, watch more channels than with an antenna alone.
  • 10x power handling capability - twinamp technology separately amplifies vhf and uhf signals for maximum performance on any non-amplified outdoor antenna. signal selectivity is greatly enhanced and noise and interference is reduced to the lowest levels.
  • Amplified clear circuit technology - boost clear circuit technology features the lowest noise figure (1db typical) to deliver more range and reduce signal dropout and pixelation. the boost xt preamplifier enhances any non-amplified antenna.

ClearStream 2V Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna Mount - 60 Mile Range

Receives crystal clear uhf vhf hdtv signals range: 50 miles includes 20 j-mount amp; amp; roof sealant strips lifetime warranty dim: 20 l x 35. 5 w x 6. 5 d

ClearStream 2V Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna Mount - 60 Mile RangeClearStream-Indoor-Outdoor-Antenna-Mount

Brand :    antennas direct
Size :    18.50in. x 12.30in. x 3.60in.
Weight :    10..1 pounds
Model :    C2-V-CJM
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Dedicated uhf and vhf multi-directional elements deliver range and reception in less than ideal locations
  • Receive free tv from networks like abc, cbs, nbc, fox, cw, pbs, univision, metv and more in fullhd 1080 where available
  • Lifetime warranty on parts
  • Includes clearstream 2v antenna, 20in mount, all-weather mounting hardware, and instructions (coaxial cable sold separately)
  • Best performance among all antennas rated in the 60 mile category note: location, obstructions, and building materials affect reception
Price :    $49.99 (was $78.37)
Speakers :    Best Antenna (antennas direct product review) for ClearStream 2V Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna Mount - 60 Mile Range available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

RCA Matching Transformer -VH54R

Convert that old tv into a newly reborn video machine with this indoor screw-on matching transformer! it can convert a 75 ohm coaxial line to a 300 ohm flat antenna lead.

RCA Matching Transformer -VH54RRCA-VH54R-Matching-Transformer-VH54R

Brand :    rca
Size :    samsung
Weight :    0.1 pounds
Model :    VH54R
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Converts receiver connection to cable or wire
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Converts coaxial (75 ohm) to flat antenna leads (300 ohm)
Price :    $2.08 (was $4.77)
Speakers :    Best Cable Or Adapter (Speakers product review) for RCA Matching Transformer -VH54R available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

Cable Matters 2-Pack Gold Plated 2.4 Ghz 2 Way Coaxial Cable Splitter Coaxial Splitter/TV Splitter/Coax Splitter / RG6 Splitter

The cable matters gold plated coaxial splitter splits a single incoming coaxial signal from cable television (catv), vcr, satellite receiver, cable box, or antenna into multiple outgoing signals. Gold plating ensures a corrosion free connection. Convenient and cost effective 2-pack coaxial splitters can be used on different devices. Specifications - input: 1x coaxial female - output: 2x coaxial female - frequency: 2. 4 ghz - supports dc pass through - plating: gold plated - insertion loss: 5-1000 mhz: 5. 5 db; 1000-1750 mhz: 6 db; 1750-2450 mhz: 7 db - isolation loss: 5-1000 mhz: 17 db; 1000-1750 mhz: 17 db; 1750-2450 mhz: 16 db - return loss: 8 db package contents - 2 x gold plated 2-way coaxial splitter - mounting screws warranty limited lifetime warranty and product support

Cable Matters 2-Pack Gold Plated 2.4 Ghz 2 Way Coaxial Cable Splitter Coaxial Splitter/TV Splitter/Coax Splitter / RG6 SplitterCable-Matters-2-Pack-Coaxial-Splitter

Price :    $8.49
  • Gold plating ensures a corrosion free connection and increases durability
  • The splitter is also referred to as coaxial splitter, coax splitter, coax cable splitter, rg6 splitter, rg6 cable splitter, f type splitter, cable tv splitter, tv signal splitter, rf splitter, f pin splitter, coaxial video splitter, and coaxial digital splitter
  • Convenient and cost-effective 2-pack splitters provide spare or replacement units to use on different devices
  • The gold plated balanced coaxial cable splitter splits an incoming coaxial signal from cable television (catv), vcr, satellite receiver, cable box, or antenna into multiple outgoing signals
  • Precisely constructed zinc cast housing is radio frequency shielded to reduce insertion losses
Brand :    cable matters
Size :    2-Way
Model :    701006x2
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Cable Or Adapter (cable matters product review) for Cable Matters 2-Pack Gold Plated 2.4 Ghz 2 Way Coaxial Cable Splitter Coaxial Splitter/TV Splitter/Coax Splitter / RG6 Splitter available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

VCE 5-Pack Gold Plated F-Type Coaxial RG6 Connector,Cable Extension Adapter

Did what they're supposed to do, connect to coax cables end-to-end.

This rg6 coupler is a perfect choice for extending the length of rg6 patch cables.

VCE 5-Pack Gold Plated F-Type Coaxial RG6 Connector,Cable Extension AdapterVCE-Coaxial-Connector-Extension-Adapter

Vce 5-pack Gold Plated F-type Coaxial Rg6 Connector,cable Extension Adapter (xb1 66g5p uk) FAQ.

Being a ham operator, and using various radios, these connectors help me make quick changes to my antenna's i use. Love it and anyone that is a ham operator will appreciate the use of these connectors. -Notice from X. Imelda, Hertfordshire

Click to Show vce 5-pack gold plated f-type coaxial rg6 connector,cable extension adapter (xb1 66g5p uk) Details

Seem fine and should not tarnish due to gold plating. These are not usable outdoors with male coax with weather boots, however, since the female ends of these are not long enough to accommodate the weather boots and still allow full tightening of the male/female coax connection.

Vce-5-pack-gold-plated-f-type-coaxial-rg6-connector,cable-extension-adapter-(xb1-66g5p-uk) set picture

- W. PalmerNot much to say about this. They are what they are and they work the way they should work.

Measured less than 1db loss, so, it's a good thing

H. Widmer, Staffordshire

Brand :    vce
Color :    Set 1: 5 PACK
Model :    XB1-66G5P-UK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Cable Or Adapter (vce product review) for VCE 5-Pack Gold Plated F-Type Coaxial RG6 Connector,Cable Extension Adapter available as-of ( Feb 2019 )
Price :    $5.98 (was $10.99)
  • Perfect choice for rg6 patch cables.
  • Coax coupler with gold plating resists corrosion and provides rigidity
  • Each f-81 barrel connector is individually packaged for maximum protection
  • Rg6 coupler for extending the length of rg6 coaxial cables
  • Convenient and cost-effective 5-pack f81 connectors provide spare or replacement coaxial couplers for multiple rg6 cables

mediabridge coaxial cable 25 feet with f-male connectors - tri-shield cl2 rg6 - removable ez grip caps cj25-6bf-n1 Price : 8.99, was : 10.99 as 2018-11-21
United States
Great Britain
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The F.A.Q. for mediabridge coaxial cable 25 feet with f-male connectors - tri-shield cl2 rg6 - removable ez grip caps cj25-6bf-n1

High quality cable. The easy-screw ends are particularly a nice feature. Took me a moment to realize that you need to remove the plastic caps from the pins - a nice idea to protect the pins and your fingers when you first handle the cable. I bought it to improve my over-the-air antenna reception, on a recommendation of some reviewers, however it did not make any difference in reception. I guess the antenna already gets the max channels it can get and no cable will improve upon this, not the cable's fault. Regardless, i am using the mediabridge cable instead of the original one, as it's more sturdy and also easy to screw/unscrew when i want to move the antenna from room to room. The shipping was fast and i received an email from the company with details for support, and i appreciated the good customer service.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Can i replace the cable that the direct tv guy connected box to tv with this one?

(1) Question: Can this be used for xfinity internet?

(2) Question: Will it work if i want to relocate my cable modem to another room without jack for time warner cable (tv+internet)?

(3) Question: Is this suitable for use with an fm antenna? my receiver has a coaxial cable connection for such purpose.

(4) Question: I have basic analog cable connected to my hdtv and all channels dont look as clear-in my older tvs they are clear will this make them look more clear?

(5) Question: Is it manufactured in usa?

(6) Question: Is it okay to go too long? i need 15ft but might get 25 in case i move modem. any signal loss with longer lengths?

(7) Question: Is this item solid copper?

(8) Question: How do you remove the blue cap thing on the end?

(9) Question: How does this compare to quad shielded rg6?

(note) Question: where/how to get Mediabridge (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Mediabridge's products


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There is no doubt that this is a higher quality coax cable than is generally available at the "radio" store, the "w" store or your local hardware depot, and at a lower price. That is the reason my first choice of cable manufacturers is mediabridge. . My application was to replace the coax that connected my old hdtv outdoor antenna with new cable for my newer, and better, antenna. The weather had not been kind to the old cable so i took the opportunity to route the new cable where it is more protected from direct exposure to sunlight and the natural elements. I am pleased that the mediabridge cable feels more heavy-duty but yet more flexible and easy to work with. . It is difficult to determine if the cable (in my case) has anything to do with the greatly increased signal strength i am getting on all channels, or that is 100% due to the new antenna but the cable certainly has no negative impact on signal strength. . I am very pleased with the removable plastic ends which make hand-tightening the connectors much easier without using tools, and offers some additional protection against the elements. This apparently is a recent improvement as it is not mentioned in most of the other reviews. There was a review or two which mistakenly thought that the connectors themselves were made of plastic, which is impossible because plastic does not conduct a signal. No, they are simply slip-on plastic ferrules over the standard metal ends that make it easier to get a good grip. . Part of my satisfaction with dealing with mediabridge is that they are not a no-name generic company but rather an organization that puts a lot of emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction. If i can get all that for a price equal to or lower than generic cable, they will be my first choice every time.

Accessories & Supplies 704182, Audio & Video Accessories 235271, Cables & Interconnects 045271, Electronics 282271, F-Pin-Coaxial Tip 655795, Video Cables 814464Top Mediabridge Coaxial Cable F Male Connectors (cj25 6bf n1) FAQ Content

Best mediabridge coaxial cable f male connectors (cj25 6bf n1) in review

This is good quality cable. The connectors are solidly attached at the ends. You should only use as much cable as you need, because added cable length attenuates the signal, but this is low loss cable and the difference between 25' of cable and 50' of cable probably won't be significant. . For outside applications, protect all connections from water, as any water (even humidity) that can make it into the connection will cause corrosion, which is a major source of signal loss. I'd recommend wrapping the sticky rubbery silicone tape that sticks to itself over the connection, sliding heat shrink tubing over that and shrinking it to keep out water. When possible, install connections under eves where they are protected from rain, snow and ice. . The blue molded plastic grips on the end connectors allow this cable to be installed by hand, which can be very handy when making blind connections on the back of the tv as it's hanging on a wall mount (detaching the lower portion of the tv from the wall mount and hinging it out from the top helps to make enough clearance), but there is a down side to the plastic connector grips. You'll need to drill a large 9/16" hole in the side of your house if you're running this cable outside to connect to an external antenna. . I used this cable to connect a large roof mounted 3'x4' db8e uhf antenna directly to our samsung 32" led tv without using an inline amplifier, and we're picking up strong signals from hdtv stations almost 90 miles away. We get 35 channels of over-the-air hdtv, with no cable bill. . I ordered the tv, bluray/dvd player, coax, antenna mount and antenna from online store and it all worked great together. Great price, great value, great convenience. I love shopping on online store and having the stuff i want in a couple of days, delivered directly to my door. I don't even watch tv. That's my wife. I do watch some online store prime streaming video, though.

J. Meredith, Rhode Island

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L. Mary, Gloucestershire says

I bought this cable after doing some research about the difference between rg6 and rg59 coax cable. I was having trouble getting some hd channels on my cable box, they would pixelate. There was a 50 foot piece of rg59 run in the attic from a splitter to the jack in the living room. As soon as i replaced this section, my channels came in clear. It is important to make sure that the short piece of cable that goes from the jack in the wall to the cable box is rg6 also. You can see the difference between 6 and 59 in the diameter of the cable as well of the gauge of the "stinger" wire, both are noticeably larger. This is a high quality cable and you can see it when you look at it.

R. Rowe, Washington

I ordered one of these 100' cables from mediabridge for the great price and free shipping with "online store prime". Ups delivered it to wrong address but before resolving this issue i had to order another one as i needed it right away. A 100' cable at the "big box" stores cost twice as much anyway. I got the second cable without a problem, then after running the entire length from basement to attic in our 1975 four bedroom condo and hooking to an hd cable receiver i called the cable company to activate the new box. I was a little worried about signal strength as i have two splitters in the line. First a 2-way splitter, with one "out" going to a cable modem and the other into another 4-way splitter. Among the 4 "outs" there was this 100' cable to the new hd cable box? well, during the activation process with the cable company we did have an issue at first but it turned out to be a bad hdmi cable. The tech with the cable company said it wasn't my cable connection because he could see that i had a "very strong" (his words) signal through the cable. Swapped out the hdmi cord and the hd signal was beautiful. In summary i learned if you stick with quality "spitters" and high-end cables like this one from mediabridge with compression connectors the length of the cable runs will be less of a factor. Oh yeah, and the other cable from my first order showed up. I was going to send it back but decided to put it to use as well. Now i have two 100'runs from the 4-way splitter and they both have great signal strength.

W. Cathy, Barnet says

Replaced old coax cable running in my house with this one and it cured random t3 and t4 cable modem timeouts that were plaguing my internet connection for many months. Signal quality is superb, i've got 0/0 correctable/uncorrectable errors over the course of a week since the install, previously there were tens of thousands per day and spontaneous connection drops. Highly recommended.

G. Kellie, Maryland

I have purchased this cable for the third time, which is an indication of satisfaction with the product. This is a very good quality cable: rugged and well made. The plastic covers over the end of the connectors protect the center conductor during shipping and installation, especially when you have to feed it through tight spots. Also, the blue plastic sleeves around the nut of the f connector make it easier to tighten it. I purchased this cable to replace a shorter (25') rg-59 with higher losses, to be able to mount the antenna outside. The signal strength seemed better with this longer (50') rg-6. Given the quality and the price, i definitely recommend this product. . Second purchase:. I recently ordered a second cable to add another antenna to my cable-cut configuration. Mediabridge continues to be my coax cable of choice: solid and well made. The ez grip connector caps make it much easier to attach, especially in tight places.

W. Guest, Rotherham says

This cable it built right the way this cable should be. I say that because it's replacing a cable i thought was a cheap good deal but the signal lose was awful and we didn't get half the channels we knew we should get and then we replaced the cheapper cable with this one. Wow. All i can say is buy it and don't be cheap with in this area. My lesson cost me time and money. Please learn from me and just buy good cable right from the start.

U. Newell, Worcestershire

One of the most demanding applications for rg6 coaxial cable is using it between satellite antennas and receivers. I bought this cable to give me more flexibility of placement for my winegard pl-7000 dish playmaker hd portable satellite antenna (rv portable satellite dish, tailgating portable satellite antenna) - white while using it with my vip211k dish satellite receiver. . Winegard supplies 25-feet of cable with their antenna and recommends no more than 50-feet for best performance. Since my motorhome already has 25-feet of internal wiring between my receiver and the external satellite antenna connection, adding this 50-feet of cable exceeds winegard's recommendation. Nonetheless, using this extra cable length did not decrease the strength of my satellite signal by a measurable amount and had no effect whatsoever on the excellent quality of my hd picture. . I also found the removable plastic connector covers made tightening the connections much easier. The cost of this cable is about 1/4 of what the equivalent belden cable costs on online store.

E. Anonymous, South Carolina says

The mediabridge 8ft triple shielded coax with f-connectors is an excellent product for cable tv and broadband patching. I used this cable to carry my video signal from the splitter behind my tv into the cabinet where my tivo is going to live. . First, i have to say that mediabridge takes packaging their cabling to a higher level. The cable came packaged in an individual box wrapped in plastic film that comes off easily. There was a sheet describing how to remove/replace the "easy grip" connector covers. This does not change the cable quality but helps make sure it's delivered intact. Well done. . The easy grip connector caps seemed like a silly thing but they really make it easier to get the cable connected and turn the locking nut to finger tight. I was pleased and surprised by this little convenience. If you don't like them, they can be pulled off. . The f-connectors are well made and installed compression connectors. I expect them to last the life of the cable. The screw onto my equipment smoothy provide a confident connection. . The cable is triple shielded - foil, braid and foil shields to enhance noise immunity and minimize losses. This also means this isn't the most supple cable one might find, but i found it was just fine for my purposes. Which didn't require radical bends which should be avoided with rf applications. If you do need a very flexible or soft cable this may not be a great choice. . The my setup this is a perfect patch cable. 8ft might be a bit longer than absolutely needed but maybe it's good to have a little slack to play with. . Because this f-connector coax cable turned out to be just about perfect for my application, and the "easy grip" covers were surprisingly useful i'm giving the mediabridge 8ft triple shielded coax cable 5 stars. . Hope this helps someone.

O. Julie, Manchester

Great, high quality coax cable. I installed the antenna and ran the coax down from the antenna to the entry point on the side of the house. There had been cable tv already run into the house by the previous owner. The cable provider hooked on to the cable that had been installed by the builder that ran to the network wiring block to go to each room in the house. The cable tv entry into the house was right alongside the power company entry to the house. The coax ran within about 12" from the power meter (a smart meter). The rf microwave signals that are constantly being broadcast from the smart meter back to the power company screwed up the tv reception on several channels. After rerouting the coax cable away from the power meter, and covering the power meter with grounded aluminum screen wire it corrected the problem. Keep the coax wire away from your power meter! especially if it's a smart meter. Lesson learned!

L. Betty, Nordrhein-Westfalen says

I bought this product with the idea in mind of moving my over-the-air tv antenna from my living room to an unfinished attic. My reception had been good almost all of the time with the antenna in the living room, but there were times when it was 'spotty' on certain channels. I am in a 1. 5 story house with 2 very large cottonwood trees across the street from me (they are between me and 2 of the main signals i receive. I needed a high quality cable for this application, and this one really fits that category. I did have to additionally purchase an adaptor to connect the 2 sections of coaxial cable (1 secton running off the antenna), but i picked it up for under $5, and that was a monster brand gold-plated unit. The company who manufactures the antenna i have also offered an extension, but theirs was 25 ft. For $30. The mediabridge unit was twice as long for half the price, and i believe the quality is even better. Very happy with this purchase, and i highly recommend it.

E. Irene, City of Kingston upon Hull

I have purchased this product in the 25 foot, 15 foot, 8 foot (twice purchased), and 4 foot lengths. Since they don't make a 3 foot length, i'll be back eventually to buy another 4 foot length cable. I tie them together with right angle and linear barrel connectors in order to feed an internet cable signal from one room to another with an intervening hallway between, tightly hugging the baseboards as we go. . We are here talking about 75 ohm f-pin/f-pin rg-6 coax cable for digital signals. Mediabridge advertises these as "triple shielded" but the word "quad" appears on the cable itself. I don't know what the word "quad" would refer to if not shielding. Quad shielded cable seems to be more the norm from other sellers but i think "triple shielded" is just fine. Maybe there are different ways of defining shielding or maybe the manufacturer ran out of "triple" and substituted "quad" for a time. I just point this out as a matter of observation. I doubt any performance difference could be measured with technical lab instruments much less under conditions of typical intended usage, viz. , to convey a broadband digital signal from here to there in a home or home office. And the "quad, " if it indeed refers to substance and is not just a matter of semantics, is an upgrade of the "triple" spec, not a downgrade. . What can we more say? these well-made cables do the job, as expected with all mediabridge products, without problems or hassels. The easy grip connector caps are a nice additional touch. You won't need pliers to grip and tighten the connections.

A. Candy, Schleswig-Holstein says

I bought the 25 feet one. . Make sure to remove the white cap that's on it (there should also be instruction to remind you). . It's nice that it comes shipped in a compact box. . It is curled up that you have to hold one end and keep twisting around to prevent it from curling up again. You can prevent it from curling up again, despite the other negative reviews. . I love the blue removable easy grip connector; it's such a pain when it comes to screwing on regular coaxial cables without a grip, usually always have the most difficulty with them (or you end up really feeling the heat when trying to remove them while the tv is on), but the grip really does make it much easier and smoother experience. . The cables are thick. I also own mediabridge hdmi cables and i trust their quality and prices. I'm happy with the purchase.

J. Sally, Yukon Territory

As everyone else has said, this is a very high quality rg6 cable. What many people don't know is that the latest internet cable standard(docsis 3) is very sensitive to interference. So if your cable provider upgrades to it, the low quality cable that you had before could make the connection very intermittent or even non-functional. If you live in a rf noisy area (apartment complex, next to a cell tower or amateur radio) throw a grounding coupler and rod on this at the cable box. You'll need a special tool to open it, too. All said and done that's less than $30 to fix it the the best possible way, which at least where i am is less that just the service call that i would have had to pay. . If you prefer to know for sure before you buy and you are a little techy then google how to log into your modem. In there somewhere should be a list of bonded channels. You'll want to look at the downstream channels, if it's true docsis 3 then they should be using qam256 modulation and your snr should be an absolute minimum of 30 db. Note this snr can change as the rf around you changes. If it's less than that, the cable is the most likely problem and the only one you can fix at any rate.

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