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Price was 0. The product works well and looks nice. Appearance may sound trivial, but i wanted something that blended well with my other high-end stereo equipment since it sits in the my living room. This product blends in nicely. It interfaced with my wifi easily (netgear) and i was able to transfer my sirius/xm account with just a phone call to the company. I had a sirius box, but one it was unsightly and two it struggled to get the satellite feed in my house. Streaming wireless works much better. I have experienced two cons with this device. First, like many reviewers have noted, the user interface is not very friendly. You have to scroll through long menus and it all seems very 1990's. I also find the organization counterintuitive and hard to navigate. Secondly, the system loses my wifi periodically. The signal is strong and i have a signal booster inches from this device. I have lots of wifi devices and some home automation and this is the only device that loses the signal. . I find myself using this mostly for sirius and internet radio. I do not stream my music through it because it is still easier to connect my ipod to my receiver. I have a lot of music and its much easier and quick to use the interface on my ipod to find particular songs. I have given it four stars. The clumsy interface is a detraction and probably should be upgraded in future models. Recommended with some reservation.

-N. Denise

Hi-fi Internet Radio The Grace Digital Tuner (gdi-irdt200) Is A Combination Internet Radio And Audio Media Streaming Device That Brings All The Audio Content Of The Internet From Your Broadband Connection -Grace Digital Gdi-irdt200 Hi-fi Internet Radio Tuner

  1. Benefits: Connects Directly To Home Stereo Through Analog, Digital Rca Or Fiber Optic Connection.
  2. Benefits: Large 2 Line Backlight Display.

Inexpensive Grace Digital Gdi-irdt200 Hi-fi Internet Radio Tuner (Speakers) Gdi Irdt200

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This device fits a narrow but growing niche in the internet radio/streaming market. New receivers are being designed and manufactured with built in wifi/cat5 connections for internet as well as tuner/interface capabilities to manage/tune the myriad stations. (and televisions and dvd players are building in streaming audio/video as well. As apps spring up all around). . It is possible now to now envision collapsing the majority of the audio/video content a consumer consumes, into a $40/mo 5mb dsl connection + a few ancillary fees here and there (think pandora premium, hulu+, vudu etc. ) that means shedding cable which, at my home, has continued to rise in price at a rate that is way out of pace with the general rise in prices of commodity services in general. Internet bandwidth and phone pricing - both commodity services in the consumer space - has been falling steadily. So why the continued spike up in cable pricing? think monopoly franchises and high premiums toward content/licensing. . The grace digital unit slots in nicely as an audio component for those of us who have audio receivers that are a few years old. . The first unit i received was defective and i returned it to online store within 24 hours of trying to set it up. None of the audio outputs were functional. Tech support at grace digital was very professional and helpful in getting to the bottom line with the issue quickly. Plus i learned a few things in the process about the unit. . The second unit works fine via the rca outputs though i'm having problems trying to make the coax output work, and the optical output work - but it could be a problem with my onkyo receiver. . Setup was fast. The unit found my router/network, the wpa key was pretty easy to enter, and the signal is strong. . All in all i am pretty pleased with this unit. The only reason i didn't give it 5 stars has to do with some perceptions i have around output functionality due to one returned unit and my attempts to enable coax and optical connections from the grace digital unit to my onkyo receiver. . I would be interested to hear from others who have been successful in setting up either the optical or coax output connections to their receivers for some balance, and would be willing to revisit my rating based on that input. Best hi-fi internet radio | Grace Digital Audio-Speakers Review as-of ( Feb 2019 ) Benefits Grace Digital GDI-IRDT200 Hi-Fi Internet Radio Tuner More than 17, 000 free radio stations from local to around the world including npr, pandora & bbc, plus sirius premium internet radio service. Connects directly to home stereo through analog, digital rca or fiber optic connection. Large 2 line backlight display. Includes full-size remote. Listen to over 16, 000 internet radio stations including pandora, iheartradio, npr on-demand, bbc, espn, live 365, sirius, over 30, 000 podcast. Built in ethernet jack and 802. 11g card connects to any ethernet or 802. 11b, g or n wireless router (no computer needed). Play the grace internet radio tuner via your home stereo or distributed audio system via digital (toslink or coaxial) or rca analog outputs. Control your internet radio music or media files via large 2 line display with 30 micro backlight adjustments and 5 alarm settings. Includes a remote control with batteries and fm antenna .

Grace digital gdi-irdt200 hi-fi internet radio tuner Review (gdi irdt200)

(april 15 2016) i raised my review to 4 stars. It took a while, but i think i understand the user interface much better now. And i didn't realize at first there was a web app, which made things much easier. My grace digital is now the control center for my stereo. All my cds have been dumped to . Wav files, which play great from a 256gb usb drive and are easily accessible. Pandora channels are great. Audio quality is great though my external dac. I couldn't do without this now. . (original review). There is need for a product of this type. And i'm keeping mine. However, this unit is poorly designed. To begin, it simply won't connect to my xfinity router. The pathetic instruction booklet doesn't help. If anyone knows how to do this, please comment. I had to purchase a netgear n300 wifi to ethernet adapter, and use the ethernet connection. Once connected, it does work. However, the pathetic user interface is slow and utterly non-intuitive. I was able to locate and listen to some internet radio stations. Perhaps as i play with it more, i'll get better at it. I have not been able to get the fm tuner to work. How on earth do you tune to a station? does the fm play through the digital out? . . So, why is this a three star review? well, i connected the optical digital out to the digital input of my harman kardon cd player. This is a high-end player with great dacs and 48khz sampled analog output. Using this method, the radio sounds great; much better than through the radio's rca analog outputs. Awesome actually! and i ripped my entire cd collection to wav files, which i put on to a usb drive which plugs into the rear of the tuner. I can now listen to any cd i want fairly easily. And the sound better than the cds! . . So, i'm keeping it. It's better than nothing, and perhaps i'll get better at using it. Still, this is a great opportunity for sony or denon or harman kardon to come up with something much better and much easier to use. -R. Mahood

Grace Digital Gdi Irdt200 Hi Fi Internet

  • Order: Electronics
  • Brand: Grace Digital
  • Color: Black
  • EAN: 0777782031859
  • HazardousMaterialType: Unknown
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:1.92 inches
    Length:11.50 inches
    Weight:6.00 pounds
    Width:17.20 inches
  • Manufacturer: Grace Digital Audio
  • Model: GDI-IRDT200
  • MPN: GDI-IRDT200
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: GDI-IRDT200
  • Sub-Type: Speakers
  • Category: SPEAKERS
  • UPC: 851975731310
  • Warranty: 1 Year

hi-fi internet radio Speakers, The grace digital tuner (gdi-irdt200) is a combination internet radio and audio media streaming device that brings all the audio content of the internet from your broadband connection directly to your home stereo. with it users can listen to 16, 000+ radio stations from npr on-demand, fox news, cnn, bbc, cbs to kroq, over 35, 000 podcast, 20, 000+ on-demand subscription streams or your personal pandora radio stations - free. the tuner provides not only standard rca connections to your home stereo but also two digital out connections for the highest audio quality experience as well as both wi-fi and an ethernet connection to your home broadband router. in addition to the ability to play all the free music in the world, music files from your pc or mac, a sd or usb drive the grace tuner can also access sirius premium internet radio services with a subscription directly from sirius. the tuner comes with a full featured remote control and is compatible with the free grace remote control app for iphone/itouch. connect all your digital music to your home stereo, with grace. Grace Digital Gdi-irdt200 Hi-fi Internet Radio Tuner (GDI-IRDT200-Grace Digital).

Grace Digital Gdi Irdt200 Hi Fi Internet Speakers

hi-fi internet radioGrace Digital GDI-IRDT200 Hi-Fi Internet Radio Tuner (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

What a great addition to our home's sound system. Now we have pandora in every room. We purchased a refurbished unit and are pleased with the grace receiver. The wi-fi system worked fine. Because all of our equipment is located in a separate utility room, i decided to connect the unit via a lan connection to our router. . Grace support was wonderful to work with during the initial setup. The newer models are extremely user friendly. I am not so techie and needed grace's support to talk me through the setup.

Grace Digital Gdi-irdt200 Hi-fi Internet Radio Tuner
Click to see NoticeGrace Digital Gdi-irdt200 Hi-fi Internet Radio Tuner (gdi irdt200)"First, i was shocked how online store shipped this order. I mean, come on, if we are going to compete with walmart. Com we have to package better for the $20 shipping fee online store charged me. Walmart ships for free if you pick it up in a local store. Online store shipped in the original electronic box which is flimsy cardboard. The factory box arrived cracked and opened with the online store label on the outside. Online shipment tracking revealed the box arrived in my city and returned to online store and back to my city and finally to my door. However, the unit worked. . Hookup, wifi network linking and finding a sample internet radio station took about 20 minutes. I used analog rca patch cords to a mcintosh c50 pre-amp and my last apprehension was dispelled. Selection of high bandwidth signals produces a 'listenable' audio experience. Better than over-the-air fm reception and about the same as playback of an . Mp3 on a computer. Having this grace tuner on a component stereo rack produces a signal that provides musical definition for voice, piano, sax, drums, everything but 70s rock, but the last type of music was always weak in digital format. . I was inclined to build my own internet radio streamer with electronic parts i had laying around. I changed my mind while researching and decided, for the price, that the grace unit would be a little more convenient and more attractive as a stereo component that looks like a stereo component. There are lots of ways to play internet radio, e. G. On a laptop computer. There are currently not so many choices to play internet radio as signal-out into a component stereo. Other choices besides the grace unit costs $100s more and i'm not convinced they offer any better playback. The more expensive units out there show an album cover thumbnail in the video display panel and have dac chips for sound enhancement. The grace unit has dac chips and dot matrix alphanumerics information in the display panel. . Now, i do bend the wave signal a little bit with my pre-amp's 5-band equalizer. A flat signal does sound flat. . The grace unit sounds great and looks like an fm tuner. I look forward to researching the 50, 000+ radio channels available on the internet."

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Grace Digital ACC-ETHRNT Grace Digital USB to Ethernet RJ45 Adapter

The grace digital usb to ethernet adapter allows for any grace digital internet radio with a built in usb jack to connect directly to any standard ethernet (rj45) jack in your home or office. While all grace radios have wireless connectivity, only select models have built in usb jacks. Please review the available connections on your grace internet radio or wi-fi music player prior to purchase of this adapter. This usb to ethernet adapter will work with all grace digital usb enabled internet radios and wi-fi music players.

Grace Digital ACC-ETHRNT Grace Digital USB to Ethernet RJ45 AdapterGrace-Digital-ACC-ETHRNT-Ethernet-Adapter

Brand :    bsttop
Color :    white
Weight :    0.40 pounds
  • Allows any grace digital internet radio with a usb jack to connect directly to standard ethernet (rj45) jacks
  • Up and running in minutes. plug the adapter into the radio and the router. turn the radio off then back on. you are now connect!
  • Current grace internet radios that support this adapter are: gdi-irc6000/6000w, gdi-irn1941, gdi-irn4500m, gdi-irms300.
Price :    $20.40 (was $22.50)
Model :    ACC-ETHRNT
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Speakers :    Best Cable Or Adapter (bsttop product review) for Grace Digital ACC-ETHRNT Grace Digital USB to Ethernet RJ45 Adapter available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

Grace Digital Mondo+ Wireless Smart Speaker Internet Radio Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 3.5 Color Display

The mondo+ (plus) from grace digital provides superior sound in a stylish design that incorporates your favorite listening options into a single device! you can stream your favorite apps including online store music, pandora, google play, tune in, radio, spotify, youtube music and many others! group multiple mondo+ units together with wi-fi connectivity and control the stream content throughout your home. Max audio technology from waves inc. Gives the mondo+ room filling sound from the custom 3 woofer and 1 tweeter speaker drivers. Charge your phone through the usb 5v port in the back or plug in a compatible usb storage device with saved music files and play the music directly through the mondo+. Bluetooth v4. 1 integrated chip allows you to also connect and play music from your smartphone. 3. 5 color display shows playlist; station and album art while streaming music and makes for easy navigation through menus; settings; and apps. Make your device portable with the optional rechargeable battery (sold separately). All product names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners (bose, sonos, demon, sound touch 10, play 1, heos etc. ), which are in no way associated or affiliated with grace digital or the mondo+. Product names are used solely for the purpose of identifying the specific products that were compared in the analysis. Use of these names does not imply any co-operation or endorsement.

Grace Digital Mondo+ Wireless Smart Speaker Internet Radio Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 3.5 Color DisplayGrace-Digital-Wireless-Internet-Bluetooth

Brand :    grace digital
Color :    Black
Weight :    3.00 pounds
Model :    GDI-WHA6001
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Via your smartphone or chromecast browser cast pandora, tunein, google play, spotify, youtube music, bbc, npr and hundreds of others to your mondo+! control a mondo+ with a google home (sold separately). group multiple mondo+ for multi-room audio synchronized playback.
  • Make your mondo+ portable with the optional rechargeable battery (sold separately). clock is auto synched via the internet. 5 individual alarms
  • What's in the box: mondo+, 100-240v, 12v 2 amp power adapter, manual, infra-red remote control
  • Listen to over 30, 000 internet radio stations from around the corner to around the world including iheartradio, cbs radio, bbc, npr, and siriusxm (subscription sold separately by siriusxm). control the music via the front panel, included remote control, or free iphone or android remote control app.
  • Play prime music, itunes and any other music via the integrated bluetooth v4. 1 chip. works with all 802. 11b/g/n routers
Price :    $149.99
Ce :    Best Radio (grace digital product review) for Grace Digital Mondo+ Wireless Smart Speaker Internet Radio Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 3.5 Color Display available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

Grace Digital Wi-Fi Music Player 3.5-Inch Color Display GDI-IRC6000 Black

I bought this radio to replace a logitech squeezebox radio so i can listen to sirius as, according to sirius, the squeezebox will no longer stream sirius after 9/30/15 without a software update from logitech, which isn't happening as the product is no longer supported. I've had the radio for only a few hours, but it appears to be a serviceable replacement for the squeezebox. The physical appearance is very similar to the squeezebox, although it has a slightly larger footprint. Setup was easy. I powered it up and entered my network info and it automatically started downloading software updates. There was no account to set up like there was for the squeezebox. The sirius app was already installed and all i had to do was enter my account info. I selected a channel and music was playing. The sound is about as good as that of the squeezebox. There is an equalizer menu with a few presets, which are good enough for me. Otherwise you can adjust the treble and base. I take off one star because the radio doesn't seem as polished as the squeezebox and i haven't really had a chance to explore its features, but i give it 5 stars for what i needed it for, which is to stream siriusxm.

The grace digital mondo wi-fi music player (gdi-irc6000) is a combination internet radio and audio media streamer that brings all the audio content of the internet from your broadband connection to your home or office. Listen to over 17, 000+ radio stations including npr on-demand, fox news, cnn, bbc, cbs to kroq, over 35, 000 podcast, 20, 000+ on-demand streams or your personal pandora radio stations - free. In addition to the ability to play all the free music in the world, music files from your pc, mac, nas or usb thumb drive are also easily accessed via the bright large 3. 5-inch tft color backlight display. The mondo also accesses additional free and pay music services such as dar. Fm, live 365, mp3tunes, iheartradio, weatherbug and siriusxm internet radio. The mondo comes with a full featured remote control with direct access pandora thumbs up and down buttons, aux input to connect additional music sources (such as an iphone - not included), rca outputs, usb jack to play usb saved music on a thumb drive or connect a grace usb to ethernet dongle (not included) and is compatible with the free grace remote control app for iphone/itouch/ ipad and android phones. The grace mondo has 7 full discrete alarms to wake up to buzzer or your favorite preset. With the built in adjustable snooze bar/sleep timer wake or fall asleep to your favorite digital music. On the front of the radio there are 10 presets as well as media player buttons and direct access pandora buttons to thumbs up/down, skip or pause pandora music. The headset jack is conveniently located on the side. For the ultimate in portability the grace mondo provides a built in lithium ion battery charger. The battery pack (sold separately) provides up to 6 hours of true portable music. Listen to all of your digital music anywhere in your home or office - with grace.

Grace Digital Wi-Fi Music Player 3.5-Inch Color Display GDI-IRC6000 BlackGrace-Digital-3-5-Inch-Display-GDI-IRC6000

Grace Digital Wi-fi Music Player 3.5-inch Color Display Gdi-irc6000 Black (Speakers) FAQ.

Update (3/21/2016):. . Pretty much everything is working well. I did discover that it's not possible to stop a stream, which mostly isn't needed, but would be good. Because of how my display lighting is set up, i can't just get the display to turn on and wake up from inactive without actually turning it on if i want to check the time. So i'll have to find another lighting setup i can use during the night. . Weatherbug: apparently, weatherbug doesn't show you the current temperature. I know this isn't necessarily grace digital's fault, but it's not really useful if you want to see how cold or hot it is outside and dress accordingly. It seems to just show the high temperature for the day on the left side of the screen, with the weekly forecast on the left. Not a huge deal, it just doesn't make much sense to me. I wish they would fix this. . -. . I just got my mondo today, so unless something changes over time, here's my review after one hour of testing. . Good:. . The radio does a lot of the things it says it does. I tested browsing internet radio through the radio, adding stations to my stations/my stuff, linking my old pandora account and playing a station, and registering the product on the website. I haven't tested alarms yet. It looks nice, and the screen looks like what you might see in youtube videos. Pretty low res, but still functional and doesn't leak light heavily, if at all. I ended up getting the mondo over the encore because i heard and saw that it looked like the encore's screen was not covered by plastic, which isn't good. The sound is actually really good for the radio's size, but if you want full stereo, you should get a set of powered speakers. It comes with an rca cable. . It does sound a lot better than a regular old clock radio or my sony dash, which it replaces on my nightstand. There are several formats and bitrates this unit can handle. I saw 128k, 256k, aac+, mp3, wma, etc. I'm sure all that's in the spec sheet. It doesn't load stations like a laptop on fast wifi, but there's usually only a loading time of about 10-15 seconds for me. It's located upstairs, but right above my router, which is downstairs. My house is made of wood and sheetrock with not much else in between. I didn't test aux in, playing songs from usb, the remote, or the smartphone apps. . So-so:. . It does get fingerprinty pretty quickly. A matte finish would have been much better, but not a big deal. After setup, i'm assuming only the area around the snooze button will really get dirty. The preset buttons seem a little weak, but all the rest seem solid. I did have some problem with the mondo losing connection to my network, even though the signal strength was 100% (or close to). This seemed to happen when i was searching very fast through stations or selecting a station when another station was trying to load or buffer (some stations in the middle east took longer to load or didn't load. We're talking iraq and iran here; the uae and saudi stations were quick). It's almost like the board was overheating and couldn't stay connected under heavy processing load. After i filled up all my presets, i didn't have any problems with buffering during playback at all, even with the stations that took a while to buffer the first time i connected. Also, it can only see my 2. 4ghz network, and won't see my 5ghz network. Again, not a huge deal as i have both, but if you only have 5ghz, you're probably screwed until they update it. . For the alarms, you have the choice to set an alarm to go off weekly, daily, on weekdays, weekends, with only one station to choose for each. So unfortunately you can't wake up to kroq on monday and rammstein radio on thursday unless you want to set multiple alarms for every day of the week (i think the max is five) and turn them on every night before bed, which i don't want to do. . . Bad:. . So far there's nothing bad about this thing based on my expectations. I researched a lot, and even though there aren't a ton of tabletop internet radios out there, this was the best choice. Hopefully it stays reliable for a while. . Overall, it has all the things i needed: internet radio alarm capability (again, untested), alarms i can set for weekdays, weather i can check before work, and decent sound that's better than an older fm clock radio or the sony dash, and it looks better on a tabletop than something like a sangean wrf-28, which is more of a portable radio. Keep in mind the battery pack for this is sold separately, so just add that into the cost if you wanna move it around a lot. . I wish there were more options out there and more/better features for the money at this point (2016), but i don't think the demand is very high for dedicated devices like these. The price is a little high for the mondo, but it's worth the money if you're really looking for a good clock radio and/or just a good little tabletop internet radio to maybe start your day with or just listen to while you're working. . I saw a ton of questions about individual radio stations; if you want to know what stations you can get before you buy, you can always make an account for free at on their website and then search for stations. Just uncheck the box about receiving updates if you don't want them to bother you. As far as i know, i haven't received any email from them, and i've had an account for at least several months. -Notice from F. Nicole, Hawaii

Click to Show grace digital wi-fi music player 3.5-inch color display gdi-irc6000 black (speakers) Details

Living in a rural area, i find it impossible to listen to good radio stations on fm; they are just too far away. Hello, internet radio! thank you, digital technology! i have been using old iphones and ipods paired with docking stations, connected to conventional radios. And that's totally workable, and if the radio sounds good to begin with, that's fine. But this grace digital radio takes internet radio to another level: convenience and ease of use. I use the presets to store stations from pandora, then i use the presets to store stations i've found on the internet, stations that i couldn't bring in before, because they were too far away. Now i don't have to jump through several hoops to boot up my radio and find my station, as i used to have to do with my iphones and docks and what have you. This digital miracle has it all. No more booting up apps, and switching them just to switch stations. Know this going in: this is a bed stand, table top radio. One speaker. It's clear and crisp, but it's not stereo, and it lacks bass. But if you're lying in bed reading late at night, and you want to pull in that classical music station all the way from pittsburgh or peoria, it will come in cleaner and crisper than you have ever experienced in the old days. And if you want to switch to your pandora station instantaneously, just hit the preset. Boom. If you're in the market for stereo and bass, you need to step up to the next level. But this radio is remarkable for being the best internet radio receiver in this niche. Period.

Grace-digital-wi-fi-music-player-3.5-inch-color-display-gdi-irc6000-black-(speakers) set picture

- Y. MaryNot 5 stars, see instead five little turds. I originally ordered this wifi radio from (dis)grace digital and when it arrived it had obviously been previous shipped to someone else, repackaged by them, and returned to (dis)grace digital. The factory packaging was no longer factory, but shoved together and put back in the box to return. Why you wonder? because the wifi radio didn't work, it just gave a lighted screen with lines going through it that never could do anything else. I was disgusted and returned it, and was ready to write a nasty review, but my wife said, "mistakes happen, let's just go through the process and get something else. " ok, cool, i'll keep my head and just be patient and do the "right thing. " but i am determined to find a different wifi radio to buy on online store. Well, after looking at all the options, and not wilingl to spend $400, i land back on this beauty that we had already purchased once. My wife was hoping we could get this one, this is the one she wanted, it looked like the best one, and dog gonnit, what are the chances that the second one would be bad also. Well, crap, i order the second one from (dis)grace digital, and wouldn't you know it, this one has also obviously been previously opened and returned by a customer. How do i know? factory packaging was not original, power cord was wrapped around itself like i wrap a power cord when i put it in a suitcase for travel. The fitted foam packaging material was in backward and folded in half. Maybe that's the factory, could be, but i doubt it. But the finger smears on the front of the wifi radio and bits of food or some foreign sticky material definitely were not factory. We are not buying from these dudes again. Now am i suspicious of online store also. How are they allowing these type of sellers. At least the return policy is still good. I, however, will be looking at best buy for an item like this from now on.

At 68 years of age, i have been a radio nut, owning innumerable radios since i was 10 years old (including many amateur and shortwave radios employed during more than 50 years as a "ham" operator). I have never enjoyed a radio quite as much as the grace mondo. . I have owned other internet radios, including a sanyo r227 and have used ipod touch and smartphones to listen to internet radio. I once used sirius xm in the house for a couple of years (still use it in the car). I've had countless fm radios, shortwave radios, high-sensitivity am radios, and even many scanner radios. But none could provide the width and depth of information and entertainment that this unit does - and as easily as it does it. . Basically, the mondo will pick up just about anything in the world, including every single am and fm station anywhere near me (and it knows what those are from your ip address). It can tune in thousands upon thousands of podcasts. It can easily find and provide any kind of music you want, including many channels without advertising. . I am an otr (old time radio) fan - not the music, but the drama, comedy, western, sci-fi, mystery, and other shows from the 30s through the 50s. Scores of internet broadcasters provide non-stop otr around the clock, and using grace's relationship with reciva, i can quickly find and save many old-time broadcasters to listen to on the mondo. (i was introduced to reciva with the sanyo, and it has a user-friendly, efficient, uncluttered website that lets you search for and sample tens of thousands of stations with your home computer, and then program them into your mondo. ). . Aside from internet channels, there's pandora, the free music (and comedy) system that works very well on the mondo, enabling you to create customized channels in almost infinite variety. . "little things" i like:. . * the bright, colorful screen (not boring like monochrome, text-only screens - which are so 20th century and difficult to read). * earphone jack on side toward front; if you use radio bedside, as i do, and listen to radio at night with an earphone, you want it to be easy to connect and disconnect earphones; radios with plugs in the rear are just awful for this. * the ability to use a battery (though the required optional battery, in my opinion, is overpriced). It's very cool to be able to easily move the radio and enjoy its sounds anywhere within range of your wi-fi. There is a built-in finger handle to make carrying easy. * size: not too big, not too small. Just right. * controls: work smoothly, solidly and do not feel cheesy. * volume control: it's a knob atop the set, an odd location, but at least it is a knob instead of those annoying, hard-to-use buttons found on many sets, including the sanyo. * pandora: this radio works very well with pandora, and even has the ability to thumbs up/down selections (though sometimes i get a message that the thumbing service is not available - don't know why). * noaa: many of the vhf weather channels have been preprogrammed into this unit so you can listen to noaa weather broadcasts all over the country (and canadian versions, too). Unfortunately, a few are miscalibrated. When i try to listen to the connecticut noaa station that's listed, it returns a minnesota station. * remote: unit comes with a remote, which you might think is unneeded, but which i use a lot, especially for the fact that it has all 10 memory keys; the radio itself has only five plus a shift key to get you 6 to 10. Some people complain it's too big; i like the size. The little ones, like the sanyo remote, are easy to lose. * input and output jacks, if you want to increase its sound quality or usefulness. * setup: it was really quick and easy. . Things that could be better:. . * sound: it's good, clear and crisp - and, of course, digital - but i wish it were a bit richer. The sound is adjustable, by the way, with a modest equalizer. * buttons, such as memories, should be backlighted. This is a great bedside radio - but that means it may be used a lot in the dark. (i find myself using the remote in the dark because the keys are light-colored, and the screen gives off enough light so i can see the keys! ). * screen fonts: could be bigger for my geezer eyes. On many channels, including pandora, you are told what is playing, but if your eyes ain't great, you have to get up close.

W. Olga, Mississippi

Price :    $719.96
  • Connectivity includes built in 802. 11n wi-fi, headphone, rca line out, aux-in, usb (to play flash drive music or optional grace digital ethernet adapter) with built in battery backup to save personal settings and real-time clock (rtc)
  • Play your digital music and enjoy crisp highs and deep base via the 3 inch woofer and 1 inch tweeter via the class d digital amplifier. even wake to your favorite music via 7 separate alarms with built in adjustable sleep timer and large snooze bar
  • The grace digital mondo gdi-irc6000 streams over 17, 000 radio stations and on demand contact included pandora, siriusxm, iheartradio, live365, npr, noaa weather and weatherbug
  • Included accessories: power adapter, remote control, rca to 3. 5mm connector, user's guide. download your free iphone or android remote control app. includes a limited 1 year warranty with proof of purchase.
  • Play music directly from the internet without a pc or play your favorite computer files from your computer. supports: aac, aac+, adts, aifc, aiff, caf, mp3, next, ogg , wav, wma, asx, m3u, pls, https, rtsp, apple lossless, and flac 24-bit 96khz files
Brand :    grace digital
Color :    Black
Weight :    1.60 pounds
Model :    GDI-IRC6000
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Speakers :    Best Speakers (grace digital product review) for Grace Digital Wi-Fi Music Player 3.5-Inch Color Display GDI-IRC6000 Black available as-of ( Feb 2019 )

grace digital gdi-irdt200 hi-fi internet radio tuner Price : 0, was : 0 as 2018-10-15
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Grace Digital Gdi-irdt200 Hi-fi Internet Radio Tuner (gdi irdt200) Reviewed by on

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The F.A.Q. for grace digital gdi-irdt200 hi-fi internet radio tuner

I'm an audiophile from manila and i bought this device and made a risk hoping that it can go head with the likes of cocktail audio, cambridge audio stream magic, and pioneer n-30 based on reviews and it actually did! the 24/96 flac and wav files sounds crystal clear when it comes to details and dynamics. It made instruments come to life in deeper layers while voice sounded more authoritative. What's amazing is that for it's price range, signal noise and jitter is not audible when i turned the volume of my amp vs my previous digital player. . I believe this device does not come with a built-in dac so in order to maximize it's full potential you have to connect this device to an external dac with a good asynchronous clock using good quality digital co-axial cable like silver sonic from dh labs. I'm also using a philips 64gb solid state drive to store/play my flac files as added layer of jitter protection vs. Sata hdd where jitter is notorious. . The internet radio is just okay i actually bought this device to play hd flac files for my onix system and b&w speakers. I believe you must not spend that much in audiophile media players because compared to other hifi systems this is the one that has the shortest product life cycle. And expensive audiophile digital players are just so insane. . Net net, grace digital produced a great hd flac player for digital audiophiles who buy records from hdtracks. Com with great value and it looks good too. No need to spend $500 for digital music players.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: I want to access "normal" fm radio programs in my area, will this unit allow me to do that? my old harman kardon is no longer compatible.

(1) Question: Will this receive over the air am?

(2) Question: Does this have a remote control ?

(3) Question: Does the radio work if i connect the digital output to digital input of my stereo system ?

(4) Question: Will the usb port power an external hard drive with mp3 files to be played and then will the unit display the file folders on the display?

(5) Question: Does this tuner play the 256k stream from high quality internet radio stations? please answer if you have confirmed this 1st hand.

(6) Question: Is there an app that will control the device from my iphone?

(7) Question: Will this work on bose wave lll?

(8) Question: Can it play online store prime

(note) Question: where/how to get Grace Digital (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Grace Digital's products


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I have had this tuner for a week now, it is the best component that you could add to your home stereo system. I am no longer bored with my 300 plus cd collection there is no need for them. This has the correct dimensions for a standard component so it looks like it belongs with my other components, yamaha, teac, etc. , it has a quality look. This has a simple set-up, the wealth of music that this tuner provides is beyond my comprehension. Things to consider, this tuner will only sound as good as what you currently have as a home stereo system (i have a 2 channel system) your amp, speakers cables, acoustic surroundings, etc. Etc. Make sure you really have a quality router (i have a neatgear r6300). I would recommend this tuner to my best friends and family, you can not go wrong with this tuner, now go buy it! (if you like music).

Compact Radios & Stereos 1101447799, Electronics 282271, Home Audio 110648766, Internet Radios 1106446323Top Grace Digital Gdi-irdt200 Hi-fi Internet Radio Tuner (gdi irdt200) FAQ Content

Best grace digital gdi-irdt200 hi-fi internet radio tuner (gdi irdt200) in review

Update: december 19, 2016:. . It's three years after i bought this tuner and it's still going strong. We still have this thing running 24/7 and it has never been powered off since we have owned it. I went ahead and bumped my rating up to 5-stars because it has been so reliable and all the features we need/use are in the app. I now feel that the lack of usability of the on-board menus is pretty negligible since this is an internet tuner and designed to be used remotely anyway. As far as i'm concerned, they could put a power button on the front of the main unit and call it a day. Lol. . . . Original review - july 29, 2015:. . I bought this tuner a year and a half ago (december 2013) and have not had any issues. It is installed in my electrical closet with the output going to a russound whole house audio system, and it is powered 24/7 constantly playing internet radio all day, everyday. We usually listen to pandora stations, but also have a few internet radio stations programmed into the presets. It's great because my wife and i have instant access to the music playing throughout the house via our iphones and either of us can instantly see what's playing, skip a track, or even 'thumbs down' a song. . I would love to give this product a 5-star rating because we use it so much and enjoy it everyday, but the local interface (as many have pointed out) is very crude and very hard to navigate. The plus side is that the app is a lot easier to use and gives us everything i need right at my finger tips.

M. Perez, Derbyshire

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L. Delgado, Brighton and Hove says

I bought this as a budget alternative to other high priced units for the purpose of listening to pandora and my files via usb. I bought it refurbished through grace's online store entity. Upon arriving the remote does not work, and yes i tried new batteries. I contacted a grace representative and they cheerfully sent another remote out, but i've found i actually like the grace app on my smartphone. Ok the interface on the unit is antiquated, but you eventually get your head wrapped around it. Listening to pandora between each song, the music would stutter for a few seconds which is maddening. I have an excellent internet connection so i ruled that out. I searched reviews and this seams to be a problem. Then i read a review where the user actually pointed out that this unit does not stutter like earlier internet radios. The user stated he was using the optical out where i've been using the coaxial digital out, so i switched and viola the stutter is gone! playing files from usb sound good, and i've tried sirius radio and it works well. So i recommend this radio especially at the budget refurbished price but definitely use optical, i had an optical to coaxial adapter i bought cheap here on online store because my dac only had coaxial. I'm quite satisfied so far.

I. Cindy, North Dakota

This is my first internet radio / tuner, and i am sorry i waited so long. I've been using an old receiver to get fm in our bedroom. I sold the receiver on craigslist and bought this tuner, paired it with a little class t amplifier from dayton audio, and am thrilled with the results. I get better reception and audio on this than i ever did with the old setup. And i can even compare local stations because it has an fm tuner built-in! but i quickly programmed in some stations from places where i had formerly lived as well as several stations in other countries i had visited. I can plug in my wireless headphones into the built-in jack, or listen to music i have downloaded on an sd memory card. . The iphone remote control app is much better than the included remote - it's just more versatile. Having both is a plus. And you had better be sitting in a chair next to this tuner when you program in your stations manually - twisting and pushing in the knob to program it is a bit of a chore, but you only have to do it once. And you can always use the remote or the iphone app instead. The digital clock on the lcd display when it's turned off was a thoughtful touch. . I have only had this setup for a few days and i haven't begun to tap into all it can do and all the new stations i can explore. I may never listen to an ordinary fm tuner again.

G. Tracey, Victoria says

This internet radio is super easy to setup, built tough and sounds amazing through my home system - i am in awe at the more than plentiful listening options, genres and variations it offers including searches as well as linking to your network - i have finally met my music cornucopia with its world-wide music options.

S. Edith, Stoke-on-Trent

I consider myself a mid level audio geek with decent equipment. I've spent a ridiculous amounts of money on an fm antennae that's in my attic and a powered am antennae that looks like it belongs on the radar array of a sea going destroyer. . Then i discovered streaming music on the internet: streaming jazz/fusion, to be specific. . Since then, i've been looking for a way to play streaming music from the 'net through my system that didn't require a cable running from my laptop to my yamaha rx-v667 or broadcasting a short range fm stereo signal (don't ask) from the laptop to the fm receiver. . I wanted something that looked like a piece of audio equipment; not a tabletop radio, so i ordered this grace unit the saturday of memorial day weekend and it arrived the tuesday after the holiday via ups. . Because i didn't want any surprises when the unit arrived, i had already downloaded the instructions for the gdi-irdt200 from the grace website and went about setting up an account at and selected all the stations and music streams that i wanted loaded into the receiver. . Hook up/set up was easy, because i had already reviewed the instructions several times. I used the rca outputs and skipped the wi-fi in favor of a lan cable. As soon as i had my radio registration number, i entered it into my profile at . My previously selected stations and music streams downloaded themselves into the gdi-irdt200 after rebooting the unit by powering the unit off and on via a handy rocker switch located on the back of the gdi-irdt200. In no time at all i was listening to return to forever in 7 channel stereo. . The good:. Great sound quality via my yamaha and klipsch speakers. The free iphone app is easier to use than the included remote. You can enter your pandora info on the reciva web site. I especially like the rocker switch on the back to power down the unit for re-booting the content of the gdi-irdt200. . The so-so:. As other reviewers have already said, the display is kinda' cheesy, although is a color match to the display my brennan jb-7. The display works well enough but i keep expecting pacman to scroll across it. The method for entering sirius info is a little tiresome, but okay once you get the hang of it. . Overall, i'm quite pleased with the grace gdi-irdt200 and would recommend it.

F. Powell, Iowa says

I purchased the grace digital wireless hi-fi internet radio tuner featuring pandora and npr (gdi-irdt200) to plug into my bose radio/cd player. I have never been a huge fan of bose. Until. I plugged in this tuner. I stream pandora through the bose system. The sound is astonishing! combined with the bose, the sound from this grace tuner is quite seductive. This tones are so crisp and clear that i am amazed. My children were home for christmas - we were playing christmas music streamed from pandora . And all of my children were awestruck by the sound. They sat for hours listening to the music, remarking at the astounding tone and clarity. This is a wonderful tuner! . . However - this tuner is not without its drawbacks. Despite advertising that one can provide feedback to pandora (skipping or appreciating songs) - this grace tuner (gdi-irdt200) does not allow feedback to pandora. I have contacted grace support many times. They have absolutely no idea how to perform the function. Apparently, the function may exist on some other model . And grace support keeps sending out that manual, indicating that's how its done. Problem is. The manual and instructions they send have nothing in common with the grace tuner (gdi-irdt200). None of the buttons or features they mention are the same. So - if you enjoy pandora - and you recognize the need to provide feedback . You may want to purchase a different tuner from a different manufacture. . If you can look past all of the missing advertised features and capabilities . Then you may enjoy this grace tuner (gdi-irdt200).

D. Neva, Warwickshire

This is a superior piece of equipment for your high end stereo. I already have the $90 grace solo and it is plenty good as well. This unit has a bit better sound, and it looks and feels upscale. And the remote is superior to the solo. But i bought this one because it has digital out, which the solo does not. . I ran this unit digital out through a emotiva xda-1 dac from ebay about $170. Msrp new was about $400. Could not stand to even listen to it. It presented a lot more detail and other good things. But very very contrived sounding. So i am using the grace unit native rca out jacks. Get this one if you don't mind twice the cost. Imho it is worth it. But you will like the solo just fine too. . But you need to know about all those 50, 000 radio stations available. About 49, 750 are not worth one single preset. Its all about data rate. You need at least 128k (calmradio) or better yet 256/320 from avro or linn. All of these have many genre selections. And there are others. Google internet radio data rate 256k etc.

H. Ruff, Haringey says

I read all of the negative reviews on online store, some several years old. This tuner is not perfect, but it will not break the bank for most people to try it. . Yes, it takes a little fiddling with the main selector dial and a careful reading of the instruction booklet, written in a combination of british english and chinese translation. However, you will be listening to music within 5 to 10 minutes of opening the box. . The free smart phone/tablet/computer interface is not perfect, but it helps. The provided remote is also needed for setup. . The audio quality is not superb, but what do you expect for $ 170. 00? it is not a magnumdynalab or similar super high quality tuner. That company's upgrade to digital wi-fi alone is $4000. 00 not including the original tuner. . For $ 170. 00 and a few hours of setup, you get a decent unit. Could set up be easier, yes. But there are few competitors at this price point. Granted, it is not an fm tuner only. That takes five minutes to set up. This is hybrid of a computer and a radio tuner. Yes, it takes a little while to set it up. No big deal.

I. Zelda, Ile-de-France

First my 5 star rating for grace and online store. Received grace digital gdi-irdt200 internet tuner through online store. Installed it without significant problems. Unit worked well for 1 hour and suddenly died. Contacted grace customer service via email to see if there was an internal fuse that could be replaced. Received very quick response indicating that unit was defective and that it should be replaced by contacting online store. Again, quick response and no hassle. Online store immediately shipped a replacement unit before my defective unit was returned. Excellent. Now for the 4 star rating. Although the unit itself works very well and stations can be loaded from a computer by registering the gdi-irdt200 with grace first, the software is dated. Navigating between different inputs or station is not very fluid, but works. I am using the gdi-irdt200 strictly as an internet receiver. 9 stations can be accessed directly with the supplied remote which is barely sufficient. Overall very acceptable for the price.

X. Irene, Calderdale says

Fantastic, i do love it. The interface will take some getting used to but other than that it works like a charm, sounds great and is exactly what i needed to replace vtuner who seems to be phasing out of the major markets. No longer available on sony receivers, sony blu-ray players and no longer on lg tv's blu-ray players. I was very disappointed but grace has them all beat out and what's even greater is that i also have recently purchased a 700 and then programmed 50-? mystations and thru the grace web page the info (stations) 365live and pandora info were transferred to the irdt200 tuner also. That is brilliant and saved many hours of relocating stations and other information. Very pleased and also got the 2 year warranty to boot for a cheap price. A bonus is my logitech harmony had both graces and so i can use the harmony for both units which should help because the 700s remote is weakly (even broke the cover trying to insert a battery) had to tape it. A five from me it is!

O. Rita, Ealing

I use this every day and love it - need more stars than 5. The only drawback is the internal digital-to-audio converter is much to be desired, so i bought an external dac and with that this device sounds great! the display is a bit old school, but then again, so am i. I use an old ipad with the grace digital app to change stations and that works great (changing stations on the unit is a bit of a chore and the remote isn't the most responsive. Gotta use the app for that! ). One thing i love is that you can enter any url for any station out there; you are not limited to a 3rd-party database for stations. That is huge for me.

W. Lawrence, Medway says

If anyone cares i am a ham radio operator (50 years) and a former it instructor. I do know my way around electronics and computers. My listening is mostly classical with some folk, vintage rock, jazz, and chorale thrown in at times. . I was in the process of updating my audio system having had 2 devices fail (a hybrid cdp and a integrated hybrid amp). I secured a rega dac (digital analog converter) and mated it to a vintage luxman r-1050 i had been using as a stand alone tuner. I needed access to internet radio broadcasts which i had been using my computer to do. There were only two choices i could find, and the grace easily out-speced the other. However not knowing the grace brand i was unsure about it. I picked up a refurbished one (more later on this) for about $100 delivered on online store directly from grace. The unit looked brand new. Hookup was very easy. I connected the digital output to the dac via a standard digital cable and then connected the dac to the receiver using upgraded interconnects. I also connected the analog output to the receiver to see if there was a difference in presentation. I connected my sennheiser hd 600 headphones to the headphone jack on the grace unit and also to the jack on the receiver to evaluate the difference in performance. It required about an hour or so to set things up, partly because i had to decipher the owner's manual. . The good: this radio (i'll call it a tuner) is outstanding. Once it was properly connected and programmed, it performed beyond my expectations. The sound quality is very good for an internet sourced music component. There is a difference in presentation between the digital and direct analog outputs. The digital is clearer and emphasizes the treble end of the spectrum from both the internal dac and my external dac. Some would call this "bright. " but it is not overly so. The analog seems more subdued with less detail but with that nice analog "warm" sound (more bass emphasis). I prefer the bright so i use the connection to the dac. Stations sync with my lite dsl line (8 mbps) within 10 seconds (usually a lot less). The tuner's dac is remarkable. While not as good as the rega it was 90% of the way there. I highly recommend that users obtain a quality set of headphones and plug them in. Great sound. The headphone volume is adjustable and more than adequate unless you are a rocker. A note about the sound. You have to remember that the broadcasts are typically using compressed (mp3) sourced material and as such some fidelity is lost. Also stations stream at different bandwidths. This unit is not for critical listening but is more for enjoying the pleasure of music. The unit can be controlled with the remote or with panel buttons. Nice if you lose the remote. . -. The bad: this unit has only 10 presets. That imo is a major oversight in this world of 30, 000+ internet stations. There is a firmware fix (stacking) used by other electronics firms using this type of menu system, but grace has failed to implement it. However, the tuner "remembers" the last station played and it is accessed when the unit is reactivated. The menu system as others have noted is arcane, but not unusual. It is poorly organized (for example pandora is not located in the same submenu as other internet services such as i heart) and understanding it will take time. Once the logic (? ) is figured out, it is easy to navigate. The information is sort of in the manual (along with some glaring and misleading errors), but the best way to learn is to just start at the top menus and work your way through each submenu to see what is there. I contacted tech support on other issues and was impressed with their timeliness, patience, and apparent knowledge. Realize the reps are not native english speakers so have patience also. Be warned that the height listed in the specs (1. 9 inches) is incorrect. The unit is 2. 75 inches high. This caused my having to change the planned location of the unit. The search feature on the menu sometimes misses stations especially if the exact information is not entered (like king for classic king). However there are subcategories (like college and npr stations) that can quickly reduce the need to scroll through thousands of stations. The tuner is powered with a wall wart which i and others consider to be a poor design for this type of audio equipment. . The truly ugly: the manual. Several errors and misstated information. No, the unit does not go to network scan on initial start-up. You'll need to go to a menu item to do that, and the prompt is buried in a submenu. What you need is there, but you'll need to decipher it. Once you get the unit going you'll see the truth, but that is not what a manual should do. There is hope. Read the reviews here as many of the issues are addressed or call tech support. My experience was excellent with them unlike that of some others. . A few more notes: there is an old expression in the computer world that is applicable to this device. When all else fails reboot. I have found that well over 90% of the connection problems i have encountered (usually lock-ups) were overcome by simply throwing the off and on switch on the rear and restarting the tuner. If you can wait, buy a refurbished unit. There is a 30 day return and seriously most electronics fail within 30 days of activation if they are going to fail. Even if if there is no warranty, the charge is a set fee of $32. 50 to repair which includes return shipping in the usa. Grace figured out that this is a throw away electronics society as it is usually cheaper to buy a new one rather than have it fixed. Get a set of good, burned in interconnects (they do make a difference) if you connect to an outboard amplifier. You can usually check out a set a local stereo shop to audition or get them (not burned-in) from an online store with a no questions asked return policy. . At $100 this tuner is a bargain. Even at retail it is still a buy. I highly recommend it as long as you have patience and are willing to explore and learn by doing. Again get a set of good headphones (over $100) for listening nirvana. Happy listening.

W. Pete, Oldham

So far so good! i found the station that i really wanted. Oldies project! radio caroline is pretty good also. Set-up was really easy also. Sounds great for internet radio. Recording onto a reel to reel deck using dbx ii. . Cons: just wish that there was a volume option for the analog outputs. I thought that a lan connection would be more stable but it kept buffering on me so i switched to wi-fi and it hasn't buffered once yet using wi-fi. Also would prefer type-in search box option to better locate stations.

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