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    Wsky 50 100 Transparent Digital Antenna (WDHAW01)

    Wsky 50 100 Transparent Digital Antenna (WDHAW01) 556

    Most Wishlist Wsky 50 100 Transparent Digital Antenna (WDHAW01), Wsky 50-100 miles 1080p transparent digital hdtv antenna - best hdtv antenna indoor - ultra thin-super soft & light (wsky) wsky is a brand that focuses on providing outstanding and high quality products. wsky is dedicated to address any product & service issues and committed to delivering a 5 star experience antenna
    • Value: Clear Design: Clear Series Antennas Are Specially Designed To Match Your Windows'transparency. With Its Crystal-clear Look And Handsome Contours, Its Appearance Is More Art Than Antenna.
    • Value: 50 -100 Miles Long Range Access: At First, Please Visit "antennaweb. Org" Or "antennapoint" Check How Many Broadcast Towers Surrounding You Within 50miles, Suport Format: 720p, 1080i, 1080p & Frequency Range: Vhf 86-230mhz, Uhf 470-810mhz. The Location Of The Antenna Is Important To Maximize Signal Strength. Generally, The Antenna Should Be Kept Far From Disturbance Source, Big Electrical Appliances Like Cooling Machine, Lift, Blower Or Microwave Oven Etc.
    • I was able to get 30+ channels, most in hd, for free using this antenna. I must admit i had some doubts when i first got it but to my amazement it works! it is important to check the fcc website dtv. Gov website and check the dtv reception maps in your specific area. I got the one with the 50 mile r... go to https://ziwus.com/wsky-50-100-transparent-digital-antenna-5561nbhy8q1/#wsky-50-100-transparent-digital-antenna
    Sale Wsky 50 100 Transparent Digital Antenna (Antenna) Gda 001