Bose Virtually Invisible 191 Speakers Pair (31509) 3632

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Price was 299. These are awesome sounding speakers and work well in our whole house nuvo audio/video system.

-C. Jackson

Virtually invisible 191 speakers bose 191 flush-mount speakers blend into your room so beautifully, only their noteworthy performance will remind you they’re there. install them in your wall, connect to your stereo -bose virtually invisible 191 speakers pair

  • Advantage: Proprietary Enclosure Technology Ensures Consistent Performance Regardless Of Space Behind Wall Or Above Ceiling.
  • Advantage: Includes Both Rectangular And Round Grille Frames And Grilles. White Grilles Are Paintable For A Custom Look.

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Wonderful speakers - easy for our son to install and they're great sound. It was very helpful, though, that the ceiling had been pre-wired before being closed up. The Best virtually invisible speakers as-of ( Nov 2018 ) | Bose-Speakers Review Advantage Bose Virtually Invisible 191 speakers (Pair) Proprietary ported enclosure produces cleaner and deeper low-frequency performance mainly directed into the intended listening area, not into adjoining rooms. Proprietary enclosure technology ensures consistent performance regardless of space behind wall or above ceiling. Includes both rectangular and round grille frames and grilles. white grilles are paintable for a custom look. Use as in-wall surround sound speakers with your home theater components or your stereo system. This item is non-returnable .

Bose Virtually Invisible 191 Speakers Pair Review (31509)

All is great with product, however product has not been installed as of this date. Product was purchased for new construction and has not been installed as of this date. -B. Denise

Bose Virtually Invisible Speakers Pair

  • Order: Electronics
  • Brand: Bose
  • Color: White
  • EAN: 0033171538881
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:15.10 inches
    Length:17.60 inches
    Weight:13.69 pounds
    Width:12.00 inches
  • ItemPart/Serial Number: 31509
  • LegalDisclaimer: This Is A New Item.
  • Manufacturer: BOSE
  • Model: 31509
  • MPN: 31509
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: 31509
  • Sub-Type: Speakers
  • Category: SPEAKERS
  • UPC: 017817372299

virtually invisible 191 speakers Speakers, Bose 191 flush-mount speakers blend into your room so beautifully, only their noteworthy performance will remind you they're there. install them in your wall, connect to your stereo or surround sound components, and enjoy wide, spacious sound coverage while these virtually invisible speakers almost disappear. it's music to your ears-and easy on your eyes, thanks to proprietary bose technologies. articulated array speaker design delivers spacious, natural sound throughout the listening area. and stereo everywhere speaker performance makes it possible to hear balanced audio almost anywhere in the room, unlike conventional home audio speakers that focus sound in one "sweet spot. " Bose Virtually Invisible 191 Speakers Pair (31509-Bose).

Bose Virtually Invisible Speakers Pair Speakers

virtually invisible speakers Bose Virtually Invisible 191 speakers (Pair) (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

These speakers are very easy to install and sound great. These speakers are much better than other in-wall speakers because the enclosure keeps the sound from emanating through the walls to other rooms in the house. They are great for the home theater as well as listening to music.

Bose Virtually Invisible 191 Speakers Pair
Click to see NoticeBose Virtually Invisible 191 Speakers Pair (31509)"These speakers are great. Best value in-wall speakers i've had or even used. Bose speakers have such a rich sound."

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Belkin 6-Outlet Commercial Power Strip Surge Protector 2.5-Foot Power Cord, 555 Joules BE106000-2.5

You've got a lot of money invested in your home computer and peripherals, so you need to protect them. The belkin be106000-2. 5 6-outlet home surge protector with 2. 5-foot cord is designed to give you the peace of mind you need in case a power disturbance hits your home. This item does not come with a wall hugger plug. Ac rating: 15a/125v/1875w, max spike voltage: 6000v, ac plug style: straight plug, clamping voltage: 330v, emi/rfi noise filter: 150k hz 100m hz, up to 43db, circuit total joules: 555j, overload protection: yes, power safety shut down: yes.

Belkin 6-Outlet Commercial Power Strip Surge Protector 2.5-Foot Power Cord, 555 Joules BE106000-2.5Belkin-6-Outlet-Commercial-Protector-BE106000-2-5Online store. Com product description . Caption font-family: verdana, helvetica neue, arial, serif; font-size: 10px; font-weight: bold; font-style: italic; ul. Indent list-style: inside disc; text-indent: 20px; table. Callout font-family: verdana, helvetica, arial, serif; margin: 10px; width: 250; td. Callout height: 100%; background: 9dc4d8 url( repeat-x; border-left: 1px solid 999999; border-right: 1px solid 999999; padding: 10px; width: 250px; ul. Callout list-style: inside disc; text-indent: -12px; font-size: 12px; line-height: 1. 5em; h5. Callout text-align: center; you've got a lot of money invested in your home computer and peripherals, so you need to protect them. The belkin be106000-2. 5 6-outlet home surge protector with 2. 5-foot cord is designed to give you the peace of mind you need in case a power disturbance hits your home. The 6-outlet surge protector gives you peace of mind during power disturbances. View larger. This belkin 6-outlet surge protector offers: home power protection for home computers protection for computers, peripherals, telephones, and more a slim, sleek design a $15, 000 connected equipment warranty keeping the computers running as the demand for electricity to feed our hi-tech appetite increases, the likelihood of power interruptions and problems are also increasing. In addition to problems caused by the increasing severity of storms across the country, power experts are predicting that increasing power demand will soon put most major population centers at risk for severe power problems. As you know, power lulls and surges can severely damage your electronic equipment and even destroy your invaluable data. This belkin home series surge protector provides premium power protection for small home appliances, general household electronics, entry-level computers, printers, and adsl modems. Belkin has used advanced design elements, top-quality construction, and superior circuitry and components to provide the most complete protection from power surges, spikes, and ac contamination available. Belkin backs this model with a lifetime product warranty and a $15, 000 connected equipment warranty. This surge protector is also stylishly designed; its slim, sleek case blends seamlessly with today's modern electronics and appliances, while saving valuable space. Br clear "all" belkin delivers surge protection for general electronics, home appliances, and more. Br clear "all"

Brand :    belkin
Color :    White
Size :    2.5'
Weight :    0.1 pounds
Model :    BE106000-2.5
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Ideal solution for small home appliances, general household electronics, entry-level computers, printers, and adsl modems
  • 6-outlet surge protector with 2. 5-foot cord, ac plug style: straight plug, not a flat plug.
  • Provides complete protection from power surges, spikes, and ac contamination
  • Slim design reduces office clutter
  • Rated to handle 555 joules, belkin lifetime warranty and 15, 000 connected equipment warranty
Price :    $8.26
Speakers :    Best Power Supplies Or Protection (belkin product review) for Belkin 6-Outlet Commercial Power Strip Surge Protector 2.5-Foot Power Cord, 555 Joules BE106000-2.5 available as-of ( Nov 2018 )

Belkin 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector 10-Foot Cord Telephone, Ethernet, Coaxial Protection, BE112234-10

Love it! the amount of outlets on this power is so useful. I used to have a 6-outlet power strip. I would always have to unplug something every time i need to plug something else in, and it happens so often that i started to get annoyed having to do the tedious task of ducking under my desk with terrible lighting, trace cords back to their source to figure out if this device can be unplugged. Ugh, it was just a mess. I figured i needed an upgrade. Every local store (office depot/office max, home depot, wal-mart, lowe's, etc. ) that i've been to seems to only carry 6-outlet and less power strips. Seems the demand for 12-outet power strips aren't that high since i can't find them anywhere locally. Well i'm glad there are things like online store that exist. I got me a 12-outet power strip with absolute ease and now i never have to deal with the hassle of having more than 6 devices when only having a 6-outlet power strip. . I did deduct 1 star because of the 45-degree plug that comes off the power strip. I have a powerline adapter which has to be plugged in on the bottom of the wall outlet. Due to the size of my powerline adapter, plugging it into the bottom outlet limits what can be plugged into the top outlet, and the 45-degree plug coming off the power strip just barely fits in there. I had to wedge it in at a weird angle and it's pressed up against my powerline adapter. I hope over time the metal prongs on the power strip plug don't bend. I just wish the plug was completely horizontal, and not the 45-degrees that it's at. Just a little nitpicky thing i have with this powerstrip.

The belkin 12-outlet home/office surge protector protects your electronic devices from surges and spikes. This 4120-joule surge protector features a slender, modern design and a right angle plug that fits easily into tight spaces. The 12 surge-protected outlets with sliding safety covers provide powerful protection for a wide range of devices, including professional workstations, printers, broadband modems, home theater systems, ethernet networks, and everyday household electronics. A detachable cord-management clip keeps cables organized.

Belkin 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector 10-Foot Cord Telephone, Ethernet, Coaxial Protection, BE112234-10Belkin-12-Outlet-Protector-Protection-BE112234-10

Belkin 12 Outlet Protector Protection Be112234 10 (BE112234-10) FAQ.

Man this is a fantastic and large serge protector! the way the plugs are configured allows you to plug in all your stuff including the big plugs! fantastic product! -Notice from C. Jarvis, Montana

Click to Show belkin 12 outlet protector protection be112234 10 (be112234-10) Details

I've been using this surge protector for several months, plugged into an ungrounded gfci outlet. The "not grounded" indicator is correctly lit, and i've thankfully not had any power surges. . The power strip has a solid weight to it, and combined with the flat, spread out shape, it's not likely to be pulled onto its side by cables plugged into it, like happens with cheaper and smaller power strips. The back has holes for mounting to a wall, but i just have mine on the floor. . The cord management clip isn't very useful to me. It's too small and low for most heavy cables to bend under, especially with other cables getting in the way. . All of its outlets hold firmly to plugged in cables, without being too difficult to insert. Half of the outlets are spaced out for "wall warts", and they work about as well as you'd expect. It's a welcome and appreciated feature. . This surge protector supports telephone and coaxial protection. I haven't used these features, but the coaxial connectors(f-type) were protected by a foam block in packaging, which is nice to see. . I love right angle power plugs. This has one. It's hard to tell from the product photos, but the cord is angled down and to the right, when plugged into an outlet that has the ground connection on the bottom. This angle means it shouldn't block an adjacent outlet. . Lastly, all 12 outlets have a plastic safety shutter over the live/neutral holes. Several of them are difficult to slide open and closed. One of them was so bad that i had to use a flat head screwdriver to pry it open (after disconnecting power from the strip, of course). It did become easier to open and shut after that. . This is a good power strip overall, and i'll probably end up getting another. I can't speak to the quality of belkin's warranty or customer service, but hopefully i'll never have to find out.

Belkin-12-outlet-protector-protection-be112234-10-(be112234-10) set picture

- A. BethanyI have owned several of these 12-outlet surge protectors and all have performed admirably at the right price. The footprint is fairly compact for the number of outlets and the placement of the ports make it a good choice for those with various sizes of plugs. The surge protector is very low profile and could be mounted under a desktop or on a wall. There are ports for coaxial cable protection and a plastic piece for cable management that can be taken off. . Overall, a nice product that works as expected. I recommend it to those who don't want or need surge protection with battery backup. It's inexpensive and works as it should with a generous 12 plug configuration that's good for traditional and larger adapters. . If you do want battery back-up and surge protection, you may like this one: apc be550g back-ups 550va 8-outlet uninterruptible power supply (ups). You lose a couple of outlets and pay more, but if the power goes out you have a few minutes to shut down things like pcs and tvs, versus having things crash with the power going down. . Note: if you run into issues with larger brick sized adapters and your surge protectors, check on online store for something like this: 1-foot extension power cable, ul listed csa approved, 5-pack. They work great!

Great, i needed something to keep all the devices powered on my living room. This allows me to keep connected several devices and even has room for the future generation consoles :). . A great thing is the flat cable, absolute amazing device. . Update, june 15 of 2016 . I have near two years using this device daily, not a single complain and now that i enter to the powerline solutions with the tp-link tl-pa4010kit av500 nano powerline adapter starter kit, up to 500mbps, i have to say that only two of the 12 outlets allow to work the powerline adapter, i know you shouldn't use a powerline over a surge protector, but i like to do in this way so no power gets wasted when not in use, you can see on the image the outlets that can work with this powerline adapter, only the two extremes on the left side works for the adapter i have.

F. Neva, York

Brand :    belkin
Color :    Black
Size :    10'
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    BE112234-10
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • 12-outlet surge protector with 10-foot cord ideal for high-end home and professional workstations 4156 joules
  • Belkin lifetime warranty and 300, 000 connected equipment warranty
  • Right-angle plug keeps cord close to the wall
  • Ideal solution for computers, laser printers, and home-theater systems;
  • Outlets include sliding safety covers; detachable cord-management clip for cable organization
Price :    $21.99
Speakers :    Best Power Supplies Or Protection (belkin product review) for Belkin 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector 10-Foot Cord Telephone, Ethernet, Coaxial Protection, BE112234-10 available as-of ( Nov 2018 )

Bose Mobile In-Ear Headset Discontinued Manufacturer

The bose in-ear headphones set a new standard for sound performance and is re-engineered from the inside out featuring an enhanced acoustic design.

Bose Mobile In-Ear Headset Discontinued ManufacturerBose-Mobile-Headset-Discontinued-Manufacturer

Price :    —
  • One-touch switching, hands-free talking
  • Convenient, high-quality audio
  • Angled 3. 5 mm plug
  • Omnidirectional, inline microphone
  • Three 2. 5 mm adapters
Brand :    bose
Color :    Black, Silver
Weight :    0.4 pounds
Model :    316833-0010
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Speakers :    Best Headphones (bose product review) for Bose Mobile In-Ear Headset Discontinued Manufacturer available as-of ( Nov 2018 )

Belkin 12-Outlet Pivot-Plug Power Strip Surge Protector 8-Foot Power Cord, 4320 Joules BP112230-08

Very nice surge protector! i replaced my 10-year old monster surge protector for my av equipment in the family room (tv, cable box, sound bar, wii, fish tank, etc). I did a lot of research before making this purchase. My old surge protector was rated for about 2160 joules protection, but this belkin is rated at 4320 joules, and it had 12-outlets and coaxial cable capability. I also liked the pivoting outlets for ease of use, especially for the odd-sized plugs. It was easy to work with and not overly obtrusive (mine is located behind my cabinet and out of sight). I read some horror stories about how belkin would not stand behind their product without receipt of purchase, etc. I registered it with belkin, i always save my receipts, and it is saved on online store's site for all my purchases. Even if they didn't replace the protector i would consider it a very low price to pay if it protected my equipment. I have a friend who is an it professional and he recommends this model. At this time i am very pleased with this product. If there are any issues later, i will update this review.

Belkin pivot plug surge protectors provide premium power protection for your professional workstations and connected devices. It s rotating outlet design gives you much more convenience and flexibility in placing your plugged-in devices than traditional products. We have used advanced design elements, top-quality construction, and superior circuitry and components to provide the most complete protection from power surges, spikes, and ac contamination available. Belkin backs this series with industry-best lifetime product and connected equipment warranties. The pivot plug series protects professional workstations, laser printers, broadband modems, home-theater systems, and everyday household electronics. Its rotating outlet design also allows extra room for those large ac adapter blocks. The pivot plug series features a cordmanagement system that helps organize your cables.

Belkin 12-Outlet Pivot-Plug Power Strip Surge Protector 8-Foot Power Cord, 4320 Joules BP112230-08Belkin-12-Outlet-Pivot-Plug-Protector-BP112230-08

Belkin 12 Outlet Pivot Plug Protector Bp112230 08 (BP112230-08) FAQ.

I originally bought this to use to hook up my christmas village houses all on one power strip and i am extremely happy with it! there are 4 stationary outlets in the center and 8 outlets that rotate on the sides. I love the rotating outlets because some of my plugs have bulky ac adaptors and some are just standard plugs so it's great to be able to alternate every other outlet with ac adaptors and standard plugs so i don't waste one outlet. On previous power strips i've used, the ac adaptors always end up covering up other available outlets and i didn't get maximum use of it. Not so with this one! . . The 8 foot cord is also very well made, thick, and sturdy. To turn it on, you simply press the button at the top. It does have a spot for a phone jack as well, but i haven't used it. The entire unit is excellent quality and i feel confident that my items are protected from power surges. In fact, the company even provides a warranty should a power surge fry your electronics, but there is a lengthy list of exclusions included in the literature, so not everything is totally covered. . This is the best surge protector that i've bought over the years and i like it so much that i plan to buy another one for my laptop and tv electronics. -Notice from J. Tracey, Oregon

Click to Show belkin 12 outlet pivot plug protector bp112230 08 (bp112230-08) Details

I have one in my living room that is has every plug filled. It is flexible on the sides to fit/shape your plug ins. Its very safe, strong, well built, and grounded. . I've since got into reptiles, especially gecko's. I need a strong s. P. , and once again ordered this beast. I've mounted this one between my tanks for easy access, and it looks great! . . I will post pics. Hope you guys comment and enjoy.

Belkin-12-outlet-pivot-plug-protector-bp112230-08-(bp112230-08) set picture

- X. DeniseI'm well pleased with the belkin pivot wall mount surge protector. It's very well made and fit nicely under my kitchen cabinet behind my coffee maker. The surge protector i replaced was a 6-plug model that simply plugged in over the existing outlet cover. The plug-in ports faced toward the front causing the 3 cords i kept plugged in to get tangled & take up workspace on the countertop. Also the entire surge protector came out of the electrical socket whenever a single cord was unplugged. Thankfully i no longer have those problems. The belkins wall mount surge protector replaces the existing cover & screws directly to the wall receptacle. There is a countersunk screw already in the new unit. I backed it out a bit, plugged the surge protector into the wall receptacle then tightened the screw back in place. The pivoting plugs are great! i rotated them 90 degrees to the sides so now all 3 appliance cords are hidden behind my coffeemaker freeing up workspace on the countertop . No more tangled cords! the remaining 3 plugs are easy to access for all the other electrical kitchen tools that i use periodically but don't leave plugged in. I really like the cords being flush to the wall; it's a very practical design. The unit has 2 indicator lights: green for protected and red for grounded. It does not have a reset switch which would be nice but isn't an issue for me since it's downline from a gfci receptacle that trips if overloaded. The belkin 6-outlet surge protector comes with a lifetime warranty and a $50, 000 connected equipment warranty. Some reviewers said the company only honors this with a valid receipt so i made sure to print and file the invoice just in case i need it in the future. I'm very happy with the product & really love the pivoting plugs. It's so reasonably priced i am considering getting a second one to use in my basement workshop so i do recommend it & yes, i would buy it again.

This thing replaced a standard power strip that had been in service for a long time. I use this power strip under my workstation to power a computer along with all of its peripherals, a lamp, and a small assortment of test equipment and smaller chargers. I really love the swiveling outlets on the side because they allow for various sizes of wall wart style adapters to be plugged in in fairly close proximity to each other without too much crowding. I am also able to get at them without too much fuss to unplug and plug in various things when i need to. . If i did have to complain, it would be that it came with a lot of cord. For what i am using it for, just a couple of feet would have done the trick, but someone else might be able to use that long of a cord. It is better that it is too long than too short and it certainly is not worth giving it a less than perfect score.

D. Neva, Waltham Forest

Price :    $26.03
  • Allows room for large block space outlets
  • Belkin lifetime warranty and $300, 000 connected equipment warranty
  • 8' cord delivers optimal, safe ac power through a 14-gauge heavy-duty cord
  • 4320 joule energy rating provides maximum protection of all your sensitive electronic devices, input voltage: 125v
  • 8 rotating and 4 stationary surge-protected outlets provide convenience and flexibility; 1-in, 2-out rj11 telephone/fax surge protection and coaxial protection
Brand :    belkin
Color :    Gray
Size :    8 Feet
Weight :    2.45 pounds
Model :    BP112230-08
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Speakers :    Best Power Supplies Or Protection (belkin product review) for Belkin 12-Outlet Pivot-Plug Power Strip Surge Protector 8-Foot Power Cord, 4320 Joules BP112230-08 available as-of ( Nov 2018 )

Enerlites 975502-S 4' Hinged Floor Box Cover Flange, 20A Duplex Tamper-Weather Resistant Receptacle, Nickel Plated Brass

Includes one-gang round floor box cover, flange, 20a duplex tamper resistant receptacle, and watertight gaskets. Made of high quality materials perfect for any home or business use to compliment any application. Locking receptacle window stays closed until ready to use providing an extra measure of safety. 20a tamper resistant receptacle is back wired. Ul listed. Floor box jb-02 required (not included).

Enerlites 975502-S 4' Hinged Floor Box Cover Flange, 20A Duplex Tamper-Weather Resistant Receptacle, Nickel Plated BrassEnerlites-975502-S-Tamper-Weather-Resistant-Receptacle

Brand :    enerlites
Color :    Nickel
Size :    1 Gang
Model :    CECOMINOD049351
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Made of high quality materials perfect for any home or business use to compliment any application
  • 20a tamper resistant receptacle is back wired. ul listed
  • Includes one-gang round floor box cover, flange, 20a duplex tamper resistant receptacle, and watertight gaskets
  • Floor box jb-02 required (not included)
  • Locking receptacle window stays closed until ready to use providing an extra measure of safety
Price :    $28.76 (was $45.99)
Biss Basic :    Best Electronic Component (enerlites product review) for Enerlites 975502-S 4' Hinged Floor Box Cover Flange, 20A Duplex Tamper-Weather Resistant Receptacle, Nickel Plated Brass available as-of ( Nov 2018 )

Sonos CONNECT:AMP Wireless Amplifier Streaming Music. Works Alexa.

Bought two connect amps. They are expensive but solidly built and set up is a breeze. We have been waiting to find the right product to finally bring our hardwired whole house audio system to life and this was it. We have speakers hard wired throughout or home and outside along with cat5 wiring for control panels from each zone back to our central audio/video location - all prepped for some of the traditional systems we've seen and planned on getting one day. Have been waiting for the right system to finish it off but we just couldn't ever find what we were looking for until now. Flexible, easy to grow and change, tons of music sources to share across zones and plenty of power to drive multiple pairs of in wall speakers. We will be adding more components for sure to expand our system. Also plan on using wall mounted ipads with power over ethernet like one reviewer mentioned (great use for those cat5 runs we already have sitting dormant). Read the other reviews, research other systems. Come back and get the sonos pieces you need. Wish they were cheaper or had package deals for multiple purchases, but we are very happy with it.

The sonos connect:amp brings streaming music to your favorite wired bookshelf, floor-standing, outdoor, or in-ceiling speakers. Setup is easy, and you can play music on the connected speakers alone or throughout your house with sonos speakers in every room. Wirelessly stream your entire music library and favorite online music services, and control it all with a free app on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Sonos CONNECT:AMP Wireless Amplifier Streaming Music. Works Alexa.Sonos-CONNECT-Wireless-Amplifier-Streaming

Sonos Connect:amp Wireless Amplifier Streaming Music (ZonePlayer 120) FAQ.

Assuming you know how sonos in general works, i will limit my comments to the amplifier itself (hardware). It works very well with my polk speakers and i have two pairs hooked in parallel to the amplifier. Sound quality is great and power is enough for two pairs. I recommend wherever you install this device to well ventilate the area because it will get hot. Also note it comes with two ethernet ports so that you can daisy chain the port with another amplifier or device, thus saving a port on the switch. -Notice from A. Ruby, North Somerset

Click to Show sonos connect:amp wireless amplifier streaming music (zoneplayer 120) Details

Sonos is a splurge but well worth the expense. Our home is fully sonos'd but we wanted music outside too. We added the amp and have connected some weatherproof speakers to it and now our pool & deck have the same sonos sound as the rest of our house. The only thing we'd like is if the amp was more powerful, especially since they are driving outdoor speakers. We find the volume is often above 1/2 way to just get decent background volume. Our setup has the amp in the basement with speaker wires running out and up to the deck - i'm sure most people can find a similar solution.

Sonos-connect:amp-wireless-amplifier-streaming-music-(zoneplayer-120) set picture

- C. NevaI am using sonos differently than most people do. I have used five sonos connect:amps to create a whole home audio system using built in ceiling mounted speakers. . To start with, about six months ago i installed one sonos connect:amp for my outdoor speakers around our pool, and it has worked very well for us. I have it connected to four outdoor speakers around our pool, the kind that look like rocks. . I used 10 gauge outdoor wire to connect the sonos to the outdoor speakers - the kind that is used for outdoor lighting and is designed to be buried. This wire is made from finely stranded copper, and is easy to work with. So the connect:amp is loaded to 4 ohms (two 8 ohm speakers on each channel), and it works well. More than loud enough for us. . This got me thinking that sonos connect:amp units would greatly simplify our whole home audio system. Our home was previously equipped with a very expensive, high-end, whole home audio system that is not user friendly. . But the speakers were good quality boston acoustics ceiling mounted speakers, all wired back to the equipment in our a/v equipment room at one end of the house. . Previously we had to use a control that is installed on the wall in each room that has a set of speakers to select the audio source (cd player with 5 cd tray, request audio server (photos attached), and ipod), change volume, turn on or off, etc, but we had to go to another place to select the music. I would rather be able to control all parts of the system from one place, and our phones, tablets, and computers are the perfect way to do this using the sonos app. I have attached a photo of that control device - it is the device with 12 buttons. . So now we can play internet radio or music from our nas, control the volume, etc. , and it is all done from the sonos app, which can run simultaneously on as many devices as you need. This way we can choose what we want to hear in any room, control the volume, turn the audio on and off, all from any phone or tablet, or my imac, whatever. . Since we have a large library of cds that i have ripped to itunes and stored on a synology nas, i am ripping that high-end clunky system and replacing it with, to start, 4 sonos connect:amp units, installed in the equipment room where the whole home audio system equipment is presently located, which is where all the wiring from the various speakers around the house terminates. . I will probably purchase several more connect:amp units to complete our system as we originally had a 12 zone system, although we never used it in some of the rooms it was installed in. . This is not a cheap replacement for the old system, but for someone starting out would be much less expensive than installing the typical whole-home audio systems that the professional audio/visual companies charge over 5 figures for. I see large systems using sonos connect:amp units as potentially economically disruptive to the professional whole home audio business. . I have found the sound quality very good for the cds i have ripped using apple lossless, and have not had problems with any audio drop out when playing from my nas. Since all 5 of my sonos connect:amp players are in the a/v equipment room, i have them connected to my network via ethernet cables. Same with internet radio, although a few times one of the stations my wife likes to listen to was obviously having problems with their stream. . The sonos app works well; we have over 3, 500 songs in our itunes library (all ripped from cds) and have created various playlists. . Some time ago i merged our two (wife and me) itunes libraries into one library and using the various sort options in the sonos music library it is easy to find an individual cuts of music if that is what i want to do. . Hope this can help anyone considering a whole-home audio system. . Update july 2, 2015:. . I have completed my sonos setup. I am using 5 sonos connect:amp units and 2 sonos connect units with an external 12 channel niles amplifier:. . Our home has several open areas where i combine two sets of speakers on one sonos connect:amp unit, and that works fine because my speakers are 8 ohms and the connect:amp will work fine with 4 ohms. It did not make sense, for example, to have a separate connect:amp in our kitchen and family room, which are a larger open area, because you could not be listening to one song or program in one room and another program in the other room since they were open to each other. . And i find the connect:amp has plenty of power to drive this arrangement. . But i had two areas where i wanted three sets of speakers connected to one sonos unit, so i am using two sonos connect units, each of which feed three stereo channels on a 12 channel niles power amplifier:. . . The niles amp has individual volume controls for each of its 12 channels, so i am able to fine tune the volume from each speaker. . Here is my setup (see photo). . Connect 1 - through 3 stereo channels of niles amp for two sets of speakers around pool and a set of stereo speakers in our "outdoor entertainment deck". . Connect:amp 1 - guest bedroom. . Connect:amp 2 - second guest bedroom (my wife uses this room for her office). . Connect:amp 3 - drives two sets of speakers in kitchen and family room (which is really just one open area). . Connect 2 - through 3 stereo channels of niles amp for speakers in living room, foyer, and dining room (of which all these rooms are open to each other). . Connect:amp 4 - drives two sets of speakers in master bed room and master bath room. . Connect:amp 5 - my home office. . I hope this helps you visualize how you could use connect and connect:amp in a whole home audio setting. From the reviews it appears a lot of people are doing just that. . Update february 12, 2016:. . In order to more effectively control my sonos system, i have installed 6 wall mounted ipad minis around the house. I am using the vidabox wall mount:. . Http:// . My previous whole house audio system used a proprietary control and was connected by cat 5 cables from the control back to the "rack room" where the audio equipment was located, so i was able to re-purpose those cat 5 cables to power the ipads via a poe (power over ethernet) to usb box, also made by vidamount:. . Http://www. Online store. Com/gp/product/b00qsmoo10? psc 1&redirect true&ref oh aui detailpage o01 s00. . I also use these ipads to control other systems around the house, such as thermostats, my pool and spa, and even my player piano.

My family remodeled our house 3 years ago. During the process, we decided that we wanted multi-room audio capability, so we pre-wired for speakers in our kitchen, back porch, dining room, office, and living room. Along the way i demoed multiple systems including nuvo and russound, and ultimately i decided on sonos for a variety of reasons. I've now used the system literally daily now for 3 years, and i couldn't be happier with the purchase. My initial setup began with 4 connect:amp units and one connect unit (it has since expanded). Some things to know about sonos that i think aren't all that heavily appreciated by those that are new to the system:. . 1 - it is incredibly easy to setup. Like many apple products, sonos "just works" straight out of the box. There is no complex programming, no time consuming plugging/unplugging of wires, etc. Basically hook up power, plug in your speakers, push the two buttons on the front of the unit, and the amp then wirelessly syncs to your system immediately. Upon connecting to your sonos network, you are prompted to name your zone (there are stock names like bedroom or dining room or you can fully customize a zone name), and you are off to the races from there. . 2 - it is easy for anyone to use. Sonos doesn't technically require a smartphone for operation, but having one is the easiest way to operate your system. The app for ios devices and android devices works great and gives you complete control over your zones, selecting music sources, volume, and even special per-room settings like eq. My wife who is not interested in technology was able to use the system without any explanation on how it works, and even my 4-year old daughter knows how to operate it. . 3 - it is expandable. As mentioned, we wired 5 rooms for multi-room audio initially. 5 rooms is a lot, but we have many more rooms in the house. The reason i wired "only" 5 rooms is because a) this stuff was/is not cheap, and frankly we couldn't afford the added expense of equipment for more rooms, and b) we thought we'd listen to music only in the rooms we wired for. Once you use sonos, you will want the experience of it in all of your rooms. The good news is that sonos was built for expansion. My system was initially setup for use as a centralized, multi-room solution, but sonos actually built its reputation on its modular speaker line, first with the play:3, then the play:5, and now the play:1. We wanted to expand our system by adding music in our master bathroom. I initially thought about having the bathroom wired up and adding a new connect:amp to the system, and then i realized that rather than waste the money necessary to do that, i should just try out one of the modular speakers. I bought an open-box play:1 from best buy and gave it a shot. It is truly incredible. It not only seamlessly integrates with the rest of my sonos system, but it also sounds fantastic and fully fills the space. Eventually we will add play:3 units for our kids' bedrooms, and i am in the process of integrating a turntable into our system using the line-in feature offered by the connect unit so i can play records all around the house. While i wouldn't say that the possibilities are endless, i would say they are incredibly extensive, so know you can expand your system very easily in the future and build out units as your needs grow. . 4 - the way we consume music is evolving, sonos evolves with it. I grew up listening to records, then cassettes, then cd's, then purchased songs through itunes, and now i stream almost all my music. One of the beauties of the sonos infrastructure is the way in which it allows you to consume and access music. They've pretty much thought of it all. If your music resides on your computer through purchased music from itunes, sonos allows you to access that catalog and all your playlists. If you like to listen to local fm radio stations, they all are available on the sonos system (as are national stations). If you like listening to internet radio (including things like bloomberg radio, reggae, etc. ), they are mostly all available. And perhaps most importantly in today's day and age, if you stream your music, all of the major streaming companies are on the system, including spotify, beats, google play music, songza, pandora, slacker, etc. In the three years that i've owned sonos, they have been amongst the first companies to integrate new streaming services into their system. They listen to the requests of their customers and try to find ways to provide access to all channels of content. . This is an overly long review, but i hope helpful to those who are contemplating purchasing sonos for the first time.

V. Smith, Midi-Pyrenees

Brand :    sonos
Color :    Light Gray
Weight :    5.07 pounds
Model :    ZonePlayer 120
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Wirelessly stream services like prime music unlimited, pandora, spotify and apple music on the speakers you already own.
  • Control wired speakers from anywhere in your home witha mobile device such as your smart phone. connect to patio or poolside speakers for outdoor listening entertainment.
  • Upgrade your favorite stand alone speakers with amplified streaming music both indoors or outside.
  • Built in amplifier brings more sonic punch. powers large or small speakers with 55w per channel. system requirements: amplified audio equipment with analogue or digital audio output. broadband internet
  • Connect your connect:amp to any echo or alexa-enabled device, then just ask for the music you love.
Price :    $453.68 (was $497.99)
Speakers :    Best Speakers (sonos product review) for Sonos CONNECT:AMP Wireless Amplifier Streaming Music. Works Alexa. available as-of ( Nov 2018 )

Mediabridge Banana Plugs - Corrosion-Resistant 24K Gold-Plated Connectors - 12 Pair/24 Banana Plugs Part SPC-BP2-12

These are some extremely high-quality plugs for the price. They are by far the most secure and easiest to install plugs that i've ever used. Once you put your wire through the base and spread the strands out, it's quite difficult to pull the wire back out. Once you put the cap on, you'll break the wire before you can pull them loose. They are marked with bright color bands so you don't mix them up, and the rest of the body is a lovely mix of silver and gold. The body is shorter than some of the other banana plugs i've used in the past, which is also a bonus for tight spaces. . The presentation in the package is simple but quite delightful.

Mediabridgetm ultra series fast-lock banana plugs attaches to speaker wire, supplying a high-quality signal path from audio components like a speaker to an audio/video receiver, amplifier or other sound application. Works with bare wire, spades, other banana plugs & 8-18 awg speaker wire. Connectors & crimping teeth are coated in 24k gold-plating for lasting corrosion-resistance. Corrosion-resistance provides secure fits with clarity, natural sonic accuracy & no distortion. A wider base minimizes shorting for maximum signal transfer, & a 2-piece screw-on design makes for reliable termination. Ultra series banana plugs are made from premium materials for a pro-grade output. Self-crimping teeth make for easy 1-time installs & a low profile build only sticks out 1". Color coded, distinguishing left from right to enable matching polarity. Fast-lock is an easy plug-&-play alternative to bare wire setups, taking away the hassle of crimping/soldering. Product features - attaches to speaker wire, for a high-quality signal path between audio components - corrosion-resistant 24k gold-plated connectors & crimping teeth for secure fits & clarity - wider base for optimal signal transfer & 2 piece screw-on design for reliable termination/reuse - color coded, distinguishing left/right to enable matching polarity - self-crimping teeth for 1-time setup compatibility - bare wire, spades, other banana plugs & 8-18 awg speaker wire - works with audio components like a speaker, audio/video receiver, amplifier & more installation connect existing speaker wires to a plug through the bottom (step-by-step user guide included) notes unlike tedious bare speaker wire installs, these reusable plugs are designed for quick connections without fraying, meaning that wire tension effects the plug's hold

Mediabridge Banana Plugs - Corrosion-Resistant 24K Gold-Plated Connectors - 12 Pair/24 Banana Plugs Part SPC-BP2-12Mediabridge-Banana-Plugs-Corrosion-Resistant-Gold-Plated

Mediabridge Banana Plugs Corrosion Resistant Gold Plated (spc bp2 12) FAQ.

I often wonder why it took so long for this product to appear on the av scene, after all other av connections ( coax cable, rca ) have gone compression for the diy / pro installer, so why not banana plugs? i've tried the solder on kind ( a slow process and not easily removed ), the set screw kind, the pin in center kind, and the latter seem to fail you after the fact and result in call backs. But not these. The compression design ( strip about 1/4" lead, slip on the lower half of the connector, fray the wire out, slip on the upper and screw down tight and your done ) locks down the stranded speaker wire down tight, fine stranded wire or low stranded count. They simply do not let go. This should be a industry standard. Even best buy doesn't sell these connectors, and their offerings are far inferior. I initially bought a set to try out, one i did a small run of speaker wire jumpers from wall plate to a sub woofer. I was hooked and order much more to do a 7. 1 , 5. 1 and 6 speaker whole house audio's worth of speaker terminals. Not a failure in the group. The other thing worth mentioning is the fact that the "banana" part that sticks into wall plates and receiver or any speaker banana post is indeed strong. It doesn't cave in, bend or deflect. It also hold firm once inserted. The packaging is nice. Not loose in a baggy, but inside a molded plastic insert, arranged in pairs. I used to go to monoprice for my banana plugs, but no more. It's a shame, as now when doing my av installs i have to source parts from all over. But for these parts, i do not mind. Thank you for the talent that invented this product. -Notice from J. Kathlene, Alabama

Click to Show mediabridge banana plugs corrosion resistant gold plated (spc bp2 12) Details

These banana plugs are very short, they have o-rings and the "red and black" are rubber. These are quality banana plugs! . When i made up my speaker wires. Mark down on each side of the speaker wire 4" and then slide some "shrink-tubing" down on the speaker wire. Now put the "shrink tubing" at the 4" mark and heat it up so it shrinks tightly around the wire. Now you will be able to split the wire for the positive and negative and it will prevent the speaker wire from separating more than the 4" and will have a place to put colored electrical tape. Note: i used shrink tubing, but if you don't have any (found at auto supply and harbor freight) i think just the electrical tape would suffice.

Mediabridge-banana-plugs-corrosion-resistant-gold-plated-(spc-bp2-12) set picture

- Y. BrendaBecause of the way my avr is situated close to the wall, i needed something as low profile as possible to hook up my speakers. I had been using the older type plugs - both the ones with the screws and twist top - and in both cases they were much higher profile and protruded a good distance from the back of the avr when installed. . To remedy this, i purchased these banana plugs, and i am glad i did. These take a little extra work to carefully strip / expose the correct amount of strand, and then screw them together. However, once finished, they stay tight, and they insert into the speaker posts very securely. The older plugs i used would always loosen up over time and i had to keep checking the to make sure they were still tight. These have no way of loosening up, and stay as tight as the day you installed them. . I liked them so much, i outfitted them on all the speakers and avr's in other rooms also. After buying these i noticed that the local electronics shops are using these on the floor in their demo rooms to hook up speakers to the receivers. I asked the why, and they gave me the same reasons i bought them for my home! . . Highly recommended! thanks for reading.

These are great. I don't know why i didn't use them sooner. No complaints. It makes it so much easier to plug and unplug speakers from my receiver, especially since i have difficult access to the back. . There is a potential issue though, and that is that these "stick out" so if in a tight space then the extra space requirement may be a problem. There are some right-angle plugs for sale which may help with this issue but i have not tried them. . See my photos of before and after and the back of my receiver (denon x4000). I plan on upgrading to atmos soon and it will be so much easier and quicker to disconnect the speakers from the old receiver and re-connect them to the new receiver.

S. Debra, Maine

Brand :    mediabridge
Color :    12 Pair
Model :    SPC-BP2-12
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Ce :    Best Cable Or Adapter (mediabridge product review) for Mediabridge Banana Plugs - Corrosion-Resistant 24K Gold-Plated Connectors - 12 Pair/24 Banana Plugs Part SPC-BP2-12 available as-of ( Nov 2018 )
Price :    $26.99
  • The heavy-duty plugs are color coded, distinguishing left from right to enable matching polarity. fast-lock is a great plug-and-play alternative to using bare wire when connecting devices, taking away the hassle of crimping or soldering.
  • Includes 12 pairs of banana plugs, which are meant for attaching to speaker wire and supplying a high-quality signal path from audio components like a speaker to an audio/video receiver, amplifier or other professional sound application.
  • Each plug has a female banana plug connector on the bottom, allowing you to hook up speakers to a single output.
  • Compatible with bare wire, spades, or other banana plugs, and work with 8-18 awg speaker wire. connectors & crimping teeth are coated in corrosion-resistant 24k gold-plating for lasting, for secure fits with clarity, natural sonic accuracy and no distortion. a wider base minimizes shorting for maximum signal transfer, and a 2-piece screw-on design makes for reliable termination/reuse.
  • Simply connect existing speaker wires to a banana plug through its bottom piece (step-by-step installation guide included). self-crimping teeth make for easy one-time installs, and a low profile build only sticks out 1.

Bose Rough In Kit Virtually Invisible 191 Speakers Pair

Brackets for use when installing virtually invisible 191 speakers in new construction. Template ensures proper-sized hole. Sold as a pair.

Bose Rough In Kit Virtually Invisible 191 Speakers PairBose-Rough-Virtually-Invisible-Speakers

Brand :    bose
Weight :    5.85 pounds
Model :    31353
Quantity :    2
Order click here :    normally ships in 1-2 business days
  • For use in new construction only
  • Warranty: 30 days
  • Brackets: 26-15/16"w x 11"h
Price :    $29.99
Ce :    Best Speakers (bose product review) for Bose Rough In Kit Virtually Invisible 191 Speakers Pair available as-of ( Nov 2018 )

Polk Audio PSW505 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer Single, Black

Very pleased. It works well with my yamaha r-n602 receiver which has a subwoofer out. No need to play with the low pass and the phase switch is set about half way. I have polk audio speakers that it plays well with. Lots of low frequency output but its tight with low cone distortion. What's really impressive is how the subwoofer increases loudness at low volume levels. At higher volume levels the subwoofer really kicks even though i set the volume at half way. I have them hooked up with the mediabridge subwoofer cable which works well with the unit. . I'm very happy with this unit regardless of the price and factoring in the price i'm ecstatic with it. I only hope that i don't have the amplifier issues that some have had. I keep the power on standby so the wear on the amplifier should be nominal.

Polk psw505 - this high quality powered subwoofer makes opens a whole new dimension of thrilling low end sound for audio and home theater systems alike. This versatile, clinically accurate beast handles bombs and bullets and delicate string sections with equal finesse. Polk audio's psw series of powered subwoofers were designed to deliver powerful and astonishingly musical bass at amazingly low prices. All the psw models represent an evolution and refinement towards a truly visceral home-theater bass experience that coordinate with polk's tsi and rm, and r/m/t series speakers for home sound that truly rivals the best that theater's offer. Experience movies, music, shows and games like never before. Pick up a psw subwoofer and feel its superb build quality. Polk audio psw-505 is comprised of top-notch quality components from the driver, the power amp, and the cabinetry to deliver the finest performance. Hi-roll surrounds to support longer excursion high current 300 watt continuous (460 watt dynamic) power amplifier frequency range - 23 hz - 160hz adjustable low pass crossover, phase switchand volume control for perfect blending with any main speakers unfiltered lfe input magnetically shielded auto on/off circuit that automatically turns your subwoofer on when it senses a program signal. When no signal is present, the amplifier turns off within 15 minutes sturdy feet keep the sub from sliding across the floor when played at high volumes unit dimensions - 16-1/8h x 15-1/8w x 18-3/16d; weighs 56 pounds warranty - 5 years parts and labor speaker; 3 years parts and labor amplifier subwoofer cable required; not included. Monster cable is recommended

Polk Audio PSW505 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer Single, BlackPolk-Audio-12-Inch-Powered-Subwoofer

Polk Audio Psw505 12-inch Powered Subwoofer Single, Black (AM8505-A) FAQ.

I'll keep this as short as possible. I looked at a number of polk subs within $100 of each other. This is not a new design. It's been around for a while. There are other nicer, more expensive models but if you are looking for something and budget is a concern, it is a great value. I got this as a warehouse deal from online store. It arrived in the original box. All accessories were included. The only visible issue was a small dent on the back corner. I have this teamed up with a polk tl2 and mc60 speaker system. It took a little to get this dialed in. It's a lot of power. I have my system running through the lfe input (the recommended setup) with my 7. 2 sony dn1050. I had to turn the volume on the sub to about half and am not using the low pass filter that is build in. Filtering is done through the receiver. The unit also includes preamp and speaker level inputs. Using the lfe input automatically bypasses the units built in crossover as lfe signals by nature are low frequency depending on your receiver's crossover settings. This thing will shake the house. My living room is 17x17. The sub will easily overpower the room without taking the time to ensure proper settings. Once dialed in, it integrated well and sounds great. Being a bass reflex design, bass can be a little boomy. I have it corner loaded so this is to be expected. For less than $200 this is an amazing deal. Do your homework before your purchase as i did. This unit is probably not the best for some apartment and townhome setups. I'm not in danger of having the authorities called as i live in a detached single family home. My wife may feel differently about the volume but that's another story altogether. -Notice from S. Adrienne, Alsace

Click to Show polk audio psw505 12-inch powered subwoofer single, black (am8505-a) Details

I did a lot of research on subs and wanted something that could handle the deepest booms from movies and music. This sub exceeds my expectations. It hits every beat with deep, powerful booms. I paired it with klipsch r-28fs and it makes the entire system sound outstanding. My friends love it! warning:this sub has the power to shake your entire house!

Polk-audio-psw505-12-inch-powered-subwoofer-single,-black-(am8505-a) set picture

- B. GuestMet the mailman as he was dropping this off & he asked if i was attempting to blow my windows out of my house, i chuckled & said of course. Thinking pfttt. No way is this thing going to hit or have that type of bass. And i was wrong! . . I have a small dedicated gaming/bedroom room & was just wanting some thump to go with my eris 4. 5s & good grief i didn't just get thump more like. Glass shattering, dry wall cracking boom! kids love it, wife hates it & the neighbors are probably wondering what the hell is going on over there? . . All in all, if you're "all about that bass" and don't want to break the bank this is the sub for you. Would be perfect for a spacious living/tv room. Waaaay overkill for small rooms in my opinion unless you keep the volume at low. Umm real low.

I have it turned down low. This thing thumps! i turned it up mid way and my whole house was shaking and my dogs ran up stairs and pissed on the floor. Awesome!

E. Linda, Delaware

Price :    $169.99 (was $199.99)
  • Polk subs sound better because they're built better. rock-solid mdf construction (including a 1 inch thick front baffle) suppresses enclosure panel resonance for distortion-free, accurate response, big 12 inch long throw driver for longer excursion and better linearity.
  • High current 300 watt continuous (460 watt dynamic) power amplifier, adjustable low pass crossover, phase switch and volume control allows perfect blending with any main speaker. compatible devices-tv, video monitors
  • Huge hi-roll surrounds that support their longer excursion, most powered subwoofers are good for just gut-rumble and boom. polk understands that you listen to music too so our subs are tight, precise and accurate. the wide, long slot load vent dramatically lessens turbulence, noise and distortion, pouring out a tidal wave of precise, thunderous bass!
  • Auto on/off circuit that automatically turns your subwoofer on when it senses a program signal. when no signal is present, the amplifier turns off within 15 minutes, unfiltered lfe input for use with low pass filtered subwoofer output jacks. recommended location: indoor
  • Real wood veneer finish, slot load venting improves bass response. if you have any electrical (50/60hz) hum in your system you're going to hear it clearly as soon as you hook up your subwoofer. most hum problems are caused by "ground loops. " that is, the electrical grounds of the components in your system are not at the same electrical potent.
Brand :    polk audio
Color :    black
Weight :    43.00 pounds
Model :    AM8505-A
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (polk audio product review) for Polk Audio PSW505 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer Single, Black available as-of ( Nov 2018 )

Basics 16-Gauge Speaker Wire - 100 Feet

An online store brand.

Basics 16-Gauge Speaker Wire - 100 FeetAmazonBasics-16-Gauge-Speaker-Wire-Feet

Price :    $11.99
  • One side of the wire is marked with a white line, making it quick and easy to distinguish the polarity and get your audio system set up properly
  • The plastic jacket around the speaker wire helps to deliver high-quality undistorted signals to and from all of your audio equipment
  • Comes wrapped around a hard plastic spool that makes dispensing convenient and easy
  • Connects audio speakers to your a/v receiver or amplifier
  • 100 feet of 16-gauge speaker wire
Brand :    basics
Color :    Transparent
Size :    100 Feet/30.5 Meters
Weight :    1.08 pounds
Model :    SW100ft
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Cable Or Adapter (basics product review) for Basics 16-Gauge Speaker Wire - 100 Feet available as-of ( Nov 2018 )

Bose SoundTouch SA-5 Amplifier, works Alexa, Black

Turn a pair of stereo speakers into a wireless music system. Easily. Just add the sound touch sa-5 amplifier and experience a world of wireless music using your home wi-fi network. The 100w sa-5 amplifier is part of an entire family of bose products for every room of your home. A free, powerful app lets you explore music services like spotify, pandora, iheart radio and deezer. It also gives you access to thousands of internet radio stations and your stored music library. Plus, it transforms your phone into a powerful remote so you can control your favorite music, no matter where you are. And with bluetooth connectivity built in, you can listen to whatever you want from any bluetooth device. The sa-5 amplifier has three aux inputs so you can connect non-streaming sources, such as a cd player. Included: sound touch sa-5 amplifier; sound touch controller; usb cable; ac power cord; wall-mounting bracket. Input/output:ac power, usb connector for setup, ethernet connector, speaker outputs, 3 aux input connectors (2 rca pairs, 1 3. 5 mm mini-stereo) bose soundtouch sa-5 amplifier dimensions: 3 inch h x 7. 25 inch w x 12 inch d (3. 3 pounds)

Bose SoundTouch SA-5 Amplifier, works Alexa, BlackBose-SoundTouch-Amplifier-works-Alexa

Brand :    bose
Color :    Black
Weight :    1.00 pounds
Model :    737253-1110
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Six presets keep your go-to music just a touch away, as easy as your car radio
  • Works with alexa for voice control (alexa device sold separately).
  • Powerful app transforms your phone or tablet into a versatile remote: explore music, set/play presets and more
  • Connects wirelessly to your home wi-fi network. add speakers and enjoy music services like spotify and pandora, internet radio and your own music library
  • Part of an entire family of bose wireless systems. add more to stream music throughout your home, or hear different music in different rooms
Price :    $449.95 (was $499.00)
Speakers :    Best Receiver Or Amplifier (bose product review) for Bose SoundTouch SA-5 Amplifier, works Alexa, Black available as-of ( Nov 2018 )

Bose 151 SE Elegant Outdoor Speakers White

Great sound. Actually i have to tell my husband and daughters to turn them down all the time so the neighbors don't form a posse and kick us out of the neighborhood. Also. So far . They are holding up in georgia rainy environment

A mid-day picnic, an at-home concert under the stars, a grill-out on the patio or a dip in the pool everything goes better with music, even the great outdoors. These bose speakers deliver a full, spacious sound with three 2-1/2" full-range environmental drivers in each. The drivers are positioned by an exclusive articulated array design that delivers consistent stereo everywhere performance throughout the area. The 2 compact speakers are housed in sleek, slender cabinets that blend gracefully and stylishly into the lines of your home. By a name renowned for sound and quality, they are rain, snow, salt and temperature withstanding, and come with weather-resistant mounting brackets. The adjustable brackets allow for vertical or horizontal placement. White. Each speaker: 4-1/2hx12wx6d".

Bose 151 SE Elegant Outdoor Speakers WhiteBose-Elegant-Outdoor-Speakers-White

Bose 151 Se Elegant Outdoor Speakers White (34104) FAQ.

Amazing bose sound quality and extremely durable speaker. This product would be considered "expensive" but it is worth it. -Notice from B. Suzanne, Oklahoma

Click to Show bose 151 se elegant outdoor speakers white (34104) Details

Great sound. Wanted kids to be able to hear from back of the yard and they can! highly recommend.

Bose-151-se-elegant-outdoor-speakers-white-(34104) set picture

- A. SusanGreat, clear sound, no regrets, love em, awesome choice to my deck, over the garden and fire pit. D in vt

I first purchased this pair of speakers for my back deck 14 years ago. A couple of weeks ago - there was a slight "crackle" you could. Hear in each speaker. I was surprised the exact same speaker was still available, same bracket - everything. I always. Read reviews on everything i purchase - normally the bad ones more so than good ones. I was a little hesitant - but. Ended up purchasing them. I installed them the day they arrived. They have the same crisp sound - even when i turn. Them up pretty loud. I normally don't write reviews - but after reading some of the negative ones - i felt compelled - because these are great looking. And great sounding speakers

P. Whiteman, Louisiana

Brand :    bose
Color :    White
Weight :    11.81 pounds
Model :    34104
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Speakers (bose product review) for Bose 151 SE Elegant Outdoor Speakers White available as-of ( Nov 2018 )
Price :    $230.00 (was $278.00)
  • Adjustable weather-resistant brackets provide secure installation to most surfaces. slot-port tuning reduces air turbulence for cleaner and deeper reproduction of music's lower notes
  • Engineered and tested to withstand snow, rain, salt and temperature extremes of -40? f (-40? c) to 158? f (70? c)
  • 2-1/2 full-range, glass-filled speaker cone delivers reliable. suitable for use as boat speakers
  • Glass-filled polypropylene cabinet provides added yearlong protection against weather extremes
  • Withstands humidity and fog. mount horizontally or vertically with included brackets/hardware

bose virtually invisible 191 speakers pair Price : 299, was : 0 as 2018-08-02
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Im a big bose fan and these fit right in with my home theater. They are discreet and install very easily.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: Receiver

(1) Question: How much room behind the sheet rock do you need for these to fit?

(2) Question: Are these compatible with a 2-channel class-d amp. running at 55 watts per channel?

(3) Question: Can i use these as ceiling speakers with a pioneer vsx-90 7. 2. 2 set up with bose acoustomass 10 series ii system. running these straight from reciever

(4) Question: I assume this speaker would work well as a center channel speaker? does anyone know where or how to buy 1 ( or 3) since the description lists a pair.

(5) Question: Can i use these speakerswith only an ipad?

(6) Question: Hi can somebody tell me the right measures of bose celling? i a litte confuse about dimensions from online store please h x w x l in cms or inches.

(7) Question: So, after mostly bad reviews, should i buy these for my bedroom- are they worth it? they look fine to me

(8) Question: I have a open media room, can i use them for my home theater 5 of them? what sub woofer and receiver i should get?

(note) Question: where/how to get Bose (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Bose's products

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Best bose virtually invisible 191 speakers pair (31509) in review

Fantastic sound!

N. Jarvis, Tameside

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L. Alberta, Stoke-on-Trent says

Easy to install, you don't need to buy the template if you're handy with a ruler, short level and pencil so you can use the paper template provided. Hardest part is cutting a neat hole in the sheet rock without creating a huge mess, but with patience and a small fine short tooth saw it was easy enough. No problems with the wiring as i had already installed them before putting up walls. The sound is great to my ear, although we use the speakers mostly for background music. Had i known how good they sound, and easy they are to install, i'd have wired in a couple more in another part of the house, but i'm not about to tear up the place to run the wires.

Q. Cindy, Rhode Island

Added two sets of these and a polk 12" sub for a really nice theatre system. Still missing a center channel, but that'll come soon, and luckily my stereo is smart enough to know i"m missing that.

B. Laura, Rheinland-Pfalz says

Sound comes from speakers. . Seriously, these are great for surrounds. Distribute the sound as intended and having their own speaker box makes a difference for acoustics instead of normal ceiling or in the wall style that use the cavity inside the wall as the speaker box.

T. Rhonda, Peterborough

Very good

C. Kelly, New York says

These speakers are awsome. They come in pairs and you can swap and rotate them with the rectagle or round cover that uses the same size hole. I need to go get another pair for the front surround sounds. . They are worth the cost.

Y. Patricia, Connecticut

Superior quality, superior sound. Bose is all we have, for both inside and outside listening! bose is the very best!

O. Anderson, Gloucestershire says

Looks good, but needs a little skill to install. Finally, i love it

D. Eva, Bolton

These are great and install is easy. I will eventually need to buy another pair and will definitely buy the same models.

N. Anonymous, Bradford says

I recently installed the bose 191 speakers in a new basement finish, and have finally had a chance to test them. The clarity of the speakers on the higher end is very good, but what is immedately noticable is the rich bass that fills the room. I am not an audiophile, but i am picky about what i hear, and for what i intend for these speakers they are perfect. This will be a game room with the speakers wall mounted. For my initial test, i turned on aerosmith's "sweet emotion" (a song by which any good speaker system should be judged) and made it nice and loud. Passed with flying colors!

K. Mary, Wolverhampton

Very loud, and great sound quality! and easy to install

X. Judith, Essex says

This is the second pair i have bought. I installed the first pair in a house that we built before the drywall went up. For our next house, i installed the second pair during remodeling. You need to be careful following the instructions and very careful with your measurements. But, the instructions are very complete and carefully thought out. The sound is terrific. My wife loves the bose sound and won't buy anything else.

Y. Erickson, Saskatchewan

I used them with my nad receiver just to test them and they sounded pretty good without being installed in the ceiling at my new house. I looking forward installing them in their final location.

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