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Price was $249.00. I have owned bose in the past, my boyfriend recently bought be the bose sound true ultra in ear headphones and like most people i had issues with the wires bunching up before they begin to crack open. He recently told me to order what headphones i would like and be happy with and i chose these because they are bluetooth and i can used an audio cable if i want to, plus i like on ear headphones more than over or around ear headphones. I haven't tested the bluetooth feature yet, but i love them. My only complaint would be that i wish the case that you get was a little more roomier

-B. Erickson

Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Wireless Headphones (Bose) Cut The Cord And Set Your Music Free Bose Soundlink On-ear Wireless Headphones. The Sound Is Powerful And Clear, You Can Switch Easily Between Music And Calls Intuitive Controls, Headphones

  1. Benefits: Advanced Microphone System For Clear Calls In Windy Or Noisy Environments.
  2. Benefits: Up To 15 Hours Of Playtime With Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery.

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Just purchased 2/2015 and so far i am really happy with these headphones. (my first pair). . Bluetooth: pairs with iphone in seconds everytime i turn on. . Battery: love the voice telling me battery life left. 15 hours is a long time. I commute from nj to ny and need a good battery. Plus i use throughout the day for music and conf calls. And still has tons of batt left. So far 15 hours is accurate. This is kicking my iphone 6's ass, obviously using bluetooth is taking a lot out of phone so i am charging my phone 1x mid day. (added june 18: battery has been lasting a week at a time with regular use. Charging is quick so i don't even mind it when i have to charge). . Fit/comfort: i like the overall feel. First pair of overeat headphones so it took a few to get used to. Overall has been great. I do agree with some that slight adjustments on ear is needed as ears and head sometimes fatigue but i imagine this happens with most. . Sound: has been great! i am not an audiophile but movies and music sound great. Watching movies and youtube videos work and sound great, no loss in speaking and no sync issues. . Controls: can't complain. Volume up and down, pause, play, skip, go back, answer call and hang up. On and off button with bluetooth pairing. All physical buttons. Right side eat controls only (sorry leftys). . Wire/case: wire comes with it for direct wired listening nothing to complain about. Also comes with a usb to micro wire for charging but you can use any wire that charges android type device. Case is a simple case i don't use unless to store at home otherwise i leave at home. . I wish these were slightly cheaper but i wish everything was slightly cheaper. I can't complain i bought bose headphones known for amazing sound, style and comfort. Worth the money. . Color: cool and simple black. . Added june 18th: accidentally left bluetooth on my samsung s5 on (work) and my iphone 6 was on as well and the headphone pair both devices at the same time. Voice connection in headphones confirms both connections. Can't play music at the same time but i hear emails coming over on samsung and listen to other things on iphone. This is not a major feature but just another plus on these headphones. Best Bose SoundLink On-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones - Black as-of ( Jan 2019 ) | Bose Oration-Headphones Review Benefits Bose SoundLink On-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones - Black Crisp powerful sound from the best sounding wireless headphone in its class. Advanced microphone system for clear calls in windy or noisy environments. Up to 15 hours of playtime with rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Easy to use with state of the art interface, including voice prompts .

Five star it is very good -Z. Guest

Bose Soundlink On-ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones - Black

Product Dimensions
Height:7.10 inches
Length:2.40 inches
Weight:0.34 pounds
Width:5.50 inches
These Headphones Are Used But Still In Really Good Condition. They Are Being Sold As Headphones And Charger Cable Only (Logitech Charging Cable). I Do Not Have A Case Or Box Or Any Other Accessories. See Photos.
Bose Corporation
Part/Serial Number
Bose SoundLink On-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones - Black
1 Year Coverage For Parts

Speakers(017817652063:Headphones), Bose Soundlink On-ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones - Black (0017817652063:Bose), Cut the cord and set your music free with bose soundlink on-ear wireless headphones. the sound is powerful and clear, you can switch easily between music and calls with intuitive controls, and play for hours with a long-lasting rechargeable battery. they're 40% lighter than comparable headphones for a comfortable fit. so it's easier than ever for you to unplug and unwind. enjoy detailed and balanced sound that raises the bar for bluetooth headphones. bose triport technology works with active eq to deliver music as dynamic as their best wired headphones. you'll hear the deepest lows to the clearest highs, without a wire in sight. with up to 15 hours of play time, you can listen to your favorite music, watch a movie, check out videos and still have plenty of power left. get a full charge in just 1. 5 hours by plugging the included usb cable into any mobile device with a powered port or wall charger. if the battery runs down, a quick 15-minute charge gives you another 2 hours. the adjustable headband rests gently on your head, and earcups rotate for a personalized fit. soft cushions cradle your ears, and all materials are lightweight and built to last. the earcups fold up to store in the compact carrying case. and there's an extra cable, so you can plug in and listen if the battery runs out. if you get a call while you're listening to music or watching a video, just touch a button on the right earcup and you're instantly connected. touch again to play, pause, skip and make calls. roam up to 30 feet while connected to your smartphone and tablet at the same time. voice prompts tell you battery life, connection status and who's calling. your phone conversations are clear with soundlink on-ear headphones-even if you're on a noisy or windy city street. dual microphones reduce background noise to make sure your voice is heard. and you'll hear your caller's voice clearly, because bose technologies automatically adjust your headphones' volume as the noise around you changes..

Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Speakers

Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Wireless HeadphonesBose SoundLink On-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones - Black (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

A solid product. Some people complain about head headphones breaking or ripping apart but they obviously do not take care of them. I've used mine for work and the gym and have never had an issue. The only issue i've had is that my ears get warm and feel a little more sensitive with long extended periods of use like around the 3 hour mark. Regardless these are the best bluetooth headphones i have ever owned

Bose Soundlink On-ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones - Black (Headphones) 714675 0010
Click to see NoticeBose Soundlink On-ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones - Black (714675-0010)"Bought them for my daughter - she absolutely loves them. She uses them at work."

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Bose SoundLink around-ear wireless headphones II Black

I won't categorize myself as a die hard audiophile, but i am very picky about my music. I had an audio technica ath-m50x for a year. Liked the sound, but it was heavy and sound was not as full as i would hope for, especially at low volumes. . I never tried bose before, so, wanted to give it a try based on reviews. I chose this one, because, it has the option for both wired/wireless and battery reviews are good. . I could not be happier. The sound is full, even at lower volumes. Low frequency is outstanding across the board. High frequency is more prominent at higher volume, but, quite good at low volumes. Interfaces with my iphone quite well. I am super happy with the headphone after a month of owning it. . Only con i worth mentioning is that, when i am using this for phone calls over bluetooth, it disconnects and instantly re-connects to my phone once every few minutes. Given i use this phone mostly for music, this does not bother me much.

Enjoy a better wireless experience with bose soundlink around-ear wireless headphones ii. Exclusive technology delivers deep, immersive sound at any volume, making them the best-sounding wireless headphones available. A dual microphone system rejects noise and wind so you'll be heard loud and clear. And enhanced side tone makes your voice sound more natural. Soundlink wireless headphones use the latest bluetooth technology so you can easily connect to your mobile devices with seamless audio/video sync and switch between two devices. For nfc-enabled devices, you can simply tap the right ear cup for quick pairing. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery lets you listen for up to 15 hours and gives you up to 2 hours of play time with a 15-minute charge. Effortless touch controls allow for simple command of your music and calls. And voice prompts give you information about battery life, device connection and caller id. Soundlink wireless headphones are lighter and more comfortable than other comparable wireless headphones so you can enjoy them all day long. Wear them almost anywhere, and experience uncompromised wireless performance. Included: soundlink around-ear headphones; detachable audio cable; carrying case.

Bose SoundLink around-ear wireless headphones II BlackBose-SoundLink-around-ear-wireless-headphones

See Bose Soundlink Around-ear Wireless Headphones Ii Black (741158-0010) FAQ.

I listened to quite a few competitor models in a box store in the price range from $60 to $300. These bose immediately stood out as the best sounding to me and most comfortable. The sound is full range and pleasant without what i call silly bass. I've listened every day for over a week and battery is still st 70%. I like the voice prompt that tells me battery level and what device is paired when i turn it on. -Notice from P. Monique, Liverpool

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I bought this headset a few months ago, and i have to say that i only bought it based off of what was important to me: comfort. I was looking for a cordless over ear headphone that wouldn't get uncomfortable after too long. The reason i knew this one was okay was because i was able to try it out at best buy beforehand. Now, onto my experience with the connectivity, sound, and look. . Worst part to me would have to be having to worry about the battery; however, you are able to plug it in with the specialized audio cable (it is not 5mm on both sides) if it dies. Once the battery does die, it does charge quickly, which doesn't make it all bad (sorry, i haven't timed it). I can't say that i've used them for more than 5 consecutive hours, but i can say that it seems like they last a while on a single battery charge. Note that you cannot use the bluetooth feature while charging (at least from when i've tried). . The protein leather they stated that they use for the cushioning feels amazingly smooth. I can only wonder how long it will last, however, until the leather begins to fade and crack. No time soon, i hope! . . I never would have realized how great the buttons would be on the side of the headphones. They are what completes this product. Being able to pause, skip, raise/lower the volume without having to pick up my phone or open my laptop is a huge freedom for me. . If you are looking to 'bass boost' you may not want these, but just know that these headphones sound, to someone who is not a snob (me), can comment that they sound fine. Also, they have decent noise cancellation even though they don't do it actively. . In all, i see myself highly recommending these headphones for their comfort, ease-of-use, and convenience.

Bose-soundlink-around-ear-wireless-headphones-ii-black-(741158-0010) set picture

- X. NancyI absolutely love these headphones! i'm a huge fan of bose products and these wonderful headphones are exactly why! i am very athletic and needed a good pair of headphones that would stay on my ears during heavy duty workouts without weighing me down and these are a winner winner chicken dinner! i owned the in ear bose headphones made for working out and they were great as well (until my daschund ate them) but it's almost been a blessing in disguise because it made me get these! my daughter has the over the ear beats and these by far blow them out of the water in the quality and sound department, they are also much more comfortable. They feel 10x better then any other over the ear headphone i've ever put on. Never second guess a bose product because they'll beat anything and everything else, every single time! go get these headphones now! you will be glad you did!

I needed a pair of bluetooth headphones to use with my new iphone 7 at work. Since i planned to wear them for a significant part of the day, comfort was a primary concern. I find that earbuds at not comfortable so on eat or over ear headphones were what i was looking for. They are light & the "grip" around my head is gentle so they don't cause undo pressure. The padding on the headband & the earpieces were far more comfortable than any other headphone i tried (beats included). After using them for a couple of weeks i'm very happy with my choice. Even with my glasses, i find them to be very comfortable. Occasionally there's some discomfort with larger earrings but i'm usually able to readjust & find a more amenable position. . The next consideration was sound dampening. It's not super noisy but there is a significant amount of background noise (talking, printer, etc. ). Based on the type of noise (more variable than steady drone) i wasn't sure that the active noise cancelling of the quiet comfort model was worth the additional cost (paid $229). These headphones do completely cover the ears which passively blocks quite a bit of sound. Between that & the music itself, the background noise became a non-issue. . Of course, what good are headphones if they don't sound good? unlike some others that i have tried there's no background hiss. The sound is clear & crisp. I've discovered some previously unnoticed nuances to my music as a result of the superior sound quality. The balance is very pleasant. You won't find pounding base, rather a nice mix of tones that will allow you to appreciate a broader range of instrumentals & vocals. . Overall i'm very pleased with my purchase. I couldn't ask for a better set of headphones for my needs.

J. Campbell, Blackburn with Darwen

Brand :    bose
Color :    Black
Size :    One Size
Weight :    0.43 pounds
Model :    741158-0010
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Headphones (Speakers product review) for Bose SoundLink around-ear wireless headphones II Black available as-of ( Jan 2019 )
  • Switch between two bluetooth devices so you can watch a video while staying connected to your smartphone
  • Up to 15 hours play time with rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Latest bluetooth technology for easy connectivity and seamless audio/video syncs
  • Advanced microphone system, hd voice for clear calls in windy or noisy environments
  • Deep, immersive sound, improved eq-best-in-class performance for wireless headphones

TaoTronics Wireless Portable Bluetooth Transmitter Connected to 3.5mm Audio Devices, Paired Bluetooth Receiver, TV Ears, Bluetooth Dongle, A2DP Stereo Music Transmission

Taotronics, the leading brand of bluetooth transmitter field. 5 years of business experiences with more than 1. 5 million satisfied customers, first choice of high quality with proper price. Sunvalleytek is the only authorized seller of taotronics on online store. Taotronics tt-ba01 bluetooth transmitter effortlessly adds bluetooth functionality to your laptops, cd players, ipods, mp3/mp4 players, and other stereo devices that lack bluetooth functionality. The transmitter broadcasts high quality stereo sound to bluetooth receivers, headphones, and speakers. Without wires, cables, installations, or a big unit, the taotronics bluetooth transmitter is the first choice for combining your favorite technology with bluetooth. If you are looking for a device to receive bluetooth music, please search for the taotronics bluetooth receiver. Package contents: 1 x taotronics bluetooth transmitter 1 x usb charging cable 1 x 3. 5mm female to 2 rca male cable 1 user manual 1 year taotronics warranty. 24h customer email support.

TaoTronics Wireless Portable Bluetooth Transmitter Connected to 3.5mm Audio Devices, Paired Bluetooth Receiver, TV Ears, Bluetooth Dongle, A2DP Stereo Music TransmissionTaoTronics-Bluetooth-Transmitter-Connected-Transmission

  • Small, lightweight and durable! take the transmitter with you and enjoy bluetooth music anytime/anywhere for up to 7 hours! can work while charging by micro charging port.
  • A magic device that can add bluetooth capability to your none-bluetooth audio source device like tv, ipod, cd player, pc, mp3/mp4, and transmit audio to your bluetooth headphone, speaker and other stereo system.
  • Taotronics, the leading brand of bluetooth transmitter field. 5 years of business experiences with more than 1. 5 million satisfied customers. first choice of high quality with proper price. sunvalleytek is the only authorized seller of taotronics on .
  • Easy pairing with bluetooth stereo headset, headphones, speakers and other bluetooth stereo audio enabled system. work with any type and brand of audio source device. up to 30 feet working range.
  • High performance with a2dp for enhanced audio quality, allows you to enjoy the stereo music without wire restriction or watch tv quietly.
Brand :    taotronics
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.3 pounds
Model :    TaoTronics
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Wireless :    Best Accessory Or Part Or Supply (taotronics product review) for TaoTronics Wireless Portable Bluetooth Transmitter Connected to 3.5mm Audio Devices, Paired Bluetooth Receiver, TV Ears, Bluetooth Dongle, A2DP Stereo Music Transmission available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones, Aqua

Only knocking 1 star off right now for changing the style of the ear piece. I loved the bose soudsport in-ear headphones for samsung & android that i purchased last year. They came with 3 different sized rubber ear pieces but i didn't have to try the l or s. The mediums worked great. . Now bose made bt so i decided to go wireless. I can't comment on the battery life or how it really sounds with a phone call. But i can review the connecting to devices, comfort, and sound listening to music. . Connecting to my samsung galaxy s7 was simple once you download the bose connect app. Music is pretty much all treble or highs. No bass or lows can be heard at all to me but that is expected with headphones. . Biggest gripe is the comfort. Bose changed the style of the ear pieces. I used the medium (m) sized piece that were already on them. They stayed in my ear perfectly but after maybe 20-30 mins of listening to music, my ears were bothering me. I had my wired bose headphones with me so i decided to see if those ear pieces would fit on the bt before i tried the s or l sized that came with them. . As you can see in the pictures attached, the white ear pieces from the wired set fit just fine on the bt. I then put the s black ear pieces on my wired headphones but noticed that the s is a little loose in my ears compared to the m sized pieces. . I may update later with further review but these will never get 5 stars b/c the style of the ear pieces were changed. Hopefully i won't have to subtract any stars either.

With no wires in the way, bose sound sport wireless headphones keep you moving with powerful audio and stay hear+ tips designed for comfort and stability. A soft silicone material and unique shape provide a secure fit that stays put and feels good. Connect to your device easily with bluetooth and nfc pairing, and use the inline mic and remote to control volume, skip tracks and take calls. With the bose connect app, controlling and switching between multiple devices is easy. These headphones are sweat and weather resistant and have a lithium-ion battery that delivers up to 6 hours per charge. With performance like this, the only challenge left is your workout. Included: sound sport wireless headphones; stay hear+ tips; usb charging cable; carry case.

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones, AquaBose-SoundSport-Wireless-Headphones-Aqua

See Bose Soundsport Wireless Headphones, Aqua (761529-0020) FAQ.

Exactly what i was hoping for. . I have been waiting for bose to make bluetooth sport earphones and they delivered what they should be. I bought these on online store for $149, so i am not a writing this on behalf of bose or anyone. Just giving my opinion as i have always valued a reviews on bluetooth earphones to determine if they are worth a try or not. . 1. Great bose sound. Bass is fantastic! really great when you are working hard. Let's keep in mind these are not wired cans. So for bluetooth earphones, they are really good. But if you want to compare them to wired bose earphones (over the ear), then your not thinking straight. 2. Great fit. Best fit that i have found that stay in your ears, i have had jaybirds in the past and tried others that would not stay in. 3. They block out sound very well. I was impressed by this and did not expect this to be that good. They are not noise cancelling, not sure you would want noise cancelling as these block outside noise very well. 4. Phone calls. I did not buy these to use for phone calls, so i can't knock them for call quality. But, when calling someone, my voice is very clear to them. When listening to a call, it was just ok. Not the best. But again, i didn't buy these for making calls, so i am happy with the call quality. Keep in mind they do not block out background noise, so for normal room conditions, they work well. 5. Looks. I didn't buy these for their looks. I think they look great, i have seen some people complain about the looks, but i expected them to be the size they are due to quality of electronics in them. They are not large by any stretch, but just reacting to some comments i have seen. Plus, i would rather have people realize i am wearing headphones rather than wondering why i can't hear them. 6. Bose app - not much function. You can do a few things with it, but pretty much useless. I don't think you need an app anyway, but if they added some more functionality, maybe they will, then it might be useful. It does allow you to update the firmware in the earphones. . 4. Great bluetooth range. You do not get the missed connection if your phone is not in direct sight of your headphones. -Notice from Y. Susana, Queensland

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I've tried a number of bluetooth headphones. Biggest thing about these is that they stay in my ear unlike the jaybirds or beats which eventually loses or fall out. Pros -. - battery life is good. - sound is good for bluetooth. - stay in ear. . Cons-. - price is a little high but its bose. - they are bigger then i'd like them to be but i've gotten use to them.

Bose-soundsport-wireless-headphones,-aqua-(761529-0020) set picture

- I. Dorine what an incredible new wireless headset bose created. The sound is fantastic and the ear pieces fit so comfortably in the ear! the app bose created is very cool which will allow you to control functions on your headset, see the battery life, etc. I have put together a detailed unboxing, noise test in the car as well as a distance test video. I am one happy camper and so thrilled with bose delivering an awesome product once again!

Wireless earphones make a huge difference for exercising, for people who listen to music or podcasts during exercise. No more cord flopping around, getting caught on equipment, getting accidentally tugged out of your ears when the cord catches on something. Once you try wireless earphones, you will never go back to corded earphones (at least during exercise). . These bose ones are a great choice if you can afford them: they're durable, fit comfortably, they're sweat and rain resistant, they paired easily to my iphone, ipad, and laptop, the controls are easy to use and work well, and the sound quality is good. I've had zero problems with dropped or jittery connections. Plus they come with a short charging cable and a soft round case with a carabiner to clip on your gym bag. . I have not tried the competing models by jaybird and others, but i think any model that is highly reviewed by online store customers and fits your budget would be great. . If you cannot afford a premium brand, here's a much more affordable option that gets very good reviews from online store customers: anker soundbuds in-ear sport earbuds, magnetic wireless bluetooth headphones with 8-hour playtime and cvc 6. 0 noise cancellation, ipx4 sweatproof for running, workout, gym - sports earphones with mic at the time i'm writing this, they're only $26 a pair and available in a couple different colors.

G. Anderson, Oregon

Brand :    bose
Color :    Aqua
Weight :    0.5 pounds
  • Up to 6 hours battery life per charge
  • Wireless convenience, with easy bluetooth and nfc pairing aided by voice prompts
  • A high-quality audio experience, consistently balanced at any volume, thanks to bose active eq
  • Sweat and weather resistance for reliability while exercising
  • Exclusive stay hear+ tips keep the headphones comfortably in place during workouts
Model :    761529-0020
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Headphones (bose product review) for Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones, Aqua available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

Bose 724277-0010 Sound Link On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones Ear Cushion Kit, Black

Replace lost or damaged ear cushions for your soundlink on-ear bluetooth headphones with a new pair. Contents: 2 cushions, instructions

Bose 724277-0010 Sound Link On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones Ear Cushion Kit, BlackBose-724277-0010-Bluetooth-Headphones-Cushion

  • Compatible with bose soundlink on-ear bluetooth headphones
  • Exact replacement ear cushions for bose soundlink on-ear headphones
  • Easy to install
Brand :    bose
Color :    Black
Model :    724277-0010
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Headphones (bose product review) for Bose 724277-0010 Sound Link On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones Ear Cushion Kit, Black available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

Bose 724271-0010 Sound Link On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones Carry Case, Black

Protect your soundlink on-ear bluetooth headphones and accessories with this replacement zippered case. It's compact and designed to match your headphones' style. Contents: 1 carry case.

Bose 724271-0010 Sound Link On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones Carry Case, BlackBose-724271-0010-Sound-Bluetooth-Headphones

Brand :    bose
Color :    Black
Weight :    0.14 pounds
  • Available in two color options to match your headphones
  • Protects your headphones when not in use
  • Exact replacement carry case for bose soundlink on-ear bluetooth headphones
  • Slim design ideal for travel
Model :    724271-0010
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Headphones (bose product review) for Bose 724271-0010 Sound Link On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones Carry Case, Black available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Bluetooth Headphones, Black Discontinued Manufacturer

Soundlink around-ear bluetooth headphones let you enjoy immersive bose sound from your ipad-plus wireless freedom. Their around-ear fit stays comfortable for hours, and you can move around without being tethered to your ipad, smartphone or other bluetooth device. You can even connect simultaneously to two devices. Controls on the ear cup let you operate certain functions of the ipad directly from the headphones and switch to take a call on your phone. Headphones charge easily with the included usb cable, and led and audio indicators provide power, battery life and bluetooth connection status.

Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Bluetooth Headphones, Black Discontinued ManufacturerBose-Around-Ear-Headphones-Discontinued-Manufacturer

Brand :    bose
Color :    Black
Size :    Only Bluetooth 2.0
Weight :    0.33 pounds
  • Enjoy immersive sound with wireless freedom
  • Cushioned around-ear fit for hours of comfortable listening
  • Rechargeable battery plays up to eight hours
  • Wirelessly connects to your bluetooth devices
Model :    363764-0010
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
Speakers :    Best Headphones (bose product review) for Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Bluetooth Headphones, Black Discontinued Manufacturer available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II Carbon

My requirements: bluetooth speaker, great sound, small-medium size, horizontally rectangle shape more or less, black, so no cool shapes or colors, and awesome online store ratings. . Big magicbox: relatively underwhelming sound, but good for price of $60 so gave to daughter. . Bose soundlink mini: deeper, richer lows, a little weak in the highs & mids; surprising sound for such a small speaker. . Beats pill+: lacking in the bass department, rather trashy sounding in the highs & mids. It may be louder than the big magicbox, and maybe even better, but it s not 2. 5 times better so on a dollar value basis, the magicbox wins. . Summary: if $60 is all you can afford, then get the big magicbox, but don t expect it to sound $200 good, it won t it just doesn t have the power. For $200, between the bose & beats, the bose wins, hands down.

It's the small speaker with the big, big voice. The soundlink mini bluetooth speaker ii delivers full sound with dramatically deeper lows than you'd expect from a speaker that fits in the palm of your hand. And because it's wireless and ultra-compact, it's easy to take bose sound anywhere. The soundlink mini ii has a built-in speakerphone, so you can take calls out loud with clear sound. And voice prompts talk you through bluetooth pairing, so connecting to your music is easy. The speaker's lithium-ion battery provides up to 10 hours of unplugged playtime, and it can be conveniently charged from most usb power sources. At home, the included cradle keeps the speaker charged while serving as a home base, so it's always ready to grab and go. The soundlink mini ii was engineered to stand up to everyday use and be placed almost anywhere. It connects wirelessly to your bluetooth enabled devices-up to two at a time. The soundlink mini ii is available in carbon or pearl and can be customized with colored accessory covers to fit your unique style. Included: soundlink mini bluetooth speaker ii; charging cradle; wall charger; cable.

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II CarbonBose-SoundLink-Bluetooth-Speaker-Carbon

See Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker Ii Carbon (725192-1110) FAQ.

Bought this for my extremely picky boyfriend. He has the best of the best speakers in all of his vehicles, knows what sounds good, and what doesn't. He is outside a lot and doesn't run his vehicles to listen to his music all the time, so i got him this so he doesn't have to. He loves it. It sounds great. We live out in the open so sound carries. When you walk away, it's still loud. We needed that. It's super easy to charge, and the voice prompts are nice. I like that it's not super lightweight, so it doesn't feel cheap. It's probably a couple pounds. Would buy again if i had to for whatever reason. -Notice from R. Harrison, East Riding of Yorkshire

Click to Show bose soundlink mini bluetooth speaker ii carbon (725192-1110) Details

I almost took the "cheap way" purchasing one of the many $50 options but took a chance on the bose name and reputation for speakers. My needs were these (probably similar to many others) : 1) i have a desktop (mac) that needs a nice speaker when i want to watch a movie / video or listen to music via the centrally located "family" desktop, 2) i have a laptop that i setup in different places in the house and want a speaker and 3) finally, i'd like to have a battery powered speaker to use wirelessly in situations outside the house. . The speaker sounds awesome! the connection to bluetooth is very easy and made more intuitive by the fact that the speaker "tells" you when it has connected to a bluetooth source. The speaker charger is super easy / intuitive and while i don't have a lot of experience yet, seems to have a very long life. The only time i've had to recharge it so far was just now when i realized that i had left it on most of the day yesterday, all night and this morning. When you hold the speaker you can tell by the weight that it's got a decent set of speakers and there are no external knobs or dials (on/off, volume, bluetooth sync are all depressed buttons - like the power / volume buttons on your cell phone), so i'm confident that if dropped, it won't easily break. . Very nice product !

Bose-soundlink-mini-bluetooth-speaker-ii-carbon-(725192-1110) set picture

- F. CarrieIt's amazing how bose can get such complete quality sound out of such a little box. Being a musician i spend a lot of time in my life making note of quality of sound out of any and all sound systems and this little sound box is beyond belief with respect to what it can produce. I have some ancient recordings of one of my bands that were not mixed well . But running them through the soundlink mini makes them sound wonderful. Run professional recordings through it and it's all-the-better. You don't get stereo separation but the mix has exceptional clarity. Move the unit around with respect to where it sits and you can get excellently enhance bass. My tv is a quite small flat screen, so the built in speakers are pretty bad, somewhat shrill, but plugging the mini into the aux out port yields respectable sound quality for movies. I take it with me to my day job and bluetooth the tunes or radio on my phone . What a great system! . . Its features include the charging cradle, no plugging or unplugging, just pick the speaker up and go if you're changing location, leave the cradle and wall wart, reset into the cradle when you return to home base. It comes with a charger and cord too. It has a mini-usb charging port as well so if the batt needs to be topped off you can use any of the charging systems that we all have everywhere by now. You can use it to answer a phone call when you're hooked up to your phone . Haven't tried this yet so i can't say if that's useful. It hooks up to a computer or phone or tablet instantly and effortlessly via bluetooth when you turn it on, once the transmitting device has been initialized . That is a quick and easy process as well. . It does what it is supposed to do and does it well . No muss, no fuss . Amazing!

Excellent all-around portable bluetooth speaker. The first thing you will notice after opening the box is the build quality of the speaker. It is surprising heavy and very sold in the hand. The exterior does not show any fingerprints and the unibody design lends one to believe it would survive a drop or two (not that i'd want to test that possibility). After a quick and intuitive device paring feature you will be very pleased with the sound quality. I did a direct comparison to the online store tap and the bose soundlink mini ii is undeniably the winner (of course it is double the price at $180 vs the tap right now on special at 40% off bringing the tap's price just to $89). The are benefits to the tap if you are an android or fire user and if you are looking for a speaker that prioritizes loudness over sound and build quality then the tap wins. The small size of the bose makes it the perfect speaker even for the smallest desk or kitchen counter, however again the tap's vertical stance takes up approximately 1/3 the space bose does. Bose has essentially zero audio lag making video watching a wonderful experience. The tap has a severe lag making video watching a disappointment. Also, bose indicates its battery life on any iphone/ipad display at the top right next to the bluetooth symbol, this is another wonderful feature over the tap. . In the end, if you don't care for the features of echo, and the tap's slightly more portable grab-and-go design, and are willing to fork-over an extra $90, at least as of the time of this writing (12/17/16) then go for bose. $90 is not a substantial cost increase for such a high quality electronic that will last years if taken care of.

E. Margaret, Hackney

Brand :    bose
Color :    Carbon
Size :    Medium
Weight :    1.47 pounds
Model :    725192-1110
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Built-in speakerphone lets you take calls out loud; lithium-ion battery plays up to 10 hours on full charge
  • Big sound-with deep bass-for a full-range listening experience
  • Wireless and ultra-compact so you can take bose sound anywhere
  • Kindly check user manual on product information for troubleshooting steps
  • Voice prompts talk you through bluetooth pairing, so it's super easy
Speakers :    Best Portable Audio (Speakers product review) for Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II Carbon available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones, Noise Cancelling - Black

If so, you need to get a pair of bose qc35 headphones. I got a pair for myself and one for my wife a few weeks ago, and after having them for a while i'm absolutely thrilled with the purchase. I've told people i felt my pulse slowing when i put them on for the first time, and i'm not entirely joking. . I got the qc35s because they're wireless and can connect to my phone via bluetooth. I love not having to deal with cords that tangle, and they have pretty good distance coverage: it's especially nice at the gym to be able to put my phone in the middle of the room while i do the planet fitness 30 minute express workout. The battery life is also excellent at 20 hours per charge. . I wear them these places, primarily:. . 1. The gym. The noise-cancellation feature doesn't completely block out loud background music, but it softens it considerably and blocks out background buzz. I prefer them to my beats wireless earbuds because they fit more comfortably and more snugly. . 2. The office. I'm fortunate that my office is a very quiet space (i can keep the door closed), but there's still background noise like the fan that's usually running, the sound of my clicking keyboard, and periodic ambient office noise. My headphones quiet them all. I'll frequently listen to classical music while i'm working, and the music and my mind are a lot clearer because the background noise has been canceled out. . 3. The coffee shop. See above. These headphones don't mean total silence, but they make it a lot easier to concentrate in the background-buzzy environs of starbucks. . 4. When traveling. I traveled with them for the first time at the beginning of january. It was almost eerie walking through airports in such quiet, and the engine noise on the plane was far, far softer than it is without them. . 5. Libraries (the next time i go). Not all libraries are as quiet as they should be, and it's a hassle to ask people who should know better to be quiet. It'll be a lot easier, i think, to just switch on my headphones. . The price is the elephant in the room. Like you, i balked at it: $350 for a pair of headphones? seriously? consider this, though. These are an investment in serious noise reduction. In our harried and hurried world, would you pay $1 a day for a lot more peace and quiet? that's roughly what these would cost you if they only lasted you a year. If $1 a day for more peace and quiet is a really attractive proposition, then these are the solution for you. I know they've been a great solution for me so far.

Quiet comfort 35 wireless headphones are engineered with world-class noise cancellation that makes quiet sound quieter and music sound better. Free yourself from wires and connect easily to your devices with bluetooth and nfc pairing. Volume-optimized eq gives you balanced audio performance at any volume, while a noise-rejecting dual microphone provides clear calls, even in windy or noisy environments. Voice prompts and intuitive controls make communicating and controlling your music hassle-free. A lithium-ion battery gives you up to 20 hours of wireless play time per charge. And if you anticipate a situation where charging may not be possible, just plug in the included audio cable. Wired mode gives you up to 40 hours of play time per charge. Premium materials make these headphones lightweight and comfortable for all-day listening. Use the bose connect app for a more personalized experience. Included: quiet comfort 35 wireless headphones; usb charging cable; backup audio cable; airline adapter; carry case.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones, Noise Cancelling - BlackBose-QuietComfort-Wireless-Headphones-Cancelling

See Bose Quietcomfort 35 Wireless Headphones, Noise Cancelling - Black (759944-0010) FAQ.

I just bought these a few hours ago from best buy. I started with the original triports in 2003, then the oe triports in 2007, the qc15, and now these qc35's. Take a look at the pic i posted to give truth to my review. . For this review i am going to compare these qc35's to my qc15's and focus the review on upgrading if you already own a previous model and if these are worth buying if they are your first pair of active noise cancelling headphones. . First off, the silver color is so much more better than the black. I think what makes the silver pop is the shiny bose logo and the silver/gray contrast. The black would have looked better if it had contrasting colors but it just looked plain and kinda cheap really. The silver just looks so stunning. . Build:. The qc35 is built way better than my qc15. Honestly, i never liked the build quality of the qc15 since day one but since i take very good care of my equipment, it was a non-issue for me. The qc35 has a good amount of metal accents and hardware and just looks more high quality. I like how the headband has a stainless steel brace (the qc15 has a metal brace too but it is surrounded by a lot of cheap plastic and it is much thinner. ) bose says the qc35's are built with "glass-filled nylon. " i have no idea what that means but they definitely feel substantial and clearly superior to the qc15. They also weigh a lot more than the qc15 (8. 2oz vs. 6. 8oz w/o wires. ) actually at the best buy store, they even had these right next to the qc25 and i felt the qc35 was superior to them as well. The headband of the qc35 is made of alcantara compared to the cheap "i have no idea what it's made of" material on the qc15. Both headphones are comfortable but the qc35 appears like it would be more comfortable for longer periods of time. I feel like the qc35 cradles your head but the qc15 squeezes it slightly. I feel that the qc15 headband pushes down on the top of your head and it can get uncomfortable after some time. I can't describe it but when you put the qc35 on your head, it just feels good and comfortable. You can check my qc15 review from a few years back and i think i said something like "you can take the bose logo off them and they would feel like $30 headphones. " i still stand by that today. The qc35 definitely looks more high quality than the older qc15. . Sound quality:. This is where it gets interesting. You have to look at another review for specifics but i will say that the qc35 does have some better low-end punch compared to the qc15 at lower volumes. I think it has to do with the bose eq circuitry that is new for this model. Here is the problem, the qc35 in wireless mode does not play as loud as i would like. I have it connected to my iphone 6 and i would need at least two more clicks on the volume for me to be satisfied. For a headphone in this price range, this is actually quite laughable as you would think this would not be a problem. In wired mode, attached to my computer, it gets loud enough for my satisfaction but the problem with that option is that the cord they give you is too short, too thin, and too cheap. Bose should really be ashamed of that move on a headphone at this price-point. People are complaining that the cord does not have an inline mic or volume control but what's the point of that when those two features are actually built into the right ear cup of the headphone? i'm not one to be that picky regarding an upgraded cord but bose should definitely have included a longer and a much higher quality wired cable with these headphones to match them. This is just not acceptable and a little surprising from this company. . In summary, i did pick up the low end punch of the qc35 at lower volumes but i would still say both headphones have similar sound quality overall. There is nothing else about the qc35, with regards to sound quality, that jumps out for me. If your first reaction is "i don't hear a difference" then that's probably true; and that's how i feel. . I will say this however, when you finally listen to headphones w/o wires, it is really an amazing experience to move around and be free without being attached to something. I think that alone is reason to consider these headphones. . Bluetooth:. The qc35's paired to my iphone instantly. Much faster actually than my soundlink mini or my solo 5 which take longer for some reason. I also like the voice prompts which are really cool. The voice even says "battery at 100%, connected to dan's iphone" which is really cool and really creepy at the same time. I already turned off the voice prompts via the bose connect app because i already found them annoying; the process is quick and simple. Some reviewers were complaining of the bluetooth being out of sync so i decided to test that out. I pulled up a few movie scenes on my iphone and i personally didn't notice any delay or anything out of sync. Again, watching a movie with wireless headphones is really cool. I mean, now i can connect my ipad to my mini projector and sync these to the ipad and watch a movie in my room in any corner of the room without disturbing anyone! . . Noise cancellation:. Here is another important area and from the few hours i have spent with the qc35's i can say that there really is no difference with the noise cancellation in this model compared to my older qc15's. The only thing that i noticed was that the ear cups are of much higher quality on the qc35 and this leads to better passive cancellation; they seem more "leathery. " i was honestly expecting the qc35 to muffle out more noise with the noise cancellation activated but that's just not the case. I'm using it in a room with an ac unit blowing at full blast and both headphones sound the same to me. Honestly, i'm a little surprised. I bought the qc15's about five years ago and you would think the technology would improve slightly at least from a company who's motto is "better sound through research. " the only thing i did notice and this could be big for some people is that the qc35 has slightly less "hiss" than the qc15. By slightly i mean you have to recognize that there is a hiss in the first place and then close your eyes and listen for which is louder. The hiss can only be heard in silence though. It's an issue for me because i use these for studying and the hiss is actually a distraction. I can tell you the qc35 definitely has less hiss than the qc15. This is a big issue for me but it might not matter to you. I always felt that the noise cancellation put a slight pressure on my eardrums but maybe i just got used to it because i don't really feel it anymore on either model. . With regards to noise cancellation, it is very subtle between both models and definitely not night and day. . I want to point out that noise cancellation is a very broad term. When i was looking at the qc15's before i bought them, i thought noise cancellation meant isolation and that couldn't be farther from the truth. With either headphone on, i can tell if there are loud sounds or if someone is calling my name loudly. I can tap on my desk and i will hear the tapping. I mean right now the ac is behind me and i can hear it even though it is muffled. I will say that when you are on an airplane, these really do an amazing job at drowning out the engine roar. I used the qc15 in flight once and they really do what they say with regards to engine noise. I think bose developed the original qc headphones with the frequent traveler in mind but the technology became so popular that they just said it would be good for the non-traveler as well. Just keep in mind that noise cancellation is not isolation and you can still hear a lot of things granted those "things" will be muffled and perhaps muffled to the point that they are not distracting. And i guess that is a good thing. . My thoughts:. I think the qc35 are excellent headphones but i don't know where bose is getting $349 from; honestly i don't know where bose gets a lot of their pricing from but that's for another review. You are not getting that type of value from the sound quality or the noise cancellation in these headphones. I personally had to debate this purchase for three days and i have the cash to burn for these. I'd be more comfortable paying in the $200-$250 range for what you are getting here. Added to that, bose cheaped out and offered these with a pathetic micro usb cable and an even more pathetic wired cable. The wired cable looks so embarrassingly out of place attached to these headphones that i am just going to force myself to listen to these wirelessly even though i want to listen to them wired for the added volume that i had mentioned earlier. . The qc15 was from five years ago when bose was a different company catering to a different audience. I think they were catering to a certain niche of adults and boring adults at that because the qc15 doesn't get any points in the looks department; it looks boring, bland, and cheap. Bose has shifted in a new direction over the last few years and you can clearly see that in the way they are designing their products now. The qc35 looks more hip and modern and will certainly attract a larger group of customers. I still wouldn't be caught walking down the street with these on as they are big and the headband has a larger arc than the qc15 or qc25. I have them on as i am writing this review and they feel very comfortable and they are certainly helping me concentrate without getting distracted by any noise outside. A plane is flying overhead outside my window as i am typing this and i can tell it's a plane but these nicely muffled the sound so that it wouldn't cause any major distraction. Comfort wise, these qc35's are really nice and i liked them more than the qc15 and i think the qc15 is already comfortable to begin with. . Conclusion:. If you have the qc15 or even the qc25, these are not a major upgrade. I would consider these worth the upgrade if bose included better cables, made the bluetooth sound louder, and somehow improved the noise cancellation so that i could tell that it was better than the qc15. In my honest opinion, these are not worth the upgrade from a sound or noise cancellation point-of-view. Looks-wise they are but you have to decide if that is worth it for you. . If you are new to the anc scene and you have no problem spending $349, i think you will be very pleased with the qc35's. If it's sound quality you are after, i know you can do better than these even in this price range; i don't know which model, but i can definitely tell you that you can do better. For anc, my understanding is that these stand alone. I personally bought them for the anc so as long as the sound quality is good enough, i'm ok with that. I've been typing this for about 40 minutes now and these feel great on my head and i can't see myself taking them off just yet. . Here's my quick summary:. 1. Not a significant upgrade; they are nice but you have to decide how nice. 2. If you're after sound quality alone, look elsewhere. 3. For anc, i think these stand alone. 4. Not worth $349 + tax for any reason. 5. Silver looks so much better than the black when they are side by side. . What i want to see in the next headphone. Make a slimmer on-ear design like the oe soundlink addressing all the shortcomings i have described above. I think that would be the ultimate anc headphone. . Try these out before you buy them. Most big stores should have these on display. I was lucky that they had the black, silver, and qc25 side-by-side. . I hope my review has helped you in your decision! . . Edit august 27:. . I have had these for almost a week now and i am liking them more and more. That hiss i was talking about really is a big issue because i had these on for several hours and i actually felt more comfortable with these on for that period of time than with the qc15. I think the hiss is distracting and i think it tires you for some reason. For that reason alone, these are a major upgrade. . I made a couple of skype calls using these and the freedom of no wires is a major upgrade. I was able to sit however i wanted instead of close to the computer; i could move around if i wanted to; and i just felt more relaxed for the calls. I didn't notice any problems with the speaker or mic overall. There were just a few times when i was talking that i felt there was a delay on the other end because we would both interrupt each other. That could be the skype connection though. . I was on a three-hour flight this past week and this is my experience with the noise cancellation. I was right next to the engine on a packed 737. The noise cancellation does not mute the sounds but it muffles them to the point that you can actually fall asleep! it's weird but you can hear the engine, you can hear the crying baby, you can hear the pilot making their announcements but all those sounds are nicely "calmed down". It's sounds funny explaining it like that but i did manage to take a nap on the flight and i felt like i was in my own little world; it was relaxing. I took the headphones off a few times during the flight, and the noise was obnoxious. You can get used to the noise cancellation to the point that you won't want to fly without them. . Regarding sound quality, i read a few reviews that said these headphones lack deep bass. I was listening to these wirelessly and i did notice that the bass is not as punchy as i would like. I don't know if this is because of the bluetooth compression or the headphones themselves. I haven't listened to other headphones so i'm not in a position to offer comparisons but i do feel you could find a better high-end headphone that sounds much better than the qc35. I am keeping these because of the noise cancellation and the good looks but i do wish they had better bass response over all volume levels. As i stated previously however, these do have some type of internal eq setting that enhances bass response at lower volume levels. I guess this is good for those who listen at moderate volumes but to "feel" the music, you need to crank it up a bit and that's where i feel these could do better. Considering the price. . As an addendum to my earlier review, i am leaning more towards the idea that these are a major upgrade because i don't want to use my qc15's anymore. These are built much better; they look better; the hiss is a big issue for me; and they are wireless which really does make a world of difference. . My experience with the headphones over the last week has been all positive and i highly recommend them. . I recommend you also buy some type of headphone stand to put these on. I personally bought one that clamps to my desk and has an arc-shaped cradle. It cleans up your desk and it makes them easily accessible. . And i still say bose should issue an upgraded micro usb and wired cable as the ones supplied with the product are not up to par with the quality of the product. . Edit september 17:. . I've been studying with these headphones and they are very comfortable and i can say they are very useful for what i am mostly using them for. From a sound quality point-of-view, i want to say that these definitely don't play as loud as i think they should when they are wireless. Like i said earlier, i need about a few more clicks on the volume to get these to where i would be happy. The sound quality is good but more volume will give more impact. Also i did notice that a good amount of sound "leaks out". So if you are in the library and you are blasting something, the person next to you will certainly hear something. The qc15's wired, definitely played more louder. I refused to use these wired because of that cheap cord bose provided. . If you are buying these strictly for music, i would look elsewhere because it's fairly obvious you can do better. For noise cancelling, which is what i bought them for, i am very happy with them. I also want to point out a few things with the bluetooth for calls. I was using them last week and the other person said there was an echo on their end. I thought the call itself was fine but i did notice a slight delay when using skype; i would be talking and there would be that awkward pause and i'd have to say "go ahead". Using these wirelessly is real nice though. I made a call and i was walking around the room instead of sitting at my desk staring at the computer. . Also, i am very satisfied with the good looks. The gray, silver contrast is just stunning and the old-school bose hologram logo just makes these pop. I wear these for hours at a time and they feel good. -Notice from F. Amanda, Wiltshire

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This review deals mostly with the use of this product in an office-based cubicle dungeon. . I work as a software developer and i desperately needed a way to deal with noisy office goblins. I work at a company that doesn't seem to care about the needs of the development staff, who need quiet workspaces that greatly limit distractions so we can concentrate on complex tasks. Every day i have to deal with people without enough work to do, who wander around chatting. In addition, we must endure the hiss of the office-wide white noise machine which tries and fails to minimize the noisy office environment. I was not sure if these headphones would deal with the problem satisfactorily to warrant such a steep price tag. Long story short, i took the risk and found that the headphones are fantastic and exceeded my expectations. . At the time of this writing the product is going for $350, which is pretty steep in my book for a set of headphones. However, if it works it would be worth every penny. . I was most concerned with how well it handles voices. If you do any research about active noise canceling devices, you will find that they generally say they perform poorly with voices and abrupt sounds in the mid range, and perform the best at low level consistent sounds. I found that these devices work extremely well with voice as long as you are playing some sound at the time. If you put the headphones on and turn them on, they instantly block all of the noise from my desk fans and the white noise machine. It sounds like i'm sitting in a library. With the device turned on, and no sound playing, i can still hear voices coming through, though they are faint. With the device on and music playing, i find the voices are virtually gone. Every once in a while i'll hear a tiny artifact which i can tell is voice but it's so faint i can't make out what's being said. It's sort of like hearing a very weak echo of a voice very far away. I also have found that playing a nature mp3 on loop works equally well. I have an hour long rainstorm mp3 and i play that on loop and it works just as well as music. While sitting at my desk, the only 2 sounds i hear reliably through the active noise canceling and music are my own breathing and my mechanical keyboard key strokes. . After a few weeks of use i can also report that there have been times when i've been coding on something for an hour or more and i take off the headphones and learn that the it guys next to me have been carrying on a conversation for 20 or 30 minutes, and i didn't even know! that is quite remarkable, and frankly i didn't expect it to work that well. . If you are like me and looking for some way to concentrate at work in a very noisy environment, i can tell you that this product works as advertised, and frankly better than i expected, provided you are playing music/sound. 350 bucks is expensive, but still cheaper than getting a new job. At least for now.

Bose-quietcomfort-35-wireless-headphones,-noise-cancelling---black-(759944-0010) set picture

- X. LawrenceI've been using these for a while now. The goal is to have some portable wireless multi-purpose headphones with good sound quality, microphone and active noise cancellation. On daily basis i use them to listen to music (almost anything), watch netflix and skype meetings. Previously i've had many different models from different brands and these are, so far, the ones i like the most. I've been using these for a couple of weeks now. So far:. . The good:. - battery lasts around two days. - active noise cancellation is the best, as expected from bose. - sound is good (way much better than my last bose, ae2w, those were terribly bad). Not to heavy on the bass (i light crystal clear sound). Has good enough volume and i usually don't use more than 60% of it. Yes, there are headphones with better sound. But they're not bluetooth, they're bigger, they don't have noise cancellation, etc. - microphone sound quality is pretty good as well and i can even use it on some noisy environments. - bluetooth works good. No noise, doesn't loose connection and i didn't have issues switching from one device to the other. Even with my computer, that from time to time previous bluetooth headphones used to fail or something, everything works smoothly. - i'm in love with the voice telling me which device is connecting/connected to and how much battery left it has. I just love it. Can't get much easier and straight forward that someone saying that you're running out of battery. - they're comfortable enough to use it all day long without felling my head is going to pop, pressing my ears or irritating the top of my head. - weight is ok. I guess they could be a bit lighter but i rather have something solid and with good battery. And this seem pretty solid and feel really nice. - buttons seem sturdy enough (in opposite to sony system) and with three buttons you can do everything. - no rubber to cover the usb plug (i usually end up breaking those rubbery thingies). - they are sober but still look cool and modern. . The bad:. - microphone is not supported when using the cable. What? ! c'mon, guys. - they don't support atp-x. - active noise cancellation can't be turned off. If you want bluetooth, you also get active nosie cancellation. - the leather-like earpads are ok. But they also can get a bit too warm sometimes. Being absolutely custom, there's no way to change them. I really miss my brainwavz hybrid memory foam earpads pu/velour. - there's no windows app (desktop or mobile).

Sure took me awhile to figure out exactly how these work (please see photo) but once i did it was smooth sailing and no complaints whatsoever!

E. Emily, Northumberland

  • 20-hour battery life per charge; up to 40 hours in wired mode
  • World-class noise cancellation makes quiet sound quieter and music sound better
  • Noise-rejecting dual-microphone system for clear calls even in windy environments
  • Wireless convenience, with easy bluetooth and nfc pairing aided by voice prompts
  • Volume-optimized eq for balanced audio performance at any volume
Brand :    bose
Color :    Black
Size :    One Size
Weight :    0.52 pounds
Model :    759944-0010
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Headphones (Speakers product review) for Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones, Noise Cancelling - Black available as-of ( Jan 2019 )

Bose Soundlink On-ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones - Black (714675-0010) Price : 140, was : 245 as 2017-01-29
United States
Great Britain
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I bought these for my husband and he loves them. He especially loves the fact that he can converse on the phone while wearing them and there is no background noise or interference. These are light weight and comfy.

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: How effective are the headphones in blocking noise on airplanes?

(1) Question: How clear is the microphone function? skype conference quality? i'm looking for a nicer option to the logitech h800 headphones.

(2) Question: Would these work for watching a samsung smart tv?

(3) Question: Will the on-ear audio buttons work with android smartphones or was this designed for iphones?

(4) Question: Are these better than the bose quiet confort 3?

(5) Question: Are the headphones comfortable if you wear glasses? other headphones crush my ear.

(6) Question: Ps4 compatible?

(7) Question: Does this headphone work even when the batteries have run out of juice, say with a regular audio cable?

(8) Question: Are these still comfortable after wearing them for more than 4 hours at a time?

(9) Question: Anyone use these for running? i wonder how well they would stay on and if they will be ruined by sweat or rain.

(note) Question: where/how to get Bose (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Bose's products


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These have amazing sound. My husband loves them and uses them while doing yard work. They are very sturdy and comfortable. The battery lasts a long time. I can get about 10' away and still have signal. I have a hearing aid and they don't interfere with it, no feedback.

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I really like them, can wear for hours on end with no issues, pairs well with all devices so far. Sound is really solid and controls are good as well as battery life and comes with a really nice travel case. Why not 5 stars, because i would like them to be a little louder and just a little more bass to them and the quirky plug in cord being different size. I'd give them 4. 5 stars if i could.

B. Elanor, Wisconsin

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F. April, Leicestershire says

Best headphones i've owned, best i've tested. . I prefer these bose headsets over the beats headphones. But if you like pop music, beats might have better ranges for pop imo. I listen to orchestral/symphony type music. . The exterior audio reduction is good. I'd say wearing these will reduce outside noise by 50%. Much to her dismay, i can't hear my wife when i'm listening to the audio with these headphones. The audio quality is very good. Good depth and range. Good bass. . I do have a complaints about the microphone. I presume it to be a power saving function, but the microphone turns completely off if you are not speaking or if you are in a quiet area. So, if your using a pc/mac, the microphone will have to reconnect to the application every time you speak. Thus, it doesn't work for telecommunication programs like avaya. Secondly, there is periodic popping with odd noise frequencies, such as the volume up/down on noise on a mac. This seems to only occur in some circumstances which i've yet to identify. But it doesn't happen a whole lot. . The battery life is excellent, i have to say it exceeds expectations. . Another thing to note is that the headband is not easy to clean when it gets soiled, so be sure to wipe it down when possible. . Overall, these are comfortable and portable with excellent build and audio quality.

I. Josephine, Hawaii

These headphones are the best! being able to take a phone call while using them makes them even better! i recommend these to anyone looking for bluetooth headphones. The sound is awesome and the way it cancels out background noises is fantastic!

O. Anonymous, Utah says

Excellent all around design. I've enjoyed the bose oe2 wired headphones but these are a big step forward in convenience and features. Soft ear foam makes these cushy and comfortable for long periods of time on the ears. There are headphones with cushier ear pads but these are a balance between soft and good fit. I've worn these while doing tasks that challenged their ability to stay on my head and they passed the test. Mind you i'm not a jogger so i can't speak to that. Sound quality is clear and crisp with enough base for my taste but i tend to listen to mostly classic rock with occasional blues, retro punk, and oldies. One thing my wife pointed out. . They fit comfortably without messing up her hair lol. Yeah some headphones can leave your hair looking like it was run over by a lawn mower :-) from the weight and pressure, she's right! . . Super compact, folding design, and a travel case adds to the convenience factor. The ability to change tunes with on ear controls of forward and back options, pause, play are something i love and adds to my enjoyment in using these. Well built and despite plastic design they don't feel cheap to me. Range is not as good as other wirelss headphones i've used but you'll get 20 feet comfortably. When i went into my garage 30 feet away from my cellphone i started to get a little break in the sound. . They came fully charged, thank you bose. These are mighty pricey and you'll find similar sound quality in some less expensive bt headphones but for all around convenience, portability, sound quality, build quality with comfort and great battery life it's hard to beat.

M. Imelda, Doncaster

Bose has scored again with this wireless on-ear bluetooth. Just what i was looking for. However, it's on the expensive side.

W. Sheila, Northwest Territries says

I bought these headphones around two years ago. I was used to the standards iphone ear buds and let me tell you this, these headphones are absolutely amazing! i've had people who own top of the line beats headphones say that these are way better than beats. The bluetooth is amazing, it's comfortable, the sound is crisp and clear, it's everything you want in a headphone. It also comes with a cord so you can manually plug the headphones into your phone in case your battery dies unexpectedly. While 250 seems like a lot for headphones, i can guarantee you it's the best buy you will ever make. I've used these pretty much everyday for two years and sound quality has not changed. The one downside is that the pads start to fall off. But that is easily fixed with some glue or some fabric. In recap, best headphones out there, and a fantastic buy.

H. Jackson, Dudley

These are the third set of bluetooth headphones i've owned, and easily the best. In evaluating bluetooth headphones i find one has to look at battery life, bluetooth range, and ease of pairing along with the criteria for traditional wired phones (i. E. , sound quality, comfort and fit, construction quality). So, i'm going to focus a bit on these aspects. . My first pair were from sony - drbt50's - and were okay. They're well-built and comfortable, and of the over-the-ear design i prefer for headphones. They paired easily and the battery life was decent but not great. They charged via a separate ac adapter, which some people would find more convenient, whereas i prefer phones that charge via a usb cable and computer. It's easy to find an ac adapter to use with a usb cable, but not so easy to remember to carry around a proprietary charger. The sound of this set was middling, but they were among the first available, so i found the sound acceptable since there weren't many options without spending a fortune. Range was only average, they began to cut out about 15 feet from the sound source. . My second set were parrot ziks. Frankly, i hated them though they were the darling of the audiophile class when i bought them. The design is totally quirky imo. They're bulky, and they earpieces didn't extend far enough for me to get a comfortable fit. They don't come with a case, though they certainly should for the price. Pairing was a nightmare with every device i tried though i eventually got them working with everything (phone, ipad, computer). Tech support was nonexistent, though it may have improved; i don't know. One feature i liked was the replaceable battery, permitting one to buy and carry a spare. Another was the "tap to control" feature for volume adjustment. Sound was stellar, but to me that was the only strength to these otherwise overpriced phones. Range was good, not great; about 20 feet maximum with no obstructions. . That brings me to the bose. I'd prefer an over-the-ear design, but at least these are very good for an on-the-ear design. They fit well and are extremely comfortable, they just don't block out as much ambient sound as i wish they did. I also wish they were noise canceling. Battery charging is easy using the supplied usb cable (and since i had a ton of similar cables laying around and always keep one in my briefcase to charge other stuff it means i'll never be without a means to charge them). Battery life is fantastic, i regularly get the claimed 15 hours. I also like having the controls on the rear of the right earpiece. They work flawlessly for adjusting volume, skipping songs, etc. Early wired phones had no way of controlling any of these; while later wired ones do, usually via a cable in-line design, they tend to be iffy in my experience, working with some devices (often only ones from apple) but not others. That kept me wedded to my ipod when i'd have preferred to simply use my phone (currently an iphone 6, but i've had every other generation of the iphone as well as a galaxy s4 and note 2). These phones finally let me cut the cord to my ipod. I now exclusively use my iphone, and can easily adjust volume or skip songs just using the earpiece controls. Finally, these have excellent range, about 25 feet with no walls, and 15 or so with. . Now to the sound. It's very good, comparable to the ziks. If you're a bose qc user you'll like these. If you prefer beats, these will be lighter on the bass than you're used to. As a final note, you can listen to these via a supplied cable if the battery runs down, but the sound gets comparatively tinny, so it's only useful in a pinch. If these phones were over-the-ear and had noise canceling they'd be perfect, but even without those features they're still a great pair of bluetooth phones.

V. Paige, Lewisham says

I have had my bose soundlink headset for about a week now. I am using it with my droid turbo android phone. Had no trouble pairing though i was a bit hesitant when i received them because the box said they were designed for apple products. They sound great but have had issues with the sound skipping the past couple of days and was really bad today. I went onto an apple forum and found that other people having the same issue while using with their apple product. It was mentioned that turning wifi off would help the issue which it did. No skipping at all when wifi is off. This bothers me because when i first received them i had no problems for several days (with wifi on). Now i have to turn wifi off every time i listen. Also have had issues with the pause/play, forward/back button. It is non-responsive at times and i have to turn bt off and then on again on my phone when this happens and it seems to correct the issue for the time. I have a $60 set of scosche hz8 headsets that sound about as good as the $250 bose soundlink but are not very comfortable after listening for a while. I do think bose products are overpriced but as i mentioned they do sound great, and are comfortable to wear for an extended period of time. They also cancel outside noise better than the scosche headset, but not completely because they are on ear rather than around ear. Good sound and functionality when they are working well. I would recommend the bose soundlink if you really take your music seriously as i do and don't mind spending the $.

H. Helen, Ile-de-France

Sound quality os above average.

D. Cassella, Nordrhein-Westfalen says

Was in the market for wireless bluetooth headphones and i thought i had settled on the sony xb950bt. I am not a audiophile by any means. That's more my uncle with his mcintosh amp and grado headphones. Initially did research online and kept on seeing that the bose on ear and over the ear consistently came up first or in the top three. Had a chance to go into a local big box retailer to try them out. For me, the sony's were too bulky and the extra bass was overwhelming. It felt like i was in a club. Took them off and went over to look at the beats. Size was smaller and again the bass is what killed me. Being a father of two i also felt that the beats were more geared toward younger folks. Was about to leave when i happened to pass by the bose display. First tried the on ear version then the over ear. I felt both of them reproduced the intended sound much better than the sony and beats. Viewed the video on the hands free function and i think i was hooked. Came home and ordered them from online store and they arrived overnight. . Pairing it with my galaxy note 4 was a breeze. I tested the hands free feature by calling my wife and she told me that my voice was clear and i could hear her well enough since the bose blocks out most of the extraneous noise around me. I do hear hiccups with music from time to time but for me it isn't a big deal. I also do notice that during prolonged use, my ears got really warm but again it come with the territory when dealing with on ear or over the ear headphones. Overall i am impressed with the bose and will gladly recommend them to anyone looking for more of a natural sound reproduction. Love the compact size and how they fold up to put in any bag.

U. Irene, Centre

This is the third set of bose headphones i have owned. They are far & away superior to any other brand of headphones - within this price range - i have experienced. While i mistakenly purchased these '"on-ear" headphones, as opposed to the "around, " or "over-ear" headphones, i thought i'd give them a try. . After about a week or so, i realized i preferred the over-ear style of headphones, and have returned these. Both deliver excellent range of sound, but i find the over-ear "cups" give a greater immersion in the sounds you're listening to. . Another point for bose: several years ago, i was fostering kittens in my home. 24/7 fun, energy, and chewing mischief! my learning curve included the wisdom of hiding all things with cords! their sharp lil' teeth chewed right through the $250. 00 headphone cords. I learned that, for a fraction of the cost of new headphones, they would replace the cords. Much appreciated. And another plus for the wireless feature available today.

G. Wilson, Stockport says

I'm quite happy with these. The sound quality is pretty fantastic. It also works surprisingly well for fielding phone calls. The battery life is very adequate and it doesn't take long to recharge. . I have a couple of notes: while you can connect multiple devices, it can only play audio from one source at a time. (i was expecting different; not sure why. ) so if i'm listening to my tablet, and my phone makes a noise, it'll interrupt the tablet audio. Also, it will go into a sleep mode if it doesn't get any audio to play. That's fine, but the sleep mode is not hibernate - it will eventually run out of power if you don't turn the switch off.

G. Alberta, Kingston upon Thames

Sound is very satisfying. Phone calls are good also, but still sounds odd to me when both ears are covered. I hear my voice in my head rather than through the air and then into my ears - if that makes sense. Pairs easily with two devices at once and plays music (or gps voice) on either. Other bluetooth devices i've had would pair with two devices, but only play music from the first device paired. Feels more comfortable to me than the around the ear ones that i tried also. My negative with these is that if you're going to be very active, these will slide from the top of your head. If i'm walking, they're great, but if you bend over, the top slides off my head and i have to catch them. The around-ear ones are more secure, but also hotter and not as comfortable to me. With the around-ear model i tried, there was limited room to adjust them on my head when they started to feel uncomfortable. With these sitting on the outside of my ears, i can just do a slight shift forward or back or even up or down and it feels better.

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