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    Prepara Trio-tri Blade Peeler (1003)

    Prepara Trio-tri Blade Peeler (1003) 2993

    On Sale Prepara Trio-tri Blade Peeler (1003), Trio-tri blade peeler allows user to select from 3 different blades depending on the job at hand; peel vegetables, soft fruits or julienne potatoes, carrots or cucumbers with one tool -prepara trio-tri blade peeler
    • Quality: All Blades Nested Inside The Handle For Peeler Safety; Ergonomic Handles; Ideal For Right Or Left Hand Users.
    • Quality: Soft Blade Perfect For Difficult Soft-skinned Product Like Peaches And Tomatoes.
    • I did not realize this was a tri-blade when i ordered it so i was pleasantly surprised when i received it. I bought it because of the great reviews and i agree it is a great peeler! it is, however, very sharp (which is a good thing) so be careful. I took a chunk out of my index finger the first time... go to https://ziwus.com/prepara-pp01-pe100-trio-tri-blade-peeler-299300ymqpwq/#prepara-pp01-pe100-trio-tri-blade-peeler
    Half Price Prepara Trio-tri Blade Peeler (Kitchen) Pp01 Pe100
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    Walkie Talkies Channel 5miles Handheld (Sokos)

    Walkie Talkies Channel 5miles Handheld (Sokos) 393

    On Sale Walkie Talkies Channel 5miles Handheld (Sokos), Walkie Talkies Channel 5miles Handheld (Sokos) Product Specifications: Channels: 8/20/22 Frequency: 400-470mhz Range: Up To 5km(open Field) Battery: 3 X Aaa Transmission Power 500m W Erp Channel Spacing 12. 5/25khz Duo Charger Kitchen
    1. Properties: Battery - Super Long Play Time; 3. 5 Hours Continuous, 9 Hours Standby, 3 X Aaa Battery (not Included In The Pakage ).
    2. Properties: Good Sound Quality - Crisp And Smooth Sound Quality With Adjustable Volume Level. Auto Squelch Function Will Mute The Background Noise So You Can Get The Crisp Sound Even In Crowded Places.
    3. These awesome little handheld walkie talkies are the best! they go up to 6 miles away have a built in flashlight, automatic squelch control, hands free capabilties, 10 different call melodies and the list goes on! they fit perfectly in my kids small hands and are so easy and fun to use! https://ziwus.com/walkie-talkies-channel-5miles-handheld-3931nagmf56/#walkie-talkies-channel-5miles-handheld
    Sale Walkie Talkies Channel 5miles Handheld (Kitchen)