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Price was $119.00. Works great for camping or outback by our pool. Clear picture and easy set up!

-F. Weber

Aaxa Projector Minute Battery Mini Hdmi (Aaxa Technologies) The Ultra-compact Size Of The Led Pico Allows On-the-go Use. Share And Project Content Friends And Family. View Larger The Led Pico Supports A High Native Resolution That Allows For Video Projector

  1. Supplementary: Ultra Portable With 80 Minute Built-in Battery.
  2. Supplementary: Built-in Speakers, 16:9 Compatible, Mini-hdmi, Composite A/v Connections, And Micro Sd, Usb Readers.

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I was highly skeptical of this projector when i first placed the order, but i'm pretty impressed by the quality. I'll try to keep this short and post some hopefully helpful stuff. . *it's not 1080p, but 1080 text shows up really clear. *anything above a 45"-ish screen is going to dim the quality of the projection. You can reduce surrounding lights to mitigate this, your results may vary. *the built in video player plays mkv files, pretty impressed. I didn't even have to hook up to a computer, it plays right off of my usb 3. 0 external hd. *don't forget to pick up a mini-hdmi to hdmi converter. *tri-pod's kinda flimsy, i usually just detach the tri-pod and set it flat on some boxes. It's also really light, so your cables may tug on it due to weight/tension. *i use it with a mhl cable to project my tablet, works like a charm. Even projects vertical/horizontal orientations properly. *play through the menus, there's a lot of settings for customization. *i dropped it a few times (about 5 feet-ish), so far nothing's broken (no loose parts when i shook it), although that's not something i'm trying to repeat. . For around $100, you really can't get much better than this. I use it to play movies for some get togethers, we usually have it project a 65"-ish projection, i lose out a little bit on quality, but where are you going to get a 65" projection for $100? for comparison, a 40" projection is near perfect quality, as good as a tv. Best AAXA LED Pico Projector with 80 Minute Battery Life, Pocket Size, mini-HDMI, 15,000 hour LED life, and media player as-of ( Dec 2018 ) | Aaxa-Video Projector Review Supplementary AAXA LED Pico Projector with 80 Minute Battery Life, Pocket Size, mini-HDMI, 15,000 hour LED life, and media player Ultra bright 25 lumens, high definition qhd (960x540) resolution, vibrant color technology with 15, 000 hour leds. Ultra portable with 80 minute built-in battery. Built-in speakers, 16:9 compatible, mini-hdmi, composite a/v connections, and micro sd, usb readers. For personal media sharing with friends and family, usb plug 'n play instant set up; apple mac and pc compatible. Up to 60 inch image (in low-light condition) .

AAXA LED Pico Projector with 80 Minute Battery Life, Pocket Size, mini-HDMI, 15,000 hour LED life, and media player Review (KP-101-01)

This is a great little projector. I love how small it is. I could actually carry it in my pocket if i wanted. It projects well and is clear. I like a lot that it has buttons on top to control the functions. It came with a little bitty tripod that i didn't think would be worth much but it actually worked very nicely because the projector is so light weight. I used it to project an ipad air (with a lightening to hdmi adapter) and it worked great. This will be great for meetings in a small room or projecting videos in a low-light room. It would not work for a large room or a high light environment. I am comparing this with other pico-projectors to find the best one to buy 10-20 of for a project. So far this one rates right up there. -L. Jackson

Aaxa Led Pico Projector 80 Minute Battery Life, Pocket Size, Mini-hdmi, 15,000 Hour Led Life, Media Player

  • AspectRatio: 16:9
  • Rank: Electronics
  • Brand: AAXA Technologies
  • ClothingSize: XX-Large
  • Color: White/black
  • EAN: 0060070119545
  • Product Dimensions:
    Height:0.70 inches
    Length:4.25 inches
    Weight:0.60 pounds
    Width:2.36 inches
  • Manufacturer: AAXA
  • Model: KP-101-01
  • MPN: KP-101-01
  • Total Items: 1
  • Quantity: 1
  • Part/Serial Number: KP-101-01
  • Group-Order: CE
  • Size: XX-Large
  • Product-Name: AAXA LED Pico Projector With 80 Minute Battery Life, Pocket Size, Mini-HDMI, 15,000 Hour LED Life, And Media Player
  • UPC: 595088140767
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Ce(595088140767:Video Projector), Aaxa Projector Minute Battery Mini Hdmi (0060070119545:Aaxa Technologies), the ultra-compact size of the led pico allows on-the-go use. share and project content with friends and family. view larger the led pico supports a high native resolution that allows for sharper, more detailed images. the led pico will provide a crisp image up to 60 inches. view larger aaxa led pico ultra-portable pocket projector the led pico is a true "pocket projector" at just 4. 25" x 2. 36" x 0. 7" in size, the led-pico is about the same size as most cell phones, yet is capable of delivering a stunning 60" image in dark environments. additional features include adjustable tripod, mini-hdmi support, micro sd, usb port, composite video input, and 3. 5mm headphone jack. the led pico's lithium ion battery gives you upwards of 80+ minutes of operation! rechargeable and long lasting, the internal lithium ion battery makes the led pico a truly portable device. 960 x 540 pixels & best-in-class resolution the led pico supports a high native resolution that allows for sharper, more detailed images. unlike ordinary projectors that become pixelated when enlarged, the led pico will provide a crisp image up to 60 inches. lcos (liquid crystal on silicon) technology results in inherently higher resolution for a smooth as silk video image. dlp projectors with lcos technology eliminates the color wheel, which means no rainbow artifacts, eye-strain, or headaches that some people can be susceptible to when viewing single-chip dlp projectors. 15, 000 hour leds using the latest led technology, the led pico projector has an operating life of more than 15, 000 hours, roughly 10 times that of traditional projector lamps. and an led projector does not need to worry about bulb changes. if a 15, 000-hour led projector were a full time employee, it could operate for about 7. 5 years without burning out. this means that there are no "consumables" or maintenance costs associated with an led projector compared to a regular uhp projector. great for personal media sharing take the battery powered, plug-and-play led pico with you to watch movies or make a presentation anywhere and anytime! the ultra-compact size of the led pico allows on-the-go use with usb and micro sd card readers to share and project content with friends and family anywhere, anytime. the led-pico features an on board media player that supports multiple files formats such as, avi, mp4, and jpg. this allows you to easily share pictures and videos with friends and family. the led pico is compatible with pc and mac, as well as many mobile devices. coupled with multiple inputs, connectivity is as simple as plugging in your android, iphone, or tablet devices. (iphone 5+ connectivity requires a proprietary iphone connector, sold separately. ) the led pico is a true "pocket projector" at just 4. 25" x 2. 36" x 0. 7" in size. view larger key features ultra-bright 25 lumens high definition qhd (960 x 540) resolution 80-minute built-in lithium-ion battery vibrant color technology with 15, 000-hour lamp life mini-hdmi, microsd, usb, and av inputs up to 60" image (in low light conditions) built-in media player supports many popular file formats what's in the box? aaxa led pico projectorusb power cabletripod3. 5m composite cabledocumentation choose the aaxa pico projector that's right for youled picop2 jr. p4-xp300led showtimefull size vga mini vga hdmi mini hdmi composite a/v usb host reader micro sd slot battery power option.

Aaxa Projector Minute Battery Mini Hdmi Ce

Aaxa Projector Minute Battery Mini HdmiAAXA LED Pico Projector with 80 Minute Battery Life, Pocket Size, mini-HDMI, 15,000 hour LED life, and media player (Switch to Mobile/Desktop Version)

I used this for cookie decorating and it worked well and really helped improve the consistency of my piping. It was easy to set up with my mac, you just need to make sure you have the right cords (mini hdmi + converter for mac). My only complaint is that the battery life is so short. Make sure you plan your piping by allowing 2-hr breaks every 80" or so to recharge the projector.

Aaxa Projector Minute Battery Mini Hdmi (Video Projector) Kp 101 01
Click to see NoticeAaxa Projector Minute Battery Mini Hdmi (Aaxa Technologies)"I've had this little unit for a couple of weeks and i am very happy with it. I only omit 1 star because of the fact it would have been nice for the projector to come with adapters for the mini inputs it has (mini hdmi and mini vga) as they are a less than common wire type and i had to buy special cabling to make best use of it. The tripod stand they include is a nice perk, but having heavier material built into it to prevent tipping and moving would have suited it better. As other reviewers stated, if you use any kind of heavy video wiring it'll likely send this toppling and tipping without any real effort. . That said i'm impressed. I hooked this the hdmi out of a gaming computer and played skyrim on it. Yes the lower "quarter hd " resolution meant the extreme finite detail was lost in the game, but it still ran it (game ran at 1080p) and the game looked solid and text was totally legible. I hooked it to a xbox 360 and ran sleeping dogs and took it through some fast driving sequences, and it did great. I tried it with youtube video and also using a converter that swapped vga and analog audio into a single hdmi and it did that nicely as well. . I then hooked it to a ps3 running older ps2 games (the original fat ps3 with ps2 hardware installed in it, not the emulated variety) and was surprised to see it give off bright, vivid colors and great detail. . Running it in a pitch black room is the "ideal" as it will look vibrant and well lit up to about 40-45" corner to corner. I ran it in my office (some light coming from window but mostly dark) and it looked great displaying about 30" big. I tried it with the pc in my basement workshop (a lot more ambient light due to multiple windows) and it was washed out but still very visible projected onto the white concrete walls. Whewn we tried it on the xbox it was on a off white painted wall in total darknedd and in partial (single lamp on) light and it looked great. And finally trying it on the ps3 on an actual projector screen with lights mostly off and totally off, it looked like any other projector. . One thing i appreciated was since it isn't using a large bulb, you don't get the "glare" hotspot some projectors have if you throw the image exactly front and center to the screen. I also love that it can run off the battery for some time and is virtually silent while it is on. Also, hooking a speaker to this via the headphone out jack produced really solid, clean audio. The speaker in the projector works, but unless you are sitting right by it, it's not going to sound all that great or loud. . I am going to use it for travel entertainment in the future, so i got this projector, a converter so vga and components stuff converts to hdmi easily, and a bluetooth speaker with usb charging capability. Currently i can fit all of this, including connecting wires, in the speaker's packaging and so have a portable 40" tv i can quickly set up and run off of 1-2 outlets anywhere. . The bad:. . Some mild rainbow effects were visible when quickly panning the camera in certain games where a high contrast line or object was visible, but not too bad. Will do 60fps well but didn't see it ever go above this. Fast full screen movement produces slight blur typical of this since it doesn't have any kind of smooth vision/frame filling. Adjusting volume and other settings in the projector menu is less than perfect. Having a volume slider on the unit would have been much better, but since the internal speaker stinks, i guess it is not so much a concern. . The good:. . Surprising clarity despite lower resolution. Bright enough to see well in dim rooms, very bright and vibrant in pitch black. Great color and clarity projected up to about 40-45" but also worked well stretched across a 100" screen (just washed out/poor contrast). Can adequately display console gaming (at least xbox 360/ps3 and older) as well as pc video and audio like a champ. Silent and cool. Small (it is about 2/3 the size of my galaxy note ii). Lots of inputs (usb, microsd slot, mini usb, mini vga). . Highly recommended for something getting casual use, travel use, secondary monitor for business people, or possible mounted in a kid room to watch cartoons or games for cheap. It won't make a stellar home theater projector as a primary function, but it'll do most everything else well enough!"

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LimoStudio 17 Mini Tripod Table Top Travel Camera Camcorder Travel Tripod For Digital Cameras & Camcorders, AGG301

Table top mini camera stand max height 17 inch angle adjustable 1/4 inch screw thread tip cell phone clip holder compatible with any cell phone spring clip enables easy install 1/4 inch screw hole firm and secure

LimoStudio 17 Mini Tripod Table Top Travel Camera Camcorder Travel Tripod For Digital Cameras & Camcorders, AGG301LimoStudio-Camcorder-Digital-Cameras-Camcorders

Brand :    limostudio
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Pme-writing supatube. This stainless steel tube will create fun words, dots, piping lines and more for any baked good decorating project! it can be used with parchment, paper and fabric piping bags in addition to most adaptors and icing guns. This package contains a no 1. 5 writing tube. Imported.

PME Seamless Stainless Steel Supatube, Writer No.1.5PME-Seamless-Stainless-Supatube-Writer

  • This package contains a no 2. 5 writing tube
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  • Pme-writing supatube
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Monoprice HDMI Mini Connector Male to HDMI Connector Female Adapter

Do you have an existing hdmi cable but need to adapt it to fit into an hdmi mini connector? hdmi the hdmi logo and high-definition multimedia interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of hdmi licensing llc in the united states and other countries. Our hdmi mini connector male to hdmi connector female adapter will convert one of the ends of your hdmi cable into a hdmi mini connector!

Monoprice HDMI Mini Connector Male to HDMI Connector Female AdapterMonoprice-HDMI-Connector-Female-Adapter

Brand :    monoprice
Size :    HDMI to DVI without CE
Weight :    0.2 pounds
  • Our hdmi mini connector male to hdmi connector female adapter will convert one of the ends of your hdmi cable into a hdmi mini connector!
  • Do you have an existing hdmi cable but need to adapt it to fit into an hdmi mini connector?
  • Hdmi the hdmi logo and high-definition multimedia interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of hdmi licensing llc in the united states and other countries
  • Suitable for all devices that support hdmi and the hdmi mini connector
Model :    103653
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
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Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter Select iPhone, iPad iPod Models MD826AM/A

I needed this to connected my iphone 6 plus to my 2014 honda civic. I connected it and pressed the hdmi option and that was it. It charges my phone and will even play videos at the same time! it's great i'm excited!

The lightning digital av adaptor supports mirroring of what is displayed on your device screen - including apps, presentations, websites, slideshows and more - to your hdmi-equipped tv, display, projector or other compatible display in up to 1080p hd.

Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter Select iPhone, iPad iPod Models MD826AM/AApple-Lightning-Digital-Adapter-MD826AM

See Apple Lightning Digital Av Adapter Select Iphone, Ipad Ipod Models Md826am/a (MD098BE / A) FAQ.

It worked well with my ip6s+. I just needed to buy an hdmi cord. I liked that it has a place where i could put my charger wire in so that i could watch movies or series for hours without worrying about my phone's battery. The resolution depended on the file you downloaded or streamed. It also follows the orientation your phone is in so it would be better turn off your orientation lock. All in all it was great! -Notice from L. Sally, Minnesota

Click to Show apple lightning digital av adapter select iphone, ipad ipod models md826am/a (md098be / a) Details

Ordering this thing gets you the newest version (md826am/a) and not the zm/a version. March 2016. . I cannot speak to the older version but i just received this new on from online store. Tested it. What some of the very low reviews claim is not true. . You get the hdmi feed from the phone, but it depends on the source. Low quality youtube looks like crap on an hd set obviously but hd video looks just great. . You do get headphone audio output (tested youtube and safari website played video). . I cannot talk to what a specific app on the phone does based on how they program it to behave. It's certainly thinkable a specific app could be written to only output audio via hdmi just as some apps refuse to allow playback out of the hdmi adapter. I got video audio on youtube videos. I got audio on website (safari) played video. . So it does what i expect it to do. One star away just because it so bulky. . I'll update this review if my experience indicates a change in performance or reliability. . Additionally the audio stayed in sync with the video just fine. I was listening with headphone jack connected earbuds. Though this isn't a typical use case but a plugged in external speaker would work the same. . Again i tested with youtube. I didn't yet test with 1080p not with a dedicated video app. If i discover an hd app or feed cannot keep audio in sync with the video i'll update the review.

Apple-lightning-digital-av-adapter-select-iphone,-ipad-ipod-models-md826am/a-(md098be-/-a) set picture

- U. GuestSo let's just lay some facts out on the table right now. It's an apple product which means it's of good to high quality craftsmanship. It's official which means it will definitely work with your apple product (ipod, iphone, ipad, ect). And being an apple product, it's gonna be 2-4x the price of every other like similar item on the market. But here's the deal, there isn't any similar item on the market, not exactly (and i bet apple knows this). Do an online store search and see how many items are exactly like this, minus the apple name. Currently, zero. Actually, i had one in my cart for quite some time, but just kept dragging my feet in the purchase. It was exactly like this adapter, except it wasn't made by apple and. The price fluctuated from $18-20. Recently when i decided i should buy it, it was gone. Poof, vanished like the waiter at cracker barrel. I'm no conspiracy theorist (although i do think the moon landing was faked to fund research in area 51) but it's not uncommon for powerful companies to sue and/or buy up the competition. My guess is that the product i saw infringed upon apple's trademarks and copyrights and after a few phone calls, it was mia. So, currently apple has a corner on the market and it shows. $50 is a stupid amount of money for an item that honestly probably costs $1. 29 to produce. But venture onward before writing it off on price and trying to save $30-40 (and yes, that's the mark up over "competing" products. . Honestly, no one, including me, wants to drop $50+ for something so simple to design and manufacture. But before you pull the trigger on that samsuit feel right pro hdmi adapter 2000, take a few minutes to read the specs, method of operation and a few reviews. Many of these cheaper alternatives require a hotspot. The fine writing on some state that it won't work with certain apps, networks, cell services, etc. When you consider the relative simplicity of what these devises should be doing, it's amazing how much they don't do and/or some of the hoops you need to jump through to get it working. Which brings us to this apple adapter. . Mine showed up in the standard, white, apple box. If you've ever bought an apple product, you know the one. There were no instructions, just the adapter (but with something so simple an orangutan could operate, why include instruction? one lighting connection that plugs into your apple device. One socket to plug in your hdmi cable (that plugs into your tv/monitor). And away we go. It's that simple. The device takes over and displays whatever is on your ios screen on your tv. There is also another port on the adapter to plug in a lightening cable for charging your apple device, but it's not needed (as long as you have a decent charge). I've watched whole movies off my ipad and only used a few percent charge. Seriously, the hardest part about setting the whole thing up is changing your tv display to hdmi in (read your manual if you don't know how). . I haven't read all of the 4, 000+ reviews on this adapter, so i don't know if it's been mentioned, but the other day i pulled a movie up on my ipad that didn't have a full screen ratio (black lines on top/bottom). My tv is the correct ratio and when the movie displayed on the screen, it displayed full screen. I've watched a bunch of movies, and it seems that regardless the format, it always adjusts to give me the max display image. . A little plug for online store prime here, but the main reason i bought this adapter was to watch prime video (and a little youtube) on my tv, and i have not been disappointed. I'm an also attest that my aunt bought the same adapter to display netflix from her iphone to a tv and it works flawlessly. . The only caveat i have is that the plastic on this adapter doesn't seem quite as strong as other apple products i've own/owned. It may just be my imagination though. I'd say that if you don't take it on any everest expeditions or just it to prop up a bookcase, it'll probably give you a year of use. I mean, after all, that is how long until apple comes out with another another connection type effectively rendering this item useless for all future products. Let's just be honest here. . Five stars for simplicity of use and design. Minus one star for the trump price tag. . Enjoy it while you can.

Was able to watch ufc ppv on a camping trip. Praise odin!

F. Anonymous, Sachsen-Anhalt

Brand :    apple
Color :    White
Size :    Size 8.5
Weight :    0.9 pounds
Model :    MD098BE / A
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    -
  • It also outputs video content - films, tv programmes, captured video - to your big screen in up to 1080p hd
  • The lightning digital av adapter supports mirroring of what is displayed on your device screen - including apps, presentations, websites, slideshows and more - to your hdmi-equipped tv, display, projector or other compatible display in up to 1080p hd
  • Simply attach the lightning digital av adaptor to the lightning connector on your device and then to your tv or projector via an hdmi cable (hdmi cable sold separately)
  • Compatible with iphone 5, 5c, 5s, se, 6, 6 plus, 6s, 6s plus; ipad with retina display, ipad mini, mini 2, mini 3, mini 4, air, air 2, ipad pro(9. 7-inch) and ipad pro(12. 9-inch); ipod touch 5th gen(32gb and 64gb), ipod touch 5th gen 16gb, ipod touch 6th generation
  • Use the lightning digital av adapter with your iphone, ipad or ipod with lightning connector
Ce :    Best Accessory Or Part Or Supply (apple product review) for Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter Select iPhone, iPad iPod Models MD826AM/A available as-of ( Dec 2018 )

Cable Matters Mini-HDMI to HDMI Male to Female Adapter

Connect more with cable matters hdmi products small screen to large screen the cable matters mini-hdmi to hdmi adapter is an ideal solution for connecting a tablet, nuc barebones desktop, camcorder, or dslr to a larger screen display for viewing. Show a presentation on a projector from a tablet or connect a 4k camera to a uhd tv for viewing photos. 4k resolution support with a lifetime warranty experience the vibrant video and authentic audio supported by this hdmi adapter. A lifetime warranty is included with this adapter for peace of mind when purchasing. Important notes - not usb or micro hdmi - check your device - hdmi cable (sold separately) is required - 4k resolution support requires a 4k equipped source and output display  specifications - host connector: mini-hdmi male - cable connector: hdmi (full-sized) female package contents mini-hdmi to hdmi adapter warranty lifetime warranty and product support

Cable Matters Mini-HDMI to HDMI Male to Female AdapterCable-Matters-Mini-HDMI-Female-Adapter

Brand :    cable matters
Color :    Mini HDMI
Model :    113002
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
  • Superior construction combines gold-plated connectors with easy grip treads for frequent use and long life; a lifetime warranty is included with this adapter for peace of mind when purchasing
  • Hdmi 2. 0 compatible with with hdmi support for an audio return channel (arc), hdmi ethernet channel (hec), 48 bit color depths, 32 channel audio, dolby true hd 7. 1 audio, and 3d video; supports hdcp compatible equipment for viewing content protected video
  • Mini hdmi adapter connects a pico projector, tablet, nuc barebones desktop, camcorder, dslr or other device with mini hdmi to a tv, monitor or projector with hdmi input; check that your device has mini hdmi, the mid-sized hdmi connector; an hdmi cable (sold separately) is required
  • Video resolution support up to full 4k including 4096x2160, 3840x2160, 2560x1600, 2560x1440, 1920x1200, and 1080p; 4k video requires a 4k equipped source, hdmi cable, and output display
  • Lightweight & portable hdmi adapter stores in a notebook sleeve when traveling; leave an hdmi cable connected to the back of your tv for easy access and connect with this adapter
Ce :    Best Abis Electronics (cable matters product review) for Cable Matters Mini-HDMI to HDMI Male to Female Adapter available as-of ( Dec 2018 )

Yueton Pack of 100 Disposable Cream Pastry Bag Cake Icing Piping Decorating Tool

Material: safety plastic. Size:approx. 17*25cm/6. 7*9. 8"(as the picture shown) package included: 100 x disposable piping bags (nozzle not included) in wide range of use: cake/bakery/party/hotel warm tip : please be reminded that due lighting effects, monitor's brightness/contrast settings etc, there could be some slight differences in the colour tone of the website's photo and the actual item. Thanks for your understanding and happy purchase!

Yueton Pack of 100 Disposable Cream Pastry Bag Cake Icing Piping Decorating Toolyueton-Disposable-Pastry-Piping-Decorating

Brand :    yueton
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  • Easy to handle, strong and flexible, these clear bags are ideal for instant pastry decorating.
  • Safety and sanitation, please be assured use.
  • End is easily trimmed to fit your nozzles.
  • Ideal for making cakes, biscuit, cookies, chocolate, pie, etc.
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PME No.0 Seamless Stainless Steel Writer Supatube

Pme-writing supatube. This stainless steel tube will create fun words, dots, piping lines and more for any baked good decorating project! it can be used with parchment, paper and fabric piping bags in addition to most adaptors and icing guns. This package contains a no 0 writing tube. Imported.

PME No.0 Seamless Stainless Steel Writer SupatubePME-Seamless-Stainless-Writer-Supatube

Brand :    pme
Weight :    0.2 pounds
Model :    ST0
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Art And Craft Supply :    Best Home (pme product review) for PME No.0 Seamless Stainless Steel Writer Supatube available as-of ( Dec 2018 )
  • Pme-writing supatube
  • This package contains a no 0 writing tube
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Mini HDMI to HDMI Cable, Rankie High-Speed Mini-HDMI to HDMI Cable - 6 Feet Black - R1110

Note: this is mini hdmi. There is another larger type: micro hdmi. Please check your device to make sure you are using mini hdmi port.

Mini HDMI to HDMI Cable, Rankie High-Speed Mini-HDMI to HDMI Cable - 6 Feet Black - R1110Mini-Cable-Rankie-High-Speed-Mini-HDMI

Brand :    rankie
Color :    Black
Size :    6 Feet
Model :    R-1110-CB-MiniHDMI-HDMI-6FT-BK
Quantity :    1
Order click here :    normally ships in 24 hours
Speakers :    Best Cable Or Adapter (rankie product review) for Mini HDMI to HDMI Cable, Rankie High-Speed Mini-HDMI to HDMI Cable - 6 Feet Black - R1110 available as-of ( Dec 2018 )
  • Note: this is mini hdmi. there is another larger type: micro hdmi. please check your device to make sure you are using mini hdmi port
  • Works with hdtvs, digital cameras/camcorders, mp3 players, and other hdmi devices supports ethernet, 3d, and audio return (no need for separate cables)
  • High-speed mini hdmi to hdmi cable, a to c type
  • Supports ethernet, 3d, and audio return
  • Meets the latest hdmi standards (4k video at 60 hz, 2160p, 48 bit/px color depth) that supports bandwidth up to 18gbps and backwards compatible with earlier versions

Aaxa Projector Minute Battery Mini Hdmi (Aaxa Technologies) Price : 104.68, was : 113.99 as 2017-01-12
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The F.A.Q. for Aaxa Projector Minute Battery Mini Hdmi (Aaxa Technologies)

This is no lie the coolest thing i have bought lately! works for my wii, laptop, apple tv, so awesome!

A number of questions have been asked here.


(0) Question: I've seen conflicting comments on this question: does this unit have an audio output connection or not?

(1) Question: Does it run while charging? or just get 80 mins streaming and then will have to recharge again?

(2) Question: What are the supported media formats? does it support srt subtitles?

(3) Question: Is there a tripod in the box?

(4) Question: No signal

(5) Question: Can i connect my iphone 4s and watch netflix through the usb port? or only through the mini-hdmi?

(6) Question: The sound on the unit is really hard to hear at full volume any suggestions?

(7) Question: What accessories come with this unit and can it run straight from ac power or do you have to use the battery?

(8) Question: What is the projector's frame rate? (refresh rate? )

(9) Question: How can i connect my android phone to project the phone screen , the phone does not have a hdmi port ( has a usb port though) ?

(note) Question: where/how to get Aaxa Technologies (manufacturer's brand) accessories & similiar Aaxa Technologies's products


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I love this projector. With all the pictures i've taken or downloaded* it's fun to see them enlarged on the wall. I worried that the low lumens would make it hard to see. But if the room is dark the projector is plenty bright. I use an hdmi cord to attach it to my laptop but you can use a memory stick if you want to take the projector and your photos to a friends house. *i like downloading; works of art, animated movie or tv stills, album covers, book covers, sci-fi and fantasy art, photos from tv shows and movies, places i'll never go like outer space, deep underwater or thailand (not that thailand isn't cool), science photos, pictures i've taken from my books, comics, and magazines, funny pictures, historical photos, etc. Usually i'll look at pictures in the morning while listening to some good rock and roll and doing some exercises. It's a great way to start the day.

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Best aaxa projector minute battery mini hdmi (aaxa technologies) in review

Love it! i just got it and made i love lucy cookies and they turned out awesome. This is a great buy for bakers who cant draw like myself. Easy to use. Doesn't take much space. I bought the stand as well and it was a great buy!

C. Hakala, Oregon

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  • Listed: Captures 5 Megapixel Stills.
Reasonable Wildgame Innovations Terra 5 Game Camera, Black (Sporting Goods) Tr5i1 Wildgame Innovations Terra 5 Game Camera, Black
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  • Feature: 5a/ 4-port Usb Charging Ports Make This Power Inverter Ideal For Charging Your Phones, Tablets, And Other Usb-powered Devices.
Bargain Bestek 400w Power Inverter Dc 12v To Ac 110v Car Adapter 5a 4 Usb Charging Ports (Car Electronics) Mri4011iu Bestek 400w Power Inverter Dc 12v To Ac 110v Car Adapter 5a 4 Usb Charging Ports

O. Diana, Sutton says

This works better than i expected. Very visible in a dimmed room, and more than adequate to watch a movie with when the lights are off. Works well outside, even when it's not "pitch dark" out. And that was just projecting directly onto the garage. I'll be getting a proper screen soon that should further improve things. Easy to use. The focus adjustment is a little fidgety, but works. I wish it would stay on hdmi mode when powered off and back on, but it's 6 button presses to go into hdmi mode. I can manage. Resolution through hdmi is good, and i'm very glad i purchased this over a similar projector that advertised higher lumens but lower resolution. . The speaker is pretty bad, but i haven't had any issues yet with connecting external speakers to the audio-out port, or just using bluetooth for the audio. Overall build quality is acceptable for the price; i would feel nervous throwing it in a suitcase without some kind of padding, but it fits well in a camera case if you want to travel with it. The rubber "feet" on the bottom work well, though it will still get pushed around by a stiff hdmi cable if not secured. The tripod mount works well. Some here said the fan is too loud. It's far from silent, and may cause problems if you're using the built-in speaker, but external speakers easily drown it out. . I can't wait to bring this with me for my next stay at a hotel. $10 movie on the little room tv? no sir, my family will be watching movies on the "big screen". And the fact that i can fit everything necessary to do so into a small camera case is just awesome.

A. Gina, Vermont

Love my pico! i use it for sugar cookie lettering and design assistance. Im so glad i went with this instead of a kopykake! if you are trying to decide between the two you should definitely choose the pico.

V. Jennifer, Southwark says

I took a star off because it is really irritating how the machine shuts off once the battery runs out with no notice. I would be nice if it would beep when it had 5 minutes left of life or something. Instead, i find myself keeping it plugged in if i know i need to use it longer than half an hour. Other than that, it is very bright and gets the job done. Good price for such a small, powerful machine.

I. Pamela, South Dakota

I really wish it was android compatible. Otherwise it's great and we can often get through a movie that is longer than 80 mins if it's fully charged. I haven't figured out a way to extend the battery life for longer showings, but it's good enough for the price. This halloween we will also be hooking it up to our roku and using it to project halloween images on our windows as part of our exterior decor. It works! . But only for 80 mins. Haha! so, it won't be showing all night unfortunately but it's still a fun touch and it didn't cost us 100's of dollars.

Q. Alexia, Southwark says

I didn't use it a lot yet. I got it today and made a lot of testing with different devices. . Overall it is a reeeeally nice product/gadget with a great cost-benefit ratio. For this price you will not get perfect quality anywhere, and hardly a better quality than this product provides. . One really important thing you should keep in mind, projectors and projecting aren't a simple science. You have a lot of variables while using this product: cables you are using, adapters, the wall you are projecting on, the room clarity, the settings you can change in the projector (brightness, contrast, etc), your demand on the image quality (you may not want a great image to play an arcade game through your ps3, but you may want a really good image to play gta v, for example. Just as you may find it great for watching comedy series, but not worth watching a full movie with lots of special effects and details. In many cases just projecting as a smaller screen improves the image a lot, in expense, of course, of having a smaller image. So keep in mind, this projector may be really good for some of your needs, but not so good for others. And it can be really useful and practical in some situations, but not at all in others. . Image: you need a dark room to get a nice image, i expected it, since it is a pico projector. So if you are planning on using it more on daytime, bright rooms or similar, you may need to consider spending more money on another projector. Maybe you can have a good enough image with some clarity in the room, but it will also depend a lot on the situation itself. Cables, device plugged, if you need to show small text or detailed images or not, if you are willing to project as a smaller screen and other variables. . You can change some settings on contrast, brightness, but i couldn't notice big changes on the image. Maybe a little more practicing and testing can improve the image a little bit. But i didn't find it easy to do, since when you want to change this settings, you go back to the main menu, and you can't see the changes on the image in real time. The menu appears on the screen, you make changes, then you go back to what you were watching and try to notice some possible improvement. . According to what you're going to watch (movie, videogame, netflix) you can have a really big image with a little lower quality (bigger than 60 inches), but still really nice. Depends on the game, room clarity, cables, device, etc. I played an arcade game on my ps3 projecting on my entire bedroom wall and it was really great! gta v also looked nice in a huge screen, but the night scenes made it kind of unplayable since you can't get much contrast and brightness on the landscape and the streets you are going through. So i had to project it as a 40 inches screen. . In general, if you go until 50, max 60 inches, it will maintain the standard quality of the product. Also, you can get really good image if you want a small screen. Some people wrote that this projector might be good as flight entertainment, but judging by the distance you need to project an image bigger than an iphone screen, i find this really hard to be true. . Heads up, if you want this to play videogames keep in mind that some games demand a really good image because they have a lot of details, small text you need to read all the time, maps, mini maps and lots of dark scenes in-game, such as gta v (when it's night time in the game). So some times it won't be comfortably playable in 60, 50 or even maybe 40 inches. And in some extreme cases, even projecting as 30 may not deliver a good enough quality, since text with small letters are an issue. . In the other hand, for what i tested, projecting as a smaller screen will improve the image and make any projection more enjoyable and deliver a good quality. You need to consider how much screen size you are willing to give up, and if you will be able to easily find different positions for your projector. Since you will be moving it closer or further from the wall you are projecting on, according to how much quality you need. . The focus is easily adjustable. . Also, you have some pre sets of settings, such as adequate for movies or presentations. Please notice that only 1 "settings profile" is editable. This limits you, since you may find the need of having one setting specification for your ps3, another for your iphone and another to watch netflix, for example. . Important: a bad thing is that you can't adjust the image format digitally if the projector is diagonal to the wall you are projecting onto. This means you need to find the perfect position for your projector when you are going to use it. It must be 100% perpendicular to the wall, vertically and horizontally. A proper tall stable tripod solves this easily, but will cost you more money. Still a good cost-benefit ratio in my opinion. . Sound: i read people saying the built-in speakers are not good, but i tested it with videogames, netflix and others, and i think that it is good enough depending on the situation and on your needs. Anyway, you have an audio output to connect better speakers or headphones. . Utility: it is really light, not noisy but not silent (again, it depends, sorry to repeat this a lot, but it's the truth), it's the size of 2 iphone 4s (one on the top of the other), it fits in your pocket, it turns on and off quickly, the menus are simple and fast and i would say it is friendly user. . One thing that pops out, is the fact that this pico projector is really versatile. It has features to solve various needs: usb, mini sd card, mini hdmi, composite a/v connections, compatible with pc and mac, and others. . So this means that with the right accessories you can get a lot of utility from this device and make it more enjoyable. In my case, for the price i paid (it was on sale i think, about usd 115) i estimated that i could spend more money on accessories. Now i can connect it to my macbook air, to my iphone and even to my ps3. And since the battery isn't enough for a regular full movie length, i got a battery bank that keeps the projector running even if the battery runs off. Of course this battery bank will serve me for other needs and devices as well. Also, little speakers can improve the sound experience, but i already have one. . Remember this useful tip: although you can't charge it while you are using it, and the battery supposedly lasts 80 minutes, you can connect it to a battery bank as mentioned or to a wall charger, and keep it running (but not charging for what i noticed). . I didn't test it with a sd card nor a pen drive, but for what i read in other reviews, this features works fine for a lot of image and video formats. . The tripod is kind of useful for some situations (on a table, on a chair), but it is not great and it doesn't stay the exact shape you want it to. Also, as it is light, it is not a really stable basis. Large or heavy cables connected to the projector can easily give you a hard time setting a good position for it. . Important: as i said, it may be kind of hard to set a stable proper position for the projector (depends a lot on the furniture you have, the screen size you want, etc), because you can't correct the diagonal projection digitally, you need to put the projector perpendicular to the projecting wall. And you may also need to change its position with a high frequency, in order to adjust the screen size according to your needs at the moment. . So consider where you are going to put it, the places you are going to use it and how often you may need to change its position. For this limitation, just as for others, the right accessory can leverage your projector. Any good tall tripod can solve this, but this demands more money. I suggest a tripod that is at least 3 foot tall. . Devices used with the projector. . - iphone 4s with ios 7. 1. 2: easy to use, just plug and play, but depending on the cables and adapters you are using, it might not work properly. In my case, the adapter i bought doesn't work with netflix although it works with youtube. But connecting your smartphone can also be useful for other things, such as showing pictures, watching videos in general or just navigating your facebook timeline. I didn't test it, but i guess it is not so good for playing games on your smartphone, since the connection is through a hdmi cable and the projector is so light that any cable movement can move it, shake it or even make it fall. Again, i can't get netflix to work because of the adapter i bought, nothing wrong with the projector itself for this matter. . - playstation 3: i had no sound the first time i connected it. So i explored a little my ps3 audio settings and made it work after a few tests. Apparently i had to choose for a lower audio quality or something like that and another thing about accepting different audio outputs i guess. As a result, the sound started working normally and i didn't notice an inferior sound quality. Maybe for connecting a home theater this details are more important, i can't tell for a lack of knowledge on the subject. You can play arcade and low graphic games in a projection bigger than 60 inches! but for other games you may need to maintain it under 60, 50 or even less to feel comfortable while playing. And since i didn't test many games, i venture to say that some games may be kind of annoying to play, since some games have texts with little letters, mini maps and other minor details that should be clear on the screen. But maybe just projecting as a smaller screen suits you good enough in most cases. As for the audio, some videogames may require better speakers or headphones. . - macbook air: if you are willing to connect your computer to watch movies, series, general videos, youtube, to show pictures or similar stuff, this projector suits great! but other than that this case is a little more complex. You can change settings on your computer to improve the projected image, but as far as i tested, this projector is not good for computers. As i said, you can also change the projector image settings, and adjust the focus and even project as a smaller screen until you get a nice detailed image, but computers involve a lot of reading, really small letters, small buttons, etc. And as much as i tested it, i couldn't manage to project an enjoyable, usable image with readable texts. . Situations. . Many situations may require a taller more stable tripod. Having one will leverage your experience as a whole, just as by having proper accessories: right cables and adapters, a battery bank, an usb wall charger and possibly others. . But some situations are just unviable for this pico projector even with the help of accessories. Such as if you need to project a presentation with small letters, if you need to project something outdoors, if you need to project a 60 or 50 inches screen with small details on the image, and other possible situations. . Although, don't forget that it is really normal that this product requires some accessories to be more useful and enjoyable. There are numerous situations, reasons and applicability for this projector to be used (since it delivers a good quality image, is really portable, has a built in battery, built in speakers and different input options), and for this reason each person should look up which accessories to buy. . - if you need portability for periods longer than 80 minutes, consider a battery bank. If you just need a battery that lasts longer, but you don't need portability, consider having an usb wall charger. . - look up which cables and adapters suit better the devices/media you are going to plug in the projector. . - think of the places you are willing to use it, and try to analyze if you have the furniture or tripod to place the projector correctly in order to achieve the size of the projection and the quality of the image wanted. If not, look up for tripods. They aren't super really cheap, but they will last long and save you a lot of time and headache. And they are also useful for other purposes, like cameras. . - after thinking about the places you are willing to use it, try to predict if you will need to be moving the projector in order to achieve different image sizes and quality. For example, you may conclude that you will only use it in your bedroom, and you have a furniture to place it on. So you may think you don't need a tripod or another support. But then you remember that since you will be willing to play videogames and watch comedy series, you will need to constantly move the projector closer and further from the projection wall, in order to achieve the demanded quality and image size. In this case, you will need to analyze if you have where to place it on for each different demand of yours. If not, a tripod may be a good solution. . Hope you enjoyed it and found this review useful. . Best regards, . . Albert

T. Olga, Colorado

I bought it without expecting much, but got more out of it than expected! . . I have been busy for a while now with budget led projectors, and this one by far beats all competitors. For one, it has a built in video decoding capability! . Two: extremely low power consumption. And three, i don't think i should mention portability, battery life, and ease of use, as it may be obvious. . It's very basic linux one; rm files not included in the decoding, but regular avi, mkv, mp4, ogv, and other most common containers play back well; as well as audio and image files. . So far i only tested upto 720p video, and it works fine! . Good, because, most my vids are 480p anyway. . The cons of this device:. The projection is rather small, so you'll have to place it quite far away from the wall to get a decent sized screen. About 10ft of distance gets you 70in of screen estate; very roughly estimated (i may be off + or - 10"). . It's pretty hard to angle the device correctly, and it doesn't have a keystone correct. Generally i dislike digital keystone correct settings, however it takes only very little to add a small tiltable lens, to get an analog keystone correct. . In a pitch black room you can get a decent 80in screen displaying on a bright white or matte light grey wall. In the slightest ambient light, the screen size should be reduced to a mere 30in screen max due to image wash out. In broad daylight (sun light), the screen can be no bigger than a netbook screen of 10". . So the light intensity is good enough for a dark room, but that's about it! . . The speaker is barely 6-9db louder than the fan, which can be annoyingly loud sometimes for it's size; and especially during silent moments. They should equip these kind of projectors with curved bladed fans instead of straight fans. The device is so small, about the size of a remote control, or a bank card; only a bit thicker; that the fan has to be so small, that it needs to rotate full power to keep it cool. . The internal speaker is barely loud enough to be heard in anything bigger than a small bedroom. . In a minor way you can see the rainbow effect when shaking the projector and image a bit. But when not moving, you won't notice the effect at all (which is, how you usually would watch tv anyway)! . . Pro's:. I can literally plug in a 32gb microsd card in the device, . Plug in speakers or headphones, . And start watching hours of movies. It's all the device needs. No need for massively large hardware. Just the projector, a usb flash drive plugged in, a micro sd card, or a google chrome, and your micro projector theater project can all fit in the palm of your hand! . . The image quality is very good! i had to add round about 25% of color contrast (from 50%; as stock (50%) the image is somewhat grey-ish), but the colors at 75% contrast look excellent! . Setting it to 80% and it looks somewhat a bit oversaturated. . The resolution is very good as well! . Playing back hd 720p files looks very good! much better than any dvd player i remember playing back standard dvd's on any tv! . . It comes with a tripod stand with flexible legs, but really, . Unless you are planning on tilting the projector only in the slightest way, the tripod is pretty useless to me. . My 4yrs old adopted son loves the gadget, and spends countless hours watching his sponge bob and veggie tales episodes on it! . . It is cheap, and small. And won't break easily, as it's lightweight, and the plastic housing is adequately strong to prevent the device from breaking from a 5ft fall on a concrete floor. . I usually plug in a micro usb charger cable into it, rated 1500ma, or higher, and the battery hasn't gone dead on me yet. I heard others say that stock usb power ports do not keep up with the device (stock 500ma). I recommend 5v 2000ma or 2500ma ac adapters for continuous playback; if you don't want to drain the battery. That way the projector can play back from ac, while charging the battery as well. . For a sub 10w projector system, i'd say this is probably your most economic way to watch tv, video, netflix, and so on. Oh, btw, it works well with google chrome (didn't try my roku on it yet). . Overall i'd say it's an excellent device, perfect for the very dark bedrooms and movie theaters of upto 5 people. The least bit of ambient light will wash out the picture though. Great resolution, and best bang for the buck online! . . More questions? . Feel free to ask!

W. Lara, Knowsley says

This has been one of the best investments i have made recently. I use my pico projcetor to do cookie decorating. When i am not using the pico, my son uses it as a projector to watch movies off his phone. The pico is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse or backpack. Conveniently small to carry anywhere. It is also very light weight. You do have to play around with the cords in getting the correct cords for it. And once it is up and going, you have to play around with it some more to change the projection so it can project the way you want it. Luckily i found a you tube video that helped me figure it out. After you get the hang of it, it's a piece of cake to work with.

L. Moore, Saskatchewan

Sufficiently bright in semi dark room. Surprised at the picture quality, quite good. Clumsy to operate, would be better if there were a remote option. Sufficient battery life. I used the audio aux port for my audience. Good sound quality.

Z. Williams, Cambridgeshire says

Love love love this led pico projector! best mini projector out there! its so tiny! about the size of your cell phone! it can literally fit in your pocket! hahaha not that i would keep it in my pocket, and its easy to use! you may have to order a mini hdmi to hdmi male to female connector or possibly a chromecast to use for your specific phone be it iphone or android. You can also watch movies on your wall or anywhere :) you will love it too! i absofreakinlutely suggest buying this you will be so happy you did! this makes decorating cookies fun, easy, and adorable all at the same time!

G. Linda, Louisiana

I'm a pastry chef and many times i find myself transcribing cake detail from paper onto fondant. I bought this projector to minimize cake detail making and maximizing my productivity. The projector is perfect for the job because i can now plug in my iphone and project whatever is on the screen onto my cake and the rest is history.

U. Anonymous, Devon says

Awesome little projector. Amazing for its size. I was able to project an 80 inch screen on my bedroom's slanted ceiling no problem. It definitely doesn't compare to a professional espon projector, but it is still a very clear picture. I bought this to have a nice little portable 60 inch tv for when i travel and it works great. Just remember if you plan to hook it up to anything such as a laptop or gaming system, to also purchase a mini hdmi to hdmi adapter.

F. Erickson, Kansas

This little projector is fantastic. For those who want to use it with an iphone (we are using it with a 6s) - it does require the purchase of a couple of extra cables. Specifically, you need an hdmi to mini hdmi cable and then you need an hdmi to apple lightning cable. I will try to post photos of what those look like. This was not clear in the posting for the projector and i was wishing someone could explain the right cable configuration for apple products. So i hope this helps. The hdmi to mini cable was only about $5 and the apple cable was another $30 on online store. What you'll do is insert the mini hdmi end into the projector, the regular hdmi end into the female port on the apple cable and then the lightning pin end into your phone or ipad. Once it's set up correctly and charged, it works like a champ. One thing to note is that it doesn't charge and play at the same time. So when you get it, you have to give it a full charge before it will work. My son loves this projector and will be able to use it for everything from games and movies to school projects. It's excellent!

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